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  • Remember when this was such a good show?

    One of the best shows ever 3 of the first 4 seasons it was on. Leila was a little weak S2 but Doakes more than made up for it. Didn't really like the Jimmy Smits story line but thru the first 3 seasons I was often on the edge of my seat. S4 and John LITHGOW more than made up for it and that finish with Rita in the tub. WOW!

    Sadly like a lot of successful shows the writers lost their mojo and have been mailing it in since. Some highlights from S5 to current but not even a fraction of the quality the earlier seasons brought. Maybe they'll surprise me and have a quality finish. 4 years ago I would have believed that, now not so optimistic.

    S1- 10//S4- 10//S2 9.0//S7 8.0//S8 7.0//S6 7.0//S3 6.5//S5 2.0 (there must have been some highlight that terrible Julia stiles season, I just can't recall it, otherwise it'd get a zero. A self help guru as serial killer? LOL) *After watching the craptastical S8 and equally underwhelming series finale I had to drop the overall score I gave the show. Really this is 2 shows, the one with Clyde Phillips running it, S1-4 and the one with Scott Buck 6-8, (some other clown ran the mess of S5) S1-4 are 9+, 5-8 a hell of a lot lower than that!