Season 2 Episode 9

Resistance Is Futile

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Doakes knew there was something about Dexter and now he sees the real Dexter.

    After the last episode someone was going to figure out Dexter's secret and it turns out to be Doakes who has been watching Dexter for along time but he never suspected him to be the Bay Harbour Butcher Dexter gets really lucky in this episode when Doakes had taken his slides but they was found in Doake's car so everyone now believes he is the Butcher It was made to look like Dexter was getting arrested where he finds the slides had gone He was even apologizing to Deb but she didn't know what he was on about The question is now is what will Dexter do with Doakes?
  • Things are really heating up, I think this has to be one of the most suspense filled episodes yet.

    I can't believe who they fingered for the killer. serves the cop right for being so into it without any back up. Pride cant kill anyone. I can't wait to see what happens with Dexter and Doks. I wonder if her is going to kill him or find a way to set him up. He shot so he has to cover it up some way. I hate the new girl she needs to back off she is starting to drive me crazy and Dexter's "best friend" is a fool for keeping her around. I can't believe that rita is going to take him back the easy. she needs to make him work harder.
  • Great episode - but I hate "Lundy"

    Great episode with almost every element (except a Dexter murder). Finally we see Dexter genuinely afraid he is about to be found out. I liked the effects technique where when he was at his most shocked it looked like he was underwater or something - so you could feel his unreal feeling. I loved Deb and her reaction to Dexter telling her to stay clear ("F U" - no "F U twice..."). Only negative to me is the "Lundy" (K. Carradine) charactor. He seems way too wooden even when he tries to lighten-up. I blame the actor's skills. Probably no accident KC is type-cast as the boring straight-arrow FBI agent.
  • Secret is out..

    Wow.. SO much has been happening and this episode really looked going bad. Going really bad. The start, the way those feds just came and took him and then putting him there in that room with a box and they way the story worked out. That was probably the most intense moment. But it had such a brilliant and dark atmosphere. I mean. This was so over-the-edge pushed storyline as it can be without Dexter really getting caught so it was just so good to watch. I think that they have been wanting to do all season, drive us that way and the end, on the everglades. I did not believed when I saw Stokes there. And I thought Stokes is dead man but no.. he has to kill him. The only way to keep the secret. I like the dilemma they had put Dexter. It is as high stakes as it can get.
  • Caught Written by Melissa Rosenberg Directed by Marcos Siega

    Lundy: "What exactly is Sergeant Doakes' problem with you, Morgan?"
    Dexter (voice over): "I kill people for a start".

    Now that we're at the end of the season things just keep on getting hotter in Miami with the Bay Harbour Butcher saga. Doakes found Dexter's little slide collection and the previews looked to show that Dexter's days were finally numbered.

    Of course with three episodes actually left in the season would the writers be able to do something like this right now? Probably, given that deaths of main characters are no longer relegated to season finales anymore but given that trailers also tend to be misleading it's a certainly that Dexter might not be in trouble after all.

    However having him believe that things weren't looking great for him is not a bad thing. In some ways I feel Dexter's recklessness this season deserves some form of reprimanding and having him spend a good portion of the episode thinking he was screwed was good for him.

    Even Dexter himself was beginning to realise the value of Harry's code once again. His anger towards his foster father might not have gone away but it's good that Dexter realises that obeying his code was necessary. Then again having FBI agents following you would do that.

    Lundy certainly had his reservations about Dexter and after such a disastrous interview it's easy to see why Dexter believes that Lundy has it out for him. After all, Lundy is yet another person who Dexter hasn't been able to fool and after coming across as incompetent with blood work, Dexter has every reason in the world to take Lundy as a serious threat.

    It also doesn't help that the FBI tailing even extent to having some geeky lab technicians going over Dexter's things. If that wasn't worrying enough, Dexter then has the misfortunate of being escorted to the station in the middle of the night by some of the feds himself.

    In the trailer we saw Dexter coming face to face with his slide collection on Lundy's desk and it did look like Dexter's days were numbered. However here, it turns out that Lundy believes it's Doakes who is the Bay Harbour Butcher and that Dexter is potentially his next victim.

    Seeing as Dexter is the kind of bloke who would never see himself as a victim, it's amusing that the FBI having been trying to protect him as opposed to deliberately stalking him. Even when Lundy is telling Dexter about Doakes' sordid past, I was wondering how much did Lundy believe that Doakes was the Bay Harbour Butcher?

