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  • He's quirky and hot...

    I have to say if it wasnt for sites like i wouldnt have even been aware shows like this are around. See us australians get everything so damn late! We only have 5 free to air tv stations and our cable is just as crap. The only way we can get these sorta shows and not 2 years later is to download them. I have found dexter to be such a fresh tv show. Its fantastic! Im part way though the show and eagerly await the next season.
  • Dexter is truly one of the best series that I've seen this century. If you're doing film study or want a carrier in television, I strongly suggest you get this series as a good example of a great show. Don't take my word for it, just look at the ratings.

    Want to know what makes this show so good? Well where can I start without leaving something out… Lets start with this: I’d bet top dollar that the guys who put this show together had an IQ of at least 130-up each, evidence of this comes through as the episodes unfold. It has form, direction, flow, character building, a beginning, middle and an end, but most importantly it has a well thought out structure that has the clean cut deliberation that is worthy of an eccentric (in Dexter’s case psycho eccentric). There are very few shows like this out on circuit to day because they quiet simply lack the balls to move the story through it’s timeline, instead they would drag it out to suck as much money (and inevitably the life and true meaning of the show) as they can off it until, eventually, it turns into another lower grade soapy. The guys who did the new Battlestar Galactica and even Smallville could learn a thing or two from Dexter’s production team. The lesson is this: 1) If you have a brilliant idea for a new series don’t just put everything into the start of it and then start thumb-sucking the rest as you go along, improvisation is cool for a soap but for a Sci-Fi it’s just plain silly.
    2) Realize that however radical your story is, it has to have an end (that’s what makes it so good in the first place) the cliché “all good things must come to an end” has meaning behind it.
    3) Try and grasp that if you are going to make an intelligent show, your audience would probably not be the same bunch that get their kicks from stuff like Jerry Springer or Days of our Lives, which means that if your story does not have an airtight plot and the episodes start to clash with each other, you’re going to loose your audience.
    4) Lastly don’t be afraid to end your series, rather leave behind a great legacy of interesting shows than just one that refused to die when it’s hart stopped beating. You may argue: “the network wants it to carry on longer because of its ratings”. But remember like all good artists, once your picture is panted you have to stop or you’ll overdo it and mess it up.
  • love this show

    i loved this show love could not get enough of it everyweek. The way that they built up dexters past life and his relationship with his dad and with his sister was great and very detailed.The show was dark and very graphic did not hold back with show things. Also there was some dark humour in it which i say was unintentional. The show also make you think if what dexter is doing it is right or wrong and if he is a hero or villan.Great show easy to get into.
    Cant wait to see the second season and what he dose next
  • Love it!

    What can I say? I was completely hooked from the first episode. I love Dexter! Very gripping and quirky at the same time. Dexter's (possibly unintentional) humor is dark and always entertaining. He has the ability to do what everyone seceretly wishes they can do...take down bad people. But seriously, admit it, if you had the ability you probably wouldn't be so selfless. Just like Dexter says, he'd probably be a hero if anyone knew what he really did. Well, he's my hero anyway. I recommend this show to anyone, except for the squeamish. I'm anxiously awaiting the second season.
  • Dexter is a great show, one of the most intriguing and fun to watch. Ever...

    A friend of mine introduced me to this show, because before he told me about it, I had never heard of this show.
    A show named "Dexter"? Sure sounds nerdy, doesn't it? Sounds perhaps that way, but isn't nerdy at all!!
    I know there are a lot of quality shows available these days (Lost, Rome, 24, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica,...), but I never started watching them. I don't feel like putting my time and effort in it to follow the adventures of the protagonists for weeks and weeks to come, but not so with Dexter. That is also because there are only 12 episodes in the first season.
    Dexter is a great show, one of the most intriguing and fun to watch. Ever...
  • One of my Favorites Shows of all time.

