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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2007 on Showtime
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Rita's estranged mother visits and senses something is wrong with Dexter. Masuka thinks he's developed a lead in the Bay Harbor Butcher case, which has Dexter concerned. Angel's interrogation of a witness crosses a line.

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  • Masuka finds a clue that could take down the Bay Harbour Butcher.

    In week 3 of the Bay Harbour Butcher investigation things are starting to heat up for Dexter when Masuka finds a clue that could take Dexter down because he finds algae but Dexter thought it was on the victims not on the rocks so Dexter destroyed the bodies for nothing It was interesting when everyone was talking about the Butcher in front of Dexter like Cody when he was having nightmares but he doesn't know that he sees the Butcher everyday Lundy also starts to realise that the Butcher is a vigilante but believes he still has to pay for his crimes.moreless
  • Dexter now lives in fear of being found out.

    Excellent episode with some character development.

    I loved Debra's storyline. The way she got back together the with guy from the gym, the way she handcuffed him to the bed especially was a clear demonstration of the effects Rudy had and still has on her. I do think she's making progress, especially after she suggested a readl date, I was afraid she was going to cut him off, but she didn't so good for Debra.

    Dexcter now lives in constant fear of being discovered as the Bay Harbor Butcher, even though the 'Butcher' is turned into a hero by the end of the episodes when the police publicise that he only killed bad people.

    I loved how Dexter changed his mind about Rita mom depending on the comments she made during dinner...moreless
  • Cutting Through The Facade Written by Scott Buck Directed by Nick Gomez

    Rita (re Bay Harbour Butcher): "You know I hope they catch him today and I'm not a violent person, but I hope they hurt him. Have a good day".

    Dexter (to himself): "Make up your mind".

    There are plenty of things that Dexter could probably do without on his plate but it seems this week, these are the very things that show up no less. It's funny how bad things come in spades.

    The first strife on Dexter's plate is Lila. I knew from the minute I saw her that the woman had to be somewhat unhinged and this episode only seems to confirm that. For the time being Lila doesn't pose a danger to Dexter personally but I'd still keep an eye on her if I were Dexter.

    When Dexter feels stress at work, he decides to turn to Lila for help. It's nice in a bizarre way that he's making the effort to seriously fake the 'I'm an addict' charade he's got going on for me but he soon realises that as stabilising influences go, Lila is a gigantic question mark.

    When she isn't making weird as hell art, she ignores Dexter's attempts to talk by asking him to accompany her to get some supplies. However for Lila, her method of getting supplies includes vandalism and theft and Dexter is rather unimpressed with his sponsor's unconventional means of acquiring supplies for her art.

    The art stuff is amusing and despite it being morally wrong, Lila seems to come packed with enough sarcastic quips to combat Dexter's somewhat unusual moralising. The fact that Lila also admits to not being someone's sponsor before Dexter is a nice touch but still, I have a bad feeling with her.

    Rita also has a bad feeling about Lila too but that seems to stem more from jealousy than an instinct of Lila being off kilter. When Dexter tells her about Lila's eccentric behaviour, Rita's practically begging him to find a new sponsor. It's also interesting that while she's obviously jealous, Dexter doesn't really catch on to it. Then again, Dexter is a little dense around Rita's feelings and is also distracted.

    However Lila is pretty much a clever operator. As soon as Dexter breaks up their sponsorship, she automatically retaliates by making further comments about his darkness. In fact Lila even goes for the jugular at one point and virtually taunts Dexter about his darker impulses.

    There are plenty of ways Dexter could've responded to that but taking Lila to see his handiwork was definitely one of the strangest methods of dealing with it. Then again, seeing that Lila seems to be a very dark lady herself, perhaps it's not the most freakiest of things he could've done.

    When Lila sees all these bodies, it doesn't freak out in the slightest. She touches one and then continues to point out how we all have good and evil inside of us. With this I can sort of agree. I think everyone has a dark and unpredictable side to them but there are only certain people who are genuinely evil, namely the ones that Dexter has killed in the last couple of years.

    By doing, Dexter then decides that perhaps Lila could be an asset to him. He certainly feels a connection with her and whether she's liked or not by audiences, it's hard to deny that she does have a better insight to him than Rita. However she also kissed him briefly so it's clear that she has sexual designs on him as well.

