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  • Best TV show ever

    Firstly - geoffmaze - John Malkovich wasn't in Dexter?!

    I was hooked on Dexter from the very first episode. It is exciting but believable without being cheesy and you can really feel like you can relate to the characters. Who would have thought you could fall in love with a serial killer! Seasons 1-6 were brilliant, edge-of-your-seat viewing but season 7 was quite poor in comparison. Season 8 so far hasn't been great but hopefully it will be a good end to what was, on the whole, a 10/10 show.

    One thing I have to say I really dislike about it is that Harry pops up all the time as Dexter's "conscience". I feel this does spoil it a bit.
  • Best tv show ever

    I loved it since season 1 and I still do. Dexter is the only show which isnt stupid and priceless after a few seasons.. Characters are perfect, story makes sense and we just love it! Only Deb character in this season is a bit weird, but it is understandable why she acts like this. But I guess she lost a few fans... But we still love this show! Go DEXTER!!!
  • The Knife's gone dull

    IN the beginning, I watched 4 episodes in a month and couldn't get enough! I was a proponent and would tell anyone who would listen to watch Dexter! It was a psychological thriller with just enough gore to make it scary! The imagery seemed dead on, I loved the "Dark Passenger" analogy, and Harry seemed like a reasonable addition to Dexter's life, someone he needed, his little angel on his shoulder so to speak. I have adored MCH since 6 ft under and was so excited to be engaged in another series that I thought would be the pinnacle of a fairly low-key career (but quality). I don't know what happened! Dex is gone. I don't see the same fire, the same blood thirst, the same sweet sensibility that we all grew to love. It has been like watching a very slow, very sad train wreck. I can't look away and miss the end. I've never missed an episode. But it is getting harder and harder to watch. Deb, used to get on my nerves, but now she is the only thing worth watching, Hannah is eye candy, and Dexter, well, I don't no him anymore. This show has gone from engaging, get under your skin thrilling, with intense story lines and suspense to a bunch of washed up crap, watered down drama and no real science any more. The whole forensics thing is a joke. I wonder if the cast recognizes their fall from grace, and what a disappointment the show has become for the true fans? And what is the deal with Harry? What happened to his insightful advice? The imagery has gone from edgy to something that appears to be a parody of what was once an incredible show! SAD. :(
  • They lost me.

    O man, I've recently wathced the first episode agian with me new GF. That reminded me of the first seasons. They were so much better then what we see know. Where is the dexter that we once knew. Everything about this show is worse then when we started. Season 6 was the worst and 7 started to be a bit better but now, I'm happy that it's over after this one. They Definetly lost it.

  • A great show needs its end.

    Here is a series that proves a man of violence is a man to feel complete sympayhy for. How so if our hero is a serial killer of serial killers? He kills only the bad and for reasons that surface all eight seasons; so well you're always reminded of Dexter's motives when he kills and question what reality he's meant for because it seems he can never find a fare one. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), the Miami Metro Blood Analysis/Bay Harbor Butcher has the quality most well likable TV heroes posses and at the same time has a quality that could never match. A serial killer who is the everyday working man, respected and understanding, and comes across a treacherous spirit. The performance of Michael C. Hall is forever masterful in the way he conducts this tormented reasoner. From the opening episode to now, we can finally come to terms of Dexter's fate, Hall's everlasting approach as we see deeper and uglier depths of his high class killer. Finally can we come to terms with Dexter's final sequence, which we've questioned since the series' pilot.

    From the likes of Cranston's Walter and of course the start of it all, Gamdolfini's Sorprano, here is the magnificence of a dark hero with a nature to question. The things that made "Dexter" unique furthermore were its very disturbing killing scenes. I'm talking about the dramatics of Dexter wrapping his victims to a table in a room filled with plastic and forcing pictures of his victim's victims. One of the more humorous was that of a car salesman who killed a girlfriend as Dexter points out his many lies. One of the more memorable was that of Jimmy Smits.

    And from a supporting cast that stayed loyal and hopeful each season including Jennifer Carpenter as the tough sister Debra Morgan, who can't go by a sentence without dropping the 'F' bomb. Jarrad Zayas grew to me in this series, always supplying the more understanding. James Remar, a great character actor was always so effective as Dexter's daddy, when we see him mostly as Dexter's conscience or his past. Julie Benz supplied the most affection for Dexter and Yvonne Strahvoski and Julia Stiles were just right as the compatible partners of Dexter's undecided love.

    "Dexter" was a show that was somewhat hilarious in its dark undertone, a wonderful character show and a show for great performances. No matter how beyond belief some incidents were; there were many completed moments and memorable exchanges to always acknoweldge.

