Season 1 Episode 6

Return to Sender

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on Showtime
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Dexter is called to the scene of the crime at the Castillo junkyard. The Ice Truck Killer has returned Valerie Castillo's body putting Dexter in danger of being caught. A boy is found who witnessed the crime.

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  • The first time one of Dexters kills have been under investigation.

    This is the best of the season so far and in the last episode we found out that Dexter dumps his victims in the sea but surprisingly the woman Dexter killed in the last episode turns up where he killed the couple Dexter immediately thinks the Ice Truck Killer dove under the sea just to bring the body back Dexter starts to feel the pressure especially when a boy witnessed Dexter put the body's in his trunk To Dexters relief he was able to frame the husband and the boy thought it was Jesus who saved him The episode ended with Dexter spending time with Rita and the kids because he nearly got caught he wants to spend time with them why he can.moreless
  • Dexter finds himself in trouble of getting caught

    This was the best episode of the season so far with Dexter believing he will get caught because the Ice Truck killer sends Valerie Castillo's body back from the sea and a boy witnessed Dexter kill the couple from the previous episode.I definitely thought Dexter could have been inches away from being caught and he threw all his tools in the sea because he thought if the boy could identify Dexter there would be no evidence which would beat a seven year old witness.This is the first time we have seen the team investigate a murder committed by Dexter and you could see them narrowing down the suspects but Dexter was able to prove that the husband committed the murder and because Dexter had killed him no one will know.Dexter also got lucky when the sketch of what the boy saw was Jesus and Dexter was relieved that his mistake of letting the boy see him has been fixed but Dexter isn't safe until the Ice truck killer is out of the way.moreless
  • Dexter is finally starting to get some real emotions.

    I loved how the chance of getting caught brought some real emotions out in dexter. I felt bad for his girl cause he kinda left her hanging to deal with his own stuff, but in the end it worked out better. It gave her a changes to gain more of a backbone. His sister was super mad but I thought that it was messed up that she asked for his help and got mad when he told her what's up. She only got promoted because of him. I promise of Dexter really starting to engage the killer what interesting, he's got to do something if the killer gets caught he could tell the police all about dexter and then he would be screwed.moreless
  • bascially this was one of the best episodes yet in the series. Dexter thinks he is going to be caught by the cops, and escapes

    its so good, bascially dexter thinks hes going to be caught by the cops so he trys his best to destroy all of his evidence. The ice truck killer is reallly onto him and its hard for him to go through his normal life with the ice truck killer always behind him, or well, maybe it is more like he is one step ahead of him. He can not go to the cops, or his sister, or his girlfriend. Dexter has no body to help him out, he is truly on his own on this one. Somehow he gets through it and comes out alive and all is well,moreless
  • A brilliant and special episode

    This was the first episode I ever saw of this serie and after that one episode my sister made me watch, I fell for the show. I mean, the idea of that episode is brilliant, twisted and refreshing - serial killer working in police tries to avoid being caught. In all those CSIs and other cop dramas we always get police trying to catch killers.. So to have the table turned around and seeing it from different viewpoint, it is refreshing and the deep they try to explain what Dexter feels and does.. it is something what makes this show different and makes me watch it.

    So, I really think this episode was good one.moreless
Benton Jennings

Benton Jennings

Gene Marshall

Guest Star

Haley King

Haley King

Teenage Debra

Guest Star

Valerie Dillman

Valerie Dillman

Valerie Castillo

Guest Star

Devon Graye

Devon Graye

Teenage Dexter

Recurring Role

Daniel Goldman

Daniel Goldman

Cody Bennett

Recurring Role

Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson

Astor Bennett

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • As Rita is pinning up a banner for Astor's birthday, one can see that the word "birthday" is misspelled as "birtday".

    • Although they are only one day apart from each other, Sergeant Doakes' stitches were on his head on the previous episode whilst are totally gone without even a scar left on this one.

    • On the previous episode, we can clearly see on the screen of Dexter's radar the deepness of the place he dumped Valerie Castillo's body was of 300 feet. Nevertheless, at the beginning of this episode when listing all the trouble the Ice Truck Killer had to bring the body back Dexter says he had to dive 100 feet to do it.

    • Continuity error: Dex kicks a hub cap in the salvage yard. Later in the episode, the hub cap is back on its original place.

