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  • Forensics, mystery, suspense, funny, sex...what more can you ask for?

    Dexter Morgan is a sexy serial killer, but only kills the really bad guys. I love hearing his thoughts, he cracks me up! It took me a while to like his sister Deb, but she grew on me. I've read the books, so the show is quite different from them and I'm glad. Even though I enjoyed the books, the show has it's surprising twists. (Like how Doakes was killed in Season 2). I'm glad they don't have Rita's kids as miniature killers-to-be like they are in the book, that would be bizarre. This is a great show and I consider it one of my faves!
  • U have heard its music, u have seen commercials on it, u are reading this review but u havent still watched it?? What are u waiting? Dexter - The Dark Dreaming Serial-Killer is a show that has all in it.

    Ok so to start off id like to point out that dexter one of my favourite shows. If u like it and ur like me u could probably go and check: PrisonBreak & SuperNatural.

    Plot - 10/10 - Hey guys if uve seen any other story better then the 2 first seasons of Dexter than u probably should pm me. The story is awesome, full of turns and twists that u can hardly predict. It is intense and has a lot of nicely-done drama.

    Acting - 9/10 - I thought id put here a 9 jst because there are so many actors nowadays and id give a 10 only to a few few of them (namely in tv shows only to Jensen Ackles probably). But even if not "movie famous" actors in Dexter are the some of the best u can expect from Tv shows.

    Character - 10/10 - Serial-killer, ex-hooker hot babe sis... do u want more??? Dexter character are absolutely so real they will make u understand every going on of the show. They have minor flows but in general are absolutely 10.

    Music - 10/10 - Thought Id absolutely put this in here. Te te re te re te re te te re te te te te te. Dexter's music is absolutely awesome! It will really make u feel the scenes. It will be so real!

    So what are u waiting. Go and watch Dexter!
  • Dexter Morgan is one of the most complex characters on TV, and that helps to make this one of the most addicting shows on TV.

    As the title suggests, this show centers around the character Dexter Morgan. And it is his character that makes the show such an addicting show to watch. Dexter is a killer, who kills people who have committed terrible crimes. The time that he isn't killing people, he is trying to build a "normal" life for himself. He has a job, ironically working with the police as a blood splatter analysis. He spends time with his sister Debra, his friends from work, and his girlfriend Rita and her kids. In addition to all of this, the series deal with Dexter's struggle to deal with his lack of emotions, along with trying to relate to others' emotions.

    And on top of all that, each season has its own over-arcing story, dealing with a major killer, usually with some kind of connection to Dexter. Each season has several episodes which build up the story, which are great in themselves, but they are ultimately a build up to the final 4 episodes (give or take), which are absolutely amazing.

    The show itself is almost as complex as Dexter, due to its mixture of dark comedy, drama, and some extremely tense moments fused together. I have seen many very addicting shows, but this is one of the most addicting that I've seen.
  • I love Dexter!

    I really cannot say enough great things about this show. I have only seen the first 2 seasons, but let me tell you not a single episode wasn't fantastic. I think the writing is brilliant, its got a wit about it and they do a fantastic job with their sort of quirky anti-hero protagonist, Dexter. This show will have you rooting for a serial killer, now that's excellent writing. Another great thing is that they never lose sight of the larger picture. Every episode will somewhat tie back to the larger story arc which again, fabulous writing. Not only does this show have a great writing team, but the actors are fantastic, and the style in which it's shot is amazing. Do check out this series at once. I was hooked only 10 minutes into episode 1...
  • He's anything but normal.He's fast becoming the family man.On the outside he appears just a nice nerdy type guy.On the inside he has dark deep secrets. His own guilty pleasure is that he loves to kill bad guys& a few good one's along the way on accident

    I have been a fan since day 1. I'm glad they moved the "old shows" to primetime TV BUT if that's all that you've seen of Dexter, I suggest you get Showtime because you're missing out. The show is so cleverly done that it makes us cheer for the "bad guy" when he gets away w/ murder! I'm not too fond of "sister Morgan". I think the character is too overdone. She tries too hard to look tough & it clearly shows in the acting skills. Overall, I Love This Show! I hope it lasts longer than the "average cable series" which are usually around 5 yrs.
  • Dexter, being a simple guy who has a family, friends, a girlfriend, a steady job, and a hobby. All this seems like a normal guy, but he is far from normal. He has lost all abilities to be normal and has began to focus on his hobby, Killing...

