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  • The Knife's gone dull

    IN the beginning, I watched 4 episodes in a month and couldn't get enough! I was a proponent and would tell anyone who would listen to watch Dexter! It was a psychological thriller with just enough gore to make it scary! The imagery seemed dead on, I loved the "Dark Passenger" analogy, and Harry seemed like a reasonable addition to Dexter's life, someone he needed, his little angel on his shoulder so to speak. I have adored MCH since 6 ft under and was so excited to be engaged in another series that I thought would be the pinnacle of a fairly low-key career (but quality). I don't know what happened! Dex is gone. I don't see the same fire, the same blood thirst, the same sweet sensibility that we all grew to love. It has been like watching a very slow, very sad train wreck. I can't look away and miss the end. I've never missed an episode. But it is getting harder and harder to watch. Deb, used to get on my nerves, but now she is the only thing worth watching, Hannah is eye candy, and Dexter, well, I don't no him anymore. This show has gone from engaging, get under your skin thrilling, with intense story lines and suspense to a bunch of washed up crap, watered down drama and no real science any more. The whole forensics thing is a joke. I wonder if the cast recognizes their fall from grace, and what a disappointment the show has become for the true fans? And what is the deal with Harry? What happened to his insightful advice? The imagery has gone from edgy to something that appears to be a parody of what was once an incredible show! SAD. :(
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