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  • An Amazing Show

    Dexter is both brutal and smart, and shockingly makes you love the psychotic serial killer protagonist.
  • My favorite show of all time!

    I've been obsessed with Dexter for over 2 years now. It's leagues above all other TV series I've ever seen. I can't really put into words how much I love this show. Dexter Morgan is so real to me I can't wrap my head around that he's really Michael C. Hall... who must be the best actor ever.

    It's exciting, humorous and psychologically interesting... and I guess I like it so much because in some ways I relate to Dexter, as so many people do. Not because I want to kill (though the idea of getting rid of sadists is alluring), but because I feel like I put on a mask and act with other people, I have friends, but I feel like it's all fake, meaningless, because inside, I feel empty, lonely and disconnected. Which is probably why it's been so exciting to follow Dexter on his psychological journey, trying to feel connected. My mom came into my room the other day when I was watching Dexter preparing to knife his prey, with a big grin on my face - she called me insane, of course... People are unable to understand how captivating Dexter is until they watch it themselves.
  • Ratings for Seasons 1-7

    S1: 10/10

    S2: 9/10

    S3: 9/10

    S4: 10/10

    S5: 9/10

    S6: 6/10

    S7: 0/10
  • fall in love with the assassin

    Exceptional plot and exceptional actors. What an incredible idea to mix the killer with the vigilante! Although I can not support the values in this plot I understand that it corresponds to the expectation of safety felt by society. An expectation that gouvernements all over the world fail to fulfill. The so called "System" doesn't give a satisfactory answer to the need everybody has to see evil properly punished. We all feel the need for fiercer cops, tougher judges and efective punishments which democracies are unable to provide. The vigilante becomes the answer and the outlawed execution of criminals the expected answer. Very clever and exceptionaly well written and interpreted series.
  • Great drama

    This season, Dexter is again one of best shows on air. Probably best drama on TV. Isaac is great big bad and Hannah rules as Dexters first real love. Deb finding out the truth about her brothers favorite past-time moved the story forward.

  • How many times!

    Why does Debra have to drop F bombs in every conversation? I don't see the need, it's bad enough she sounds like a whining, crying spoiled brat, but when you add in the potty mouth it just makes her more irritating! Other than that my husband loves the show
  • Best star

    Best drama on air..
  • Death by Dexter

    Dexter in general is an amazing show, however they definitely over use the fword. If you want great plot development this is the show for you. Sometimes in the episodes I get board because of all the sub plots and skip parts. But all in all creating a show where a serial killer is the main character is genius.
  • Best star

    Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah McKay good.
  • Killer show!

    Dexter is engaging and always entertaining.
  • Best show ever

    Best drama on air..
  • A clever title goes here!

    I'd recomend this to anyone
  • I just love how they keep evolving the story line...

    Dexter is probably the best drama on air to date. It has all the suspense, reality, tension, and suspense. I think these guys are fantastic actors and writers keep giving them the power to act to their greatest potential. Personally I know dexter has to end some day, I just hope it's after I'm dead. :O

    Other then that keep going guys I look forward to many seasons to come.
  • Dexter is a work of art

    This is the most thrilling ride ever.Since watching episode 1 of the first season i am totaly hooked on this series.Great actors and excellent writers make this a series to watch.Keep it up.
  • Growing Attachment

    My friends were hooked on this series so I thought maybe it's about time that I give this series a shot. I started from season 1 to its recent season now. I'll admit, the first few episodes of season 1 didn't intrigue me enough. I guess you'd have to keep watching before it gradually grows on you - and it did with me. After the first couple episodes, it gets dangerously addicting. I grew to adore Dexter. A few characters are annoying (i.e. Lumen and Lila) throughout the series but I got through it ONLY because of Dexter. It is a very good series and I would recommend it to anyone that is into suspenseful crime drama through the eyes of a serial killer.

    I'm 100% obsessed with Dexter and I'm DYING to see what happens with Dexter and Deb!
  • season 7 episodes 1-3

    i like season 1 to 6, was so looking forward to season 7 with season 6's shocking finale. after 3 episodes of season 7, am getting a little bored though, there is not much killing anymore and too much talking, hopefully the killing will be back soon.
  • This is just simply Fantastic!!!!

    This is just simply Fantastic!!!!
  • One of the best shows

    This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. Sometimes it's a little dark but I like it very much. All Dexter's story is well written and always keeps you in suspense.

    I hope the 8 season brings very good and strong end.

