Season 6 Episode 10

Ricochet Rabbit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Ricochet Rabbit

    I like the idea of Travis utilizing the help of some other people to get his mission and his message across, but how can the police not be able to track this? How can they not find a guy walking around in plain sight?

    But that's a little excusable, what is inexcusable is the continued almost cartoonish dialogue with these characters. This is not Dexter tonight, and it hasn't been for some time.
  • Dexter is on Travis's trail, but still one step back. *spoilers ahead*


    So this is official - Travis is completely psycho! Multiple personality disease, schizophrenic,sociopath, maniac, religious fanatic. What else?

    Now Dexter is convinced that he can't help him because Travis's Dark Passenger is inside of him and couldn't be killed without the Driver.

    Police is finally found the church, but Dexter had already cleaned all leaks that lead to Travis. Debra had panic attack for some reason. What was this all about? ITK?

    LaGuerta still trying to takeDebra away fromdrug addict casebut she found out that Tom Matthews was there. This will tough decision for her.

    Travis recruit two of Gellar's followers to continue Dooms Day plan. Dexter found out who will be the next victim, but was late again and killed only one of the followers. New "exposition" should be called Wormwood and is associated with poison. But there was no poison in the new murder. Though Dex found poison on the boat and understood that this is bigger than he could deal with. So he called cops.

    Meanwhile Quinn screwed up big one this time. And now fanatics have got Angel and convinced that they should blow Miami Metro Police dept. So we'll see how successful next episode. I bet they won't)

    There was also nice allusion dialog between Dexter and Debra:

    Debra:His sister seemed so convinced he was a good guy.

    Dexter: Maybe she didn't know.

    Debra: Anything's possible.

  • thoughts and spoilers


    inconsistency:he rationalized the killing of "the whore" as gods plan, but his sister wasalready killed as the whore

    other stuff:the police could have used that blog post strategy to capture travisnooo batista. but with batista out, quin drunk, deb losing her shit, there isn't much detective power.dexter might have some more freedom to kill travis

    serial killer game:-- that guy is a wild card.. i wonder if he started datingthe babysitter to get close with dexter. already games like that out there .. you assasinate people in gta/assasin's creed. dexter can't see why anyone would choose to have the need to kill... i wonder if that guy will read into his response more and discover dexter's true identity if he hasn't already

    cop call girl:la guerta takes the fall too since she tried to cover it up maybe.

    marina security:funny how the security alert actually made it more insecure.

  • Ricochet Rabbit


    Ricochet Rabbit was a great episode of Dexter and I enjoyed watching the episode seeing how things played out from last week. This episode brought the characters and plot forward with some interesting events and scenes. It was great watching Dexter figure everything out. I really wonder what the deal is with Lucas as he debuts his video game for Dexter, and it sure is shocking. It was interesting to see Travis take the lead in his quest and bring new followers into his fold. This was an entertaining episode with suspense, drama, and some good action scenes. It also seems Deb may be closer to realizing the truth about Dexter with her therapy and other revelations and similarities to Travis. The ending was good and I can't wait to watch the next episode to see what will happen!!!!!!!

  • Dexter tries to stay one step ahead of the police to get to Travis

    This was an enjoyable episode with Travis leaving Dexter in the church to recruit people to help with wormwood The police still think its Geller and Travis are behind the Doomsday murders but Dexter knows its just Travis so he manages to stay a step ahead by getting rid of Geller's body from the church Dexter who is really determined to kill Travis gets annoyed when he kills one of Travis's new accomplices when he thinks its Travis but Travis is with his accomplice taking down Batista who found out about the accomplice Dexter finds out Travis's plan to poison hundreds of people and he has no choice but to call the police giving them the location of Ricochet Rabbit because he must think that he can't get to Travis in time in such a short time risking hundreds of lives The next episode will set up a good season finale to look forward to.
  • Wormwood Blues


