Season 4 Episode 2

Remains to Be Seen

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Dexter investigates himself to see where Benny Gomez is.

    In this episode Dexter believes he is in danger of getting caught after he crashes because he thinks that Benny Gomez is in the back When Dexter knew he wasn't he has to follow his tracks to find Benny because he can't remember where Benny is The last thing Dexter needed at this point was Lundy who keeps asking him about the Trinity who is becoming more and more dangerous but, at this point it is the last thing on Dexter's mind Dexter was relieved at the end to find Benny but in the end it shows Dexter probably never can get to sleep.
  • Better than the season premiere, but not by much.

    Dexter's fourth season continues to fail to live up to the standards set by the program during its first three seasons. I mean honestly, from a dramatic standpoint could we expect John Lithgow to be as entertaining as Jimmy Smits was last year? I just cannot buy Captain Dick Solomon as a serial killer no matter how devious the writers are trying to make his character.

    But it's not just that. A lot of Dexter Morgan's narrating just comes off as lame this year, definitely not as dark and witty as it was during the first three years. As for Quinn, Maria and Batista, they need to do something else if they want me to care about these characters.
  • Dexter retraces his tracks to find Benny Gomez

    Episode starts off with Dexter being taken out of his wrecked vehicle as soon he regains consciousness he realizes that Benny Gomez body parts are missing. When Dexter finally gets to his car all he finds is his killing kit, Dexter needs to find him fast. Dexter retraces his tracks by going to the scene of the accident but there are no body parts, and he can't recall what happened to Benny. He needs to backtrack to the boxing arena, he goes back there and suddenly it clicks where Benny is, as he never actually left that scene. He's suspended inside a punch bag high in the ceiling space.

    Elsewhere the "Trinity Killer" makes his mark on his next victim; Frank Lundy is back as we all know already. He's on the case of the "Trinity" he also time to reacquaint himself with Debbie once again as Quinn beds a reporter and Maria and Batista have their own little thing going on.
  • New season, new wife, new family, new child, new DEXTER :)

    In this review i try to summary two new episodes :)

    First I must say something about new things in fourth season. AT first episode great was comparision old introduction with new ... Dexter like lost man being delay , dirty, tired , not combed and just not perfect like always. That was really funny and give us Dexter in new look. Next we can see new life of Dexter Morgan with his new family in new house. Now he is great father three of childrens leaving at faubourg :) Second interesting are relationships beetwen other people in "Dexter" like romance beetwen miss lieutenant and mr. sergeant :) Debra is still with Anton, Masuka is still like mascot of office :) and what is curious i think the most Frank Lundy is back to the town. Third I cant miss some about story of fourth season. Together with Lundy to Miami back "new-old" serial killer : thrinary killer so Lundy with I think Dexter try to catch him in future but Dexter has a lot fo his own trouble with his dark passenger :) He almost been catch after car accident , he lost memory and cant remember where hide part of bodys Benito Gomez his last victim but fortunately for Dexter he has father Harry in mind so he help him and Dexter find body. New plot, story is really interesting like always so producers dont give up and still give us great serial to watch and I am very happy because that :)

    Fourth : I am waiting for next episodes with huge unpatient :) go go Dex :)

  • Dexter gets out of a car crash to retrace where he left a dead body. Meanwhile the Trinity killer chooses his next victim.

    The first ep of this season kicked off a new fresh look at Dexter. He is now balancing three major points in his life, Family, full time work and his need to kill. It seemed that a lack of sleep was getting to him as he had to rush a kill and ultimately he fell asleep at the wheel and was in a major car crash.

    This week Dexter is pulled from the wreckage only to freak out that he had stashed the body in the car that was now a wreck. The cops don't find the body on site, and with his concussion he isn't able to remember anything past plunging the knife into Benny. It sparks a nervous search for the body only to find that it is nowhere to be found, not in the car or the crash site. Has it already been found by someone else or has Dexter hidden the body and the answer is lost in his mind. Seen as it only 2 eps in you can probably guess the answer.

    Meanwhile, The Trinity Killer has found his next victim and decides to stalk her to find out where she lives. Lithgow is really making this character menacing without even trying and this is adding something to the show that we haven't seen since the Ice Truck Killer in season one. Lundy is on the chase and is trying to find him before he kills again. He is trying to enlist Dexter in the investigation but Dexter is hesitant as he doesn't want to spend too much time with a man who is an expert in tracking down serial killers. Meanwhile, Debra agrees to go out with Lundy for dinner and discuss the case. She thinks that Lundy is back in town to rekindle something with her now that he has retired but is left embarrassed when she is told f the real reason for his return.

    This ep leaves a lot to be seen from this season but all the while gives its audience with alot to look forward to as well. Not the best ep of Dexter ever but you do get the feeling that these early eps are building to some thing pretty big.
  • Strong start to the season.. curious to see where it goes from here.

    Last episode ended on a massive cliffhanger, leaving us wondering whether or not a car accident would be the undoing of Dexter when Miguel Prado, Sgt. Doakes and the Ice Truck Killer couldn't do the deed. This episode picks right back up from there and keeps us anxiously awaiting whether Dexter will get caught or not. Of course, I wasn't really expecting anything bad to happen this early in the season, and I kind of had a feeling the body was where he found it, but the writers did a superb job of letting the tension stew.

    My favorite part about Dexter has always been its ability to slowly build up the storylines until the last few episodes. I always thought Seasons 1 and 2 did it the best, and if this season is handled the right way, this season could very easily be right back at that quality. And seeing as Dexter's coming back for at least a fifth season, we know that the show won't be ending any time soon. However, some interesting things happened in the episode that will probably be returned to: Rita's doubt over his workload, the files on Harry's CI's and the money Quinn took. Also, for some reason, I see Quinn getting very interested in Dexter's life and what goes on behind the scenes, just as Doakes did. The way they argued indicates grim things ahead.

    So far, Dexter hasn't steered wrong. There are obviously weaker episodes than others, and this could easily be considered one of those. However, the acting is just as good as ever and the story seems to be ready to explode at any second. If they could just drop the Batista/LaGuerta romance, I'll be very happy.
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