    This show is amazing. Its the best show on television as of now. Who would have thought a killer as a protagonist would make a master piece. The serial killer, Dexter, is simple in his strategy just kill other killers. But its all beginning to change as the story is evolving and taking on more. The show evolves as the story goes on. Unlike other shows when either they stick with the past accomplishments or just butchers, no pun intended, the original aspect of the show that made it great. I love the storylines, the characters, the actors, everything about this show is considered great to me.
  • It was fine.

    This episode was a decent bridge. It was fine. Scenes were a little choppy. No inherent dramatic structure to them. The introduction of Lila was great. The end of the Rudy story line, not so good. A little melodramatic for my taste. After all the powerful end of season one, to see Rudy come back and have a heart to heart with Dexter in a church felt icky. And then Rudy leaping up out of the water out of the end? I enjoy Dexter because it avoids the horror cliches. That one was a bit heavy handed. But I'm looking forward to what comes next in the season. Especially with Lila.
  • Dexter Morgan is a seemingly regular guy. He has a girlfriend, a job at Miami Metro as a blood splatter analyst, But just one thing Dexter has an urge, a want, a need to kill ever since he can remember. So he takes it out on Miami's Criminals.

    Finally I am getting around to these reviews that I haven't done in forever.... Anyways Dexter is pretty dark especially if you can't stomach blood. But the character of Dexter is fascinating to watch evolve and just be. All the characters are great in this show even some comic relief from the likes of Masuka (that guy cracks me up!) Angel the damaged good hearted cop, Deb Dexter's foul mouthed fellow cop, Rita Dexter's girlfriend coming out of an abusive marriage with her two children Astor and Cody who adore Dexter, and of course various criminals. Michael C. Hall's performance is brilliant! I can't really find the word's to describe dexter except that it's bloody brilliant!
  • Dexter is an absolutely brilliant show, and is the first show which I have ever truly become addicted to. It is not necessarily head of its time, but a show which i believe IS under appreciated. In quick "summation" then, DEXTER ROCKS!! :P

    Dexter is a show based on the series of novels by Jeff Lindsey, one of which is known as Darkly Dreaming Dexter. It is a show which centres around a man named Dexter Morgan, a man who works for the Miami forensics department as a blood spatter analyst, but who also goes around 'at night' serving his own brand of justice to criminals who have escaped due punishment, as he is a serial killer.
    The slogan when advertising the show is whether Dexter is a good guy doing bad things or a bad guy doing good things, and is in my opinion one the greatest shows ever made!!
  • Takes life. Seriously.

    Dexter is a sociopath working with the police as forensic expert, pretending to be normal during the day and acting as vigilantes during the night (Yes, exactly like a superhero). Adopted at the age of 3 years old by a police officer Henry Morgan. His foster father instilled in Dexter a moral code and taught him to channel his instinct(this is the wicked part of the show in my opinion, the "daddy educational program"). The plot its original and the acting its great, Michael C. Hall does an amazing acting job, playing both the part of serial killer Dexter and acting normal Dexter. About the rest I found the first season too predictable, sincerely I was expecting something more but in the end its a good show.
    All in all I recommend this show, the fan of American Psycho will love it.
  • An exciting new direction.