    Travis, after convultedly discovering that he killed Professor Gellar three years ago somehow decides to continue his work himself. The police move in on the abandoned church but not until after Dexter's uses Gellar's dismembered hand to put him fingerprints on some of the weapons in the church to make it look like Gellar also handled the weapons. Deb reopens the dead hooker case and discovers Matthews' involvement through bought flowers. Travis recruits some new disciples from Gellar's blog to help him round up the one that got away. The new disciples are a husband and wife who abduct the former Whore of Babylon and slit her throat on a yacht called "Ricochet Rabbit." Travis promises to set off Wormwood next, which turns out to be a poison gas. Quinn is a hungover jerk who shows up to work and just sleeps, don't really care anymore. Hey Quinn, how about redirecting your energy to doing your job and showing Deb that you're worth a crap? Deb continues her therapy, and Louis shows Dex his video game where you can play as a serial killer and he gets all offended when Dex says that it's offensive to play vicariously as a killer. Still curious as to what's up with him? He later gives Batista the address of the blogger and his wife. Of course Quinn doesn't show and she claims that her husband's posts were all a joke but Batista discovers Gellar's books and gets clocked by Travis who looks at his badge and decides Wormwood should be detonated at the Miami Metro station for some ridiculously muddled reason. Dex finds the yacht and dispatches the male disciple but no sign of Travis and he obeys Harry in calling the police about the weapon. Slow episode that didn't really give us much to chew on except for that Deb is in a realdilemma, and Travis finding disciples is well put together, but the whole detonate wormwood in the station idea came out of nowhere, and Quinn better get fired, and Batista better die or else this will be another of the show's oh so many fake outs. Make a choice and go with it writers, don't be True Blood and take back every semi cool cliffhanger with a magical "ha you thought we were gonna" bit. But there is promise emerging from the ashes of Gellar's apparent non-existence as there is a lot where this could go with only two episodes left till the end.

  • Comedy Of Errors

    Let's get one thing straight. I'm a big time fan of this show, have been since it began. I even start to drool a little every time Showtime releases a new promo. But after five seasons with varying degrees of brilliance, season 6 has been a washout.

    Don't get me wrong, the show is still eons better than some of the crap out there (Whitney. Rubbish), but die hard fans expect a certain degree of magnificence from Dexter. And that is sorely lacking this season. Well, for the last four episodes anyway. Wait, didn't Brother Sam die four episodes ago?

    The characters have been seriously dumbed down this season. Although incompetence is the rule at Miami Metro PD, Dexter in particular has been off his game. Everyone has a bad day, or even a bad week. But Dex has been fumbling and bumbling for a while now and that's not good. People may argue that Brother Sam's influence may have interfered with Dexter's blind faith in Harry's code, and that is definitely a good argument. But being one step behind at every turn, especially to a stick insect like Travis, does not make for good television. Remember how Dexter stalked Trinity? Trinity could kick Travis' ass.

    Fatherhood has also been a suggested reason for Dexter's recent spate of questionable judgement. Although feasible, the perpetual hold his Dark Passenger has had on him far outweighs any confounding factors that would prevent him from doing what he does best.

    We expect Dexter's kills to be poetic. Nobody wants to see him drown his victims or jump someone from behind, or stab someone with a pitchfork. That's what normal killers do.

    The show has made a mockery of its other beloved characters as well (except Debra), the most significant being Batista. In the first few seasons, Batista had a strong presence which commanded respect. Regardless of his decisions, he always had a certain credibility expected of him. Quinn's influence has seriously made him a cartoon of his former self. His marriage to LaGuerta didn't help. So is this character shift intentional? If it is, I don't get it.

    Now that Batista is Travis' newest prisoner, I shudder to think what the writers have in store for him. Don't do it, Travis! Take Quinn instead.

    I have no problems with the actors themselves though. They continue to do an awesome job, despite the writers. Even Quinn, who is supposed to portray a dick, has now become the perfect dick.

    A special mention for Jennifer Carpenter, who is, in my opinion the Star of season 6.

    Remember the scene with the Four Horsemen? That is the kind of jaw dropping excitement we expect from this show. That's what separates it from the rest.


    - Quinn has got to be the most hated character on television. Well, maybe a notch below Leviathan Dick from Supernatural.

    - What is nerd dude Louis' deal?? The writers need to elaborate. And soon. I hope it's not just a man crush. Wonder how Dexter would handle that!

    - Travis' accomplices. How boring was their marriage??

    - I'm still hopeful that Brother Sam will make an appearance as the newest inhabitant of Dexter's subconscious. Why not? Brian came back. This would be way cooler!

    We have 2 episodes left and the promo for next week suggested that Dex will bounce back with a vengeance. It should be interesting. Unless the writers screw up again.