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  • New Twists


    I personally am in love with this show and the writing. The books were slightly different, but the show always somehow manages to keep me coming back for more. Michael Hall plays a surprisingly intense and convincing sociopath and the rest of the cast bounces well back and forth in interesting dances of character development.

  • Dexter is based on Gnosticism


    We find ourselves cheering for the serial killer. We justify his socially unacceptable behaviour because he is a vigilante - rendering justice independent of the justice system. We all know the justice system has let us down. But this is a form of Gnosticism none the less - which is pervasive throughout Hollywood and entertainment media in general. It is a powerful tool to shape social values of the masses.

    Also, ninety seconds in to watching entertainment television or movies, our frontal lobes are suppressed . Gamma wave flatlines.... No moral filter. ... So... Yes... Abysmal...

  • This show is the perfect drama. The show kinda provides the perfect look into a serial killer. I was hooked the first episode. If you haven't experienced the true magic that is Dexter, I watch it at blackboxshows. com Really a great show you can't

    Dexter is the kinda show that you would really need to try and understand, it's not just another one of those "slice em up" shows, it is as close to perfection as you get. Its fresh, captivating and sometimes disturbing. Both the persistent storyline and the episodic stories are intriguing and superbly written. The characters are all played to perfection by the cast. There is no other show like Dexter. It's groundbreaking, riveting, and totally addictive. The storyline is written to perfection. Who could possibly have you not only empathize with a serial killer - but actually begin to understand and even justify his actions?
  • to the review below me......


    .....Thank you professor...or hippie...or commie...whatever title best describes you id like to combine all 3....try to remember that when your writing a review for a TV SHOW...its about its entertainment value....not whether you think aliens are controling us with gamma rays and to wear a foil helmet.....

    as for the show....kick a$$ it and you wont regret it

  • Whole new view on the maniac craft!


    Series is very interesting and intriguing.Michael C. Hall acting is the best!

    All new seasons brings something new to the show. Dexter don't stop evolving. All antagonists are really dangerous.

    And the whole series plot is original, innovative and brilliant. It's about serial killer that found his own codex to stay out of sight and not been captured. And he kills only guilty persons. He is like punisher. But he always need to be sure in person's guilty.

    Dexter has no emotions because of he saw in childhood. And he found his Dark Passenger. But through the seasons he gain the ability to feel love(to his wife and child) and actually try to find light deep inside.

    In general series is really great!

  • dexter is the sh!t. :}

    Dexter is like all the CSI forensic type shows out there, but he kills the criminals and bad people..this is amazing from the start its kind of weird but awesome, its original, its cold, its bloody, it is just the best go... if you like csi or any other cop show but you are looking for somethingelse watch dexter you wont be dissapointed trust me... go dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dexdex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex dex !!!!
  • Best show on TV, it is amazing and mega fun to watch.

    Dexter is a good sow because you are constantly thinking about all of his surroundings and how he could be caught. I watched every episode one weekend and thought it was the best show ever. The main character Dexter, has many relationships with other people in the show and one of them is on to Dexter. Each episode ties together very well and makes sense. If you pick up and start watching the show half way through a season, then you probably won't understand what's going on because of all the references to previous episodes. I recommend this show to everyone.
  • Makes every other show on TV so much less interesting.

    Dexter brings all other shows on TV to shame. Seriously, as soon as you get into this it's hard to watch anything else. It sucks you in, and you almost feel a little guilt or shame for loving a character such as this- a merciless serial killer. Well, he isn't like any other serial killer, this one is a vigilante. Dexter only kills the really bad guys. The bad guys that escape the justice system. Some people agree with what he's doing, some don't. But we all love watching this show and can't get enough.

    The writing is brilliant, the acting is brilliant, it has drama, humor, horror, suspense. It's a perfect show. I am excitedly waiting for season 3, it is almost guaranteed to be awesome.

    Watch. This. Show.
  • The best TV show ever! All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!

