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  • Murderer

    Theres a killer he is real

    He killed my daughter.

    He watched Dexter.

    He is a cop.

    There was no blood or saliva on his duty weapon. A bloody clothing with bullet hole was on a daybed above the dead victim.

    Watching Dexter helped him commit a murder. She was shot through her mouth. 2 witnesses heard her screams and the gunshots.
  • Awful, so many corny lines

    I can't figure out why this show has high ratings. Every time the audience can hear Dexter's thoughts I cringe. They're so corny. It's ridiculous. Not only the thoughts but half the dialogue is just as bad. My boyfriend and I watch this show because we like the killer type mystery aspects, and we see the rest as a comedy. Every fucking word is a joke. How do you idiots eat this cow shit up
  • Deb is so fucking annoying!!!

    Deb is so self centered its annoying af she acts like a bad ass but the second things dont go her way she crys like a lil baby bit**. Actin like the worId and everybody owes her something. I mean seriously who thought it was a good idea to make her character such a hypocritical lil ***? Shes constantly crying about her shitty life that she created for herself. I mean seriously get tf over yourself. Honestly this tv series would be so much better without her. Or better yet it woulda been awesome if dexter and brian woulda killed her when she was wrapped up on that table. Maybe then someone would actually feel sorry for her pathetic ass.
  • Deb's bullshit....

    I have never liked Deb, she asks like a dude. Always crying and jumpy . Just plain pain in the ass
  • Conflicted

    So far I've seen the first season and started on the second and I feel strongly conflicted about it. On the one hand the show is entertaining and well written on the other it seems to be trying to justify the acts of a mass murderer. Dexter is a psychopath with an irresistible compulsion to kill and dismember people but he is very picky about his victims. He will only kill other serial killers. It seems that all of his victims have three or four kills under their belts. He's kind of like Batman with a chainsaw. The show seems to want us to empathize with this reptile. At times he kills murderers to save their future victims, so you could say that he has saved countless . Oh yeah, really shitty things happened to him as a child, like the time he saw his mom murdered with a chainsaw and then his foster father fucked with his mind all the time. I think I would be less conflicted if the show presented Dex as more of a hypocrite, someone who murders random people then has to come up with some bullshit reasons to justify the mayhem. I also think it would be really cool if we got to watch while he dismembers the bodies. Oh well, the show ran for about nine seasons, maybe some of that will be in an upcoming episode.
  • Great show just hated the rita person.

    Rita was so annoying and self centered. I would have loved to see her killed much sooner, like season 1 for example.
  • remember the monster

    overall really nice show..
  • Brilliant writing, intelligent TV

    This show is brilliantly plotted, acted and written. Yeah!!! finally some intelligent TV.
  • I didn't realize how much I dislike Dexter's sister and wife

    I didn't realize while I watch the series Dexter when it aired on TV how much I really dislike Dexter sister end his fiance / wife they are the two most self centered characters I seen any shows for a while I've been watching it on Netflix for the past week enjoy the s*** out of it but like I said I realized what self centered b*** these two women really are I'm just saying also I did not realize that Dexter in real life is actually married to his sister hahaha or was for 4 years
  • Amazing show but...

    Show is absolutely amazing!! One problem... NO ONE EVER SHAKES THE FREAKING ORANGE JUICE!!!!!
  • Outstanding!!!!!

    Dexter is the finest television series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is impossible to create something more beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It was normal !

    It was normal ...

    Not too good, not too bad!

    Just for once it was good to see!!

  • Brilliant, Entertaining Show!!!!!

    I love this show. I never watched it while it was airing, but I caught it on Netflix. Here are my personal ratings for each season:

    Season 1: 8/10 - Gave the show a strong start. Not a season that made me go DAMN but I still enjoyed it enough to go on to the next season.

    Season 2: 10/10 - This season was outstanding. I enjoyed seeing Doakes on Dexter's ass 24/7, and that crazy mental arsonist lady. It was filled with plenty of action and excitement. Flawless season.

    Season 3: 8/10- Pretty decent season. Miguel was an okay character. I liked seeing how a normal, law-involved person evolved into a murderer.

    Season 4: 9/10- Great season. The Trinity Killer was probably one of the best villains on Dexter. This season probably would have gotten a perfect 10 rating from me if Rita hadn't gotten killed. Nevertheless, though, it was still a great season.

    Season 5: 6/10 - Probably my least favorite season of Dexter. Lumin was a dull, messy character that probably shouldn't have gotten as much TV time as she did. Still was an okay season though.

    Season 6: 7.5/10 - Another okay season. Travis was a pretty good villain. The season ended on a high note, when Debra walked in on Dexter killing Travis.