    The first season was so great, I couldn't get enough of it. I literally didn't want it to end. 12 episodes seemed too short. It was fast paced, it kept you in the dark, but you never felt like you didn't know what was goin' on. At times the viewers knew more than the characters, which is a great feeling for shows like this. I can't wait for the next season. It's gonna be great. I liked how they made this monster and the way it was introduced to you, making you see his point of view first, then tearing him down and giving him feelings, it was very well done and well written. Everyone should give this show a chance.
  • Meet Dexter Morgan. Nice guy, always there for his sister, gets along great with his cooworkers, respective of his girlfriend's issues, adored by her kids... Only one detail: he's a serial killer.

    The good guy is a serial killer! With a dysfunctional emotional link, or lack there of, to the world and people around him, Dexter does his best to follow through the motions of what a normal life would be. And he pulls it off quite nicely, in such a way that you can't help but be equally disturbed and captivated by his character. Displaying murderous tendencies from a very young age, Dexter has since evolved from the days in which he'd kill dogs and bury them in the yard. Following the code set by his foster father, Dexter now uses his impulse to kill those that justice has allowed to slip through its grasps. Almost a would-be serial killer turned avenger/vigilante, but a very "neat monster" indeed.
  • Second season? Yes, wait no, I can't decide...

    The show creates a whole new way of looking at crime. Crime in a bad way, people get punished and put in jail. But also crime in a good way, people who escape their sentence get killed by Dexter.

    I realy liked the naration of what Dexter thinks. This gives you insight on what he's thinking.
  • EXCELLENT show, I encourage you to watch it.

    Dexter is one of the best shows in a long time. All the shows now are kind of cheesy (24), but Dexters different. I am looking forward to the second season, and hoping it will be just as good as the first. If you havent seen this show yet, I recommend watching the first episode, it will get you hooked. Dexter has good actors and a good storyline, who wouldnt want to watch a serial killer, who kills serial killers? Its full of mystery, suspense, a bit of action and is just all around good, it keeps you wanting more.
  • Amazing

    I don't think Amazing is a good enough word but with a show this good it's hard to fine the right words. A serial killer that kills killers. I know a lot of people don't always like to admit it but I just like them think that if someone takes a life for No reason they should lose their life. Having a CSI show that revolves around killer CSI is great because he has everything he needs to make sure the person truly is guilty then take care of it instead of waiting for him to get away with what he did like most people. I am definately looking forward to season two. I'm just hoping this doesn't turn out like "Dead Like Me" be a great show get high ratings and then get cancelled anyway.
  • Serial Killer Who Kills Seriial Killers?

    Fist off I had been Watching Weeds a for while and then I caught an advertisement for the new Showtime hit dexter one day and do to the fact that im a horror fanactic i decided to check it out. From the moment the episode started till the end i was on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the screen. The general idea of the show is that something horrible happend to Dexter as a child and changed him forever. He now he has what he calls a dark passenger that he must feed to keep himself in control. His foster father knew something was wrong with him and taught him that there are lot of bad people out there and the cops cant catch them all. With the teachings of his foster father, dexter learns to cover his path and not get caught while still killing to feed his friend. What makes him so likeable is that the people he kill are pretty F'd up people. The first episode starts off with him killing a priest who had a thing for children, thats all it took and i immediatly liked dexter. Dexters one Big rule is no innocent people. So as long as you dont spend you time hacking away at people then you dont have to worry about dexter sneaking up behind you. The best part about this show is that something unexpected happens at the end of every episode and it always leaves you wanting more. Cant wait for season 2. I also reccomend reading the books which are just as incredible and teeth grinding as the show. Jeff Lindsay is a Genious
  • Amazing.

    This show is so great. I really can't articulate my thoughts about this show, so I'll do my best.

    The concept of a serial killer that kills of criminals isn't anything new, but the writing and acting just make it better than any interpretation of this idea I have ever seen. There are a few differences from the book but the show is still better than anything on TV right now (yes, that includes Heroes, 24, House, Prison Break, all of which are shows that I like and watch avidly). Watch it online if you don't get Showtime.
  • Trying to describe why I love this show wouldn't do it justice. Let's just say that a combination of Michael C. Hall, the heat and sexiness of Miami, and brilliant story writing makes this show perhaps the best new show to come out in many years.

    I love this show.