    The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!
    The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!The best TV show ever!
    All of Jeff Lindsay's books too!
  • The best show currently on TV

    A lot of people dislike this show because of the way it deals with a lot of dark issues but the one thing that has to be said for it is that it deals with them intelligently.
    The concept of Dexter could have been translated terribly to television but the team behind it have made the show an absolute joy to watch! Not only do we get tension on a weekly basis but the show constantly injects large amounts of black humor into the proceedings. I've heard it said that "Only Psychopaths would watch this show" and that could not be further to the truth, people who enjoy good Television watch this show!
    Thanks for reading and if you haven't seen it, I hope you take it up.
  • Excellent Show! Best on Television!

    The writing is superb, the acting is fantastic, the story is clever and original. What intrigues me about this show is how everything and everyone is really a shade of gray. It shows you the good and evil in everyone and really gets you thinking: What is their true motivation?; How do they feel?; How do they see the world? It is so complex it is fascinating! I hope it continues as long as possible! The world of a serial killer never looked so appealing! Thank you Jeff Lindsay!

    Season- 4
    Episode- The Getaway
    Characters- Dexter (Of course!), Deb (Hottest potty-mouth on TV!)
  • One of the best shows I ever seen


    I just love this show after watching its pilot and from then on I kept tuning into it every week. The show is classified as dark comedy when it brings some humor along each episode. I would recommend it to all of you if what you want is a great show, with great acting and plot, and something dark but wickedly fun.

  • Michael C. Hall aka Dexter, the best tv show I ever came across. Not only are all the actors GreaT the story of DExTER flabbergasted. Even some episodes were a bit of a challange but still at the end I keep watching and was very happy i didn´t gave up.


    Writing a review of the best, greatest drama, suspence, adventure tv show ever on tv is not that easy. I have watched six feet under on dutch tv and was very impressed of Michael C. Hall. A great actor. In Dexter he plays a very different role, for me more challaging than in the other tv show. Dexter is a human with a bit of a bad behaviour. He takes care of his sister, a strange relationship with his father, who by the way is dead. and most of all he only kills BAD Human beings. well fine by me. I was secretly affraid that whenn Rita came in his life the show would go down under, because he became husband, and father. Not a part I was looking for in this show. I haven´t watched season 6 but I´m sure I would not be disappointed, at all.

  • Dexter comes roaring back with a renewed vigor and lack of remorse.


    Season six begins with a recap focusing on the events on the last three seasons. While those seasons certainly had some of the most compelling guest stars Dexter seemed to losing his focus veering into a sometimes out of control sloppiness. Immediately we see a re-energized Dexter who is more driven and in control as he very actively goes about dispensing murderous justice. He even tells the viewer that everything is quite good in his little corner of the world. He seems less conflicted and assured that he can exist with his dark passenger.

    There is still the hint of conflict, however...He seems to have a small crack in his new armored veneer as he admits he believes in nothing and that may make him raising a son far less suitable. The viewer gets the feeling that in time this will play out more, but for the moment he can balance it as he is much more assured of the grisly business of justifiable executioner.

    Out of the gate, after the aforementioned recap, Dexter gets a rare double kill using some 911 trickery...Bold. The more aggressive and assured methodology continues as Dexter seems almost giddy to attend his class reunion in order to conduct some unfinished business with a high school jock who he is sure killed his wife. He even gets the victim to confess he did it because divorce is expensive. No doubt here as to justice served and Dexter is even able to quickly handle a potentially botched attempt in subduing his victim with aplomb. Dexter is even admitting he really isn't able to feel any attachments, like his feelings for his own sister, that may confuse him. Still, bubbling underneath is his desire to give his son, Harrison, something real instead of the nothing he inhabits. This is sure to develop into some future conflict and the viewer senses this is very much something that will have to be dealt with creating a nice undercurrent of uncertainty even if Dexter seems more invincible.

    Now, we know Dexter can carry the show without uber-villains such as the great John Lithgow's "Trinity Killer", yet when Dexter is faced with such a nemesis things naturally ramp up. In this season opener we get what will undoubtedly take the carnage to the next level in this line of disturbed sickos with Edward James Olmos and his empty vessel protege played by Colin Hanks. These two perform some particularly creative and nasty murders as they are just barely becoming blips on Dexter's radar. Things are going to get violent fast as the mystery of these two characters begins.