    Season 7: 10/10 - Another flawless season. I liked how LaGuerta began reopening previous cases like the Bay Harbor Butcher after she found those blood slides Dexter so messily left behind in the church. The new character, Hannah, was a likable one as well. The main villains were on point.

    Season 8: 8/10 - For the most part, the season was great. The series finale, however, was definitely not all that good. Debra and Dexter's parting scene was emotional nonetheless, but the ending of the episode left many questions unanswered and seemed like it was rushed.

    I was wondering how many STAGES OF LOVE there were. Eight was the answer. Dexter's gave the perfect love to his Love and his . DEXTER took the viewer each 12 shows through a Stage of Love as seen by Dexter.

  • A great tv series

    I just watched the last episode and I can say that Daxter become one of my favorite tv series. If you didn't watch this amazing tv show I highly suggested to give it a try, you will not let down.

    It's a disturbing, exciting, sad, dramatic, full of action tale, that look directly inside the dark side of human nature.

    A lot of people were disappointed with the end but I like it, a great TV show until the end and I'll sure miss it.
  • Psychopathy the Next Step in Human Evolution

    I have to say i was very disappointed that Dexter ended, and that it did so on a decidedly sour note.

    WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!! That Deborah Morgan was killed off in the final episode was a terrible misstep on the part of the writers and producers because, contrary to what many have said about a "waning" series, the show was actually just getting started.

    I watched the entire series marathon style, over the course of a month without commercial interruption. In my mind, it grew in depth, scope and possibilities as one serial killer after the next was introduced [to one another] - with varying results, and to the astonishment of Deborah Morgan, which added tremendous dimension to the series.

    There were times i found myself laughing out loud when she would walk into a room and see a group of psychopaths just hanging out!

    it was hysterical! That's when the show really got started. There i was for cold-blooded killers. The show was very successful at drawing you in to the depravity of the "lifestyle" by divining a code of justice that lent legitimacy against the ineptitude and/ corruption of the police and legal justice system. Dr. Vogel was also instrumental in her role as facilitator, referring to psychopaths as apex predators, critical to the perpetuity of the human species. Brilliant!

    Throughout all of this, though, Debra Morgan took the lion's share of the body blows, episode after episode in what I have to say was one of the best supporting roles i have even seen in television. Without her, the show would certainly have to die as she was the glue that held all of it together -- foil to the depravity, occasional comic relief against the endless chaos and tension. I've read that she just got sick of the role, that it was played out, but i would counter that it was just getting started.

    If i were to script a sequel, I would have Dexter experience a psychotic break after Deborah told him He would then inject himself, fall unconscious, and dream her demise. We would then start season 9 with Deborah back in the saddle with Miami homicide, and Dexter living in Argentina until, for whatever reason, something compels him to return to Miami with his family, and a new world order of psychopaths [under the code] is created. Of course, I would have to figure out a way to get Hannah back into the country, but give me five minutes.

  • Disturbingly Awesome!


    Dexter, a monster born in blood with little to no remorse for human life because he lacks the complexities of human emotion. What makes Dexter fascinating, creepy, and charming is that he is a serial killer with a conscious, a killer's code that allows him to punish evil do-ers to protect the innocent. We question our own morality (sanity?) by rooting for this deeply disturbed person. It is Michael C. Hall's ability to transform Dexter into a lovable and relate-able human being that keeps me watching.

  • Dexter rocks!

    I don't know if Hall is healthy enough, but they could bring back Dexter and Angel, throw in guest-villains as good as Smits and Lithgow, and I'd be riveted to the TV for another 8 seasons.
  • The Last Season drop the show from an 8 to a 6

    Plenty of people will tell you that the show starting dropping after the 2nd or 3rd season. I will disagree and say that except for maybe a bad (but not awful) season the show remained in top form until the final season when it went off the rails so much that it nearly ruined the show for me. Despite what writers and show runners think being clever does not make for a good ending sometimes writing to a predictable end is a good way to end a series. This was a 8 bordering on a 9 until the final season which dropped it to a 6.
  • All in All Great

    Just finished watching it all, and I can say I am very satisfied with the way it ended.
  • Great at times, but uneven on the whole.

