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  • A great show needs its end.

    Here is a series that proves a man of violence is a man to feel complete sympayhy for. How so if our hero is a serial killer of serial killers? He kills only the bad and for reasons that surface all eight seasons; so well you're always reminded of Dexter's motives when he kills and question what reality he's meant for because it seems he can never find a fare one. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), the Miami Metro Blood Analysis/Bay Harbor Butcher has the quality most well likable TV heroes posses and at the same time has a quality that could never match. A serial killer who is the everyday working man, respected and understanding, and comes across a treacherous spirit. The performance of Michael C. Hall is forever masterful in the way he conducts this tormented reasoner. From the opening episode to now, we can finally come to terms of Dexter's fate, Hall's everlasting approach as we see deeper and uglier depths of his high class killer. Finally can we come to terms with Dexter's final sequence, which we've questioned since the series' pilot.

    From the likes of Cranston's Walter and of course the start of it all, Gamdolfini's Sorprano, here is the magnificence of a dark hero with a nature to question. The things that made "Dexter" unique furthermore were its very disturbing killing scenes. I'm talking about the dramatics of Dexter wrapping his victims to a table in a room filled with plastic and forcing pictures of his victim's victims. One of the more humorous was that of a car salesman who killed a girlfriend as Dexter points out his many lies. One of the more memorable was that of Jimmy Smits.

    And from a supporting cast that stayed loyal and hopeful each season including Jennifer Carpenter as the tough sister Debra Morgan, who can't go by a sentence without dropping the 'F' bomb. Jarrad Zayas grew to me in this series, always supplying the more understanding. James Remar, a great character actor was always so effective as Dexter's daddy, when we see him mostly as Dexter's conscience or his past. Julie Benz supplied the most affection for Dexter and Yvonne Strahvoski and Julia Stiles were just right as the compatible partners of Dexter's undecided love.

    "Dexter" was a show that was somewhat hilarious in its dark undertone, a wonderful character show and a show for great performances. No matter how beyond belief some incidents were; there were many completed moments and memorable exchanges to always acknoweldge.

    But as the rule goes, fantastic shows always lose its touch midway through the end. Think about recently, "True Blood". Seasons 6, 7 and yes a bit of 8 are missing the juice of what accelerated the first five seasons. The latest three seasons are murky and miss out the clarity. They lack the perfection of the incredible fourth season with the exhilirating performance of John Lithgow as the show's best villain.

    Despite the flaws of the recent "Dexter", there comes a sensational climax to it and why we watched the show in the first place. One of Showtime's finest shows, evolving a character we've grown strong for and understood greater. I praise the great writing and directing of the first great seasons and admire the detail within the role of Dexter. I've become more involved with Dexter and cared for his fate, and of course the roles of Debra, LaGuerta and even the bit of Keith Carradine.

    For Michael C. Hall, this was a role for a career, just now knowing what Dexter's kill count is... A countdown of YouTube will one day be listed.
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