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  • An A-Class show, that has you on the side of the killer.

    I first decided to watch Dexter because I wanted to know how a show could make a serial killer seem like the good guy. I hadn't read the books so it was completely new to me.

    I found that this show is really interesting and seems to get better and better every season. And we as viewers actually sympathise with Dexter. Personally I like seeing the human side of Dexter, but the killer in him is very entertaining.

    The characters in this show are all great, with a few that can be annoying but they all work perfectly. I love how the the storylines get better and better. Keep Dexter coming...
  • A run down of each season.

    This show is so amazing.
    This is basically a run down of each season and how I rate each one.
    The first season focused on a killer named "The Ice-Truck Killer" because he drove an ice-truck and froze his victims after killing them to stop blood flow and spillage. He goes through Dexter's apartment and gets information on him and starts leaving messages to Dexter about his past. In the end you find out who the Ice-Truck Killer is and it's shocking. There is a great season finale. This season gets a 10/10. Truly unbeatable.
    In the second season, Dexter must hide that he is a killer after his bags of bodies under the sea are discovered. He is labelled the Bay Harbor Butcher and he must make sure that he is not found guilty for these killings. His girlfriend, Rita thinks he is on drugs and must go to rehab where he meets a woman named Lila who turns out to be very dangerous. Doakes discovers that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher so Dexter locks him away. It all results in a shocking final two episodes. This season gets a 9/10.
    The third season focuses on a killer labelled "The Skinner" because he takes large chunks of skin off his victim and then kills them. Deb is hell bent on finding this killer while Dexter finds out that Rita is pregnant and they soon become engaged. Dexter also meets his first real friend who goes by the name of Miguel. Miguel finds out Dexter's secret and it turns out that Miguel is like Dexter and needs to kill. Towards the end of the season the two have a falling out and they are in a game of chess with each other. At the time of writing this there is still two episodes left and it is shaping up to be one hell of a finish to the season. This season gets an 8.5/10 so far but could improve after the final two episodes.
  • Dexter Season 3 is really upping the pace

    This season started a bit slow but well worth the wait, has got absolutely brilliant and the realation ship with dexter and migul is getting very interesting...
    Season 1 was 9 out of 10
    Season 2 - 10 out of 10
    Season 3 - currently 8 of 10 but getting back in form in the last 2 episodes.

    Watch this its totally different to anything else on TV, totally brilliant and dexters flashbacks make it all the more interesting.

    overall - 9 out of 10

    Ever shows ilike Heroes 10 out of 10
    Lost 7 out of 10
    Brothers and sister 7 out of 10
    Merlin 7-10
    Smallville 8-10

    god i watch to much TV - i need to get out more
  • Some major plot developments this week as Dexter finally gets back to Season One quality.

    *spoilers ahead*

    I have to be honest and say that i felt disappointed by season 2 and although season 3 has been a lot better, i still didn't think it got near season 1. Although it certainly still remained one of the best and most entertaining shows on TV it still lacked the pure tension and suspense of the first year. But at least this episode does live up to the standard set in the first season, and the last two episodes promise to be real high points two.

    The friendship between Dexter and Miguel has finally blown up and all pretense is now finally gone, with Miguel now also knowing Dexter is onto the fact that Miguel played him for a fool with the blood stain in the shirt. Now two serial killers are openly playing to win the game. This is a position that must have more of a downside to Dexter then it does to Miguel because Miguel is someone everyone in Dexter's world knows and still thinks to be his friend.
    And after all, Miguel doesn't "need" Dexter to stop his killing ways but Dexter does need Miguel to stop, which means Dexter has more to lose in this game. To put it simple, Miguel could potentially accept a stalemate but Dexter needs the win and nothing less.

    The skinner is now in cahoots with Miguel and recruited by him to go after Dexter. The question is: was the skinner in cahoots with Miguel the whole time, or from what point? Certainly at least from the point where the skinner was being interrogated and released by Miguel. But i had my suspicions their "relationship" might go further back, although this would cause some plot holes to show up.