    Well, where should I start from? I just finished the 7th season of Dexter and I' m waiting for the 8th and probably final season. Looking at the whole series from the beginning, I can say that I very much enjoyed the ride, despite the many inconsistencies along the way. For me, seasons 1 and 4 were the best of the series until now. Season 1 introduced us to the unique character of Dexter and we learned a lot about his past, his brother being the major antagonist, and season 4 had maybe the best antagonist of the whole series (the Trinity killer) and surely the best finale. That finale really was a major turn point for the series because until then, Dexter didn't suffer any loss of any kind and the death of Rita was a big blow for him. Until then, he was able to bypass ridiculous situations (season 2 anyone?) with hardly any damage. The show really needed to up the stakes and show that Dexter isn't invincible. Season 2 had its moments but the end was unbelievably convenient. Season 3 was really exciting for me at first, but from one point on, it was a bit boring. The episode where we led to believe that Dexter was kidnapped by the Skinner and it turned out that it was just a prank for his bachelor party was a big turn-off and the finale was even worse. Season 5 was a level lower than the usual Dexter standards until that time but it was solid. What upset me in the end was the departure of Lumen, which felt forced to me. Season 6 is a series low for me, I really didn't like it, I think that Travis Marshall was a lame bad guy and the faith theme wasn't very appropriate for a series like Dexter. Also, I REALLY didn't like the twist of Debra being in love with Dexter (we have Game of Thrones for that shit). The ending of Season 6 of course opened a lot of doors for the series' storyline and i think it should have happened sooner. Season 7 was the best delivery of Dexter since Season 4, the involvement of Debra in Dexter' s crimes was really captivating to watch and the character of Yvonne Strahovsky was a major plus. Another problem that I had with Dexter since the beginning was the side characters. Well to say it frankly, some of them are utterly boring: prime example is Masuka who is just there for comic relief and he doesn't succeed even in that (the series in general isn't so good when it comes to jokes, most of them being bad and making me uncomfortable). Quinn is another problematic character, especially in season 6, where the writers turned him into a man-whore for no reason at all. LaGuerta was also very unlikeable from the beginning but I guess that was the intention. Now that I said all the bad stuff, let me put a good word about Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter that really carry the series and had amazing scenes together in the last season. Well, looking forward now to Season 8, hoping it will conclude the series in the best (and maybe bloodiest?) way possible!


    So, Season 8 huh? Firstly, I should say that when it comes to last seasons and especially finales, I don't think that they carry the significance that we give them and they shouldn't ruin the whole show for us, especially if that show had delivered excellent seasons until that point. That being said, Season 8 probably ruined Dexter for me and when I 'll look back at that show in the future, the bad memories will outweigh the good ones. It's like the writers took every drawback of the show (listed above), magnified it by a thousand and came up with Season 8. Stupid (and i mean really STUPID) plot points and plot holes (from Debra trying to kill Dexter and then immediately saving him, Hannah drugging Dexter and Debra for no reason AT ALL and then avoiding Dexter (!), Hannah killing her husband and NO ONE on the boat noticing anything weird, Hannah visiting a hospital with Harrison and checking in with her name and Debra's address (!) (not to mention her numerous public appearances) to Dexter submitting euthanasia to her sister and then leaving with the body (I mean, WTF?)), idiotic dialog (Batista's line about Dexter being like a 'pig in the shit' on his first day on the job was SO moving) and of course a story without focus that tried to put everything in the mix (Dexter and Debra, Dexter and Vogel, Dexter having an apprentice (again), Dexter and Hannah and so on), made this season so unbearable that in the end I didn't even care about Debra's annoyingly stupid death (A blood clot? Really?). So, goodbye Dexter and good riddance as far as I am concerned...
  • Rapid Decline

    Dexter started out as the most amazing television show on air. Seasons 1,3,4 were incredibly and 2 wasn't far behind. If the last thirty seconds of season 4 showed anything but the death of Rita it would have continued to be amazing. Rita was a fantastic character and she made Dexter human, while also exhibiting his lack of emotion. Hannah and Lumen simply couldn't compare to Julie Benz's portrayal of Rita. When Rita died Dexter became basically a full-time killer. Subplots suffered from it. John Lithgow made season 4 incredible, but his character's actions made the seasons to come almost unwatchable. If it had ended at season 4, it would've been a 10 star rating from me.
  • It Pains Me...

    I hate to give this a simply "good" rating considering what it once was.

    It's unfortunate, the first two seasons were extraordinary. The characters, the plots, the episodes themselves, all amazing! Up there with the best television shows I've ever seen. Although the third season was slightly weaker than the two before it, it was still very good, and the fourth season climbed up to the quality of the initial two, and the fifth season was also very good.

    The shows main weaknesses were evident during the sixth season, which was loaded with boring characterization and major plot holes. Aside from a decent resurgence of quality in the seventh season, the eight was just awful. The finale was detrimental to the series, and will go down forever in history as one of the worst series finales of all time.

    I have a hard time recommending this guess I say watch it, and suffer through the latter seasons. The early seasons are topnotch.
  • Remember when this was such a good show?

