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  • A forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department who's also a dark avenger at night. Whatever vermin slips through the cracks of the justice system, Dexter takes care of it and neatly disposes of it... How brilliant!

    What can I say about this show? Even though I had known about if for a while, I just finished watching Season 1 and I am completely hooked. I've always been fascinated by whatever may be going on in a serial killer's mind, why they are the way they are. This series gives us a wonderful, intimate insight into such a tortured and yet chillingly cold soul.

    This show really isn't for everyone. Your tolerance for the freakish, morbid, gory, twisted, sick and outrageous must be pretty high for you to enjoy it. Personally, I'm loving every minute of it because I love a TV show that can shock me at almost every turn and Dexter certainly does that. Another aspect I appreciate about this show is that even though it takes place in Miami, there is no dwelling on the glamorous side of the city. On the contrary. It is the total opposite of CSI:Miami in that regard. And the Cuban culture and people are very present, which I think is great because it adds a flavour and a warmth to the show which is very much needed considering the harshness of the subject at hand.
  • A serial killer who is a good guy? gotta love the premise and the show is just that good!

    Dexter is about a blood splatter analyst working for the Miami police, who has a dark desire and secret. He works for the police during the day, and at night he stalks criminals that have slipped through the system. Beyond this I don't want the reveal any more details. Each episode has its story, along with a long story arc for the whole season. In season one as Dexter tries to find another serial killer, each episode is action packed with suspense and drama. This show is in a genre of its own even though it would technically be a police/mystery show. Either way, this is a great show, but there is some blood and gore is it is a Showtime show.
  • A show that features a serial killer? At first, I tended to miss out on that one. Luckily, I didn't.

    I cannot state that Dexter isn't all that much of a killer – he is. His killings are gruesome and motivated by an urgent need to take someone's life. This is painful to watch and highly unethical. Which doesn't change only for the fact that his foster father made him target those who are highly immoral themselves. So why watching this show anyhow?

    In the beginning we get to know an emotionally cold and detached character whose thoughts are revealed in intriguing voice-overs. Despite of his apparent inner cruelty, he is an amazingly nice guy to be around and he charms his way into the lives of (nearly) everyone. Apart from killing at night, he acts so likable and funny. Isn't that a problem – one might say? To sympathize with him and maybe rationalize his actions as convenient vigilante justice?

    For me, that's not what this show is about. From the beginning, I was led to doubt his cold thoughts and recognize the high prize he is paying. Not only to keep his secrets but also for being driven to actions without fully understanding their origin. The relationships he builds become increasingly important (Julie Benz giving a wonderful performance as his girlfriend Rita) and we experience a fascinating struggle with his dark desires. It isn't the action of killing that I am sympathetic with but the journey which is all about choices and the weighing of consequences. Over the course of the seasons, Dexter himself is more and more developing boundaries and this is hypnotizing to watch.

    All in all, Dexter is just addictive and he is not comparable to any other character I was ever invested in. The storylines are funny and thrilling and you have to prepare for a lot of surprises. This holds true for both seasons. Since the first season was so wrapped up, story-wise, I was amazed that I got instantly hooked to the second. Now, I look forward to season three and the next part of his journey.
  • Dexter just keep Slicing up the comp. Micheal C. Hall plays Dexter to the Tee.

    I love this show and is so addictive. It keeps getting better with each episode. Im glad Dexter is Finally getting the respect it deserves ever since it started Airing on CBS. What makes Dexter So good is that its so Realistic, Season 1 & Season 2 are so well written and so Unpredictible. Every Charecter is Intresting in there on way even the vilians you love,If you don't Dexter Shame on You and your missing one Hell of a show. I can't wait for Season 3 this is one of the best Shows on. Dexter's is Classic T.V!!
  • Dexter Morgan a blood specialist has a secret life as a serial killer but only to those who have murdered.He is a huge support to his sister since he was adopted into her family as a child.His step-father gave him the iniciative to kill for justice.