    All season when Dexter and Lundy have had any scenes together, there was always that feeling that Lundy was suspicious of Dexter and even now I still think there's an element to him that thinks Dexter isn't quite there.

    It could also be argued that Doakes taking the heat for Dexter is a cop out. I'm still undecided but given that this show is destined for a third season, I'm not broken up that Dexter managed to wriggle out of this one. In fact there's almost something comforting about this new lie as such.

    First off all, the idea that Dexter could be the target of a serial killer brings out the protective side of Deb. All she wants to do is keep him safe and Dexter rejects her so that he can keep her safe. Of course the funny thing is that Deb isn't actually in danger, at least not from either Dexter or Doakes anyway.

    Then Dexter gets to have some fun with the lab technicians. Given that Lundy has him analysing all of his slides, Dexter takes a childish pleasure in giving the techies the grunt work. Not that I blame Dexter seeing as that lot were actually quite annoying and also there's Dexter's need to ensure that he doesn't become a suspect either.

    However it's the Feds that make me laugh the most. In the car he's talking to Rita on the phone and one of them dishes out some savvy love advice but soon enough, Dexter is able to evade them when he has some errands to run on his own. When they're tailing Dexter privately, they're efficient but when Dexter really knows that they are there, he's able to dupe them big time.

    As for Doakes, if ever there was an episode that divided me on what this character's fate should be, it's this one. When this show first started I thought he was a one dimensional loud mouth and nothing more. Over the course of the season, the writers have developed enough to make him a bit more sympathetic.

    Even though I do side with Dexter in any battle, the question is – does Doakes deserve to take the heat for him? Of course not. The guy's obsession to nail Dexter might have led to his downfall but from here on in, I just know that Doakes' fate is going to be cruel and undeserved.

    With the exception of Maria, I think it's sad that everyone seemed so quick to believe that he was the Bay Harbour Butcher. In fact I actively loved Maria for trying to defend Doakes and a part of me hated Lundy for the callous way he reacted when she asked for him not to publicly name Doakes as the Bay Harbour Butcher.

    Another thing that has worked brilliantly this season was the continued exploration of Maria and Doakes' friendship. Due to their actions and the way they tend to treat others, it's unsurprising that the two of them were friends – no-one else could really tolerate or trust them.

    In fact I even felt sorry for Doakes during his last conversation with Maria. It would make sense that she would try and get him to turn himself in – she's been spending the better half of the season trying to save him in one way or another and Doakes has repeatedly been ignoring her. Perhaps if he had listened to her maybe once, things wouldn't have gone so wrong for him.

    It's funny that Doakes went to all the trouble of breaking into Dexter's place in an attempt to get dirt on him, only for that dirt to be used against him. However the last ten minutes of this episode led to some of the most thrilling stuff this series has ever done in the short amount of time that it's been around.

    Dexter went back to the Everglades to get rid of Jimenez's corpse and instead he got a gun toting Doakes to contend with. I don't know why but I was kinda shocked that Doakes seemed surprised that Dexter was the Bay Harbour Butcher. By contrast, Dexter's comment that he never held the fact that Doakes was suspicious of him seemed more consistent.

    The tense part of the episode was seeing the two of them fight and Doakes winding up in a cell. Dexter can't keep him hostage forever nor is it likely that Doakes will make it into the next season. The question remains is how will Doakes leave the show. Does Dexter end up killing him or letting Lundy and company send him to jail?

    Then again, there's also the Lila option. If she's crazy enough to burn her place down and set Jimenez on Dexter for attention, then who's to say she won't kill Doakes in an insane attempt to convince Dexter that she truly loves him. We know the girl is off her rocker and now that she's descended into stalker mode, who only knows what she'll do next.

    This week she made a poor effort to try and get Dexter jealous by flirting with Angel. I like Angel but I had to admit that I found him irritatingly stupid here. I know he's desperate for something good to happen (he spent the good part of the season yammering rubbish that talk show hosts tend to use) but is he that deluded in thinking that Lila is a solution.

    Dexter told him to be careful and Angel casually ignored his advice. It doesn't take much of a genius to realise that Angel is going to regret not listening to his friend. On a plus side though, Dexter has managed to get back together with Rita so the sooner Lila is out of the picture, the better.