    I love the setting (Miami). I actually started watching this show while on vacation in Miami, and you can really feel the vibe from the city in this show more than any other show takes place in Miami (suck it, CSI). I love the characters. Let's not even get started on how amazing the title character is; the way his emotional hollowness meshes with his lust for murder, the way he acknowledges being a 'monster' and thus negating the cliche of vigilante (he only kills these people because he's addicted to it and not because he wants to do justice)... the inner struggle to be a good man during the day and releasing the monster at night, all the while stepping on thin ice at every turn and trying not to be caught by his own friends and coworkers. Dexter is the best character on TV.

    His sister, Debra, was amazing last season with her portrayal as a seemingly strong, sexy woman who is vulnerable in heart. The disgruntled Sgt. Doakes is often hilarious and you can just tell right off the bat he's a guy to be feared and admired, and the superior officers shine in how vindictive they are at grabbing power.

    I love the story. You can't make this kind of stuff up writing on a bar napkin. This is great stuff, genuine suspense, authentic terror. You feel for every one of these characters, even the ice truck killer and his motivations. I can't say enough. My favorite show.
  • A true gripping tale of moral and crime.

    Gosh, this show is truly amazing. First of all, it's not restricted in its language use, in other words, it's truly gritty and realistic.

    Dexter is actually a believable character. A serial killer with a code, who kills only other killers. The way this show works is that he's not perfect. He's struggling, he's got issues to work out.

    He's trying to "fit in" so that he can better do what he does best. Kill people.

    It's a mind warp show and I love it.

    Can't wait for season 2!
  • Brilliant this is television writing at it's best

    Brilliant and ingenious this is television writing at it's best and the end of every episode leaves you hungry for more and often annoyed that you have got an entire week to wait before you can watch the next episode. This is partialy helped by the fact that each episode ends in an earth shattering climax which will either excite or frighten you and this tradition starts from the very first episode and the Season finale is no exception either. Also the fascinating sub-story lines which include Dexters "projects", cases he works on in work and his relationship with his emotionaly damaged girlfriend Rita help the episodes move while there is no mention of the "ice-truck killer" Main plot line
  • Dexter-America's New Hero: A Serial Killer!

    Does the phrase"Only In America" ring a bell? Well it should because it has never been more true than with Dexter! A serial killer that is or probably will become an icon or at least a cult favorite. The character is written with such lovely dark humor and played with such tongue-in-cheek voracity by the angelic looking Michael C.Hall that it could not help, but be a winner. Dexter,the series, is just a comment on our times in so many ways. It gives thought to the fact that we as a culture have become so enured to violence that wrapping body parts to resemble presents is funny-and the ironic truth is that it is,at least in the context of Dexter. You can't help but cheer on this "monster" that is ridding the country of such vile fiith and saving the taxpayers a ton of cash. Be honest,would you turn in Dexter if you knew the truth about him? A poll would be on the negative side,no doubt!!!
  • Dexter is like nothing seen before on TV.

    I have only just been introduced to this brilliant show. Watched all ten episodes in 3 days. Its gripped me from the first show, grabbed me by the eyes and didn't let go until number 10. However it has now left a hole in my veiwing time. I am relly happy that the next season is to start in the summer, but until then WHAT are we meant to do. Well here are some ideas. Prison Break, Heros, Oz, The Dresden Files, 24, Nip Tuck and of course LOST. Well i'd like to thank Showtime for bring us such gripping T.V. and hold on to my eyes until the summer
  • When I first saw it, I couldn't believe it. Great new approach on TV-shows. Main character - charming psycho killer ? Hell yeah :-)

    TV shows needed something new.
    Dexter is exactly a turn. When I first saw him cutting that body I couldn't believe my eyes.
    My first thoughts were "God, people will think I'm crazy if I continue watching this !". I'm sure many other viewer had similar thoughts.
    We all got tired of court shows, FBI shows, terrorist shows, etc.
    Although I feel that Dexter misses some elements of good drama/crime show, it's overall impression highly neutralizes that loss. Brilliant charm, slight touch of actual feelings coming out from Dexter, moments of fear - you just gotta love him. If you don't, you surely could understand him.
    So, to end this, BRING season 2 !
  • Your just jelous!