    One thing the other reviewers didn't mention so far is another interesting plot development, which is that LaGuerto may go after Miguel as well. Knowing from the confrontation with his wife that Miguel had gone missing that night and that he wasn't with her (LaGuerta), and possibly remembering what the suspect said about the "dark SUV with the bright headlights", LaGuerta having been almost blinded herself by the headlights of that SUV, may start looking into Miguel herself.
    Of course, looking into Miguel's situation might also sound off alarm bells with her about the nature of his friendship with Dexter and Dexter himself.
    Could it be that this potential discovery would be the start of next season's plotline? And finally, the skinner captures Dexter to do some major damage to him. Will the show allow Dexter to be seriously, physically hurt (without being killed of course, or there wouldn't have been a two-season extension) by this psychopath or will Dexter manage to turn the tables before the skinner has the chance to put his tools to use?
    This brings to mind the scene from "Hannibal" where Hannibal Lecter was captured and about to be fed to the hungry pigs but managed to escape at the last second.

    Next episode promises to be a really great episode. It would have to be of course, being the next to last episode of the season.
  • American way of die

    Esperé, sí, esperé porque los primeros... 5 capítulos me parecieron cerca a lo malo y entonces le hubiese puesto con suerte un 7. Pero decidí, como ya aclaré, esperar y ahora (un tanto generoso) le pongo a Dexter un 8,5. Lo que pienso de esta serie lo pueden chequear en los reviews que hago de cada capítulo religiiosamente pero destaco lo poco que me gusta la actuación de Michael Hall, de lo obvio de la mayoría de las tramas, de la sequedad de algunos personajes y de lo demasiado cultura americana que se ve no entiendo o no comparto. Igual la sigo viendo porque no es tan desastrosa y va mejorando (poco y de a poco).
  • Serial

    Sí, yo soy un asesino serial, mato gente porque me gusta. Les voy a contar cómo: cuando llueve y el cielo entero está gris me calzo el sobretodo y salgo a recorrer las calles de mi ciudad: Barracas. Suelo esperar frente a la puerta del Hospital Británico esperando que akguien salga feliz de dentro. Y entonces camino detrás suyo, le pido fuego (sí, ya sé que está lloviendo, es una ironía) y ahí nomás ataco: un spray a los ojos que los deja inconscientes. El resto trataré de dejarlo a su entera imaginación, no es lo más importante. Sólo les diré que los grabo en audio para guardar por siempre sus últimas palabras; no quieren tener una idea de las cosas que escuché.
  • The contrast between living life killing, is amazing.

    It took me a while to get on board with Dexter, mainly because the story of a serial killer is always the same. This one is different... Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert, and knows exactly what the police looks for in a murder case. As part of his nature, he has this thirst for killing, and has his fathers code to guide him on how to kill without getting caught.

    Dexter is one of the best series I have ever seen, because it is the first time that the main character is not the good guy, innocent guy, but the killer, the one that knows is wrong. two seasons have passed, and dexter is starting to change. In the first season, it was all about the code, while trying to become part of society, learning how to feel, how to be a human. Second season things changed, and the code started to show its weaknesses. Third season is all about the code basically. Dexter challenging the code, and that led him to his first feeling, real feeling. The interesting thing to notice here is while it seems like dexter is not a normal guy, can't feel, doesn't have emotions, when he is challenged, this feeling of anger apears in him, showing that he IS a human, and that there is something blocking his emotions, the code. Dexter is all about the killing, and in fact the character itself clearly tells us that he can't controll his will of killing, and dexter blamend this hunger on the fact that he can't feel anything, but interestingly, only when he breaks the code in a dramatic way, he pays for it, and feels his first real emotion.

    Dexter has its nasty parts, with bodies, blood, etc, but it has also this catch, this impact on us, people that don't know how it is to want to kill, how it feels to kill someone, and shows how this hollow man, is able to live with himself everyday, killing for the "right causes". Is there a way to justify killing? who can define what are the "Right causes" to kill someone? those questions are discussed in the series, and while everyone thinks that the killer is cool, there is a hidden message, showing us that even when Dexter has the perfect reasons to kill, it is killing him from inside, making him hollow, showing us that only those who are inhumane can kill someone for any personal reason.
  • Can This Show Get Any Better!!!

    This Show Has Got It All - This Is My Personal Favourite.

    It Just Has A Great Mixture Of Violence, Suspense And Also Comedy

    Season 1 Was Amazing As Was Season 2 And Season 3 Aswell And Hearing That Theres 2 New Seasons Makes Me Very Happy.