    As for Deb her relationship with Lundy is certainly interesting. Professionally it's a bad idea and even Deb realises that when she's reluctant to go public with it. I'm actually surprised that Lundy wanted to but like Maria and Doakes, Lundy isn't the kind of person who worries about his co-workers think.

    Deb on the other hand clearly does given that she spends a good portion of this episode thinking that everyone knows about her and Lundy. However none of them actually did until Deb blurted it out to Maria. It'll be interesting to see how they treat her now that they know about it.

    Also in "Resistance Is Futile"

    The opening sequence saw Dexter dragging Jimenez's body through the office. Of course Dexter then complained about the lack of symbolism.

    Rita: "You're in the same clothes as last night. You slept here?"
    Dexter: "Not intentionally".

    From Lundy's files on Doakes, we learned the man had a father who was a butcher and some more details on his other profession.

    Rita: "Means a lot to me Dexter but it doesn't change the fact you slept with another woman. I can't forget that".
    Dexter: "I don't expect you to".

    Leonard: "Tell me James, are you in trouble?"
    Doakes: "No but someone else is gonna be".

    The FBI agent who advised Dexter on the Rita issue made me laugh. Although it's not a significant scene, I enjoyed that witty exchange.

    Lila: "There's still work we can do together".
    Dexter: "I am who I am and don't want you coming near me or my addiction".

    Lundy: "We tried to keep an eye on you from a distance".
    Dexter: "The undercover cars?"
    Lundy: "Not undercover enough".

    We finally got some Harry flashbacks in this episode when a younger Dexter witnessed the execution of man by electric chair.

    Dexter: "I have an even bigger favour to ask".
    Deb: "Name it".
    Dexter: "Move into that apartment for me".

    Doakes: "I just want you to know you meant a lot to me, more than you'll ever know. I want to thank you for that".
    Maria: "What does that mean?"

    Even if I didn't know that Doakes, Maria was right to ask Lundy about not revealing the Bay Harbour Butcher's identity. I do hope that Lundy doesn't turn into Tom.

    Rita (to Dexter): "I'm not gonna fight them anymore. I think we should together tonight and talk".

    Dexter (re himself/Rita): "We're getting back together".
    FBI Agent: "Communication is the key".

    Lila pretended to use her decorating skills as a means of getting her claws into Angel.

    Doakes: "Jesus Christ, Morgan. Jesus **** Christ. You're the Bay Harbour Butcher".
    Dexter: "I really hate that name".
    Doakes: "Jesus Christ, man".
    Dexter: "You said that".

    Chronology: A day or two since the events of "Morning Comes".

    I thought that last week was brilliant but "Resistance Is Futile" really has seen this series soar to new levels. With Dexter just barely evading being caught, it'll be incredibly interesting to see how the Doakes problem is dealt with.
  • Review

    Interesting turn of events from the end of the last episode. I would have thought Dexter would have intercepted Doakes before he was able to tell anyone about the slides; however it was Doakes who was caught with the slides in his possession. Dexter seems to be safe, for now. Lila wasn't a big part of this episode; just an annoyance in Dexter's side for most of the episode is all. I'm interested to see where her character is going to take Dexter for the rest of season two. Season two has been defined by change and how Lila has changed Dexter's thinking from his season one self. This episode is certainly one of the best of the second season, however not a 9.7 quality episode as this site would seem to indicate. I'm going to go ahead and give this episode a 9.4 and say it is the best of the season to this point, above only "An Innocent Lie" which I also gave a 9.4
  • Overrated to be honest, but still great...

    OK; Here's my minirant.

    This is a great season, but it has some issues. Like; it's not quite as consistent as season 1. Every now and then an episode comes around that just either doesn't live up to the hype or simply is way too slow to appreciate.

    This one I felt didn't live up to the hype. Are we watching the same show guys? It was dead obvious(Ha) that Dexter would NOT be caught just yet. It would've made no sense.

    Hmm.. I'd go as far as saying that this season should've not happened yet. So, season 2 is dealing with the police being after Dexter, right? So, what will the last season will be like? That's right. Obviously;The police after Dexter. See the pattern? Maybe the writers should've saved their material for the final, or at least, a later season. This jump is even bigger than 24's . Season1:Personal matters, season 2: Nukes. It's cool and all but there isn't anything more dangerous than nukes, right...? This is what people in the show biz call jumping the shark.

