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  • Apparently there are too many typical crime fighting hero shows out there that they made this one, a bloodspatter specialist by day & serial killer by night.

    Some people say he's the serial killer who'll turn out to be your hero. I can never imagine something like that. I cant believe it even got far from its story plot. It's just so odd. It just goes against a lot of things, that the police are idiots, that someone amongst us could be a serial killer, and serial killers can be good guys.
    It just defies so many things. I've tried watching a few episodes but i just cant bring myself to like this show. True it's fiction but i just think it oculd give other people a reason to imitate dexter's behaviour.
  • Dexter would make a good movie... To all hardcore Dexter fans read this...

    Does anyone else feel bored watching dexter catch, tape, slice, sample and dump his victims, the same way every single time? It seems like the only idea the writers have is the obvious ones, almost being caught and a friend that would understand his dark side. I said it would make a good movie, probably it would be one of the best horror flicks because it has two to three main ideas, but not a Tv show, because it demands constant new ideas, seeing the same thing over and over again is plainly not entertaining, also the story line is very vague, why would dexter want a divorced 2 kid mom? How does it seem like he is too evolved, yet he tells himself he isn't? Why the hell do i still hear his sister complaining about daddy issues, it's all she ever talks about?! (Not to talk about her cliche acting style which just irritates me).
    You have to be stupid not to tell that this show is overrated.
    I love the idea , its brilliant but the show needs a new writing staff and to get rid of some old characters. start fresh new city, it'll bring back some lost excitement.
    Rebuild the show, not by spreading a max 3 and a half hour idea to 12 hours, that's just plain dexter of you.
  • A totally unforgettable ending..........

    OMG! This show was amazing and a fitting conclusion to a great season. Did not see the ending coming till the last second and what a dark twist it was. Although most will find Rita's death unsettling, it shows the series is willing to take some chances to keep things fresh and unpredictable. I've watched the whole series to date in the last several months after my son got me hooked on it. What an amazing series and premise. The best thing on TV in my opinion. The series is much better than the books which had some pretty unsatisfying endings for some. John Lithgow was incredible this year - the epitome of evil. He was able to take something from Dexter right up to his death, and beyond. Can't wait to see how this will be resolved next year and how Dexter's relationship with Deb will evolve. I've never written a review on a TV program but this one deserved it. 10+
  • A show that features a serial killer? At first, I tended to miss out on that one. Luckily, I didn't

    If anyone could make a serial killer likable it's Dexter, the whimsical manner in which he dispatches the dregs of Miami society is absolutely addictive.
    Dexter's art is to maintain a mask that quite often leaves you feeling absolutely cold. From his violent beginnings to the tuition of his adopted father, this show is so riveting that one forgets exactly what Dexter is - you cannot help but pull for him because somehow he's the most amazing hero vigilante that could possibly emerge to 'take out the trash'.
    The dynamic within the characters is wonderful, the realistic fashion in which the show is shot and brought makes you believe completely in the characterizations before you. No pulling punches, no airs and graces. Dexter is the most compelling show in years!
  • Excellent series. Hope we can enjoy it for a long time to come.

    Well written and great cast couldnt have ask for a better cast. I enjoy Dexter very much and am very excited about the new upcoming season. A show about a serial killer who gets away with it as long as Dexter is great. And yes I think Dexter is a good guy. Ridding the world of all the really bad guys. I have bought all 3 seasons of Dexter that is out on dvd and am awaiting the release of season 4. I enjoy watching them just before the new season starts. I hope season 5 is as good as 4.
  • Depressive and hugely thrilling in a way I would not have guessed. A past revealed, unexpected death and no normality and family life for poor Dexter.

    Well this has been a hard evening for me. After watching a really depressive ending in Californication I did not believe that it could get much worse tonight. Until this episode of Dexter. All hope for salvation for Dexter ended and the hope for normal family values went out the window.
    With the death of Rita what will now be the new mission of Dexter? Moving to another city, go after Bin Laden. I can hardly wait for the next season.
    The take down of Arthur was a bit to easy. I would have like that Dexter instead of killing Arthur would somehow have delivered him to Debra on a platter, so she could get closure which could have indicated that Dexter somehow had matured as a serial killer.
    Great episode by the way.
  • Dexter is a show worth the investment of TV time!

