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  • Great at times, but uneven on the whole.

    Well, where should I start from? I just finished the 7th season of Dexter and I' m waiting for the 8th and probably final season. Looking at the whole series from the beginning, I can say that I very much enjoyed the ride, despite the many inconsistencies along the way. For me, seasons 1 and 4 were the best of the series until now. Season 1 introduced us to the unique character of Dexter and we learned a lot about his past, his brother being the major antagonist, and season 4 had maybe the best antagonist of the whole series (the Trinity killer) and surely the best finale. That finale really was a major turn point for the series because until then, Dexter didn't suffer any loss of any kind and the death of Rita was a big blow for him. Until then, he was able to bypass ridiculous situations (season 2 anyone?) with hardly any damage. The show really needed to up the stakes and show that Dexter isn't invincible. Season 2 had its moments but the end was unbelievably convenient. Season 3 was really exciting for me at first, but from one point on, it was a bit boring. The episode where we led to believe that Dexter was kidnapped by the Skinner and it turned out that it was just a prank for his bachelor party was a big turn-off and the finale was even worse. Season 5 was a level lower than the usual Dexter standards until that time but it was solid. What upset me in the end was the departure of Lumen, which felt forced to me. Season 6 is a series low for me, I really didn't like it, I think that Travis Marshall was a lame bad guy and the faith theme wasn't very appropriate for a series like Dexter. Also, I REALLY didn't like the twist of Debra being in love with Dexter (we have Game of Thrones for that shit). The ending of Season 6 of course opened a lot of doors for the series' storyline and i think it should have happened sooner. Season 7 was the best delivery of Dexter since Season 4, the involvement of Debra in Dexter' s crimes was really captivating to watch and the character of Yvonne Strahovsky was a major plus. Another problem that I had with Dexter since the beginning was the side characters. Well to say it frankly, some of them are utterly boring: prime example is Masuka who is just there for comic relief and he doesn't succeed even in that (the series in general isn't so good when it comes to jokes, most of them being bad and making me uncomfortable). Quinn is another problematic character, especially in season 6, where the writers turned him into a man-whore for no reason at all. LaGuerta was also very unlikeable from the beginning but I guess that was the intention. Now that I said all the bad stuff, let me put a good word about Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter that really carry the series and had amazing scenes together in the last season. Well, looking forward now to Season 8, hoping it will conclude the series in the best (and maybe bloodiest?) way possible!


    So, Season 8 huh? Firstly, I should say that when it comes to last seasons and especially finales, I don't think that they carry the significance that we give them and they shouldn't ruin the whole show for us, especially if that show had delivered excellent seasons until that point. That being said, Season 8 probably ruined Dexter for me and when I 'll look back at that show in the future, the bad memories will outweigh the good ones. It's like the writers took every drawback of the show (listed above), magnified it by a thousand and came up with Season 8. Stupid (and i mean really STUPID) plot points and plot holes (from Debra trying to kill Dexter and then immediately saving him, Hannah drugging Dexter and Debra for no reason AT ALL and then avoiding Dexter (!), Hannah killing her husband and NO ONE on the boat noticing anything weird, Hannah visiting a hospital with Harrison and checking in with her name and Debra's address (!) (not to mention her numerous public appearances) to Dexter submitting euthanasia to her sister and then leaving with the body (I mean, WTF?)), idiotic dialog (Batista's line about Dexter being like a 'pig in the shit' on his first day on the job was SO moving) and of course a story without focus that tried to put everything in the mix (Dexter and Debra, Dexter and Vogel, Dexter having an apprentice (again), Dexter and Hannah and so on), made this season so unbearable that in the end I didn't even care about Debra's annoyingly stupid death (A blood clot? Really?). So, goodbye Dexter and good riddance as far as I am concerned...