    Anyways, onto this episode. Liked the suspense and Dexter's "oh my god I'm going down" panic. But the best part was obviously Doakes confronting Dexter . Now that was an amazing scene, one of the best thus far.

    But still, even during that scene I knew Dexter would come off as winner. Which unfortunately gets me back to my first point: it was really predictable.. Still a good episode, but IMO far from the best Dexter episode yet; it was eventful, but unlike all other Dexter episodes where you are literally on the edge of your seat because you don't know what is going to happen next, here, if you just thought about the plot a bit, you just knew.
  • Gotta be the best episode of Season 2 so far...

    Dexter apologizes to Rita and admits to her that Lila was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Lila on the other hand isn't quite as ready to give him up and shows up at the station hinting that she may have a few things to share with Dexter's colleagues.

    Dexter soon realize the FBI are keeping a close surveillance on him, but why Dexter starts thinking that Lundy has got his man. Dexter rushes back to his appartment and soon discovers that the blood slots are missing is the game truly up for Dexter.

    Good old Doakes who always knew that there was something wrong Dexter, finally got something on him while braking into his place and finding the blood slides; Doakes makes his way to Haita to have them tested out.

    As soon as the FBI bring Dexter in he thinks the game is up, Agent Lundy shows him the blood slides and tells him to analyze it, to his surprise they name Doakes as the prime suspect. Has Dexter got away with it again?

    With the FBI keeping surveillance on him, Dexter need to get rid of Jimenez so he sneaks out to do the job; all of a sudden Doakes shows up and tells him he knows all. The pair end up having a scuffle and a shot is fired, Dexter gets the better of him and locks him up in a cage.

    How the hell is he gonna get out this?
  • Simply perfect in everway..The best epsiode of this series and of the whole show...If only this had been the season finale.

    What can you say, great acting, suspense, comedy, clever well scripted television at its best.

    The moment when Dex's walks into the station was just one of my favourite bits of television ever. And he evens admits to it and gets away with it, you just don't want the good times to end. (Why do I say such nice things about a mass murdered) Thats why this shows the best new show since Prison Break and 24.

    I have since seen the last 2 episodes of the series and I was correct but they are still television greats.

    Congratulation to the writers, actors and everyone involved,
    Fantastic stuff...KEEP up the great work!!
  • After a few episodes in which there wasn't much action, we finally have a breathtaking episode !

    What an episode ! i must admit the last episodes didn't attract me as much as at the beginning of the series but as i was watching this episode, i just couldn't stop asking myself "Oh my god what's gonna happen?!" This is exactly what the series needed to regain some interest. I'm not saying it wasn't interesting but let's be honest, the whole part with Lila was a bit too long (at least that's my point of view!)and Dexter (and us) needed some action. And here it is, everything is unfolding. Lila who's blackmailing Dexter, Doakes who is suspected to be the Bay Harbor Butcher and this final seen with Dexter and DOakes fighting in the Everglades !! I can't wait to see the next episode !
  • Just amazing !!!!!! What the hell will happen now ???

    You gotta love that first scene of Dexter carring Jimenez into the departament.

    I never really been a fan of Rita, but i hated Lila from the moment i saw her, so, if i had to pick one for Dex, i would definetely go with Rita. If you ask me i think Dex should kill Lila and i would never have to hear her annoing voice again !!!! :)

    I kinda like Lundy and Deb together, still getting used but, its kinda nice, and she is happy, so thats good. But i dont know how long he will stay in miami and how the bhb case will end, so... not sure if they will stay together.

    I loved that scene when Dex finds out that his little box is gone, the panic in his face is Great scene.

    The scene of the fight between Dex and Doakes was great, and im ansiously waiting for the next episode !!!!!!!
  • Great episode and ones thats been weeks overdue!