    There are not many TV shows that I schedule my life around. Currently, Dexter is one of three that I go out of my way to watch.

    Unexpected twists, clever writing, believable acting, strong character development, intriguing story lines...what more could you ask for? Crazy premise, sure---but if you're able to suspend the general concept as being a little far-fetched, as entertainment content, it's one of the best on-going shows on Television.

    As each week passes, I try to figure out what the next twist will be--and rarely get it right. Maybe I'm over-thinking it, or the writers are clever enough to go "obvious" when viewers expect something else...and crafty enough to go in a different direction when the viewers expect the obvious. Superb television!
  • Hungry man: Season 4 Episode 9 This episode is sure to put you on the edge of your seat!

    [11/24/2009 3:22:11 PM] Jeff Drehs: As Thanksgiving arrives so do the complications in Dexter's(Micheal C. Hall) life.Dexter continues to unravel the life of Arthur Mitchell(John Lithgow).More, and more the monster in Arthur is becoming evident.Now you can choose who the real monster is.Who ,and when will be the next victim of the trinity killer(Lithgow),and when will Dexter kill him remains to be the question as the saga continues.As Arthur family exposes themselves as his human Shields you start to feel as Dexter that this man needs to die.You begin to see the difference between the two killers.Dexter has a code he kills by.He kills people who need to die.Arthur kills people to fill his own agenda. Dexter's ability to transform from the self proclaimed monster he is continues to baffle us all.How can one man change from monster to family man to blood splatter specialist in a blink of an eye. If you are like most people you will find Arthur Mitchell so scary you will cringe every time you see him.Just the sight of his face raises the hairs on my back.John Lithgow deserves a nomination for an Emmy award for his performance in this show. You can catch the new shows on Showtime on Sunday evenings.Only 3 more till this season is over.
  • dexter is great ! the show is great the plot is one of if not the best on tv and in some yrs .

    dexter is great ! the show is great the plot is one of if not the best on tv and in some yrs .just amazes me , how a geeky type serial killer guy can actually have a sexy side to him , and he is not even my type (more of a clooney girl) but there is just something about those eyes ! but its really just a really cool show , but you need to to watch it from the start to really understand what dex is dealing with , his own so called skeleton's in his closet
  • Murder in its best

    Dexter is a show about a man with the same name, he is a blood splatter analyst working with the Miami Metro Police Department, who is not like other humans and has an overwhelming need to kill. He started by killing animals, until his foster father taught him to control it in the best way he knew how. With the code of Harry, Dexter has been using his urge to kill for the greater good, by killing those who have been hurting others. The way they ended Dexter in season four i can't wait until September when the show returns.

    This is a most see TV series.
  • so different, so good!

    i just started watching Dexter. im almost done with the first season and i love it. What first attracted me to the show was actually the opening sequence. i saw it and just had to keep watching, its surprising how you can learn anything you need to know about the character from watching his 30 second morning routine. The main character of Dexter is like nothing else on tv, hes so dark and twisted and yet you understand his point of view and why he does the things be does. Micheal C. Hall deserves all of his awards and nominations he has received.
    Only a truly amazing actor can make a character that by standards should be an antagonist and make him into lovable, and in some ways even relatable center point of a series.
  • Sorpresas continuas

    Cuando empecé a ver la serie, en un principio no me atraía mucho el hecho en sí de que fuera tan real un monstruo como Dex que se deja querer. A medida que fue pasando el tiempo durante la primera temporada me fue enganchando más la serie. Hay que darle un impresionante aplauso al director artístico y a al guinosta porque realizan su trabajo de sobra. Importante la voz en off de Dex y la music de la serie. La última temporada se borda con el personaje de Trinity, pero el last capítulo de la serie es una obra maestra. Pocas series tienen esta calidad. Up Showtime.
  • Simply Perfect.