    This was a very good episode. Just as in the season two premiere, I was a little timid going into this episode. Season one was classic, but season two went way beyond any expectations I had. Dexter's sophomore season may be the best quality television ever. I was not disappointed with this episode at all. It's nearly flawless in every way. There are some great character moments, a setup to a great plot, and a shocking revelation that will leave you quite breathless. Go find the episode. You don't need to wait until the official premiere on Showtime. You won't regret it.
  • Smooth, stealth like, sociopathic, all good words to describe Dexter and that is why I cannot get enough of this "cutting edge" program.

    At first I was rather tentative about giving Dexter a go, you know the whole serial killer thing, but it sure was worth it. After all who can really object to a serial killer who's victims are the "scum of the earth". More interesting than watching Dexter "clean up" society with a scalpel however is watching him interact with the rest of the world as he tries to maintain the secrecy of his hobby. Seeing him fake "normal" human emotions makes for excellent television, no wonder "Dexter" has garnered so many Emmy nomination, the directing is exquisite, the writing eloquent and the acting exceptional. Dexter is one of the most stylish, sexiest and sickest television programs out there and is worth every second of viewing pleasure that each episode masterfully produces.
  • Based on the original book series by author, pen name Jeff Lindsay,whom was already an established playwright,and real name is Jeffry P. Freundlich. He wrote 2 book's 1 in 2004, and another in 2005. Before becoming a show in 2006. 2 more were wrote 07&09.