    I love this show despite it's sometimes graphic screenings of murder scenes.I think one of the main reasons this show was so popular was because of Dexter's adorable character and personality,although he is a serial killer you find it hard not to see his point in killing people who deserve it and it's impossible not to love Dexter.I think the suspense and constant risk of him being caught is very exciting and keeps you wondering what will happen next.It's very easy to see Dexter's caring and loving side with his sister who he fully supports.I think the show has an emotional story when it refers to his life as a child and lets you see why he has trouble communicating with people.I think it's a bit too gory at times and shows the viewers too much detail about the crime scenes.
  • I have seen lots of good TV shows. I have lots of favorites but when people ask me mine I have to say Dexter. They always reply "Dexter's Lab?" Then I get to explain the diference from my Dexter and theirs.

    I watched this show on sho time completely by accident. I watched the first episode and fell in love... with the show... I have watched both seasons and I have to say the first one was a bit better. Dont get me wrong the second was good as well. I like the code he follows that his Step-Father taught him. Its a noble idea a killer that kill other killers. Now what people dont get is that Dexter is a bad guy. But I like how he starts to develop feelings for his girlfriend Rita. It shows how a monster can become human. If you have thought about watching this show dont think do. It will change your life.
  • Dexter, a blood spatter expert by day...serial killer by night.

    When I first watched Dexter I couldn't help it and say to myself, wow, who thought of this? Seriously, a criminalist being a serial killer? That is a one hell of an idea for a show. You can't help but like him. He is so quirky and seems so innocent, yet the retrospect of it is that he is a serial killer with no pity or remorse for that matter but sticks to a specific set of rules. This show is extremely interesting, and I can not wait for more. When I watch it, I feel weird and guilty for actually liking the fact that a person such as himself could commit quite possibly perfect murders.
  • Its an amazing show, the main character Dexter i think people can really connect with.

    Dexter Review:

    I think that Dexter is an extremely good show because it has an amazingly deep storyline, great actors and the main thing that i like about it is that i can really connect with Dexter in many ways and i think so can many other people in the sense that Dexter has said many time he feels alone and empty and i think that some people do sometime feel alone.

    Also in Dexter i love the way that he seems to be able to use his charm to hide his real emotions, but the best thing about the storyline is the way he compensates for his emptiness by killing murders.

    For me Dexter is a 5 out 5 star because it really stands out from any other show.
  • This show has been one of the breakout shows or the past few years but managed to stay off my radar for a while as i was distracted by other things. Now i watch... i'm hooked... read my review then watch this show!

    I love this show more and more with every passing episode. When i first heard of a show where the protagonist was also the antagonist i thought there was no way that it could work. As it turns out it has made for one of the most interesting and compelling character driven shows that i have seen in a long time.
    Now i've not read the books so i cannot comment on how it differs or follows and whether either way is for better or worse... but my guess is that this has been very cleverly adapted.
    I think that Michael C Hall is an excellent choice for the title role (not that i could imagine anyone in particular in it anyway) but he has done exceedingly well and it his performance along with the support cast that make this show as riveting as it is.
    The show is very stylish and cool and the characters seem to fit their environment very well... i feel completely engrossed when watching.
    I watched the first season and then hesitated on the second becasue i thought that it might not live up to the standard i had previously seen but it has continued to impress me throughout and i can only wait in anticipation for the third season this autumn. For anyone who hasn't seen this i highly reccomend you give it a go.
  • One of my favs

    This show just showed up on cable tv and within the first 5 minutes I was hooked on this show and the next day went out a bought the complete first season. Then went on to watch it all in one sitting growing huge couch potatoe roots to my couch. This show at first hearing about however I heard about it I never thought it would be this brillient. Now I am waiting on pins and needles for the second season to come out on dvd. Back to the first season the season finale for season one was unbelievable. This show is a must see.
  • Dexter Morgan makes one appreciate the finer things in serial killers! Amazing dialogue, fantastic acting, characters so brilliantly thought out that they defy you to hate them. It's a wonderful show.

    If anyone could make a serial killer likable it's Dexter, the whimsical manner in which he dispatches the dregs of Miami society is absolutely addictive.
    Dexter's art is to maintain a mask that quite often leaves you feeling absolutely cold. From his violent beginnings to the tuition of his adopted father, this show is so riveting that one forgets exactly what Dexter is - you cannot help but pull for him because somehow he's the most amazing hero vigilante that could possibly emerge to 'take out the trash'.
    The dynamic within the characters is wonderful, the realistic fashion in which the show is shot and brought makes you believe completely in the characterizations before you. No pulling punches, no airs and graces. Dexter is the most compelling show in years!
  • Better than the books.