    Oh my God, I wonder how they've manadged to do a show like this! It's just perfect, once you start watching it, you just can't stop! Each season it gets you more envolved!
    The entire cast was perfecly selected, Michael C. Hall is the most wonderful pearson for this show, 'cause he knows how to be ironic the way his role asks for, he knows how to make you wish for more killing, which I don't think anyone else could have done.
    Really, congradulations for the entire show, it really is simply perfect.
    If you haven't watched it, do. You don't know what you're missing! Forget all the other shows, dexter is the best of all, ever!!
  • Maybe it was just a dream. The new season opens with Dexter asleep at the table and his cell phone ringing with Rita calling him to see where he is.

    the writers have to realize that even Dexter could not handle such a trauma as finding his wife in a bloody mess like his Mom. He would go completely catatonic. I don't know how they can possibly spin it so that he can walk away without being completely out of his mind. Not to mention Deb, after all she has been through how can she handle another horrible death? It seems like the only way the show can move forward is that if Dexter was having a nightmare about this stuff and he wakes up next episode. i also don't believe they would dump the actress so abruptly.
  • One of the best dramas in a long time!

    Considering the premise - a serial killer who hunts down other evildoers to satisfy his blood lust, yet isn't such a bad guy - one thinks, "How can this possibly work??" Somehow, they found a way. Michael C. Hall is flat-out brilliant in his offbeat, complex portrayal of the title character. Sometimes we're hopeful that he can get his act together, and sometimes we're frightened of what he's capable of doing. His voiceovers are often rich with black comedy, providing many wry moments and add a vital component to the tone of the show. The rest of the cast are very good too, I particularly enjoy the ill-tempered & foul-mouthed Sergeant Doakes.
  • Controversial Concept

    This is one of those shows that has a moral dilemma. Is the serial killer cop good because he only kills people that kill other people or bring harm to them (like a real life walking death sentence)?

    Or... is Dexter a great guy for being a vigilante and cleaning up the mean streets by killing murderers and giving them an opportunity to know why they are being killed?

    This show stirs up people when asking if Dexter is a good or bad guy, but one thing is for certain, watching the show you get almost caught up in the moment and really hope that Dexter doesn't get caught and always kills the bad guy before he gets killed himself. The story line of this show is amazing and it has me glued to the TV every time it comes on. A great show.
  • When you think about serial killers we often think: "BAD!", but Dexter raises the question. Is Dexter Morgan good or evil?

    It is definitely my favorite show ever. I'm not much for that cop stuff, but this one really caught my attention and really, I'm glad I ever came across this show and I got glued on the first episode.
    Dexter is the lab guy who has a dark secret, the dark passenger, like he calls it. He's a serial killer, some think he's bad, some think he's bad, it's all about perspective since he only kills bad guys (other killers).
    I really like all the acting, the darkness on the show, Masuka's pervert comments, Debra's bad language. What I like about it is that it's not only about blood and killing, it's about so much more.
  • For the first time Dexter thought he could have a real friend... and for the first time Dexter had one of the biggest disappointments one can have: be used by someone you thought was a friend.

    This is a very special episode. This show amazes me since the very first episode, and when I think to where it's possibly going, episodes like this one bring me to a new level of appreciation. Dexter never feels anything and he pretends 24 hours a day, except when he's killing. This season, for the first time he was experiencing friendship. A totally new sensation for him. And now he's experiencing the pain of being used by this friend. Now he wants revenge but he's walking in a very dangerous path. The man he thought was a friend is now on his list. The next episodes will be breathtaking.
  • The mind of this serial killer is simply beautiful.

    I'd heard about this show for some time, but was unable to watch it because I didn't have the channel. Now that it's on cable, I have completely fallen in love with it.

    The characters are believable and sympathetic, especially Dexter. His relationships with his girlfriend Rita and her kids, his foster sister Deb, and the other cops humanize what would otherwise be a cold character.

    I've only seen the first season so far, but plan to continue watching. The plot is intense and grabbing, twisty and turning, keeping you on your toes until the final second. That's a recipe for any perfect show.
  • This show requires an above average IQ to completely understand the concept being portrayed. If you are debating to watch this show, I highly recommend that you view the first ~3 episodes, and I promise it will yield positive results.

    The show is based on the novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter", which is a great read. The book is based on a serial killer governed by a moral code set forth by his father. James Manos, brilliant screenwriter, does an amazing job showing how we rely on our family for answers to life. I do not watch much television, but Dexter is an exception, and has allowed to see that there are directors who can target shows toward the more "intelligent community". As I said before, if you are debating to watch this show, I urge you to watching the first ~3 episodes, and you will be hooked.
  • A phenomenal season ends just as powerfully as it started -- yet this viewer can't laughing away the bitter aftertaste.