    So, season six of Dexter is off to a galloping start with a giddy and much more in control Dexter letting the "dark passenger" take full control. Looks like for fans of the show everything in their little world is good indeed.

  • Dexter is a grotesque TV series, No redeeming qualities.

    Dexter's mind is the creation of the unorthodox world and the writers repulsive sense is displayed as a virtuoso. Murder and amusement of such things as entertainment is the paramount example of America in decay. To enjoy this bullheadedness is to lose all human inhibitions. Watch Dexter and you will. The producers of the show is sending a message to America, that hey it is okay to take the law in to your hands as long as you really get creative about it, if you get my drift. There is nothing entertaining about it, and much of it is unrealistic. The characters are featherbrained, awkward, and unappealing.
  • Good original idea

    I've only seen a few episodes but this show is just addicting and after seeing an episode u wanna know what happens next. It is very good and its just an original idea for a tv show, A serial killer that kills serial killers. The show is a very good show but its also really twisted but u can expect it to be since its about a serial killer. But its just a really good show. Its very weird when u can relate to dexter sorta, not the part about killing people but like being sorta antisocial but yeah the show is really good
  • Awesome show! Waiting for Dexter Season 6


    Awesome show! Can't wait for Dexter Season 6 to start. Colin Hanks couldn't have asked for a more dramatic change of pace from his "The Good Guys" comedy than what he's got with his current assignment -- he plays a hair-raisingly creepy religious fanatic who has a weird relationship with fellow zealot Edward James Olmos in the new season of "Dexter," which premieres Oct. 2.

  • Dexter!

    Do you want to see what is the meaning of perfection ? .. Watch Dexter , Dexter is one of the best drama shows ever made .. In my opinion it is the second best drama right now on TV after Breaking bad ..

    Dexter = Perfect Original Idea , Great Performance by Michael C.Hall .. He deservs an Emmy for his role in this show and also he deserves a one for his role in Six Feet under ( David Fisher character )

    All seasons are great , but i think the first season is the best .. 1-2-4-3-5 .. Many people think the fourth season was the best but i disagree with them , Yes of course the ending of sesaon 4 was fantastic but the first two seasons are much better .. any way , all seasons are great ..

    May be Season 5 is a massive disappointment but it still a solid tv hour ..

    I am waiting for Season 6 and i hope it will be great ..
  • Murder in the nicest possible way...

    Dexter is one of the most intelligent shows on TV. It combines some of the darkest moments that you will see on your screen along with some of the most humourous and tense. The entire show is worthy of your time because of Michael C. Hall and his portrayal of Dexter, his delivery of the twisted character that is plays is simply fantastic. The story lines are interesting and entertaining and often leave you guessing what exactly is going to happen next. There are no dull moments in this masterpiece of television and the finale of season 4 is one of the best episodes of anything you will ever watch. Overall, this is top of the line television that should be seen by anyone looking for dramatic entertainment.
  • Dexter = Captivating Television

    Dexter is a great television series and an awesome concept for a t.v. series. Michael C. Hall plays the most like-able serial killer we will ever know. Whether Harry ever really saw anything bad in him or not, he has molded the perfect vigilante. The 1st season of this show had so many twists and turns it captivated audiences and had an instant cult following. As a die hard Dexter fan I have seen every episode and if i had to rank the seasons from best to worst it would be: 4,1,2,5,3. Season three is very slow moving and you never feel like Dexter is any real danger, but you watch it more his character development. The development of his character in season three makes you feel so much more connected to him in season 4. This is definitely a show that I will follow until it's end, and you should too.
  • perfect television

    In the first season, Dexter was after a killer named the 'Ice Truck Killer'. In the second season, everyone is after the 'Bay Harbor Butcher' (no one knows it is Dexter), the third season is about the Skinner… I'm only on season 3 right now (almost done with it), but yikes. This show is SO ADDICTING. I love it. The darkness to it, the humor, the mystery aspect. It's all so captivating. Even the premise- Dexter Morgan, who works in forensics and is a blood specialist, kills people, but he has to follow a code by his dad- he can only kill people who have killed others, needs to make sure they plan on killing again, and how not to get caught. It's such an original and creative plot.