    A cutting edge show. It's probabily the most dark show that I wacth.

    It has a good storyline, great characters and some good actors. The guy who play Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is amazing, he convinced me in his portrayal of the character, his delusional thinking and the dark past he has, he played almost perfect.

    If I judge the show only by his character, he will receive a 10, but the secondary cast and B stories are so-so to bad. The storylines behind Dexter are all great but with his step-sister Debra are pain awful, when the show tries to focus on relationship it loses his touch and a few points with me. And that LaGuerta is the worst character on the show, she is useless.

    He relation with Rita in the first season are one of the positive aspects of the show, but in the 2nd season it become a little repetitive losing it's appeal. But for the next season, what I now and hope is the show to get the best of it has to offer and become better than what is now.

    The show even with this way continues to be good and I will be tune in the next seasons.
  • Probably the only adult show I watch.

    Dexter. At first I imagined a little boy working in a laboratory. :) But then I watched the show with my grandmother. There were only a few things I could say. 1., amazing storyline, 2., great characters in play, 3., I love Dexter! Dexter plays the perfect vigilante (I'm not sure I spelled that right) going after the bad guys. Me and my grandmother watch all kinds of shows together. But I think me and her both knew we were going to have to watch it again. So here I am till' this day watching Dexter everynight. It's great. Dexter gets a 8.7 from this guy.
  • Dark, Distrubing...

    Can't believe I've missed this show for so long, 2 seasons have gone by and I've decided to watch it.

    I've seen 7 episodes So far and it's great, Dexter Morgan leads 2 different life's, a Serial Killer at night and is a forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department during the day. He was adopted as a child by Harry who was influential in his life, he also has a sister Debbie; she works a police officer. Based on a code installed on him Dexter kills his victims that have killed themselves with no remorse, but first he must prove that they are guilty of their crimes.
    Dexter is, able to fake normal emotions and keep up his appearance as a responsible human being who is well liked by his work colleagues, he has a normal life with Rita [His girlfriend] and her kids.
  • Also: "Cutting Edge", "Influential" and "Darkly Disturbing".

    Dexter is the most deliciously complicated hero on television, if not ever. He is a serial killer with a conscience, who works for the Miami PD (forensics) and deals justice to those who the system overlooks.

    The writing is simply *incredible* in this show. Although the premise is based on a book, the writing beautiful and made for TV. Dexter is a serial killer with no emotions. He needs to wear a "mask" of normalcy (i.e. displaying feelings that aren't there) in public so that he can fit in. But we, the audience, are privy to his deepest, darkest, and (often) funniest thoughts in the form of hilarious voice-overs.

    Dexter has an urge to kill, born out of a terrible event in his past. But he was also raised by a foster father (who happened to be a cop) who saw him for who he really was, and taught him to channel it into a "positive" direction - that of only killing those who deserve it. The conflicts of the two sides are gripping television.

    Michael C. Hall plays this character to perfection, and has made the show his own. He is charming, meticulous and brutal all at once. He also has many, many layers that we slowly see peeled off as the show progresses. I mean, how often do you find yourself praying that the police will not catch a serial killer? And that he manages to successfully pull of his next kill without a hitch?

    Then there is a *fabulous* support cast. From his foul-mouthed, but adoring (and adorable) younger step-sister (also a cop), to the people he works with and his girlfriend and her kids (who he genuinely adores). We are truly spoilt with a deluge to characters with real histories and character arcs that we actually give two shakes about, given that the show is named after a *very* strong lead character. Most other shows build side-characters rarely. None do it so well and successfully.

    Possibly the only weak link in the entire thing is that of Laguerda. I mean, I get that she is a biatch (as a matter of survival), but I simply cannot stand the actress who plays her. She looks too weak to be playing such a strong personality, and *nothing* that she does is easy to buy into. I honestly think that her character would be more interesting, but the woman playing her has really gets to me.