    [b]This is how Dexter's journey ends for one viewer... not with a bang, but with a whimper[/b].

    Season 3 has been kind to Dexter. The character of Miguel Prado, played to perfection by Jimmy Smits, added an unrivaled burst of emotion to the show, only somewhat foreshadowed by the explosive Sergeant Doakes. Through Miguel, his first true friend, Dexter began to feel things he had never known before -- care, worry, regret, and loss. The final fifteen seconds of "I Had a Dream," the penultimate episode, are a flawless rendition of the pain Dexter, and we as his fellow human beings, are going through knowing that he may never experience friendship again, as the color is literally sucked out of his life. The season was full of such great analogies, thrilling action, mind-bending games of cat-and-mouse, and character development for a number of secondaries. Even the music stepped up a notch, adding a distinctly Spanish, noble sound to its repertoire of themes.

    Then why does it all feel so wrong?

    TVtropes calls it fridge logic. It's the sort of thing you only think about once you're done watching and are walking about the house, and suddenly it hits you "Why the hell did everything end so conveniently?"

    And above all else, that is the best word to describe Dexter's third, and for this viewer final, season: "convenient." That standard, tried-and-true solution is the only one the writers could find to tackle Dexter's complex issues. Instead of attempting to come to some resolution with Miguel, the vengeful (a human quality) attorney is made into a distinctly inhuman psychopath, with not even Dexter's moral code to guide him. "What if Prado was a good, albeit flawed person, instead of the freakshow that loosed a serial killer on Miami? Would Dexter have continued on his path to becoming a normal person through his growing family? Would he have been able to overcome his dysfunctions?" All great questions, but all we can do is speculate now that the show has clearly left them in the dust, and firmly stated, "We prefer to have more seasons of this show using its tried-and-true formula of psychotic villain per season than to seriously address the issues Dexter Morgan presents to society." If a single morally-bound serial killer can exist in Dexter, there is precedent for more of such well-intentioned dysfunctional human beings, yet the brooding, compelling Michael C. Hall tells us: "No, there can only be I. Everybody else is truly a monster, and I will kill one especially psychotic one per season."

    The socially beneficial qualities I praised Dexter for in the past seem laughed at, mocked, by this finale, which insists that traditional TV schedule, even through coincidence in writing, is superior to actually addressing these concerns. A flawed human being is turned into a monster for the sole purpose of a season finish that allows the next season to start as though nothing had happened. Dexter has killed his brother, his mistress, and his friend. I can only imagine what sort of wacky adventures await him in season 4. Will he have to confront the monster discovered in his sister Deb, unleashed by her findings of Morgan Sr.'s unfaithfulness? Or will Dexter have to put Rita, his wife, out of her misery, once she starts killing people due to a miscarriage?

    God forbid the show go without the death of a maniac.
  • This is the review of the first series :)

    Meet Dexter, a charming forensic expert for the Miami Police Department….who is also a deadly obsessed serial killer. Dexter was raised by a police officer who recognized Dexter's murderous personality. Knowing there was no helping Dexter he instead helped his son focus his energy on the minuses of society. Dexter may not be able to control his sick mind, but in public he shows no sign of his murderous ways. Dexter is played by Michael C Hall who is best recognized as David on the television program "Six Feet Under" where he earned several Emmy nominations. Hall has also been selected for a Golden Globe for best actor for his work on Dexter.
  • Great show, you've got to watch it.

    This show is absolutely one of the best I've seen in a very long time. The way the writers portray his character and his alter ego is absolutely amazing. The end of Season four has only opened up even more doors for him to open and will ultimately lead to him being even more vicious than in season one and two. I'm curious though, to see how he will deal with the children. The writers, as usual, will most likely make the situation into something amazing as usual. I recommend this to anyone who likes drama's and a strangely complicated main-character.
  • Is this the best television show in history?