    I can't wait to see seasons 4, 5, and eventually 6. I hear 4 is great, 5 is the 'bad' season, and I can't wait to see what is in store next. This show is great and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get into a new show. I do not think you would be disappointed. A+ show definitely.
  • Season 5, best yet.

    Season 5 is probably my favorite season. For starters the saying goodbye to Rita was very intense, I actually couldn't breathe...can't say that happens very often.
    Naturally this season is so meaningful because of the previous events in other seasons. Without the character build, various interactions would be meaningless. Although Dexter is becoming slightly more sensitive than I would have expected. One of my favorite scenes is when Dexter realizes Lumen doesn't see him as a monster at all. She rather sees him as her hero and so do I, as the viewer. That's the strength of this season. I have always been rooting for Dex, but in this season he's actually a hero. Which is amplified by something he mentioned at the end of season one..."in their darkest dreams", that bit.
    I say job well done and more.
  • The final challenge between Dexter and Trinity comes. Debra finds out a long hidden truth. Rita admits that her marriage is troubled but her and Dexter are working to make it better abd its working.But fans were not exatly pleased with the seasons ending.

    Yay Dexter finally gets Trinity and Dexter and Rita are finally sorting out there marriage. But when Dexter goes home... he finds Rita to be the next bathtub murder! with Harrison crying sitting in blood. i just cant believe what happened to Rita!!! she, she just cant die! whats Dexter going to do with three kids and controll his other side all at the same time, and will Harrison grow up to be like Dexter o.O.
    Debra is getting extremly close to finding out who Dexter really is, but will he tell her before she finds out?!
    i just cant wait for it to start again :)
  • Intelligent, dark, funny, morally challenging and very addictive. Dexter is superb TV !!

    So its not very often i write a TV review - but Dexter is so good i thought i had to make an effort - just in case anyone has missed it and may be in two minds about watching it. In truth the first few episodes of the first season didn't really grab me that much - but luckily i stuck with it - and i'm very glad i did. You should too. The writers take the initial premise of the 'likeable' Serial Killer 'Dexter' - who exacts brutal justice to his victims but (and here's the twist) only to those who truly deserve it - on an engaging (and surprisingly believable) emotional journey of self-discovery. That may sound a bit trite - but the series is so well written it never becomes preachy or predictable. In fact the opposite is true. This series is very brave too - and is most certainly a very 'adult' themed drama'. It touches on edgy subjects rarely approached by Television - and does it with intelligence and a large chunk of very black humour. I guess it should really be on HBO. ;-)

    The superb ensemble cast do a great job of bringing all the characters to life and Michael C Hall - who is perfectly cast - is incredible in the lead role - and is almost matched by Jennifer Carpenter as his sister Debra. I'm not going to include storyline spoilers here - that would be a crime - but if you can watch them all on Blu ray back-to-back (like i did) - then even better. Believe me, you wont want to wait for the next 'weekly' episode - especially in Season 2 (the best so far IMHO). If i'm being very critical i would say Season 3 takes a small dip in quality - but thats only because Season 2 was so good and ended on such a high. Luckily Season 4 picks up the pace - especially with the addition of the superb John Lithgow as the very messed-up psycho Arthur Mitchell. There are other nice guest appearances through-out the series too - most notably by Keith Carradine - as the anal but well respected FBI agent Frank Lundy and Jimmy Smits as both a dirty 'D.A' and Dexter's most unexpected (and darkly ironic) protege Miguel Prado.

    As a whole the Dexter experience is rare in that it is an intelligent, challenging and deeply engaging series - and you will identify with a lot more of his personal dilemma's than you might think. Its just the best thing on TV at the moment and is really not to be missed. I really can't wait for the 5th season (on Blu ray) to plop through my door.

    So if you have missed it do yourself a favour and buy it or rent it, sit back with your favourite snacks and (preferably) someone special and just enjoy. : )
  • Dexter = Creative + Intriguing.