    One of the best shows ever 3 of the first 4 seasons it was on. Leila was a little weak S2 but Doakes more than made up for it. Didn't really like the Jimmy Smits story line but thru the first 3 seasons I was often on the edge of my seat. S4 and John LITHGOW more than made up for it and that finish with Rita in the tub. WOW!

    Sadly like a lot of successful shows the writers lost their mojo and have been mailing it in since. Some highlights from S5 to current but not even a fraction of the quality the earlier seasons brought. Maybe they'll surprise me and have a quality finish. 4 years ago I would have believed that, now not so optimistic.

    S1- 10//S4- 10//S2 9.0//S7 8.0//S8 7.0//S6 7.0//S3 6.5//S5 2.0 (there must have been some highlight that terrible Julia stiles season, I just can't recall it, otherwise it'd get a zero. A self help guru as serial killer? LOL) *After watching the craptastical S8 and equally underwhelming series finale I had to drop the overall score I gave the show. Really this is 2 shows, the one with Clyde Phillips running it, S1-4 and the one with Scott Buck 6-8, (some other clown ran the mess of S5) S1-4 are 9+, 5-8 a hell of a lot lower than that!

  • Dexter: The End Has Begun

    I just found this podcast on itunes called Dexter: The End Has Begun. It's the most original and creative podcast I have listened to. It's right up there with the AfterBuzz TV stuff. If you want to re-live the last season of Dexter this would be a great way to do it. The Serial Killer Joke of the Day and Floridians Esta Locco segments are hilarious! Trust Me. Let's all hope for a great finale. Bye bye Dex!!!
  • Jeff Lindsay on What a Serial Killer Reads

    Hi Dexter Fans, got Dexter author Lindsay to share what the blood-spatter analyst-by-day/serial-killing vigilante-by-night reads for inspiration. You can check out Dexter's reading list here:
  • Did I miss something?

    WHY???WHY?? Did that Federal Marshall release that monster? Didn't he know he was wanted? Didn't he see any of the new broadcasts?????
  • my wishes for dexter season End

    Hi ! dexter fans im mohammed a big Dex fan and I want to Share my wishes For the End Of dexter

    8 years Of my life with have passed I was watching dexter and it The end I was waiting

    When I say I've been disappointed I'm addressing a few .

    and I've crossed the stage of feeling disappointed With Season 8

    I do not know happened to the brilliant writers They lost classic touch

    That we are used to And I think she fell in season 5 and with seasons 6 and 7, it has increased ill

    I do not want to hit disappointed on you fans as did the makers of Dexter

    but this is my wishes list

    1 I wish rita is the woman in final And the reason behind dexter change It's well worth appearing in the end more then Hannah

    2 I wish Trinity killer was the Serial killer for this 8 season

    3 i wish Harrison become like dexter Like Father Like Son

    4 i wish quinn and debra get married

    5 i wish masuka and his daughter get married to hhh just kidding

    6 i wisk dexter After that dropped this season To be renewal our add 2 More episode

    7 i wish for now that dexter end in season 4 Because season 4 was epic

    Thank you for your patience and your reading
  • not the best, but absolutely my most favourite!

    so, this is the end! many moments will be missed, delightful or horrible, characters that i love or i love to hate, and of course the story. i've watched monkey in a box and so far still disappointed. this season i feel there's so much unnecessary and stupid plot, it's like watching second class movie. harrison fell so that hannah would go outside deb's house and be seen in public is STUPID. can't they make up another story?, i mean i hate blaming harrison. but, okay, i am not hoping for a happy ending, because there shouldn't be a really happy ending, but at least make it good and right whatever how it ends.
  • Writters not the cast.

    My two favorite seasons were #5 and #7. Two least favorite seasons were season 6 and Season 8 is at the bottom of the barrel. Dexter is still one of my favorite shows but it would have been better just to end it last season and left it up to the viewer to decide what happened. I didn't want Dexter to die but it would be a fitting end now sense he has died a slow death this whole season. You can sum up this whole season in two episodes #1 and the yet to be seen #12 Everything in between is gobeldy poo. Also watching the first season compared to the last it seems like Hall has lost the drive to play Dexter... I think he will get it back but; it will be years down the road. Carpenter is an amazing actress and I find she has carried the show this season as well as last.

    I don't know but I think Hall and Carpenter are afraid of being type cast, Why can't more actors be like Robert Downy Jr. "I am iron man". It doesn't mean you can't do other things or play other roles, but if you own something "own it". Even till the end. That said hall and Carpenter I love ya, will stick it out with ya even till the end...