    This was the show i've been waiting for the whole season. Season 2 has not been as good to me as the first season. This season had more "romance" than killing and honestly I love Dexter because I love seeing scum bags get theres at the hands of the Dark Passenger. Don't get me wrong, still has been awesome and like always the week until the next episode drags and i have to look to boards for my Dex fix. I will say that i'm glad that he at least tried to break things off with lila, I've hated her from the first moment! I knew she was a snake. Of course the fact that I love Rita and the kids didn't help me to like lila much either. To the point. This episode was great. I love the Doakes conflict and I can't wait to see where it goes from here! I'm intrigued by the preview of next week and the unfolding of the tools. Curious as to how Harry's code will be handled, and curious as to what Lila has up her sleeve. Also am I the only one who does not think she is attractive?
  • Dexter Vs. Doakes: Round One

    Most excellent! I was worried when I saw the preview for the episode that Dexter would spend the rest of the season trying to prove his innocence. I thought they were showing their hand too soon in the show. I was really glad with the direction it has gone and it seems like the best choice right now.
    The only bad thing is that I like the interaction between Doakes and Dexter that I will be sad to see it come to a conclusion. The only way out of this for Dex is if Doakes dies. The problem with that for Dexter is that Doakes isn't a bad guy. He's a good guy and killing him would break Harry's code.
    I can't wait for the rest of the season and I hope that there are plans for more after this one has ended.
  • Friend or fow?

    I don't know what will Dexter do now. If he kills Dokes now he will disobey Harry's code and that is the only thing that is keeping him from turning into a killer with no reason. And if he lets him live he will be arrested for sure. But i have to say that this episode was a turning point. I mean all the evidence pointed to Doakes and Dexter didn't even have to do a thing. That is lucky and brilliant. It really makes me want to read the books. I am really glad they made a series about a criminal. Though he is actually a heroe because they were going to kill those people anyway (with the electric chair). Peace and out with an evil smile.
  • The sequence that started with Dexter realizing that his trophy box was stolen and ended up with him "relaxing" on that chair at Lundy´s room deserved an Emmy.

    I´ll not write a review because other people have already written good ones. I just would like to tell the writers of this show that you are great and I hope you´ll get what you want from the greedy producers. You deserve it all! I was in such a state of suspense that after I watched this episode I couldn´t sleep and had to watch 2 Simpson´s episodes in order to relax. Michael C. Hall is one of the best actors nowadays and the whole cast of this show is really great.I really don´t know what expect for the next 3 episodes and this makes me admire even more this show.
  • My Heart can't take any more Drama and Suspense !

    This episode is really well written, It has a lot of high and low moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. I do not know whether to laugh or feel bad that Doakes is now the main suspect, I mean what a coincidence that he was on four of the Butchers cases and his background did not help either, I think the writers have always had Doakes as the patsy, but I think they might pin it on Lila at the end of the season as I cannot see Doakes or Dexter going down for these crimes, they are too important for the series. It will suit both of them I suppose because Dexter hates Lila and well Doakes is so far up the creek without a paddle it is beyond a joke. I think the back stories of Lundy and Deb were good and so was LE Guitars, but nothing beates Dexter and Doakes. The best part of this episode is Dexters face when they tell him Doakes is the Suspect - Priceless ! Well acted by Michael C Hall, He is impressing me so much with his talent ! Come on Dexter do it one more time next week !
  • Doakes becomes the number one suspect.

    We've not had a flashback to young Dex in quite a while it seems, so the scenes of him at the execution were interesting. The camera work was excellent too, imposing young Dex's face on the mask of the person on the electric chair was very well planned, directed and executed (pardon the pun).
    I am beginning to think Lundy might actually be good for Debrah, even though I'm still not fully convinced theirs is a good relationship.
    The scene were the FBI brought in Dex, to confront him with his own slides only to tell him that they were found in Doakes' car, who's now the prime suspect were a thrill to watch. I loved how Dexter took revenge on the three FBI forensic investigators, that was hilarious. I was surprised Doakes didn't tell Maria where he found the slides, he probably thought she wouldn't believe him anyway.

    Dexter getting FBI protecting is wonderful, a joke on the system. Angel's fave when he heard about Debrah and Lundy was priceless. Great cliffhanger ending too...
  • All the people giving this show a 10 aren't leaving themselves anywhere to go ...

    because this season is building up to momentous climax.

    How is he going to get out of this without breaking Harry's rules? The writers' of this show have bravely put themselves into a position where they can't back down. Something big is going to happen in the last three episodes.

    Dexter has got a lot of loose ends to clean up.

