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  • Dexter must dye

    I honestly like this show very much. I am waiting to see a new episodes, but I just don't understand how this show can "Happy End". A lot of you, guys, may think that this is a very bad idea, but I reckon that if the writers want this show to end with obvious way I think Dexter must dye at the very end of the show. Something like sitting on the electric chair for death penalty and everyone finding out who and what he was. I think that will be the greatest end of the show.
  • Very Dark

    It is very good but very dark. Enough that I stopped watching. They do a great job with the characters and the writing is excellent.
  • How can you ever love a show about a serial killer?

    Watch Dexter! You will get hooked. I can't wait to see how Dexter explains this one.
  • The best serial killer show ever made

    I think if u want to watch a series full of thriller,suspense and best serial killer series ever made then i highly extremly recommend you to watch Dexter

  • Simply Brilliant

    To be honest, i started watching dexter as some sort of time-spender, because, you know, it's summer and all.I have never quite expected it to be so great that I just can't stop watching it(seriously, I feel like my eyes are gonna pour out).You see, i have basically seen every episode of all of the best shows, like HIMYM, Merlin, Breaking Bad, Desperate Housewives, Vampire Diaries, Naruto(ok, ill admit, that's up to tase, really), the Mentalist, and so on but i have never in my life seen a show(or rather, watched) this thought-provoking, smart, and, of course, cunning (and please, care to notice the word play).

    Anyways...This series does not only combines sharpness, obscene humor, and hilarious insight(into essentially anything it touches), but also draws attention to the faults and potential(or actual) problems in the System, as it is.
  • Very thrilling show

    I only started watching this last week (season 1). But from the start it was immediately very thrilling, very good developed story, good characters, good acting. I recommend you watch this!
  • Stop trying to take credit for Dexter

    To the guy that thinks he invented Dexter....You need help, I think you are deranged or at the very least very confused. If you persist in slandering that author he will most assuredly seek a legal remedy. YOU will be found liable. It will cost you or your caregiver/Mother/Guardian grief and money to defend and pay punitive damages. You make yourself look very foolish. I am sure that there are millions of Ideas or concepts that were thought of by various individuals. (such as "I wish I could fly in a machine" ....but it took someone actually designing ,working and implementing and putting their blood, sweat, tears and money into making an airplane. THAT is what it means to be the INVENTOR. ) I am a fan of the show and of Mr. Lindsay's work. I say work because he DID something, you sir did nothing but whine about someone "Stealing your character" Get a life you buffoon. Take your lumpy head, limited intellect and stupid Squeaky toy (inachu) nick name and stay in your mothers bedroom wishing you could be a writer. Here's an idea take writing class, because you can't seem to put two sentences together cohesively. Take your meds, Lumpy in Gaithersburg, Maryland and quit damaging the man's reputation you leach.

  • fine fine fine you got me on this one

    i thought it was bad at first but i started to like it when it progressed through and its still my fave kinda adult show
  • Dexter Makes every other show look Mediocre!

    Dexter is the show that has made me think a lot about how u can deal with issues in a whole different aspect.....Its made me wonder that if there was a serial killer as such then without a doubt he should continue doing it...rapists,murderers,arsenists......they are getting what they deserve....The show is gr8, Michael has been terrific...he has dwelled into the role really well.....xcpect for season 3 and parts of 5 and 6...every other episodes were brilliant.....I pretty much knew what would happen to Rita at season 4 finale so I was so depressed that I didnt want to watch the episodes....just love it...cant wait for season 7 to start as they left the finale with a cliff-hanger of some sort!Dexter sure is a perfect show in this imperfect world.
  • Losing steam.

    The last two seasons of this show have been thoroughly mediocre, in my opinion. Season 5 may have been great, but it was too difficult for me to get past Julia Stiles. This past season, despite my unflappable love for nearly anything Mos Def and great acting from EJO and Colin Hanks, was entirely too predictable. Not just predictable but wildly unrealistic. Reporting an anonymous tip from your cell phone? C'mon, really? I'm hoping that this new season will restore my faith, but some of this is starting to get on my nerves.