    Nie moge sie doczekac zakonczenia!!!!!!!!
  • Unimaginable that a person can root for this guy

    This is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I really love shows that are well written and so very artfully displays the psyche of the character. I have watched so many police genre shows that this in my opinion is the best because it shows you the other side of the coin. For him being a serial killer, I would hate for him to get caught. Although it seems that in the seasons that he is about to be caught that are the best. I wish that there were going to be more seasons beyond season 8, but at least knowing the end is coming that all the chips being held back are finally hitting the table to create some of the best drama yet.
  • Use of the "F" word

    The "F" word that Deborah constantly uses is about to cause me to not watch this program anymore. It is absolutely sickening the number of times she uses it. I'd venture to say that in the last episode (Oct 7) she must have said that ugly word 15 - 20 times. STOP USING THE "F" WORD!!
  • One of the best shows I know

    I really love this show and despite the fact that the protagonist is a sociopathic serial killer I have to admit that he is one of the very few characters on TV that I really care about because he is always caught in the inner fight between what he wants (or needs) to do and what he should do from the perspective of others. I think the dark tone of the show and the black humor that comes every now and then really makes the show what it is and at least I wouldn't like it this much if it wasn't so dark.

    There is only one issue that really annoys me (and that's why I "just" give 8.5/10): I hate it when the writers use the time between two seasons to get rid of plots that they don't care about (or don't know what to do to end it?) like the relationship between LaGuerta and Batista or the religious Irish babysitter that without any comment just didn't exist anymore in the sixth season.

    In conclusion I think that it is well worth watching (I couldn't even stop watching it and actually watched all existing seasons in about 1 month) for everyone who loves TV with a load of darkness.
  • Dexter must dye

    I honestly like this show very much. I am waiting to see a new episodes, but I just don't understand how this show can "Happy End". A lot of you, guys, may think that this is a very bad idea, but I reckon that if the writers want this show to end with obvious way I think Dexter must dye at the very end of the show. Something like sitting on the electric chair for death penalty and everyone finding out who and what he was. I think that will be the greatest end of the show.
  • Very Dark

    It is very good but very dark. Enough that I stopped watching. They do a great job with the characters and the writing is excellent.
  • How can you ever love a show about a serial killer?

    Watch Dexter! You will get hooked. I can't wait to see how Dexter explains this one.
  • The best serial killer show ever made

    I think if u want to watch a series full of thriller,suspense and best serial killer series ever made then i highly extremly recommend you to watch Dexter

  • Simply Brilliant

    To be honest, i started watching dexter as some sort of time-spender, because, you know, it's summer and all.I have never quite expected it to be so great that I just can't stop watching it(seriously, I feel like my eyes are gonna pour out).You see, i have basically seen every episode of all of the best shows, like HIMYM, Merlin, Breaking Bad, Desperate Housewives, Vampire Diaries, Naruto(ok, ill admit, that's up to tase, really), the Mentalist, and so on but i have never in my life seen a show(or rather, watched) this thought-provoking, smart, and, of course, cunning (and please, care to notice the word play).

    Anyways...This series does not only combines sharpness, obscene humor, and hilarious insight(into essentially anything it touches), but also draws attention to the faults and potential(or actual) problems in the System, as it is.
  • Very thrilling show

    I only started watching this last week (season 1). But from the start it was immediately very thrilling, very good developed story, good characters, good acting. I recommend you watch this!
  • Stop trying to take credit for Dexter

    To the guy that thinks he invented Dexter....You need help, I think you are deranged or at the very least very confused. If you persist in slandering that author he will most assuredly seek a legal remedy. YOU will be found liable. It will cost you or your caregiver/Mother/Guardian grief and money to defend and pay punitive damages. You make yourself look very foolish. I am sure that there are millions of Ideas or concepts that were thought of by various individuals. (such as "I wish I could fly in a machine" ....but it took someone actually designing ,working and implementing and putting their blood, sweat, tears and money into making an airplane. THAT is what it means to be the INVENTOR. ) I am a fan of the show and of Mr. Lindsay's work. I say work because he DID something, you sir did nothing but whine about someone "Stealing your character" Get a life you buffoon. Take your lumpy head, limited intellect and stupid Squeaky toy (inachu) nick name and stay in your mothers bedroom wishing you could be a writer. Here's an idea take writing class, because you can't seem to put two sentences together cohesively. Take your meds, Lumpy in Gaithersburg, Maryland and quit damaging the man's reputation you leach.

  • fine fine fine you got me on this one

    i thought it was bad at first but i started to like it when it progressed through and its still my fave kinda adult show
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