    Based on the original book series by author, pen name Jeff Lindsay, whom was already an established playwright, and actual name is Jeffry P. Freundlich, Dexter Morgan is serial killer who just so happens to work for the Miami Metro Police Department, as a blood spatter analyst. After the success of his first two books Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004), and Dearly Devoted Dexter (2005), Showtime made Dexter the book, became Dexter the television star. The first season was based directly from the first book, but the second season was not based entirely on the book's plot line, although it did have similar story lines. Dexter was picked up for a third season which will promisingly be another awesome season. Season one gave us the background story of the beloved Dexter charter. Orphaned at three, and then atoped by a Miami police officer Harry Morgan, whom soon noticed the psychopathic idiosyncrasy that little Dexter had. Harry then taught Dexter how to channel his sinister enthusiasm for killing, by directing it to "those who deserve it". Most of which slipped through the cracks of the justices system with loopholes or technicalities, or had never been caught by the police. Dexter is able to "fake" normal human emotions, thanks to the instruction's for his foster father Harry. Dexter kills only if all things meet the "Code of Harry", which is Dexter's victims can only have killed numerous times before, and had no remorse for the killings, and Dexter must have proof that they are killers. We meet Dexter's girlfriend Rita Bennett, and he two young children. Rita is psychologically damaged from an abusive ex-husband, a violent felon, and too distraught to want sex.Which is good for Dexter because all of his other ex girlfriends discovery, pot sex, that Dexter is unable to fake emotionally closeness, and is the cause of his past relationship end. He does truly care about Rita, and her two children. The first season focuses on "The Ice Truck Killer", and serial killer who is communicating to Dexter by crime scenes. Dexter's atoped sister Debra starts to date Rudy, who is reveled to the audience to be the notorious Ice Truck Killer. Rudy had plans to kill Debra, but Dexter was able to discover Rudy for being the Ice Truck Killer, and save her. But no before Rudy throw Dexter, and the viewing audience for a loop, but revealing to Dexter that he is his brother. Dexter though has to kill Rudy do to the "Code of Harry", and makes Rudy's death look like suicide. Another police officer named Doakes senses the bond between Dexter and the Ice Truck killer, and begins tailing Dexter. Dexter also sets up Rita's ex-husband for a parole violation. Rita's ex then sends her a clue to point Rita to the truth about Dexter. Season on end with Debra walking into a crime scene, and Dexter daydreaming about a tickertay parade honoring him for "taking out the garbage" meaning killing those who pray on the weak. Season two begins with Dexter unable to satisfy his urges for over a month, due to the constant surveillance by Sgt. Doakes. When the opportunity to kill arises, he has problems executing his victims. To make matters worse underwater divers discovery Dexter dumping ground for his victims. And as the police pull body after body after body, the media dubs Dexter the "Bay Harbor Butcher",and FBI Special Agent Lundy is brought in to catch the killer. People then start to get behind Dexter after learning that all the victims were killers themselves. Dexter even learns that there is a comic book charter "The Dark Defender" created in his honor. Rita and Dexter's relationship become even more tense when Rita and he children find out that Paul (Rita's ex-husband) has been killed in jail, while in a prison fight. Rita then accuses Dexter of setting Paul up, and Dexter then tell's her that he did in fact set Paul up, but only to protect her. She then accuses Dexter of being a Heroin addict, and vows to stand by his side as he goes to Narcotics Anonymous program. He does not try to dispute the accusation.Doakes pursues Dexter until he spots him at a NA meeting, and his first assumption is likewise that Dexter's devious behavior is drug-related. Debra continues to have trauma because of The Ice Truck killer, and stays with Dexter. Another source of stress in his already stressful life. New cast members for this season include Jaime Murray as Lila, a former meth addict, pyromaniac and artist who becomes Dexter's sponsor and later on his lover. Doakes then returns to his suspicions about Dexter until he find glass slides in Dexter's air conditioning, the contain blood from all of Dexters victims. After treating Dexter to expose him od the "Butcher" Dexter over powers him, and then locks him in a cage in a cabin. Lila later sets the cabin on fire,a nd it explodes killing Doakes, and destroying one of Dexters victims body. Lila does this in hopes Dexter will now love her, for knowing his secret. Dexter does not return the love, and prepares to kill Lila. Once Lila find out Dexters plan she plans on killing Dexter and Rita's two young children. Dexter was able to save them, and Lila got away, and went to Paris. Dexter was able to frame Doakes as the "Butcher" and only a few people went to his funeral. Doakes former partner Lieutenant LaGuerta, Dexter, and Doakes family. Lieutenant LaGuerta takes proof to FBI Special Agent Lundy that Dexter not Doakes is the "Butcher". Lundy does not accept the proof because it is tainted, although Lundy is starting to believe that Dexter maybe the "Butcher". Expressing the logic of Dexter's mental world, the final words in the series are a voice-over of his thoughts on the recent events. We hear that he now considers himself the master of the techniques his father taught him. Dexter believes this combined with the fact that Harry knew himself to be wrong about the code gives Dexter the right to rewrite that code and to live his life the way he wishes. He also states that he now needs those relationships that he originally cultivated as disguises in order to fit into society, even though they make him vulnerable. He considers himself "An idea transcended into life". On February 17, 2008 Dexter premiered on CBS as and edited version. Although there was much conservancy about the show coming on basic cable channels most audience members were satisfied with the show, and the story lines. Season three of Dexter will premiere on showtime on September 28, 2008
  • The best show I've ever seen.

    This show has managed to top all my favorite shows. And it has managed to stay at the top longer then any other show.

    I will tell you that the first 4 episodes are hard to get into. After that though you can't help but love the show.

    I find myself looking forward to this shows new season more then any other show. While shows like LOST are struggling Dexter makes being an amazing show look so easy. Your love for the serial killer isn't forced. It just comes naturally. Another awesome part is sometimes you get mad at the main character. And begin seeing him as the villain. But Dexter always manages his way back into your favor.