    • While the young witness is eating the cake/treat it changes size from having being bitten once to nearly being gone in the last scene.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Doakes' sister: (To Deb) First words out of my baby brother's mouth were "got milk, motherfucker?".

    • Dexter: (voice over) I was wrong about birthdays. Maybe the reason to celebrate them is what they offer: the hope of living to see another one.

    • Deb: Let me ask you a question. Why do you have it in for me?
      LaGuerta: You're loud, you're impulsive, and you constantly question authority.
      Deb: Fair enough.
      LaGuerta: I hear you have an interesting theory on who...
      (door shuts as Deb leaves)

    • Deb: I traded my glasses in for contacts in high school.
      LaGuerta: Boys?
      Deb: Yeah. What I really needed was tits. I had Winnie the Poohs in my bras until I was sixteen, and as you can see, not a whole lot's changed since then.

    • Dexter: (reading Deb's profile of Valerie Castillo's killer) The similar manner in which the victim's body was displayed suggests this killer feels a connection to the Ice Truck Killer, excited by what he's doing. The cut on the victim's cheek, while not fatal, appears to be a signature of sorts. Because of the lack of evidence collected from the crime scene, the suspect may be familiar with law enforcement or forensics procedure. Huh.

    • Dexter: (voice over) If my back wasn't against the wall, I'd almost feel guilty for hacking into Masuka's email. Once I got past all the porn, it was easy.

    • Deb: I don't know, he's just got this spirit about him. Guy's missing body parts because of this Ice Truck Killer asshole, and he's still hitting on me.
      Doakes' Mother: That's because men only think with one body part, and that one was not cut off.

    • Deb: (relating a story to Doakes' family) So this john comes out of nowhere. He's got me by the throat. I can't reach around to get my gun, and I see he has a nipple ring. I rip that fucker out like it's a grenade pin!

    • Doakes: Ain't never seen a latrine before, Morgan?
      Deb: Yeah, just uh, not indoors.
      Doakes: Yeah, well the army taught me a lot of things...
      LaGuerta: I feel a Desert Storm story coming on.
      Doakes: ...but digging holes for people to take a dump, that was most important.
      Deb: I'm not really getting that.
      Doakes: Doesn't matter how many bars you got on your collar, Morgan.
      LaGuerta: Everybody's shit stinks.
      Doakes: There you go.

    • Masuka: Yo, what's up with you today? You're throwing off my chi.
      Dexter: You're not Chinese.
      Masuka: I'm not?

    • (in trailer with body)
      Dexter: You find anything else?
      Doakes: (looking at the body) That ain't enough?

    • Dexter: (voice over) I don't get birthdays. The party, the song. Celebrating another year just being alive feels... forced.

    • (Dexter and Masuka examine Valerie Castillo's body)
      Dexter: You got anything
      Masuka: No bruising. Nothing under her nails. She didn't put up a fight. If she was killed here, which I doubt, whoever did it was a real pro.
      Dexter: (voice over) Under normal circumstances I'd take that as a compliment.

    • Dexter: (voice over) I shouldn't even be here. Rita will be devastated if I'm arrested. Her husband was a crackhead and her boyfriend's a serial killer. It's hard not to take that personally.

    • Dexter: Valerie Castillo.
      Angel: Yeah, it sounds like she got exactly what was coming to her. Personally, I'd shake this guy's hand.
      Dexter: (voice over) Eh, you say that now...

    • (after Masuka orders Tox screen of Valerie Castillo)
      Dexter: (voice over) That's it. No more donuts for Masuka.

    • Dexter: Who's the boy?
      Deb: All we've got so far is that he's Cuban and seems to like LaGuerta. Spend enough time in a hot trunk and I guess she'd look good to anybody.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Life is so fleeting. So fragile. Every breath with its potential to be our last.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Nothing lasts forever, just ask a Ford Pinto.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Eventually most serial killers get caught. There's really not much of a retirement plan.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The song at Astor's party is performed by Dan Licht. It's called "Party" or "Happy Birthday, Astor". It can be heard at Dan Licht's official website.

    • The director of this episode, Tony Goldwyn, has directed a few episodes of The L Word, another Showtime series.


    • Dexter's alias: Patrick Bateman

      Bateman is the name of the main character in the novel (and movie) American Psycho written by Bret Easton Ellis.