    I think it very-well may be! That is a huge praise coming from a picky viewer like me. This is just such a perfect mix of drama, suspense, comedy, and horror. Those are my favorite genres! The acting is pretty much perfect, though I'm not a big fan of LaGuerta. I was really hoping her story would follow the books. But perhaps that is just the show working- you aren't supposed to like her. Every other character works perfectly. I don't feel like using actor's names tonight, so I will refer to them by their characters. Dexter is PERFECT. Deborah is PERFECT. Rita is PERFECT. Masuka is PERFECT. Angel is GREAT. Paul is PERFECT. Even Astor is perfect for her role. This is a lazy review. I am quite tipsy, so I am not eloquent. But I just realized that I tend to only review terrible shows instead of the great shows that I love. I really just want to contribute my 10.
  • Season Four, Episode One: If only Dexter could kill the need for sleep ...

    The highly-anticipated season opener of Dexter proves that the story-telling remains fresh and vibrant as this unique series enters its fourth season. The familiar elements remain, however these elements are now woven in between and in front of a universe that has taken shape over the last three seasons. The unanticipated return of characters from season three, plus the addition of a few surprises, promise an exciting up-coming series of events.

    At the same time that this initial episode sets up Dexter to face what may be his most formidable opponent ever to the form of the Trinity Killer, it chooses to focus on a more immediate enemy that is familiar to us all, the confusion and chaos that results from the lack of a most basic human need: sleep. Dexter is as usual surrounded by enemies and animosity, although none of these rival forces is as detrimental to him as lack of sleep due to his duties as a new father. I thought I was experiencing déjà-vu during the first few minutes of the episode when the beginning sequence began to re-play itself. However the parody of this familiar routine is quickly determined: Dexter's whole life is getting screwed up due to his new family addition. He misplaces a file during an important murder trial, falls asleep while scoping out his latest victim and may face a murder trial himself if any pieces of newly-deceased Gomez are recovered from the crash site. Dexter's misplacement of a file from the Gomez trial creates a two-fold result: he has created an enemy within the department and simultaneously found his most immediate victim. The interplay between Quinn and Dexter is similar to the exchange that Dexter and Doakes experienced, only with different motivations. In another familiar fashion, Dexter methodically plans the location and means to carry out his latest kill. However, lack of sleep and Dexter's new family duties interfere with his kill at every turn. Even during the now familiar kill-scene, Rita's interruption of Dexter's activities, (and the fact that he even bothered to leave his cell phone on), provide the audience with insight as to how interrupted Dexter's familiar routine has become.

    One pleasing factor of this first episode is the fact that the audience is set up to follow the cat-and-mouse chase of the Trinity Killer. John Lithgow's performance is both disturbing and fascinating. Within minutes of both opening sequences, the audience is bombarded with an extremely disturbing and erotically charged murder sequence that will remain lodged in memory for the duration of the episode. What at first appears to be a rather ordinary strangulation-in-the-bathtub scene quickly degenerates into a vicious series of softly spoken words and a chance for the viewer to see through the eyes of the murdered, self demise. Later, as Lithgow lashes himself with the scalding water of a locker room shower, the audience is left to wonder: what penance is he paying? Is this an attempt to wash himself of the crime, or just an attempt to feel anything, emotionally or otherwise? The addition of Lundy to the Trinity case, newly retired and unencumbered by the procedures of the FBI, sets up a series of interesting questions. Of course in regards to his relationship with Debra, we are left to wonder if there will be any rekindling of their previous romance. But mostly importantly, it now seems that Dexter is in a position to collaborate, rather than run from the questions of this law man. After all, it's Dexter who opens up the timeline of the Trinity case, identifying it as a series of killings that have taken places over three decades instead of half that time. Will Lundy and Dexter continue to share knowledge and help each other? And if so, once the identity of the Trinity killer is revealed, how will Dexter get away with serving his own brand of justice without arousing the suspicions of this mythic FBI enforcer?

    The antics of the rest of the cast reveal a mixture of the familiar and the strange. As usual, Masuka provides comic relief with his off-color jokes and social interferences. There's no reference yet to his developing relationship from season three. One has to wonder if this is plotline that was abandoned similarly to the Angel-Gianna relationship subplot. The LaGuerta-Angel office romance comes as a bit of a surprise given that in previous seasons there is a not a focus of sexual tension between these two. The apparent explanation of Angel's break-up with his former girlfriend, (they "wanted different things"), may explain this sudden new romance to an extent, but one hopes that further background will be provided. While it is true that both LaGuerta and Angel both have suffered loss at the hands of people they were close to, one wonders how they ended up falling into each other's arms.