    But as the rule goes, fantastic shows always lose its touch midway through the end. Think about recently, "True Blood". Seasons 6, 7 and yes a bit of 8 are missing the juice of what accelerated the first five seasons. The latest three seasons are murky and miss out the clarity. They lack the perfection of the incredible fourth season with the exhilirating performance of John Lithgow as the show's best villain.

    Despite the flaws of the recent "Dexter", there comes a sensational climax to it and why we watched the show in the first place. One of Showtime's finest shows, evolving a character we've grown strong for and understood greater. I praise the great writing and directing of the first great seasons and admire the detail within the role of Dexter. I've become more involved with Dexter and cared for his fate, and of course the roles of Debra, LaGuerta and even the bit of Keith Carradine.

    For Michael C. Hall, this was a role for a career, just now knowing what Dexter's kill count is... A countdown of YouTube will one day be listed.
  • Good time to end, looking dated and slipping in quality

    Love this show and am half way through season 6 for the second time. Dexter's character now appears to be diluted and weighed down with human emotion and sentiment, the evolution is a credit to the character development I guess.

    The show is now starting to look it's age. When it came out, it was one of the best things on TV. Now it looks clumsy and cheap next to more modern offerings such as Suits, Hannibal and Boardwalk Empire, to name a few. There are some glaring errors and the science seems watered down to some CSI: Miami cliche. Has it always been this low brow?

    What made Dexter great was the strength of the characters, how the show's creators got you to empathise with what made Dex what he is, recognising some of the traits in ourselves. The 'End of Show Baddies' were fantastic and it felt like a real rollercoaster ride.

    Season 7 was great, but largely down to Jennifer Carpenter's acting, she really is the highlight as Debs.

    Season 8 just feels very formulaic, run of the mill, safe and with too much filler. Established characters seem like shells going through well worn motions. I feel that if the writers are going to get in to the mechanics and science of crime solving, then show it in some detail, rather than a dumbed down glimpse that looks like some awful kids show spoon feeding us how they get from a-b.

    It seems they don't know whether to really get under the skin with Fogel and focus on Dexter, or keep the show to it's established format.

    I'll loyally watch it to the end, but it's going to be a fizzle, not a bang. I'll be glad when it's done. It's never really reached the heights of Trinity. Though my least favourite season, season 6 looks better second time around.
  • Is Deb the real backbone of the show?

    I know I might look a little slow to some people about this but I had to wait for this 8th and final season of Dexter to realize that all the different stories only including Batista, Quinn, Quinn and Batista, Jaimie and Quinn, Masuka and his "why-the-hell-now?" daughter, etc.... well they're not that interesting, right? I mean, do I see that now because they actually became uninteresting the last 2 seasons or was it always like that?

    And now I have to admit: those arcs may never have been that good after all.

    So why didn't I see it before? Of course our focus on Dexter/MCH is a pretty obvious reason why. But now I'm wondering: Debra?

    Well, we got to admit that since she left the station (physically this season but mentally last season since she was trying to process what she just saw her brother do), do we really care about the others? For 2 seasons now all I like to watch about this show is Dexter, Deb, and Dexter/Deb. Even more right now (thanks to great performance!). So I guess we can ask ourselves that question.

    Yes Dexter is a great character. But how long the show would have lived if it were only about him and nothing else around? (not the station, the co-workers, the "family" life, the kids and of course not his sister). Not too long, I'm afraid.

    So here's Debra. Creating and maintaining connections with everything else in his world, and in this show.

    And when she decides not to be this bond anymore, anything that doesn't involve Dex/Deb (and let's say Vogel a little bit) is kinda boring.

    So without Debra (and without J. Carpenter performance to make her evolve like that), who knows, maybe the show would be already off the air.

    Anyway, I like this show, I like the fact that it's its final season and I'll keep on watch it till the end (even if it means I have to watch all the other stuff that don't involve the Morgans ;) )
  • Love it

    This is my favorite TV show
  • What a Shame Dexter Is Showing Its Last Season

    The Show Could At Least Hit 100 Episodes??? This will be a "MASSIVE" Miss When its GONE
  • Dexter Needs to Pay

    In the final season, Dexter needs to somehow pay for his vigilante justice. Maybe go out in a blaze of glory. Yeah, he has a kid, but this doesn't mitigate the fact that he's killed over a hundred people in the series. Maybe Deb, his sister, needs to do the deed, with both of them going out in a final glorious scene, although now she's killed a heroic cop herself, someone who was onto Dexter. This can't end well, or justice will indeed be denied. I would pit Dexter against a monster even worse than himself, and the only way Dexter can take him/her down is to die himself.
  • It's just getting better and better