    As far as doing justice to the books, I think some people may not have read the books while claiming to have done so. TV Dexter and Book Dexter couldn't be more different. First season Dexter was Book Dexter. Every season afterward has been a diverging branch sporting the same premise and name. To be honest, the fact that they don't follow the books (first season aside) is the reason I don't hate this show.
  • great tc show

    i watched only a few episodes and i thought it was pretty silly but the newest season with julia styles in it i found it to be a great tv show and very different to shows on tv out the moment dexter plays a very terrific part and its a very enjoyable tv series...
  • Dexter - Deb!!!

    I can't wait for the next season. At last she will find out the truth about him and it's going to be very interesting how she's going to react. This season was great in may opinion, I wouldn't change a thing about it... I hope the next is better if that's possible.
  • Best show on TV

    This showits very hard to downtalk it.

    It has been very well paced, very well written and does the Dexter novels amazing justice.

    The Religious storyline, albeit a lovely alternative twist to the dynamic of the show, came off as boring most of the time, but th acting remains amazing from everybody involved to keep the charm intact.

    A great Season cliffhanger and sets up an AMAZING storyline to be getting on with.

    Deb/Dex, what happens here. KEEN!
  • It's bad when you start rooting for a murder not to get caught...

    I stopped watching this show a while ago. We should not like murderers. In this show there is no hero. Just a person who judges who should or should not live.
  • GREAT!!!

    amazing show!!! I just wish he would KILL MORE PEOPLE!! Always love the stories in all seasons!

  • The show is f*cking awesome!

    So the show is awesome,but when is it comming back? I can`t wait to see what happens with Dexter - Deb
  • D.exter

    I didnt enjoy the religious theme of season 6 but it still did have some thrilling scenes...certainly regarding little Harrison. I also disliked the Trevor involvement...would have preferred more of Masuka's humor...he's great. I personally like Quin as his character has developed more realistically than some of the others; and i would have liked to see him & Deb continue their relationship. I think the possibility of Deb & Dexter being love interests is gross...they make a solid, lovable sibling pair which i find believable. Lets face it...this whole serial killer theory is a real stretch, but it could happen. What I've liked most about the show is that the main characters are everyday people that I can relate to. I find it hard to believe that Deb is going to just go along without protest or collaborate with her brother in seems out of character. I don't think she will turn him in...but I don't think she will approve either. I personally really disliked the books with the kids all developing into little killers...not believable . I am however a solid Dex fan and will be there to watch it . I just hope the writers don't go off in a strange direction, insulting the intelligence of the viewers.
  • great

    dexter the whole show is great
  • Kidding me??? we love DEX ;)

    Brice Peterson wrote;

    Number of Seasons: 6 (and counting)

    When It Probably Should've Ended: It's hard to imagine Dexter encountering a more perfectly matched (or incredible) villain than Season 4's Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). Plus, the season-ending revelation that Trinity had killed Rita served as a natural conclusion to Dexter's then-futile attempt to go "normal." Instead, we've had to endure a rape-revenge themed Season 5 and an astonishingly terrible Season 6 involving... UGH, nevermind.

    Kidding me?????
  • Dexter

    Dexter is a fantastic show, I think that all of the characters play off of eachother so well. Deb is a great character, she is spunky and very take charge with everything but her own feelings. I think that most powerful women have that same problem and a ton of people can relate to her. It is just such a different concept for a show, something that no one has done which I LOVE. I am sad to see that this will most likely be the last season of Dexter, but I guess you cant have it go on forever. I wish they let Dex explore his more intense crazy side with his brother as his dark pass. I love everything about it, I did want Deb and Quinn to get engaged though, I can see how the spin with her realizing that she was in love with Dex does explain alot about her though. It is not incest because they are not blood related, I think you are looking at it in the wrong way... Dexter has been the only person who was ever really there for Deb and he has always been a stable part of her life. I think it is understandable that she would feel the way she does after all she has been though. Amazing show and cast, I will be very sad to see it go.
  • better than the last season but...