    But that is a *tiny* detail in the one show that I simply cannot get enough of. They have dealt with Dexter's past in season 1 and his self-realisation in season 2. Season 3 has been given the green light, and I for one, will be glued to my screen, devouring every dark moment of Dexter's evolution with glee.

    If you have come this far without actually seeing the show, what are you doing? Watch it! I guarantee that you will not regret it (well, you might eventually stop kicking yourself for not watching it sooner).

    I shall leave you with the last lines spoken in season 2:

    "Am I evil? Am I good? I'm done asking those questions. I don't have the answers. Does anyone?"
  • Dexter is based on Jeff Lindsay novels, Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Dexter is a forense especialist in blood spatter, who works for the police department of Miama. He also is a serial killer that kills murderes wich weren't arrested by the police.

    Dexter is one of the most fabulous tv series ever!
    I love watching Dexter because, first of all, the cast and production did a really good job, and every episode is even more addictive then the previous one! Dexter is this caracter that you learn to like and care about even though he is a murderer. It's like watching cartoons..he kills the bad guys! But, at the same time, he can be really scary! He looks exactly like a normal person but he can be a cold harted killer.. even though he only kills bad guys! Oh and we can't forget he doesn't have any feelings..wich is creepy! In the first season, Dexter gets all this clues and gifts from another killer, and it just gets impossible to miss a single episode! On the second even season you simply can't miss it, because this time is Dexter's head on the line!
    Can't miss this show! It's really, really one f the best tv series ever!
  • Smartest crime drama ever written?

    I just finished season one of Dexter... WOW!

    Smartly written, unpredictable, gritty, great characters, I could go on and on...

    I watch/have watched a lot of crime dramas over the years and the thing that always gets me is that they have all these cliche characters and improbable cases and amazing powers of deduction (Yes, I'm talking about you CSI Hawkes) that I find really phony and make the show less fun to watch.

    With Dexter the writers took their time to let the story unfold naturally each week giving up a little more of the story without giving away the end game... Even though I guessed who the killer was, I was still caught totally off guard by the big reveal in the end.

    I love shows that keep me guessing (Lost) and shows with great characters (Buffy, The Closer) Dexter has both and I can't wait for the next season!
  • About a serial killer who kills killers.

    This is probably one of the best shows out there today. I love this show. The whole plot is great, A serial killer who only kills people who are guilty of horrible crimes. Dexter is such a lovable character. Not to mention he's decent looking. I was just flipping through the channels one day and came across this show, I've never looked back since. The show is very unique. I really like the way it's about a serial killer, crime shows have always fascinated me. I recommend this show to anyone who likes crime shows. I bought the complete first season, season 2 was great and I can't wait for season 3.
  • Season 3 is almost here!

    This show is one of the best creations ever! I love crime shows and after seeing one episode I had to see the rest. The show is highly addictive, and I promise it's the best addiction on earth. The story is very unique and intelligent. I absolutely love how the story flows, especially how each case lingers on for the entire season. I personally think it's more reasonable to stretch it longer. The show is so well put together that it makes it easy to think theres a small possiblity that such thing could occur out in the real world! If you enjoy crime shows, you will love this show!
  • I came in in the last minute on April 27th. It was, apparently, an episode that depicts Dexter's entire justification of his psychological state by showing the brutal, chainsaw death of his mother before his eyes. This was the most wretched viewing ever