    Alot Of Shows Lose There Thunder After A While But This Show Constantly Makes Good Episode After Good Episode There Hasnt Been An Episode That Hasnt Surprised Me Or Made Me Turn Off The T.V

    I Really Hope Season 4 and 5 Are As Good As The First 3 Because If They Are This Would Be A Rare Show That Doesnt Miss A Beat. Micheal C. Hall Keep It Up 10/10
  • I just love it!

    Dexter, it's a show for everyone. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a great actor, he is keeping this show alive! Some people dare to claim that those Emmy® Awards or Oscar, that it is a fake, but no, just look at Michael C. Hall and everything is clear! The man rocks! Let me tell You something: ''Prison Break'', I would rate it with 10 out of 10, it is a master piece but I watch it only because I want to know the end :) but Dexter, I just can't wait for a fresh episode! The show is marvelous! People enjoy!
  • The scene in 3x08 where they kill the gambler guy together totally gave me goose bumps. My deepest respect to the writers to come up with this idea, it was such a moment and I didnt want it to end (does that make me a sicko serial killer too? :-))

    Is it me or is Dexter just getting better and better.
    I mean Heroes, Lost and Prison Break started hard and then flattened out, but Dexter just keep getting better.

    The scene in 3x08 where they kill the gambler guy together totally gave me goose bumps. My deepest respect to the writers to come up with this idea, it was such a moment and I didnt want it to end (does that make me a sicko serial killer too? :-))

    Still I just cant get over how well written, directed and played this series is. Its VERY rare you see such quality and brilliance in the dialog.

  • How touching ... a new serial killer is born.

    Friends who play together stay together.

    Miguel shows his dark side ... and it proves to be very dark. Still I was left stunned by the final scene. That is what I like about Dexter ... the way it sets you up for the one two punch. No doubt Harry's words will come back to haunt Dexter later in this series when he is forced to clean up this mess.

    Debra has her own serial killer problem with it looking like her boyfriend may be the next victim ... if he isn't already.

    After a slow start to the series it is back to the Dexter of old.
  • Sympathy for a killer? How can that be?

    If you asked me to describe Dexter in one word- serveral come immediately come to mind, clever, twisted, compelling, dark, funny, and I could come up with a few more. But, not just one.

    Dexter is an adaptation of the novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by author, Jeff Lindsay. The Showtime hit follows the life of a forensic pathologist who moonlights as a serial killer. The catch- Dexter follows The Code, a set of rules written for Dexter's protection by his stepfather. At the top of this code, is the golden rule: Dexter must only kill the really bad people.

    Showtime is unknown for its controvesial programming. However, Dexter is something completely different. It is a clever character study that asks the viewer to care about a cold and calculating killer. It is nearly impossible not to care about him. Michael C. Hall delivers a dead on performance as the killer in question. Hall is able to show us that Dexter is the type of guy who would help your grandmother cross the street. He is gentle, kind, and good with children. What is not to like?

    This is not a show for the weak of heart. Make no mistake, it is distrubing as much as it is compelling. There are many gruesome moments. The thing is, there is a whole lot more. Dexter forces its viewers to sit on their couches and question the moral codes that they have been taught. Dexter bears his soul for all to see. The question is, what is it that you see?
  • this is a great show.

    my brother first got into the first season and i just couldnt get into it as i had to watch little clips every now and then because i didnt have the time to watch it properly. but then i finally got the time and was hooked from the start. after the first season i didnt think it could get any better but then when i watched the second season i was amazed that they had come up with another plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. this season has been OK but i do not think it is up to the standard of the first two seasons. however it is interesting now that Migel Prado is dexters true friend and i want to see this develop.
  • This show has disappointed me i was a fan but this season has me looking for something else to watch

    I ordered showtime after watching the first two season on dvd. I was a huge fan from the first few episodes. I was expecting big things from the new cast and the ending of last season. But I have become fairly disappointed. I have ordered the books also hoping that maybe next season the go back and look at the book and try to pick up the action again there really hasn't been much suspense this season. I really hope they pick it up because I would hate to see such a great idea go to waste like this season seems to be making it
  • The fantastically dark tale of a man and his strange urge to kill those who do not deserve to live. However, working as a forensic detective makes it hard to keep his head down and not seem suspicious. But no matter how hard he tries, he needs more blood.