    Great show. The best show I've ever seen.
  • Best show on TV

    I love this show. It is awesome. Great acting....A twisted, sadistic character that you can't help but LOVE!!!!I TIVO it just so, I can watch the episodes back to back. You can't wait a whole week...every episode leaves you hangin'. Great characters...great plots...great story lines. A show definately worth seeing. You will become addicted after your first episode.Awesome Awesome Awesome. Dexter rocks..his sister is a psycho in her own right. An awesome frienship among the police force. I love everything about the show. I can't wait for the new season. It gets better every season. Watch this show. Again, Awesome. Great.
  • not like anything yo have seen on tv

    who would thought that people would like a show about a serial killer ? well if the show has such amazing actors ( mch ) awesome writers and a sense of excitment and even film noir feeling in every episode the answer would be yes .
    now i am adicted to this show i am hoocked this is most likeley the best show currtentley on tv to bad we get so short seasons but thats live . i recomend it to anybody who likes a smart show and with a bit of sense of humor if you get past the whole " the lead character is a serial killer " thing than you will love it.
  • Dexter is a blood-spatter specialist by day, and serial-killer/vigilante by night.

    This is a wonderful and extremely original show. I have never missed an episode and am so interested in the third season. The entire plot of the show captivates me and invites me to watch more and more. The show is unique and the characters have great compatibility. I always want to know what will happen next or if Dexter will take a complete turn to the "dark side." The show makes me think of myself (not in the way of a serial killer) and who I really am. Dexter has to battle with his true identity. Is he good or evil? Maybe both? Either way it is a great show to watch.
  • totally original, brilliant ,like no other

    when i first read about Dexter i thought "this looks like one of the stupid cheap shows". but i watched the first episode it was interesting then in got better every episode, it just kept me out off my feat!i never saw a show like this very good acting the story is interesting . Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department, he has a good life a sister she ,works at the same Department.a girlfriend she divorced her husband and got 2 Kids who loves Dexter , he loves also loves them ,he loves he's job , a man with a normal life right? just a little secret no-one knows about, he got another night job (not the job you have in mind) he works as professional killer not just any killer he got a code instilled in him by his late father.
    he can only kill the people who have escaped justice no matter what he have to do.
  • dexter tells the story of blood splater analyis dexter morgan whome hides the dark secret of being a serial killer that seeks out justice by killing the unjust.

    even though i only started watching dexter after season one and from the first episode of season two,that first episode(thanks to the last season recap)was all it took to have me hooked!from the complex yet lovelble characters to the teeth clinching twist and episode plots to the morbidly hillarious piont of view naration of dexter himself this show will have you laughing,gasping and if squimesh turning your head ready to vomit!(it's not really gory but the clever antidotes of dexter slaying his victums are enough to give way to your imagination as to what might it look favorite part of dexter is how the show begins with a brillant and hummorous montage of dexter's daily mourning routine of getting up and ready to start a new day all with clever imagrey of dexter doing seemingly normal things such as shaving,making breakfast,taking a shower and flossing and even tying his shoe laces all while normal in appearence give a grim and funny comparasin in to how one might end a persons life.michael c. hall has brillantly given life to a character that people might other wise find inumane or even evil by making the character more human then any average person on the street.all though based on a set of novels(only three have been writen thus which explains my score)hopefully dexter will continue on to be as clever and darkly funny as it was when the show first started.
  • Good show with a lot of hidden twists

    Overall, a good quality show. How would have thought that a serial killer who works with the police and only hunts serial killers.. An excellent concept and the story line is very good. It took me a few episodes to get into the story (the blood was a little too much in the beginning) but surprisingly you get into the show and you actually understand what Dexter is doing. You do not feel bad for the ones he kills. Second 2 was OK but by far, Season 1 is the best and should be watched. Overall, I would recommend watching them together since some of the characters' stories flow over more than one episode. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who likes crime dramas and drama.
  • This show is amazing to watch, it has originality, dark humour , great stories and of course a lot of violence!

