Season 6 Episode 10

Ricochet Rabbit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Dexter notices the same wounds on Professor Gellar's body as on the Doomsday victims. Travis sees Dexter looking at Professor Gellar's body and Travis locks Dexter in the basement. Dexter realizes that Travis is the real killer. Dexter is determined to kill Travis himself. He cuts off Professor Gellar's hand and makes prints throughout the church.

The team finally arrives at the church. Meanwhile, Travis goes through Professor Gellar's blog looking for disciples and he finds a guy that has pledged his loyalty to him. Travis goes to meet this guy, Steve, and his wife. They are devoutly religions and he doesn't have a problem convincing them to help him.

Eventually, the team learns about Travis' history of psychosis. Dexter realizes that Travis' next steps are to Holly. Dexter tracks her back to her boat where he realizes that he's hours too late, Travis has already been there. Dexter kills Steve. Harry warns Dexter that this is a case he should hand over to the cops. He is reluctant at first then he dials 911.