    "Dexter" will give "Weeds" a run for its money as "Best New Show To Become Totally Addicted To". This show is fancinating on many levels. Foremost, the writing is phenominal. It's smart, funny and definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. Semi-bizzare easily comes to mind. The plot is definitely unique. A kid who just loves to kill things gets the "OK" from Dad to use this skill to rid the world of bad people. Now that happens everyday. The weird thing is you find yourself rooting for this guy... this serial killer.

    I didn't see the 1st episode, although my buddy filled me in on some things, and it wasn't hard to get right into the show. Don't hesitate to jump in and experience the Tuesday night ride with "Dexter". Fantastic show! I give it a 9.8
  • The mystery of Dexter goes beyond the dynamics of the stirs something that contests what's right and what's wrong.

    Never has a story captured me as much as Dexter. I have both books on my shelf now, but I refuse to read the second book until I have seen the second season...I just don't want to ruin any surprises the next season might have in store. The mere rush from trying to figure things out week by week as the story left me hanging every Sunday (and Monday...of course...I had to watch all episodes showing on both nights), was often enervated by the mystery of, "why on earth am I watching this?" At the end of the season when all stories were told and everything came together, I found that I didn't really care 'why' I had just spent months visiting Dexter's twisted world, I was just glad I had accepted the invitation to tag along for the journey.

    Can't wait! Michael C. Hall so brilliantly brings Dexter to life!
  • One of the most original series that has aired on TV for a very long time.

    There is something special about Dexter. The show has created a completly new style, and does so with fashion. There are many aspects of this show that intrigue me, but the one that comes to my mind is the fact that the show was planned from beginning to the end from production level. This was going to happen in that episode, that was going to happen in the other, and combined will they tell the story. There was not created additional episodes so that the television company could suck more money out of the show, and television today needs more of this (LOST comes to my mind when writing this for some "strange" reason). The mix of obscurity that you normally don't see in other shows combined with a robust story makes this series a must-see one. And yes, everyone that might say it is so different, it is different. But in a very good way.
  • A groundbreaking show that takes a whole new grip on the drama genre.

    I just watched the first episode yesterday and though it might be jumping the gun and writing a review after seeing just one episode it had to be done. Michael C. Hall's character always played second fiddle to Peter Krause's in "Six feet under" even though his character was way more interesting. I'm glad to see that he has gotten another project and man, what a project. This show is like nothing else on tv today. I mean, a serial killer that is a forensic and is someone you actually sympathise with and cheer for? Unique. When I watch a new show I usually give it two episodes to hook me. If it doesn't, the hell with it. This show had me from the first five minutes. Hall's perfect as the controlled and adjusted sociopath. You can almost see the monster lurking beneath his smiling facade just waiting to jump out. A masterpiece plain and simple.
  • Fascinating

    Very interesting show. It's about a guy who is a cop by day and a serial killer by night, but not your ordinary slimey no good killer, but the "Robin Hood" of killers as he only kills bad guys. I probably should have classified this show as a "guilty pleasure" rather than "cutting edge" because I have a fair amount of dissonance over the subject matter. After all, how do you sympathize with a killer? Well, the writers manage to succeed as you find yourself liking him as he reluctantly "hones his craft" as he puts it, by terminating the likes of rapists and other random killers who manage to escape the legal system. Good show, but will have you looking at just about everyone sideways.
  • Well whoever they are they're a genius

    Although it is quickly becoming a cliche in todays growing entertainment industry, the archetype of a unlikely hero is still a personal favorite. Gone are the days of white-washed protagonists, and good riddance.

    The plot and characters share substance and can be considered gritty, and on the is both real and surreal. The characters themselves face trials and tribulations which many can relate to and i believe that it is one of the factors which make this show a success.

    The story of a serial killer/vigilante by night and a forensics agent by day...pure genius...the main "bad-guy" is the "good-guy"...the boundaries of the traditional good and bad are shattered and the two are mixed in a blurry haze resulting in a fabulous story which is part drama, law enforcement, comedy and horror.

    A must watch.