    I have to say: Dexter is magnificent! The story of a serial killer killing murderers I thought is just great because this is a serial killer you can almost relate with. He is different to everybody else; almost an outkast. He is always on his guard to make sure that people never discover 'his monster.'
    But anyway, the review: Dexter's storyline consists of a different story every season. The first season was based around him trying to catch the 'Ice Truck Killer' and the second was based around him trying to escape from the fact that he is the 'Bay Harbour Butcher' and the FBI are now looking for him.
    The characters are all great but the one that really shines is Dexter himself. He is just such a slick and cool character and with a name like Dexter, just makes hime sound even more sinister.
    The opening sequence is fantastic as it points towards murder in many ways, you really need to see it to know what I mean.
    Overall, I would give Dexter a 10/10! Highly recommended!
  • If you haven't seen The Latest Episode And don't want to ruin it SPOILER ALERT!!!

    Well I thought Season 1 was awesome, season 2 awesome! And season 3 had abit of a slow start which was kind-of annoying and I would give it 9.5 but Some episodes this season have been slightly dry and nothing really going on. I am enjoying the whole plot about the ''Skinner'' case and I really have no Idea who it is. My only guess is Quin, but who knows. There's only going to be 5 more episodes (I think) and That fat women who wants Dexter to find the perfect pie?! I can't believe she new!!! That means there's been 2 people who know his secret. But I am interested to see what happens with the whole palm trees thing. And the show is still Superb Which I'm hoping their will be a 4th season because the 4th book is coming out next year!!! And Dexter haters can suck a Pickle :P
  • Can we all just get along

    This season is a big let down !!!
    Why is every one getting a friend this season , dexter gets a friend , his girlfriend rita has a new friend. the LT Maria LaGuerta makes a new friend.
    Angel Batista has a new friend. Deb is getting a new friend. Like are these the same writers that gave us season 1 and 2 . ?
    Because based on season 3 , this show is a dud.
    No suspence , no big plots. Just a bunch of people making friends, , this season is over half way thru , and its been a snore fest
  • Dexter Morgan; Cop, father, serial Killer.

    At first you might say to yourself how can you write a show like this and make it believable. That is what I thought and well I must say that they have delivered. You would not believe the twists and turns that accompany this show in every episode. I have not seen one episode that has disappointed me. The cast is great and the story is too. If you want a great adult cop show that is not you boring crime scene show then this is your new wake up to life. If you have settled for crime scene investigating on other networks then you have truly lost out on the greatest show to ever dawn on our tv sets. Check this out Dexter does not disappoint.
  • Dark, intelligent, and addictive - one of the few shows worth watching these days

    Dexter is a show I purchased on DVD based on only seeing the first episode. It's a riveting story with intelligent and realistic characters, all superbly acted. Dexter himself is such a dark portrait, the kind of person you initially have trouble understanding why nobody had ever clued in to him. And yet as the series progresses his life unfolds through flashback, his memories showing the strides he has made both in overcoming his sociopath tendencies as well as the methods in which he learns to control them. He becomes less of a cold heartless murderer and more a conflicted man who understands the drive behind his unnatural urges. If shows like CSI and Criminal Minds are your flavor, then Dexter is the perfect compliment. It goes inside the mind of the murderer, beyond the crime scene, beyond the crime. It's a compelling, intelligent and very addictive show. This is a must-watch and a must-have for any fan of the crime genre.
  • since the beginning of season 3 dexter is asking questions far beyond the ideological belief. that is not only refreshing, it is important in a time where wars are reproduced, redirected and authorised in the ...

    since the beginning of season 3 dexter is asking questions far beyond the ideological belief. that is not only refreshing, it is important in a time where wars are reproduced, redirected and authorised in the patriotic tradition of former generations. the show is far more than dexter trying to hide who he really is. and in the end, we could really use someone like him, questioning the methods of former generations and shaking things up. but than again there is his law and order politics: keep the streets clean, you might say. so what is it? i really don't know. just that it is exciting as hell...
  • Sympathy for the devil...

    This show is absolutely fabulous!

    Dexter is a lab tech working for Miami PD, spezialized in blood spatter analysis. But that is only his day job... By night he tries to satisfy his urges to kill people. As the show develops, we learn why he has to kill and how he manages to stay under the police's radar.

