Season 6 Episode 10

Ricochet Rabbit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Wormwood Blues


    Travis, after convultedly discovering that he killed Professor Gellar three years ago somehow decides to continue his work himself. The police move in on the abandoned church but not until after Dexter's uses Gellar's dismembered hand to put him fingerprints on some of the weapons in the church to make it look like Gellar also handled the weapons. Deb reopens the dead hooker case and discovers Matthews' involvement through bought flowers. Travis recruits some new disciples from Gellar's blog to help him round up the one that got away. The new disciples are a husband and wife who abduct the former Whore of Babylon and slit her throat on a yacht called "Ricochet Rabbit." Travis promises to set off Wormwood next, which turns out to be a poison gas. Quinn is a hungover jerk who shows up to work and just sleeps, don't really care anymore. Hey Quinn, how about redirecting your energy to doing your job and showing Deb that you're worth a crap? Deb continues her therapy, and Louis shows Dex his video game where you can play as a serial killer and he gets all offended when Dex says that it's offensive to play vicariously as a killer. Still curious as to what's up with him? He later gives Batista the address of the blogger and his wife. Of course Quinn doesn't show and she claims that her husband's posts were all a joke but Batista discovers Gellar's books and gets clocked by Travis who looks at his badge and decides Wormwood should be detonated at the Miami Metro station for some ridiculously muddled reason. Dex finds the yacht and dispatches the male disciple but no sign of Travis and he obeys Harry in calling the police about the weapon. Slow episode that didn't really give us much to chew on except for that Deb is in a realdilemma, and Travis finding disciples is well put together, but the whole detonate wormwood in the station idea came out of nowhere, and Quinn better get fired, and Batista better die or else this will be another of the show's oh so many fake outs. Make a choice and go with it writers, don't be True Blood and take back every semi cool cliffhanger with a magical "ha you thought we were gonna" bit. But there is promise emerging from the ashes of Gellar's apparent non-existence as there is a lot where this could go with only two episodes left till the end.