    The only beef I have with this episode was the final confrontation between Dexter and Doakes.

    I mean Doakes is supposed to be a highly trained special forces operative and yet he is overpowered by an unarmed, handcuffed and wounded civilian.

    Having said that ... it was still a great episode. Not quite to last weeks standard ... but great none the less. Particularly when Dexter was bought in by the FBI to explain his mementos to Lundy.
  • 10/10? how bout 100/10

    How does this show keep getting better? Dexter vs. Doakes comes to an end?? far too soon but unexpected how it ended.

    I just love how he's been given temptions to kill someone whos shall we say not approved on Harry's code such as Lyla and Doakes, just makes you want to shout at the screen "go on do it Dexter you know you want to" much like Paul from last season.

    The best part of the show, obviously when Dexter saw his world come tumbling down when his trophey's were missing and thought he was caught, only for Doakes to take the blame cause of his obsession with finding out who Dexter is.

    Which brings us to Doakes catching Dexter, I had a sneaking suspision he'd be there but dismissed them but there he was, couldn't believe it and what happened afterwards just amazing, you just don't expect it to happen so soon and then something more amazing happens in the next episodes that surprises you and this is why I believe this is the best TV show ever.

    The show is doing exactly what it did last season, being great and then just getting even better in the last four episodes and I cannot wait for the next episode.
  • Dexter realizes it won't be easy to end things completely with Lila. Dexter tries to stay ahead of the investigations as the manhunt for the Bay Harbour Butcher intensifies. An enemy of Dexter figures out his secret.

    This was a fantastic episode. I was constantly on the edge of my seat! It was very well written and the actors just nailed it all into place, it kept me wanting more. There wasn't anything in this episode that wasn't worth watching, everything just flowed perfectly together. Micheal C. Hall always amazes me with his brillance, he really deserves more credit then he gets. And the supporting cast just makes it even better. For some reason, I am loving Lundy and Morgan together. It's all very interesting. This episode is definitely the best so far. I sure hope this show gets some recognition for it's greatness when the award shows roll around! :)
  • This episode confirmed to me that Dexter is the best TV drama ever. Yes, EVER. -SPOILERS-

    After guessing and theorizing the whole episode when Doakes pulled that gun on Dexter in the last 5 minutes I was actually stumped with absolutely no idea what was going to happen. The resolution was extremely satisfying and intriguing. With so many Plot threads neatly coming to a head its hard to believe that this season is nearly over and we may be without Dexter for a whole year! There is nothing on TV that comes close to the skill of the writing staff within Dexter camp. This show is surely heading into Cult status but it deserves to have as much acclaim as that of Lost or Heroes, people really are missing out on this show, I just wish I could buy the DVDs in the UK!
  • Not as good as last week but that was still Excellent!!

    This show is at it peak! After last week fantastic piece of Tv, Dexter returns with the perfect follow up.
    So Doakes is the prime suspect, it was predictable but they did a good job to make us believe they suspected Dexter. Being tailed by a couple of feds for his own protection, Dexter still managed to get to Juminez`s(spelling) corpse to get rid of it but it was a mistake as Doakes was tailing Dex`s boat. So that was the big Dexter-Morgan confrontation. Dexter managed to put him out, period but is hurt.
    So so.....the big finale is coming and they are setting the ground for big, may be bigger that last season. Lila is definitely a liability for Dex and could still play a vital role...particularly to put down our favorite serial killer.

    The episode also had some really funny moments. The Dex-Rita conversation was so funny with Dex squeezed between the feds. And the moment Debra told he was sleeping with Lundy, Batista`s look to Lundy was priceless LOL.

    All and in big time eager to see what`s next.
  • Dexter vs Doakes II! Score Round 2 for Sgt Doakes. Resistance is Futile delivers big!

    This episode started off really slow in the beginning but really picked up toward the end. As many of us predicted, Doakes is indeed the primary suspect now on the bay harbor butcher case. And it was nice to see that my little pick up from last week on Doakes mentioning his father was a butcher is mentioned by Lundy in one of the reasons he is a suspect.

    Lila continued her crazy behavior by injecting herself into Dexter's co-workers lives. She now appears to be using Angel to get back at Dexter. This was the weakest part of the episode, as almost everyone feels much disdain toward Lila, and I'm betting everyone had a collective groan seeing her appear at his office.