    Never before was it so easy to feel sympathy for a killer, becaus he is not a bad guy really... This show reveals that there is a very large grey zone in people regarding "good" and "bad". Watch just 2 or 3 episodes and you'll know what I mean.
  • Pivotal

    The pace of the first 4 episodes was a bit slow.
    That changed in episode 5, as Miguel's discovery of Dexter's dark secret opens the doors to some fast paced action going forward.

    It should be truly interesting to watch Miguel aid Dexter and eventually participate in Dexter's rituals, under the name of justice.

    Of course, good things never last, and the series finale will probably end up badly for one of them (hint: It won't be Dexter).

    Character development was much too slow in the few episodes.

    Refreshinghly, the most irrititating of all characters, the Asian Internal Affairs Agent, who is trying to get her to rat on Quinn, was not in the show at all. (She is more irritating than the ever whining Lana Lang in Smallville).

    Quinn has been a fairly unimpressive character so far, but hopefully that will change at some point and he will step up.
    He seems to be involved in the Skinner case, probably as the person who is feeding information to the Skinner himself.

    Miguel's brother has not been much more interesting than Quinn. Expect him to get kicked off the force in a later episode and become a non factor.

    The loss of Lundy, Doakes and Lila has not been made up with the new cast of characters, although Jimmy Smits has done the best. Sadly, his days are probably numbered.

    The skinner bears a resemblance to the Dr. Danko character of the 2nd book, who removed all appendages/extremeties of his victims, including their tongue, leaving them unable to do anything.
    So far, the screen version is a pale imitation of the character in the book.

    I was starting to lose a bit of hope after the first few episodes, especially compared to the last 2 seasons.
    Now, though, it looks like the stage is set for a wild ride the rest of the season.

    Hang on!
  • I love this show, even with the blood splatter!

    I wasn't sure about this show.. hearing it was a serial killer that hunts other serial killers. How weird could it be. But it was just the oposite. I have grown to love this series from the hero who isn't sure who he is or what he is suppose to do other then offing baddies. To his foul mothed sister that sometimes I'm not sure if I would shy away from or ask her to marry me. I will say that I am loving Rita's development and that she continues to be a good balance for Dexter and his dark side. We are now finally underway in the third season and this show still keeps me coming back every Sunday! I watch it before anything else that I have on my DVR!!!!!
  • Dexter is a blood specialist working for Miami Homicide by day and a vigilante serial killer by night bringing judgement to those like him who take innocent lives. Living by a strict code, this monster attempts to hide in sheeps clothing.

    When this first came out it passed under my radar as ... well I don't really now why so let's say it was poorly marketed. When I finally came to watch it I had 2 seasons to take in back to back courtesy of a frend who "showed me the light" and I loved every moment.
    Apart from being an interesting and unconventional program with plenty of dark humour and the spunky yet foul mouthed Deb, nearly every episode is 100% dedicated to the story of Dexter with life or death hanging in the balance for him at the end of each ep (all killer, no filler if you'll pardon the pun).
    What well and truly makes this show for me is Dexter's confused inner monologue, struggling to comprehend the humanity around and within him, the relationships he has somehow forged with those around him, his decisions and their consequences. Dexters acting makes it.
  • Dexter tries to get Miguel to keep his mouth shut about Freebo. Meanwhile Dexter tries to get Rita to say yes to his many failed proposals. An episode that has its lighter moments and it makes it all the more enjoyable.

    Dexter has always been a favourite of mine and this episode is a perfect examp why. This ep is able to balance the drama Dexter goes through every week while all the time keeping it lighter than usual. This ep almost seems like a return to season 1 and pulling out of the darkness of Season 2.

    This week Dexter tries to keep Miguel quiet about the killing of Freebo as Miguel feels that he can confide in his brother, Ramon. Dexter knows that anymore people knowing is just too risky so begins to spend time trying to get Ramon to explode in front of Miguel.

    At the same time Dexter soon realises that it would fit that he should propose to Rita. With the baby on the way it just feels like a nice fit for Dexter but Rita is not so keen on the idea. She wants to marry Dexter out of love not obligation.

    The third story in the ep is Debra's constant pestering by Internal Affairs to rat on her new partner. As Deb begins to learn about him the more she feels unsettled by him.