    I loved the concept of the show before I had even seen it, and I'm so glad it ended up living up to my expectations! This show is amazing to watch, it has originality, dark humour , great stories and of course a lot of violence!! I've read the books, and actually prefer the series, mostly because of Michael C. Hall. To me, Michael C. Hall is Dexter - down to his small mannerisms, the dead-pan remarks he makes & all the stuff in between. Dexter as a character is brilliant, the way he fakes humanity, tries to blend in with everyone is explained and shown in such an amazing way. Dexter follows a code, only killing those who deserve it - but that doesn't make him the good guy... Part of what makes him such an interesting character is the fact that he tries to follow the code; but a lot of the time you don't know why - because he shows such contempt for most people (With a few exceptions, Rita, Deb etc) and Harry (who gave him the code) ends up being less than trustworthy. You'd think with such an amazing main character the other characters would suffer - but that's not so (in my opinion). You have other characters to balance out Dexter's emotionally stunted behaviours, there's Rita (Julie Benz) - who manages to stand out even opposite a character like Dexter, and you can't help but feel sorry for her character. Angel & Masuka bring a much lighter comedic element to the show (just to make sure it's not all doom and gloom!) and Doakes is a kick-arse cop that knows something isn't right about Dexter. The dynamic between all these characters just makes the show awesome to watch, then throw in the storylines (both small, ie: Dexter's kills, and large, ie: The Ice Truck Killer) - and it makes it one of my favourite shows. This isn't light hearted and easy watching, but it's worth watching, it's dark, smart, funny & entertaining. One of the best shows on at the moment!
  • I came in in the last minute on April 27th. It was, apparently, an episode that depicts Dexter's entire justification of his psychological state by showing the brutal, chainsaw death of his mother before his eyes. This was the most wretched viewing ever

    I do not watch husband does. To make this brief, I was in another room, the last minute of Dexter was on, and, I happened to walk through the room. The date of this episode, which, please forgive, I don't have the name, was April 27th. In approximately 60 seconds or less, I viewed the following deplorable experience. Dexter as a 4-6 ish year old child, with blood spatters all over his shirt. He was sitting. Since there was blood all over and a man with a chain saw, I gathered that body parts were previously removed from the mother (hence the earlier screaming as I was on the computer in a close proximity room.) At the point I came in, last 60 seconds, the young boy was sitting, blood on his clothes. The next shot was of his mother kneeling, sitting on her heels, hands tied. Since I had heard the previous screaming I knew that there was obviously damage to the mother via chain saw. The child was shown, seemingly distraught. Then, the next shot was of the mother. Now, this is it....the mother, accepting total defeat, knowing that she was about to be cut into pieces, was able to calm her own fear of death, look at her son and tell him to simply "close your eyes." Over and over, "close your eyes." With a calming, warm, collected face, "close your eyes." Her concern was not about herself, but about the fear of her son witnessing the brutal death she was about to encounter. The boy's face in complete emotional confusion was beyond words. And, by the way, when these young kids are starring in these roles, I just have to imagine. Did they just throw Kool Aid on his shirt and tell him to act sad???? Sorry, my child will never participate. From that 60 seconds, I could not sleep all night. That was the most disturbing "anything" I've ever seen. I'm not a strange, left wing religious person whatsoever....but, what I am is a mother of 2 and I am extemely over media pushing their stories to the utmost limits. Okay, it didn't show the mom's arm being severed....but, you knew when it was happening, didn't you???!!!! And you had the visual of the young boy watching it happen! THAT'S PRETTY SICK!!! It's the psychological impact that these story lines have that should be rated beyond "X". On a different note, this show has COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED any person who has had a traumatic experience in childhood to feel like it's "okay" to feel revenge, in any way. What kind of doors have been opened? And we wonder why, "oh my gosh," why are are children behaving so violently? Take a look at what you watch on TV and ask yourself that question later. YOU'RE WATCHING IT!!!!!!!!! And the scary part is that it's enjoyed??!!??
  • An original, bloody yet captivating concept. Plus an excellent show!