    it's ridiculous how people on this site rate you down if you don't say ONLY nice things about this show. that isn't a review, you know? saying that dexter is the most awesome show ever IS NOT a review. anyway... this season is slightly better than the last one with lumen, but some parts were still annoying. debra is THE most annoying character on television nowadays so whiny and needy, and i don't like the fact that she's in love with dexter. really, writers? INCEST? are you freaking kidding me? i can't understand anyone who can relate to a character that is in love with their brother, that's just sick and i don't buy it. the religion stuff was kinda boring, dexter praying was unbeliveable and he's becoming a character that would simply not exist in the real world. pathetic. anyway, that's television and tv's gotta give what the audience wants, but i still think the show is going downhill. the good thing this season was the revelation about the 2 serial killers being just one, travis, and the season finale where debra finally sees who dexter is. i hope her infatuation for him is over after that, i won't stand the 2 of them being a couple (in the tv show, of course).
  • Dexter: Definitely a masterpiece

    Season 06 of Dexter was just a roller coaster ride from episode 1. And it became better and better as the season reached its end. Every character has become matured in their own best ways. And Deb's feeling for Dexter is a perfect solution for her messed up life. More to get revealed in the next season. Fingers are crossed and eyes are wide open to see the next season of our Darkly Dreaming Dexter ;)
  • Dexter allways top

    I love this series for the charecter Dexter ( A Serial killer in a different approach ) more simple, properly planned and his acting is too natural.

    The title is too good with the musics and its visualization
  • Spoiler for season 6. Great season. analysis.

    Loved it!! ***spoilers about season 6***

    Everything was planned so carefully, it made this season a masterpiece.

    If you look closely, everything happened for a reason:

    - Deb realizing she has feelings for Dexter

    - Quinn becoming a total mess

    - Everything being around religion

    - Deb understanding that not everything is black and white through Matthews.

    Everything brought Deb and Dexter to that last scene. No matter how Deb will react, she was conditioned all season for two things: See Dexter for what he is and accept him no matter what. Or go completely insane, cause she was on a verge of insanity all season long. No matter what Dex would never hurt her.

    The most interesting part was that Dexter never showed any romantic interest for Deb at all. So it wasn't a soapy kind of thing. Dex can only see himself with someone who can understand his dark passenger. I'm thinking Lumen. Only if Deb will learn to accept him, the relationship can exist.

    But it was important for Deb to fall for him before the big discovery. It was crucial for her to learn that Matthews was not perfect, that Dex is a chair, and that not everything is black and white before she find out Dexter is the Bay harbor butcher.

    Loved this season. Great writing. Can't wait for season 7.
  • good!

    I love this series for its music, but most of all, THE STORY, every time i think, how can they top this shit (after good serial killer shit) and you topi it, its frigging awesome!
  • End too soon.....

    r u trying to wrap up this wonderful show? why show debra what dexter was doing ? in a bid to be different, you are fiddling with the flow of the story. Now the only way to go forward from last episode is for dexter to coverup his victim's(alive) mouth, tell debra how he tried to kill debra, him on the boat and now his son.. he said he cannot be allowed to live. debra would definitely not know what to do.. as expected.. she would put up a brave front and say, let justice take its course, in the m/time, the victim would grab a knife and throw at debra, dexter would come in between to save his sister and debra out of compulsion shoot the bad guy... and save the day.. and in future,pl, dont give unwanted twists to the story.. tx
  • A strange turn for the worse this season.

    What happened this season? The editing was terrible, the acting was on par to the past seasons, and the story had so many holes I felt like I could write a better plot. Whoever decided to cast Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos must have brain damage. They were awful villains. I want my old Dexter back. And which writer thought that an incestuous love tangent was needed? There is never a good reason to add incest unless the show is based in Alabama.
  • Dexter

    I love this show! About the only show where you root for the serial killer. I just love how Dexter gets himself out of situations.
  • Best show ever!!!

    Such a great show! The guy playing dexter is perfect ... I wish his wife didn't die that was sad. This show is very addictive and needs to be longer. :) I watched all the seasons in less than a month. Can't wait to see what happens with the dooms day killer! Love the show keep up the good work!
  • Guilty Pleasure


    Brilliant..absolutely brilliant. I've been watching this show from the beginning, and Dexter's struggle with his dark passenger is a twisted, yet oddly wonderful journey.

    Every season makes me feel more and more guilty that I'm actually cheering for a guy who kills people in cold blood! Sure those people deserved it big time, but Michael C. Hall has given us a character you can't help rooting for!

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