    Dexter is a new age vigilante trapped in his own silent chaos. Dexter is a unique work of art, unlike any of today's ordinary and repiticious shows that lack in the thinking department; caused by predictability. To the previous reviewer: Watching a tv show does not constitute one's way of living or action toward other people. Many forms of entertainment are just ways of escaping from normal day-to-day monotony. I doubt viewing a show like Dexter reflects ones personal life. To act out in accordance to a television show is rediculous and childlike. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Therefore, I encourage any adult to watch Dexter and form an opinion of their own.
  • A revenge fantasy that doesn't add up.

    This series is based on popular novels. It is also clearly a morality play and a noir-type story that looks into the dark side of human nature. Yes, I am very much aware that there are evil people in real life, and we all secretly might not shed a lot of tears if someone would go around doing things like this. I guess Dexter is supposed to be some kind of 'superhero' come to life; his story is a lot like the plot line of Batman, for instance. Still, for me, I just can't sign on. We have a prison system for a reason, and I don't think we need to go back to 'the law of the jungle' instead. Vigilantes deprive the justice system of the chance to do its work. We are not more civilized when we fight fire with fire, we are less. I know that some people enjoy this show as sort of a dark fantasy. I myself didn't find anything in this show for which I could cheer. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  • Finally a well rounded, written, thought out series about a criminal.

    Murder is wrong in all cases. That being said, I'm willing to allow a story to deviate from real life’s morality so it can stand on its own merits of character development, plot, and execution.

    Where Heist and Smith fail to make a well rounded series about criminals, Dexter succeeds in providing in-depth and exciting character development. The series addresses the request from those wanting to see the plotting and thought that goes into the criminal acts. It even (attempts to) provide(s) a moral foundation for the hero through his police officer Father's desire to channel his Son's uncontrollable behavior.

    I look forward to watching this series because I'm drawn to know more about Dexter and his life. How are the writers and producers drawing me in? They aren't compromising Dexter. He admits he has problems; he explains them and there by draws us into his life. This is why Dexter will survive, while the broadcast criminal shows will fail.
  • Dexter = Perfect

    This show is with out doubt my favorite tv-series of all time. I can honestly say that i think nothing will ever replace this as my favorite tv show, it is just too good and if anything trys to get in its way Dexter will hunt it down and kill it just like Michael C Hall hunted cancer and killed it. Dexter will remain the undisputed king of every tv-series for ever and I hope you all agree with my review because in the end it's up to all of us whether Dexter keeps going it's to do with fan support and I think Dexter has a lot of fans and hopefully will get more and more.

    favorite male character : Dexter
    favorite villain: The Ice Truck Killer
    favorite female character: Deb
    favorite episode: Born free
    favorite quote: "Tonight's the night", "Take it!"
  • Season 5 has taken off in a great direction. The premiere of season 5 begins where the season finale of season 4 ends, with Dexter discovering Rita murdered in the bathtub, as Harrison looks on.

    Rita's death leaves Dexter feeling shocked, and guilt ridden. He's at a loss of words over how to break the news to his step children, who think the world of their mother. For the first time in Dexter's life he begins to question his reasons for killing, until he stumbles across a women name Lumen. Dexter finds Lumen hiding out in the attack of his latest victim, name Boyd. Dexter discovers the man he'd just killed, was holding lumen Captive in his attack. Lumen had been kidnapped, rapped, and held against her will. Dexter, saves lumen, and moves her in.
  • Scary and distressing.

    I didn't really know about Dexter, but I watched it anyway. But the first episode scared me, this is not an average show. Never seen this before. Ofcourse i have seen worse in horror movies ofcourse, but in a tv-show! No, never seen this before. Still have to get used to it. I read books by Dean Koontz, and it is a bit like that. This Dexter is a total Sociopath who thinks he does good by killing of people who are crazy killers. But he tortures them, that's what worries me. I don't think i will watch this every week, it is too distressing. But maybe there are some other aspects in this show i have to find maybe? We'll see....
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