    What I like about Dexter is that every season has new characters and a main killer,the subject of season 6 religion was very the best season many season 7 liked it,yes he killed less but it was more about his relationship with Debra and the human inside you don't like on cause she's gonna be in this show even is an important part in Dexter's 8 the first 2 episodes just great!If they gonna keep on making 10 more of these episodes than I think it'll be a great season finale,Series finale
  • Dexter's gone suckey

    Loved Dexter, but the show has gone completely soap. Its been coming for a while now - more about relationships and personalities than Dexter. This happens to most good shows and then they go down the tubes. Could hardly stand to watch S8 E1. Too bad, Tidg
  • Why must all the good shows go?

    I hate reality shows and love a well written drama. I will be sad to see Dexter go. All the great shows are ending and the new shows are crap. what to do, what to do?
  • Dexter ends, finally.

    The next June 30, 2013 begins the final season of Dexter, the Robin Hood of serial killers. After 8 seasons, comes the highly anticipated end, but not the expectation that it can generate since Dexter lost the magic long ago, but to know how the history of the Morgan brothers work out.

    After its peak during the fourth season and the brilliant performance by John Lithgow as Trinity, series began a path that was only going down. Soon we will see the outcome of a series that knew how to trap us but like many others abused of its success ad nauseum.

    Where will the Dark Passenger end his trip?
  • Looking forward to Dexter's final season!

    The teaser for Dexter's final requiem is so wonderfully creepy. Love the Jill Tracy song they used on it.
  • Dexter

    Hi there, i'm from Portugal, and yep, in our contry a lot of people love this tv show, including me ;)

  • Dexter Show

    Dexter scares the shit out of me because he's so mellow most of the time. A true sociopath!
  • great show

    surprise mother f#*ker. this show is awesome

    Best show ever!
  • Season

    This show can never end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Its Fuking awesome motherF**er

    It's the best thing I have ever seen. It makes me wowwwwwww and make me screaming "shit fuck u!!" The season 4 ep 12, motherF***ng awesome!!
  • can't wait!

    When is Dexter comingo back for season 8??
  • My favourite show

    Season 1-10/10

    Season 2-10/10

    Season 3-8/10

    Season 4-10/10

    Season 5-9/10

    Season 6-9/10

    Season 7-9.5/10

    Can't wait for season 8.
  • Captivating Entertainment

    Dexter is a fascinating and genuinely unique take on a crime scene procedural. I have been consistently impressed that the show is able to make vigilante hero, that kills bad guys in a way that makes him essentially a serial killer, likable. I also appreciate the interwoven storylines, that quirky cast of characters, and the overall atmosphere the show offers each season. The show has its weak points (some of the situations are contrived, and Dexter sometimes struggles with his emotions in eye rolling fashion), but I cannot deny that each season has kept me captivated from the first episode till the last.

    Wow!, I am happy this show's Eigth Season is returning 3 months earlier than last!
  • The best on Showtime

    Love every season, The whole cast is great, Really should have been nominated this year for a Golden Globe and SAG awards, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are the best!!!!!I have my whole family hooked on the show!!!!!
  • Great show

    This is the rare show for me that i enjoy, suprised every season. Looking forward for the next season.
  • what the DEXTER series shud not incorporate

    doesn't matter that they're not blood siblings. we've come 2 knw & relate to them as friking BROTHER AND SISTER! the deb & dex thing will just b plain WRONG with a capital W. that shit won't fly! so deb shud get her head straight, fans in favor of it shud get the junk in their head cleaned & the makers of this awesome series shud get the story right.

    the fact that she has feelings for him just makes me irritated by her the more. first she wants to b with a guy that appeals to her like her father because she didn't get enough fatherly love & brother?!!!

    season 8 had better find a way 2 get rid of the stupid d&d romance nonsense cause that'll just be too hard 2 swallow. it's already 2 hard to chew at this point.
  • Thanks

    Thanks so much for this wonderful program. The kid that was seeing my daughter loved the program so much he murdered my daughter and cut her up just like your wonderful show. I hope you guys are happy for your great program and what it brings out in people.
  • One of my favorites of all times

    Dexter is (in my opinion) one of the best TV shows of all times!!!

    It has some suspense, some drama, some fun it goes deep into the psyche of someone "different" from the "average" person...

    Simple great!!! Love it, each and every episode, of each and every far...
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