    Debra's search for Harry's marital infidelity continues to provide no answers. But a lingering camera focus on Laura Moser's file, yet to be examined, hints that she may eventually stumble upon the truth. Besides now being torn between her new relationship to Anton and her previous interlude with Lundy, Debra also provides that audience with a solid explanation for why she has not moved into her brother's former apartment. One has to wonder, if the relationship with Anton fizzles, will she encroach upon one of Dexter's only remaining arena of privacy?

    Overall, the season opener provides a good set-up of characters and settings that will move the story forward, yet there are still some primary elements that need to be fleshed out: Does anyone know that Dexter kept his former apartment? What about the infamous "Slice of Life" boat? Perhaps most importantly, how will Dexter's killing methods change, now that he is "killing for two"? The second episode of the season promises many more surprises and answers to some of the questions posed. It will be interesting to see how the intertwining storyline develop.
  • The world of a Killer, such the opposite view in a crime show, very unique Tv experience, very interesting like it!

    Such an awesome show! The acting is brilliant, impressed by the character developments, plots, lots of great scenes and well... lots of swearing.

    The world of a Killer, such the opposite view in a crime show, very unique Tv experience, very interesting like it! Dexter's world revolves around the code left behind by Dexter's foster father Harry. He is pretty close with his sister, the only family his got and his girlfriend who he has married. Haven't read the books yet, but will eventually. Loving this new season, want to know what happens to Dex after the car accident and well what happens with the remains in his boot!
  • Much Better Than I Expected

    Started with S1-Ep 1 & have been pleasantly surprised.

    Things I love:

    The acting of the lead.
    The narration. The flashbacks.
    The Camerawork.
    The unspoken vibes that come off of the characters play well & can give you a chill.
    The mental Disconnect Re-connect is really done well.

    Things I Like:

    The writing for the episodes.
    The interaction between Dexter & his GF. Very good/bad reluctant chemistry played well lol.

    Things I don't like too much

    The side characters seem to distract more than help.
    The acting from all but the GF are on the weak side.
    Some of the emotionalism is over-blown too much to help Dexter's disconnect stand out.
    That can be toned down.
    Sister is too dependent & mentally needy, again I think it's over-blown too much.

    I am only mid-way through season 1, so hopefully this mends some as the series evolves into its prime.
    Very Good show Highly recommended from a very picky viewer lol.
  • dexter-killer show

    the first time i saw this show i was hooked. michael
    c hall gives an emmy worthy performance as blood spatter expert by day serial killer by night dexter morgan. but he only kills other killers which is a good thing. i cant wait for season 4. john lithgow plays the villain this season. that should be interesting. i liked jimmy smits last year. he was a very scary guy as miguel prado. i was happy when they killed off sgt doakes two years ago. i didnt like him at all. cant wait to see what season 8 has in store.
  • Dexter is a blood spatter analist for miami P.D.he has a girl friend and a sister on the force with him. Oh and he is a serial killer.Yeah. But he only kills bad people. So thats kind of a redeeming feature right?

    So the show sounds a bit weird. But its never once glorified serialkilerism! Never once! Dexter is always encountering problems whenever he is goig around and making sure that his family and friends never find out about his interesting little hobby. The show its self is fasinating to see some every day problems dealt with from a purely emotionless perspective. The acting in it is amazing. Behind Dexters exterior you can see that everything that he does is purely mechanical. There is no emotion inside of him. Every day to day activity is just an obstical obstical before the next kill.
  • an excellent show with top notch acting

    Michael C Hall is one of this generation's most talented actors. his work in six feet under was amazing and he has found a similar niche in this show, the brooding man with something to hide. This secret carrying understated figure is a talent of his and it is really on display in this show. The season plots are excellent and varied, making the show fresh and exciting every week. i also like that the season is only 12 episodes long, making it move quickly without very much filler or side story. I am very much looking forward to the next season!
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