Season 4 Episode 8

Road Kill

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Dexter goes on a Road kill

    Dexter gets time off from work and home life to demand that Arthur take him along on a road trip, me thinks to kill him. Arthur realizes that's something's wrong with Dexter so Dex tells him to killing a man by mistake, Arthur does the noble thing and shares his demons. Arthur takes Dex to his childhood home where he reveals that, as a ten-year-old boy, he caused the death of his older sister and his mother committed suicide as a result. Okay enough of this Dexter came to kill Arthur, so that's what he plans to do. He preps up the kill room and goes to fetch Arthur from his room but he isn't there, he's at a building site preparing to commit suicide. Dexter is put in the weird position of saving him, leaving the religious Arthur to believe that God sent Dexter to him. Elsewhere Batisa and Maria continue their little affair; Debs and Mauska come to the fact that "Trinity" didn't shoot her after Vince explains that her shooter was probably the same height has him. But if he didn't shoot her, who did?
  • Dexter follows Arthur to a build so he can finish him while Deb learns some interesting news about her shooting.

    I can safely say that this season of Dexter has been fascinating to watch. Even as this season passes the halfway mark and nearing its end it finds ways to add some more twists to the tale. This week seems to be the start of some new developments that will have effects that should spread til the end of this season. It says something when I can talk so highly of a ep that was arguably the worst ep of this season.

    This week Dexter is being eaten up by the killing of his first innocent person. He feels that it should have been Arthur on his table and promises himself to fix that very problem as soon as possible. He does this by following Arthur to Tampa on a build under the disguise of a conference for work. It is here that Dexter opens up to Arthur about his guilt, leading Arthur to admit his own guilt over the death of his sister. Dexter fears that the build is a way of Arthur starting his cycle all over again but it turns out that there is something entirely different to this trip.

    Back in Miami, Debra is working on the Trinity killings, after she is given the greenlight for a full-blown investigation, only to be thrown off it after it is believed that her shooting was the killers doing. She continues to investigate quietly as she soon discovers that it may not have been Trinity that killed Lundy afterall.

    As usual with this season there are plenty other side stories unfolding with minor characters, Angel and Maria are sparking things up again and there looks like there might be some sparks flying between Rita and the newly single neighbor. Personally I hope she falls for him as she is really getting on my nerves.

    This ep has a lot of pluses to it with some new plot developments to keep things entertaining for the rest of the season and keep things interesting. But ultimately this ep had a few things that were lacking as well, for one the new introductions in the plot were ultimately discovered in rather boring ways and lacked the shows usual dark humor. Still at this show's worst it is still better than most shows out there at their best.
  • Arthur snaps.

    A bit of filler tonight. This episode was more about furthering the build toward the eventual, highly-anticipated Dexter and Arthur clash than by twisting the story in any way. Having Arthur tease suicide only for him to go all killer reborn was an unnecessary attempt to create a red herring, as it did not really cause any change in the relationship between he and Dexter.

    As for Quinn and Maria/Angel's relationships, I think I have made it clear over the past few reviews that this is an unnecessary waste of time as well, and I refuse to comment on either of those. Unfortunately, we had a third new relationship begin with the predictable emotional attachment between Rita and her neighbor. I don't think anybody didn't see that coming.

    Still a fun, fast-paced episode of TV, but not one of the best so far this season.
  • Arthur Mitchell and Dexter Morgan open up a little bit more.

    Tonight was an episode filled with two serial killers slowly opening up to each other.. in their own way, of course. Dexter is still lying about his name and whatnot, but it appears that the Trinity Killer is starting to crack. We learned a lot more about his past and to be honest, John Lithgow is really starting to grow on me. He went from a mysterious serial killer to a family man with many flaws and a troubled past. Much like Dexter, but in one of the many monologues tonight, we learn that Mitchell is suffering from guilt and remorse.. Dexter starts wondering when he'll turn into that kind of guy.

    I enjoyed the interactions between Dexter and Trinity, but for the most part, this episode felt like one sandwiched into the season to drag out the ending. Usually, it's around this time that the season starts hitting its stride and heading into the final half. Going into episode 9, things seem unusually tame.

    However, compared to Miguel Prado last year, seeing Mitchell and Dexter go at it and slowly start peeling back their masks is extremely compelling. And it's always interesting to see how Trinity will react to what Dexter says or does. He's an anomaly, and figuring out what will happen with him should be one of the more interesting parts of the season.

    As for sideplots, it appears the writers have nothing for LaGuerta and Batista to do but have sex on a table and hook up in an are they or arent they relationship. And it seems that the journalist is being prepared for a much larger role in the coming episodes, especially with Trinity catching on to her articles. Overall, it was a solid episode, but the show needs a jumpstart of sorts.. Dexter's usually known for being unpredictable, but tonight's series of events, up until the point where Mitchell decides to take a swan dive off of the building, were very predictable.