    Caught the show via fluke on a bootleg website, watched the first two episodes, was ADDICTED, watched ALL of season one in the same night by ordering it on Video On Demand. - A Clever, witty, DARK and INTERESTING show. - Reach the end of Episode One, Season One and I dare you not to be addicted. WATCH THIS SHOW... and WATCH IT NOW!!! Congrats to the team that put this production together - CAST, CREW, WRITERS etc..etc.. - GREAT TELEVISION! **WARNING THOUGH: (Show recommended only for those with a strong stomach!)
  • love it

    dexter,a blood Splatter Analyst at work,and a killer at nites.this show gave me so much suprise when i had to wait for prison break and other shows.after watching so much shows like 24,prison break,CSI,vanished,alias,this show is a new kind of show for me,i never thought a show could be like that,bad people and good people can be so close.and i realised when bad people can't be punished sometimes,dexter's way is a nice choice,pay them back in their own coin.
    it's even more interesting from episode 8,dexter's enemy started to show up as a speical identity.
  • Dexter warps the molds of normal TV Dramas, and blends the likes of CSI, with a serial killer twist. The show is easily one of the most highly addictive, and original ideas that has ever came out of a TV show drama!

    Dexter is without a doubt the single finest new show of 2006. It is electryfingly bold, catchs you by the throat and never gives up. The whole concept is quite fasinating, and Michael C Hall potrays Dexter amazingly. Dexter has a lot of depth to his charecter, and when we dig in deeper we see him for more of what he truely is. Dexter is easily my fav tv drama ever made, and I can't wait for season 2! Highly Reccomended!
  • It's darkly disturbing, daringly devious, and any other alliteration you could think of to describe my newest discovery - Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

    For some reason, I can't take my eyes of the damn thing. Even bought the books.

    Dexter seems like the perfect average guy. Moderately good looking. Nice paying job. Girlfriend. Brother. But there's another Dexter underneath that charming exterior. He's a serial killer with a code - Harry's code. He only kills people like himself - people who are tortured with another creature inside of them. The Dark Passenger.

    Reading that description, you might ask why in heaven's name do I watch or read something like that. But it's just so horribly hilarious the way that Dexter thinks. Despite being a monster who thinks of killing as just taking out the trash, the inner workings of his mind echoes something inside each and everyone of us. At least, I hope it's not just me. I'm not talking about you having a voice inside your head telling you to kill people. But there's a voice somewhere there that sees a sort of detachment and confusion about the world in general. There's a voice - you can call it a conscience - telling us what to do. It's a voice that you can't just shut out, no matter how hard you try. It's just a pity that the voice that Dexter hears is that of his Dark Passenger.

    One of the best new shows in tv. I definitely recommend everyone to take a peek into Dexter's mind.
  • This is probably one of the best shows of it's time, and if you enjoy a little mystery and suspense you'll probably be hooked just as fast as I was.

    This has to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I didn’t get to watch the show when it first came on but when I came home for winter break it was on Showtime on Demand and I had exactly a week to watch all the episodes before the finale aired in a week. The show was absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t wait for the story line to unravel while I was trying to figure out the big secrets. And when I watched the finale I wasn’t at all disappointed with the way they decided to end the season. It’s a truly wonderful show and if you’re interested in a mystery full of suspense you’ll love it every bit as much as I do and you’ll be really anxious for it the next season to start in October. Hopefully though, the first season will come out on DVD and you can watch the episodes again while waiting. It’s a long time away but I’m sure it'll be worth the wait.
  • A show about a killer that we are all cheering for. What a different concept. When my freind told me this is a must see, I watched it on tmn all of season one. I was adicted, and can't wait for season two.

    This really put a twist on getting rid of that hated neighbour. I actually found myself cheering for him to kill off the bad guys. I did find his sister a wee too bit annoying, when they were going to kill her I was cheering but then they didn't awe too bad. Dexter seems to kill off someone every ep. then came an ep where they didn't I felt guilty actually being disappointed that someone didn't die. All the secrets were revealled at the end of the first season so it will be very exciting to see all the new secrets they can come up with.
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