    When I first heard about Dexter I was incredibly intrigued by what I viewed as one of the most original concepts for a show I've heard in a while. A psychopathic serial killer, who kills those who deserve it. I admit, once I got round to finally watching the show, I found it a little too 'full-on' with all the blood and the swearing of which not all was necessary. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm partial to a bit of swearing myself and I do love my gory forensic dramas. I just felt the show was perhaps trying too hard to be controversial, to stand out – when in reality it didn't have to. At first this put me off the show but I slowly settled into enjoying the finer aspects.

    Negatives aside, I really grew to love the show towards the end of season one. The main story arch was brilliant; I absolutely love the way the ice truck killer and Dexter played games with each other. And although I saw some of the twists coming, some were also surprising and unexpected. The show, over its twelve-episode first season, does a great job at motoring along at just the right pace to keep the viewer interested, throwing the right amount of twists and turns. I wasn't hooked to begin with, far from it infact, but in the last three episodes – where it really mattered – I found myself on the edge of my seat!

    One of the best reasons to watch Dexter is the main character himself. Its hard to see how a psychopathic serial killer can be so likeable but yet the show somehow manages it. Dexter's struggled to interact and understand people is one of the main journeys he goes on as a character. It's a journey which I found incredibly fascinating and wonderfully acted by Michael .C Hall. Rita, Dexter's girlfriend, is also an absorbing and likeable character. Her personal journey in season one is as interesting and enjoyable as the main arch; something which is often rare in shows. Julie Benz does an amazing job playing such a great character, for Buffy fan I've found it surprisingly easy to accept Benz as a nervous, damaged mother. One of my main criticisms of the show is of the other supporting characters. Beyond Dexter, Rita and also Angel – the show has a lack of likeable characters. In fact, the rest of the characters are, for the most part, just plain annoying. Debra Morgan, Dexter's sister, is annoying throughout the entire series – it's difficult to tell whether this is intentional by the writers or not. Lt LaGuerta and Sgt Doakes are also two characters with little to like about them. Despite this criticism I really do love Dexter. It's a smart show with interesting and enjoyable storylines. No TV show is perfect, so despite the lack of a strong supporting cast, this is made up for by an outstanding main character in Dexter. It isn't a show I will watch over and over again, but it is one I will continue to watch and hopefully, enjoy. I'd definitely recommend this show to anyone who is looking for something a bit different and less generic. Overall, a great show!
  • W.O.W

    Dexter is the brilliant story of a serial killer who works for the police, who only kills people who deserve it. The story is very original, and is driven by some fantastic performances by the actors, especially Michael C. Hall in the lead role. The first season managed to grab me right from the get-go, and it didnt let up until the dying seconds of the finale. I know its wrong, but you just can't help but like Dexter, and sometimes even feel like you can connect with him, despite the fact that hes a killer. Definitely my new favourite TV show, and one that everybody should watch, although not recommended for the faint of heart, because there can be a fair amount of blood and violence in each episode (but what do you expect from a tv show with a serial killer as its main character?)
  • A killer serial about a serial killer, killing serial killers. Who would have thought this concept would be so ingrossing

    I think one of the reasons this show is so addictive is that there is a little bit of Dexter in most of us. He's that part of us that feels he doesn't fit in and craves acceptance. He's also the part of us that craves justice, that wishes child molesters could be castrated, that bullies could be subjected to their own treatments and criminals that hurt other be hurt themselves.

    The show is also constantly surprising us, we rarely are able to predict what will happen next. Just when we think it is going in one direction it takes a sharp left turn and keeps us on our toes.

    Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Violence is always entertaining but add an incredible plot around it and the show is excellent.

    This has to be the best new show that I've seen in a long time. Dexter is a terrific series that crosses the line between good and evil, and the irony of a serial killer going after serial killers is a terrific concept for the show. I love the dark humour and the progression of Dexter's character as he fakes humanity.

    The ice truck killer is a great villain, especially since Dexter's technically not a hero either, and the plot of the show as the cops hunt for killers while Dexter tries to hide in plain sight is very clever, witty and at times quite dark. Very few shows can have you rooting for the bad guy, but Dexter is a character that makes you hope he succeeds in killing another victim.

