Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Perfection

    That was the best episode of dexter in a long time. The story had everything, good intro, great and interesting storyline, great kill. With next weeks preview, the show looks to be really taking off and this season could end up being one of my favourites
  • Color Me Confused

    Would someone explain how the Russian's got hold of the gun that killed the detective, it would either been left at the crime scene or buried out at sea, once tje cops had the gun from the suicide the bullets would not have matched, so what am I missing? That being said this was an awesome episode, I'm only sorry that Dexter didn't fry him alive, I don't think that Victor was Issak's son, I was thinking more like his lover, anyway it's going to be a great game of cat & mouse.
  • Run was great!

    Run was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written with character depth and development, action, drama, and intrigue. I liked how Deb and Dexter interacted. It was great to see more of the mob and to also learn more about other characters. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Solid episode, but with little plot development.

    I just want to note that the lack of plot development is not an issue in this instance - in fact it was quite welcoming. The pace of the season thus far has been quite fast, and the plot has had little cohesion (goes from one aspect of the storyline to another).

    What the audience did see was infact a lot of character development.

    We saw Dexter at his best in this episode - especially when he was mocking Speltzer (sp?). Dexter made a two sacrifices this episode, sending his son to Rita's parents and finally letting go of his blood slides (which I found him to do all too easily, considering he based his whole 'ritual' on getting a blood sample).

    I get the impression that Deb is all over the place emotionally. Whether this is intentional remains to be seen, but there's a significant lack of consistency concerning her. She's also definitely feeling frustrated at how poor the judicial procedures are against criminals, which in turn makes her appreciate Dexter more - something I expect to see more of come the season end.

    The brotherhood are proving to be confusing. I was beginning to see them as intimidating, but not so much now. I also don't think they want to kill Dexter - at least not yet anyway - as they would have done that as soon as they knew who owned the boat.

    Overall, 'Run' was a fully entertaining episode which contained everything bar plot development. Hopefully this is more of a bridging episode in order to slowly pave way for latter half of the season (as if we're saying that already!)
  • The Matador

    With Speltzer on the run a rift finds its way between Deb and Dexter. Miami Metro investigates the crime scene and some cops on the dock apprehend Speltzer. But when video evidence shows that he wasn't properly read his Miranda Rights his confession that Deb and Angel worked so hard to get out of him is thrown out and he intimidates Deb by showing up at the girl he killed last week's funeral. Dexter attempts to go after Speltzer on his own but when he tries to set a trap in an RV Speltzer attacks him and Dex gets knocked out. Dex awakens in a dungeon of terror much like the top of the house from last week. A note is stapled to the wall that says "Run" and Dexter finds the irony of the situation sayin that he's the one that makes people run not someone who runs. When Speltzer comes at him with an axe he gives flight. The dungeon was pretty impressive and designed to keep Dexter going down so he decides to cut his way up one flight of stairs and gets off of the building. He knows he has to get Speltzer now that he's seen his face. He sends Jaime with Harrison to Orlando until he can deal with. Deb begins to question Rita's death and whether Trinity really did kill her or if it was him. She says that it's unfair for him to raise his son the way he himself was raised to which Dexter rightfully gets very upset about. HIs admission of not killing Trinity the first time he saw him is a deeply layered character attribute that has been eating at him for the last few years. Meanwhile, Isaac does some research and finds out a lot more about Dexter Morgan and Louis Green. When the club is shut down again he sets up the bartender to commit suicide and write a note to Katjaa who Viktor killed to stop the police from wanting to find him and so that they can continue their heroin dealings. Isaac it turns out was in love with Viktor. When Batista finds the crime scene he is hesitant to buy the story of suicide so easily since he wasn't even on their radar but Quinn and the rest of the police department think it's a nice wrap up of things. Isaac breaks into Viktor's police sealed apartment to find a picture of himself and Viktor in India, at first I thought Viktor was his son but Viktor was much too old to have that be so. Dexter finally corners Speltzer in a graveyard with a note on a recently dug up grave that says "STAY" Dex hits him with a shovel and then has a cool yelling F**k at each other contest with Speltzer. Harrison throwing out his toys was a great parallel for him throwing his bloodslide into the cremator along with Speltzer body. His stabbing him in the heart with a wooden stake was old school and his "Goodbye friends" was really haunting. He calls Deb to the site and says that the smoke is Speltzer and she says that she is relieved. Dex's confession to Speltzer about him supposed to be a link for Deb to understanding him was wrought with regret for what could've happened last week and his hopes to have Deb accept him like she used to along with what he does. Very good episode, acting award goes to Isaac for talking the bartender to shoot himself and promising he will look after his family, way to go Ray Stevenson. I'm glad that they're not acting on the him on Dexter's trail thing until at least next week maybe because when he goes Dex will have to occupy his whole attention on Isaac and the syndicate so no more kill-of-the-week's. Only two kills this season but this season of Dexter is a call back to the old days of 1-4. 5 wasn't terrible because Jordan Chase was an intriguing bad guy but I've already said that 6 was a step in the right direction. My only issue with the show was Deb's fantasy in the bath where she was covered in blood and it was obviously a call back to her "feelings" for Dexter. If it had simply been about her subconsciously wanting to accept what he does that would've been find but it had that eerie vibe calling back to the (not-so-incest) scenes she had in her mind last year which I hoped would go away. Also resurfacing Dexter's inability to tell the police about Trinity and how he could've stopped Trinity was a great touch. She could even find out more behind how Doakes found out about Dexter and Miguel Prado, and even Jordan Chase where she let Dex and Lumen go free. Also, Hannah stopped by the police station and asked Dexter about what Wayne Randall said to him since his last few words were to Dexter before he became roadkill. Him telling her that Wayne's last words were about her seemed comforting to her in a way but Dexter's spidey sense isn't off because there is clearly more to her relationship with Randall than just a victim of his spree killing which will probably be explored in later episodes. But seeing her follow up, not so unexpectedly but at least with a perfectly plausible reason to be at the police station, made for a good casual talk between these two when they have obvious chemistry. And since they found more of Wayne Randall's bodies dug up there seems to be more bodies to find maybe with her help from now on.
  • yeah baby...!

    yup...! dats that shit i like...!
  • Run Dexter 704

    Not a bad episode, but the direction the season is heading in is a little bit disappointing, and considering their brief murderer Ray was not even that interesting, I feel a little bit letdown. This show traditionally starts off at a slow pace, but it's time to get going already.
  • Debra feels glad that Dexter killed Speltzer

    In this episode Dexter continues to prove to Debra that its right what he does and Deb starts to mention Rita and demands the truth about Trinity and Dexter tells her he has killed Trinity and its all in the past But how would she feel knowing nearly every killer she has been tracking has been killed by Dexter Most of the episode Debra is trying to catch Speltzer but he keeps getting away and even puts Dexter's life at risk When Dexter kills Speltzer and Deb arrived I knew that she would be glad that Dexter killed him and she didn't say nothing he did was wrong.