    In a scene that made many smile, myself included, it appears that Rita is willing to give Dexter a second chance. She is definitely better for him than Lila. After making a promise to talk the following day, Dexter's current situation may prevent this from happening further damaging their relationship.

    This episode did a thorough job of keeping viewers in suspense. In particular, having FBI agents tailing Dexter was great since it did not allow him time to dispose of Jimenez. The viewers were put on the edge of their seat when the agents knocked at the door after Dexter realized that his slides were stolen. Then in a nicely written/directed/acted scene, we discover that it is indeed Sgt. Doakes who is the suspect, not Dexter.

    Now with Doakes as the primary suspect, things became more complicated again as now Dexter has 4 federal body guards that prevent him from disposing of Jimenez. Despite this setback, Dexter is able to sneak out of his home and drive his boat to Jimenez' cabin. Upon walking his bags to the dock, we see the brush in the foreground of the scene slightly move and also what appeared to be a hand. At first I considered it to be a goof with the camera man running into it, but then out of no where Sgt Doakes appears gun in hand aimed right at Dexter. Dexter vs Doakes II did not disappoint. After a great exchange of dialogue, Dexter and Doakes battled it out that ultimately ended in Dexter getting capped in the leg. Despite the injury, Dexter still was able to choke out Doakes who awakens imprisoned in Jimenez' cabin. In a brilliantly directed final scene, Doakes screams at the top of his lungs to Dexter for this week's quote of the week, "You're gonna have to kill me Morgan! You're gonna have to Effing Kill me Morgan!!!!" to which a distraught and apprehensive Dexter slowly closes the door and sits on the ground.

    Brilliant. Just Brilliant. The writers could have seriously taken the easy way out and just pinned this on Doakes without a confrontation. Instead they chose to make the situation even more complicated for Dexter as now he has Doakes tied up, a dead chopped body in his boat, and a gunshot in his leg that he will not be able to explain. Only hours remain till the sun comes up and he has to return to his home. 3 Episodes left! Buckle up this is going to be a bumpy ride!
  • Wow! (no spoilers!)

    When I just didn't think it could get any better, they serve us another episode that tops everything!

    The writing was great, and brilliant acting (Michael C. Hall impresses me one time after another). Some things I was expecting, and some came as a total surprise. And in all the tension and suspense they still manage to keep a good amount of the humor. I laughed out loud several times during this episode, but finding myself on the tip of my toes. And in addition we get flashbacks! What else can we ask for? Amazing!

    I wrote a review a while ago saying the plots they were preparing could turn out brilliant or as a total disaster. Well, I would say brilliant is the word! And still I feel they might top this one as well in the next.
  • I really had to sign up because I felt like the obligation to write a review ! What a showwwwwwwww ! ( so good! )

    This is a comment from France so would you please excuse my English, doing my best but ..... Of course my French is better!
    To present myself I would say that I'm a serial series watcher, thanks to the internet I follow episode with maximum 30 hours delay from U.S. TV.

    The actor playing "Dexter" is fabulous, probably 2007 best actor, and believe me I'm kind of requiring!

    All I could say to end this review is that: Nothing that good had been done still "Ozz" series, it is terrific and fabulous!
    I'll hope such an intense series will get all the honours it deserves.

    Take care you all :)
  • The writers (Melissa Rosenberg for this episode) just keep outdoing themselves. Just when you think Dexter is cornered, he isn't, and just when you think he has a moment to clean up his mess, he gets cornered again.

    If you are reading this, you are obviously a fan of the show Dexter, so I probably don't need to persuade you very much about my next comment.

    I think Dexter is the best show on TV, and the best show that has EVER been on TV (yes, better than the Sopranos, Heroes, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, and even better than Gilligan's Island (j/k)). Every episode is expertly written, filled with suspense, humor, great acting, and characters that you are extremely emotionally involved with. I wish it was longer than an hour, because I find myself hoping each episode doesn't end (like when getting to the end of a great book).

    This episode, Resistance is Futile, was just fabulous. Just when Dexter is convinced he is made, he ends up as the lead forensic investigator on his own murders, and with a protective detail to boot...just great stuff. My compliments to the great writers (who need to get what they deserve from the studios, and off the picket line and back to work. Give them their residuals, for Pete's sake).