    Whether it's the flashbacks to what made Dexter what he is today, the cops and killers and Dexter's view of them, or the suspicions arising around the police force, Dexter is an incredible show and one of my new favourites.
  • This show is fantastic. Very quirky, keeps you on the edge of your seat at the end of most episodes. And you genuinely hope Dexter the serial killer blood spatter analysist doesn't get caught!

    This show is brilliant and superbly cast. Could not think of a better man to play the lead role. I have read 2 of the books so far, started the 3rd and am half way through watching the 2nd series of the show. A lot of television adaptations let their predecessor novels down hugely. But I find I am captured by both book and show. Although a lot of the story-lines are different in the show to that of the books, and different cliff hangers, everything is still done with the same style as the novel. And so I find that I am gripped immensely by both, impatient to find out more.

    Dexter's character is fantastic. The use of internal monologues works really well and is another way that they maintain the feel of the books, and it's really great to watch his character develop.
    The use of flashbacks is again taken from the book, and is helpful and well fitted into the show, unlike some shows where the transitions can jar.

    All in all a great show, whether you're watching is as a stand alone television series, or after reading the books.
    Can't wait to see how it pans out!
  • This show is as close to perfection as you get. Its fresh, captivating and sometimes disturbing. Both the persistent storyline and the episodic stories are intriguing and superbly written. The characters are all played to perfection by the cast.

    There is no other show like Dexter. It's groundbreaking, riveting, and totally addictive. The storyline is written to perfection. Who could possibly have you not only empathize with a serial killer - but actually begin to understand and even justify his actions?

    I have to admit, I watched the first episode a year earlier and didn't much care for the premise. But after the hype i heard I gave the first few episodes another try - and i was hooked.

    The first person voiceover puts us right inside Dexters mind, causing you to think like he thinks - fear what he fears. And while the series begins by explaining that he's a monster with no emotion or code of ethics of his own (only that of his fathers - which he follows religiously) it proceeds to defy that definition of Dexter and develop him into something else - sometimes a worse type of person - but often into something more human - to the point of actually loving someone for real. There doesn't seem to be a single character that is out of place or unnecessary. All of the cast have made their characters their own and play them great. Even ones you hate - like Doakes and Lila - are superbly written and acted. And the character development - making us eventually empathize with Doakes or second guess Harry - is fantastic.

    All in all, this is the type of show that comes around once a decade or so - revolutionizes television - and redefines how we view even the most seemingly obvious type of person.
  • Nothing like a serial killer who kills serial killers... brilliant!

    The previews for Dexter during Showtime's annual free weekend on DirectTV were intriguing and made us want to watch. We watched a couple of the episodes on Showtime and then waited for the rest to come out on DVD. It's definitely worth the wait. Now we can't wait for Season Two! Overall, the show is well written and well acted. There are a few characters I wouldn't mind getting rid of. Dexter's sister, Debra Morgan; his co-worker, Sgt. Doakes; and his former boss, Lt. Laguerta could be written off the show and it would be wonderful! Dexter isn't for the squeamish or faint of heart. I recommend watching only an episode or two every few days. It's very intense and stays with you.
  • When it doesn't make me want to throw up, Dexter really makes me think.

    Dexter asks the deep psychological questions that no other TV series dears to even bring up. It's almost always the good guy and the bad guy - that's what lies at the foot of any plot-line. Dexter totally blurs that line by forcing us to stop throwing all criminals into the "outcast" bin and to ask ourselves what makes them tick. It also illustrates the many sides of Dexter, showing that he is a human being, one that has been hurt and turned into a monster.

    Finally, this series gets a higher score for being exceptionally funny. Looking at the TV, "I want them to catch him and hurt him", Dexter's girlfriend says, and then she says "have a good day Dex", Dexter's monologue responds "make up your mind!"
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