    I do not watch husband does. To make this brief, I was in another room, the last minute of Dexter was on, and, I happened to walk through the room. The date of this episode, which, please forgive, I don't have the name, was April 27th. In approximately 60 seconds or less, I viewed the following deplorable experience. Dexter as a 4-6 ish year old child, with blood spatters all over his shirt. He was sitting. Since there was blood all over and a man with a chain saw, I gathered that body parts were previously removed from the mother (hence the earlier screaming as I was on the computer in a close proximity room.) At the point I came in, last 60 seconds, the young boy was sitting, blood on his clothes. The next shot was of his mother kneeling, sitting on her heels, hands tied. Since I had heard the previous screaming I knew that there was obviously damage to the mother via chain saw. The child was shown, seemingly distraught. Then, the next shot was of the mother. Now, this is it....the mother, accepting total defeat, knowing that she was about to be cut into pieces, was able to calm her own fear of death, look at her son and tell him to simply "close your eyes." Over and over, "close your eyes." With a calming, warm, collected face, "close your eyes." Her concern was not about herself, but about the fear of her son witnessing the brutal death she was about to encounter. The boy's face in complete emotional confusion was beyond words. And, by the way, when these young kids are starring in these roles, I just have to imagine. Did they just throw Kool Aid on his shirt and tell him to act sad???? Sorry, my child will never participate. From that 60 seconds, I could not sleep all night. That was the most disturbing "anything" I've ever seen. I'm not a strange, left wing religious person whatsoever....but, what I am is a mother of 2 and I am extemely over media pushing their stories to the utmost limits. Okay, it didn't show the mom's arm being severed....but, you knew when it was happening, didn't you???!!!! And you had the visual of the young boy watching it happen! THAT'S PRETTY SICK!!! It's the psychological impact that these story lines have that should be rated beyond "X". On a different note, this show has COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED any person who has had a traumatic experience in childhood to feel like it's "okay" to feel revenge, in any way. What kind of doors have been opened? And we wonder why, "oh my gosh," why are are children behaving so violently? Take a look at what you watch on TV and ask yourself that question later. YOU'RE WATCHING IT!!!!!!!!! And the scary part is that it's enjoyed??!!??
  • The serial killer you want to win, and hope doesn't get caught.

    Wow is all i can say. Honestly the best TV i have ever watched. Who new that one day i would be rooting for a serial killer and feel bad for him when he has to kill his own brother. How can you not feel bad for a kid who has had to fake every emotion for his entire life, and hide who he really is from everyone he knows. Pure genius writing and acting from the whole cast. One of the most intelligent series I have ever watched, can't wait for season three. I was hooked from the beginning, and will be to the end.
  • Oh Dexter who couldn't love that innocent? He is a confused boy inside the body of a dangerous man. Just stay on his "good side" or end up loosing your heart then head...

    It may seem strange that as a fan of "Beauty and the Beast" I would choose to watch this series. But give the Devil his dues..damn he is good! Though it has a very dark side perhaps it helps us explore the mind of...dare we say it..a "psycho". Yet I wait to see every episode hoping that he doesn't get discovered.Is it so hard to believe that after suffering from such a trauma as a child that it would warp his senses and corrupt his morals? As the story progresses he seems to be finding some sense of himself though but can one really change? Michael Hall is so good as Dexter and perhaps he is the reason such a topic is being accepted by the masses?
  • One of the best new shows on CBS. Different. Not something we've seen before.

    Dexter is a favorite in my house! I hope to see this show last for awhile. Hint - Hint- No cancellation PLEASE. Nice to have something new to watch. Don't get me wrong...some of the regulars are still among my favorites, but Dexter is definitely different and it's one I won't miss. Looking forward to the season's finale and will wait with anticipation for next season. Recommend, with a reminder that it is for a mature audience, that you watch this show and make up your own mind. CST, means I watch it at 9:00 p.m., after any children are in bed.
  • There is something eerily addictive about this show.

    I don't like violent movies generally. In fact I generally change the channel when I know the show will be brutally violent. But just like No Country for Old Men, I'm intrigued by the personality of Dexter. And then there's his girlfriend and sister. Unfortunately, his girlfriend is like too many desperate, insecure women I've known. I haven't jumped ahead and looked at later episodes, but I don't know if there are any good endings for these characters. And, I don't know if my interest in *what makes this guy tick* will last, but for now I'm a regular viewer.
  • AWESOME, FANTASTIC, one of my favorite shows. Ahead of it time. It's like Lay's potato chips. Once you watched one episode, you can't just watch one , you can't wait for the next episode.

    One Sunday when the writer's were on strike and nothing was on except reruns I was just flipping through the channels and stumbled on Dexter. I got to watching and I found myself glued to the tv. The show is so intensed I couldn't move because I didn't want to miss any thing. I didn't even know anything about the show, but after that day I was determined it was going to be one of my shows not to miss.
    Last Sunday when I found out that Dexter's sister is going with the serial killer it blew my mind!!! And what's the deal with Dexter's girl friend ex's coming back. The show is AWESOME!!!
  • Darkly intriguing...