    The key to this ep being so good is how most of these issues are handled very light heartedly by the writers and the cast. Dexter sets up Ramon by sending in anonymous tips to the police with an excentuated southern accent. All the while he is also learning from a great con artist to learn to fake loving proposal for Rita. This show balances humour with drama seemlessly and I can only hope that this trend continues
  • This season feels flat. No where near as good as the first two. Writers too busy doing re-writes for prime time possibly?

    I have been a die hard fan of Dexter since day one. I must say in all honesty that so far, this season has been disappointing. Are the writers too busy this season doing re-writes for prime time television? I really don't think shows which are created for premium paying customers should even be eligible. The only reason I didn't cancel Showtime was specifically because of Dexter. I think the writers really need to re-focus on what is important. Showtime's die hard fans of Dexter. The first three episodes have lacked the excitement, intensity, anticipation, surprises and even mystery. The first two seasons left one anxious for the next week's episode. Really wish "Angel Batista" would work on word pronunciation. It has been very noticeable this season. Reminds me of "daffy duck" for example; fweebo. Nothing Latin there. Don't care for Debra's new hair style; the long straight look suited her character. Looks as if the writers are even cleaning her up a bit, probably to make it easier for re-writes. Would like the old Debra back. I have a problem with Jimmy Smits on Dexter. He is okay and done well in many shows in the past but I hope he isn't going to be permanent. All in all the show feels flat. Get back to what works.
  • Transitional.

    Some spoilers ahead!

    In my opinion this episode was a lot less exciting and good than the one last week. I don't think anybody thought Dexter wasn't going to be the father of the baby. He would never walk away. So I'm glad the writers didn't take too long to close that. Again, one horrible voice-over line made me shiver.
    "It can't be Freebo. I killed him. But only Miguel and I know that. And we're not at liberty to tell..."
    Why do they keep doing that? We know Dexter killed Freebo. We know they can't tell anybody. I wish they'd stop that 'feeding the audience information' trick, especially in those cheesy VOs. But there were also some good things, otherwise I wouldn't give the episode an 8. The pedophile story was good and Dexter's general attitude towards children added something to his character. The expansion of his code is something he worked on for a while. Now he can 'punish' those who are guilty of a crime (even if they haven't killed anybody) in his own special way. After all, there are more horrible things that can be done to a person than killing him or her.
  • The best show on cable!!

    Dexter is in my opinion the greatest show on tv right now next to Heroes. The first season was absolutly wonderful and edge of your seat show leaving you wanting more at the end of every episode. I knew that there were blood spatted experts that work for forensics but Dexter moves it to a level that the viewer can understand from the good side and the bad. Hes not a bad guy at all down to earth but his deamon inside of him makes me want more and more. This is one of those shows that just gets better and better with each season. With season 3 in the works right now Im hoping that this is only the begining for this searies and hopefuly its one of those 10 or 12 season shows. It definately has the potential for it. I picked up the book and the show does it justice unlike other shows based on books this one hits it on the nose.
  • Finally a show that makes the 'bad guy' a 'good guy', the 'bad guys' as 'badder guys', and the 'good guys' as totally oblivious! In short, absolutely brilliant.

    Ad campaigns for this show had the tag line of "Am I a good person doing bad things, or a bad person doing good things?" - but I'm still trying to understand how the writers are able to make a serial killer so loveable!!

    If you're reading this review to decide upon watching this show or not, firstly I'm honoured, and secondly I highly recomend it. It has the perfect balance of drama and comedy, without the unnecessary gore and violence. Granted, there is violence, but nothing to keep you up at night - unlike 'SAW 2'...

    Dexter is nothing short of brilliance, and a fine example of a show that can last forever!
  • Much better!

    Much better.
    This episode was much better than the season opening. It's back to business again for Dexter. Tracking down and killing Freebo. The moment he stabbed him, we saw the absolute evil again that's still inside Dexter. Very well played.
    The story with Rita was maybe a bit predictable, but still very interesting. Dexter realizes he might even be a good father, but what about the monster? Will his kid become a monster too?
    During the last scene with Prado I was holding my breath in anticipation. How is he going to get out of this one? But he managed it and even gets Prado on his side. Allthough they might best be described as frenemies. And the blood on his shirt! Now I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season.
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