    I always feel so satisfied after watching this series. I've never been disappointed by a single episode, and that is amazing. I still believe that Lila will ultimately go down for these murders, not Doakes or Dexter. I also think that Lila is hiding a big secret herself, and that she is more like Dexter than we are lead to believe.
  • No spoilers here. This episode is too damn good to be ruined.

    Along with the first season finale and the previous episode, this is by far one of my favorite episodes of the series. Extremely well written.. with tremendous performances by the cast and it also creates another great storyline for the show to run on. I keep thinking I might be able to guess what may happen next, but damn.. I could not have written it better myself (and I've had some decent ideas for new episodes). Excellent job to team Dexter. If any of the writers or cast read this.. you guys have it made.. and you will definitely go down in history for being a part one of the best shows television has to offer.

    Currently I'm working on my first novel, and the team for this show is a big inspiration to me. If I ever make it, look out for a dedication. P.S. Don't kill Doakes... his character is too good and has too many possibilities to throw away. ;]
  • The writers leave absolutely NOTHING to the imagination! I love them!(Possible spoilers)

    I am so in love with this show at the moment and this episode just marks a successful 9 episodes so far in my book!
    The whole Rita/Dex thing seems to be back in play, which is good, I like seeing them together, but now after watching the entire episode (Took a while to watch the entire episode since I kept rewinding to the Deb/Lundy scenes that were to die for, especially the last one!)I'm hoping Dex will be able to keep his date with Rita the next night. As for Lila's new stunt with Angel, well he has needs, but he unfortunately has made a wrong choice by going off with Lila, but he is a cool guy, who still tries to remain at peace with Dex about the whole deal with Lila.
    And as for Doakes being the prime suspect, I had already had that thought so I wonder what the next episode will bring.
    The best scenes were Lundy and Deb in bed together, that was just way too cute even though there is an age difference they get along so great so why should the age thing matter?
    The scene where Deb reveals to LaGuerta that she is sleeping with Lundy and suddenly Angel and Lundy walk by hearing this, they stop and the look on Angel's face is priceless, I'm still dying with laughter! (Even after the 70th time I saw that scene!)
    The whole Dex/Doakes scene at the end was terrific, again the writers do NOT leave anything to the imagination and after seeing this week's episode, I'm already pysched about next week! 10/10 I would give this episode more, but I was hoping Lundy and Deb would sneak off for a quick...lunch, so this episode has to suffice with a 10!
  • Dexter's fears are realized and not.

    Speculation (from us) was that the prime suspect (thank God they don't call it person of in interest) was either Dexter or Doakes. Well Dexter thought it was he, and the suspense of him being brought in by Lundywas perfect. An then he finds out he is not, but Doakes is. Just as he wanted.

    I thought it was predictable, but the twists kept coming, especially with Doakes showing up at the end. I wasn't expecting that. Dexter is also realizing the value of Rita to his life (though he didn't enjoy or want sex early on in their relationship), thus he apologizes for his transgressions. Lila on the other hand is still up to no good. What is it that she is up to?

    The mark of a good show is that I don't have a newspaper/magazine/book nearby to pick up when a show-episode wanes. With Dexter, the reading material isn't even brought into the room. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Agent Lundy reveals that Dokes is his prime suspect. Dexter must find a way to dispose of Jimenez's body with numerous FBI agents assigned to his protection.

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! This was the best episode yet of the best show on TV! So many things are coming to a head: Dexter and Dokes, Deb and Lundy, Lila and many curveballs can the world throw at Dexter. I believe that there is also going to be a large revelation about Harry coming in the next episode. Not to mention something about LIla. How can Dexter dispose of Dokes without giving himself away...or prolonging the investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher. What can Dexter do to get rid of seems that he can't kill her. His connection to her would draw too much suspicion toward him if anybody found her body. On a more critical not, I loved the simplicity of the dream sequence at the beginning of the show...and also Dexter's comment that his subconscious wasn't even bothering with symbolism anymore. The stress is piling up on him and it seems almost inevitable that he will snap. There are so many questions to be answered: What about Harry and Laura Mosier? What is really up with Lila? What will happen with Dexter and Rita? I'm damn sure not going to miss a single episode in the rest of this season...or any seasont to come.