    This series has been a real surprise. The basic premise is not really the sort of thing I would normally watch, as the fact that the Lead character is also very much a bad guy put me off at first. However, as I watched the show I become fascinated with the workings of his mind. He is obviously a very disturbed man trying desperately to fit into a world he doesn't understand. His compulsion to kill is horrible yet at the same time provides an interesting insight into the mind of a serial killer, who believes that what he does can somehow be justified (don't they all?) The show also manages to sprinkle in a fine mix of humour which comes as a real shock in a show about such a dark subject. However, I did feel the end of Season One suffered from a deux ex machina. Recommend only for those with a strong stomach as it can be very gory.
  • Extremely Creepy.

    Dexter is a Miami based crime thriller about Dexter Morgan, A blood spatter expert by day and a serial killer by night. Dexter is a superb show that offers a fresh new take on an over done and long stale genre. Dexter manages to create efficient mood and tension in its 50 minutes far greater then that of any recent movie thriller. The character Dexter is delicately played by Michael C. Hall and is extremely chilling in parts and equally likeable in others. Dexter is truly a unique show that may be an uncomfortable watch but Dexter offers an interesting insight to the mind of a killer.
  • The greatest show of the decade! If horror type shows are your thing you will love this show!

    Dexter is a true master piece of original TV. In a market of mass crap TV Dexter like some other great shows like weeds bring back my hope for the possibility of good TV getting back on the air. Dexter who seems predestined to kill is taught by his father(harry) who is worth killing. His father teaches Dexter what becomes Harry's code which is ultimately what rules of how Dexter acts. As the the show goes on and Dexter's character goes threw changes from the events which ultimately leave him open to being caught. As well as confronting his past and what his brother is. After this he begins to question Harry's code. It is no shock that it was picked upped by a major network. Too bad some of the best parts are cut out...
  • Disturbingly delightful Dexter, a serial killer who preys on the guilty.

    To sum it up in a sentence, "Dexter" is the most effed-up show I've ever seen. Which is probably one of the reasons I like it so much.

    Dexter Morgan's adoptive father Harry realized that there was something "different" about his son: Dexter is a sociopath. Rather than telling Dexter to control his urges to kill, Harry taught Dexter a strict code: Never get caught. Never kill the innocent. Now an adult, Dexter spends his days as a forensics specialist and dutiful boyfriend. His nights are spent tracking down and ritualistically murdering other serial killers.

    Dexter is a modern anti-hero; he takes the law into his own hands. His actions are undoubtedly gruesome, but also arguably justified. He refers to his killings euphemistically as "taking out the trash." The acting in this show is just phenomenal. Dexter's character gives me the creeps, and yet I can't get enough of him. Julie Benz is also very good as Dexter's girlfriend (and mother of two) Rita. I can't help but compare Dexter to Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; there's also a character named Angel in this show): they're both killers. They both fight to kill evil and protect the innocent. They both have a tendency to be secretive and broody. They both have issues with sex (but for totally different reasons). They even have the same taste in women...

    The only thing I don't really like, more than the violence, is the frequent use of adult language. Everyone swears. A lot. It's odd that that would bother me more than, for example, people getting dismembered, but there you go.
  • Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department, and he also has an active night life, he killed people just to satisfy his necessity.

    In my personal opinion this is the best show I have ever watched. It had all my favourite things, Flashbacks, Voice overs, Blood, Murders. The first season was perfect, 10; every episode introduce a new part of Dexter Morgan's life, a new phase of Dexter's development of his killing nature.
    The first episode has a catchy beginning, you want to keep watching since the first minute. The music and visual effects are really great.
    The second season in my opinion was not as good as the first one. In this one we can see a Dexter not so cold and hollow as the one in the first season, but it was great too. The season finalle, was quite predictable, although great!
    After reading Jeff Lindsay novel, you can conclude that the series is perfectly adapted to the screen. I can also say that watching the tv program is better than reading the books. But this whole idea was Lindsay's so my congratulations to him!
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