    As for problem number two – the mother in law. Yes, the nightmares of every man is meeting the mother of the person you're dating and on TV they tend to be total dragons for the most part. Rita's mum Gail, while not a saint is reasonably likeable enough in this episode.

    It's fun to see Dexter's mind go back and forth as he tries to figure out whether or not Gail is a friend or foe. Gail makes inquiries into Dexter's professional life and also makes Rita a bit uncomfortable about Paul's death. However her comments on the Bay Harbour Butcher peeks the most interest.

    In Season One, while the Ice Truck Killer was always a much felt force, Rita never seemed to really express an opinion on that particular killer. When Cody admits to having nightmares about the Bay Harbour Butcher, Rita reacts in the way any parent would and openly admits to wanting him behind bars.

    Throughout the episode, Dexter tries to encourage Cody not to fear the BHB. He tells the lad that this killer only target bad guys and it's eerily twisted to see Cody later pretend to be the BHB. That being said, I just love how Dexter is able to bond with Rita's children. It just further proves how much he really cares about her.

    Gail's views of the BHB though are surprising. First off all, it makes Dexter wonder if he's misjudged her and secondly, she was the one responsible for Cody's little costume at the end of the episode. Of course the only flaw is Gail believing that Dexter isn't all he seems to be. I just hope for Dexter's sake that neither her nor Doakes interact with each other.

    Dexter's main problem in this episode is getting caught as the Bay Harbour Butcher. Early into the season, it makes sense to build up as many threats as possible to Dexter being linked to the killings. Of course it doesn't help that one of those particular threats has to come in the shape of Masuka.

    When Vince isn't making politically incorrect comments in the work place, he actually seems to be pretty good at his job and soon enough he's quick to realise that the algae found on the rocks in the waste bags could help with solving this case. Dexter isn't best pleased especially as he doesn't like the idea of Masuka being the one to bring him down.

    While Masuka might feel like he's on the verge of a career break, Dexter is increasingly coming up with ways to deter his mate from pinning the deaths onto him. Using Esme can only go so far but breaking into his workplace after dark and sabotaging the refrigeration really should've done the trick.

    In fact I wanted Dexter's little plan to succeed but as soon as Masuka had mentioned that the algae was found on the rocks and not the bodies, I realised that Dexter might've done something that could draw him more attention rather than less of it. Of course this would never happen in real life.

    Still while the Bay Harbour Butcher is a sore point for Dexter, it's also giving Angel something to finally do. So far this season Angel's been spewing quotes from a cheesy self-help book and now he's actually trying to figure out why a certain victim was killed when he didn't have a criminal record.

    Angel didn't do himself many favours by going hard on the victim's wife but at least he was trying and it felt obvious that Mrs Sota was hiding something in the first place. When she later admitted to Angel that her dead husband kept a gun stash, I was relieved. I'd hate to think that Dexter might have actually killed an innocent person.

    The BHB case is also a good point for Deb. It's nice to see her get back into the swing of things in a naturalistic pace and it's also great that Lundy is encouraging her to get out and have some fun. Even better is Deb getting her naughty on with Gabe from "Waiting To Exhale" and while the handcuffs were on the saucy, at least she's having fun. Hopefully Gabe will be a good thing for her.

    As for Lundy he seemed a little jealous when Deb mentioned her one night stand. Although there's nothing really wrong in him finding her attractive, I just don't want to see anything negative in Deb's life and sleeping with a superior would be something negative for Deb.

    Speaking of negatives, this episode virtually killed Esme of any sympathy. Her meltdown because Vince couldn't find any traces of a female made her look like a screaming harpy so it's no surprise that Matthews fired her and re-assigned Maria her old job back.

    However the major sting in the tail is learning that Maria was sleeping with Bertrand. Now I might not like Esme but damn, that was cold, even for Maria. Sleeping with your rival's fiancé just to drive the around the bend. I know Maria isn't a saint but even I thought she had some scruples. Then again this show is going to flit with her good and bad sides from time to time.

    As for Bertrand, he comes across as a major loser. He knew damn well that Maria was using him a scheme to get Esme fired and then he tries to act the victim when she dumps him. Maria might not be a nice person but she was right enough to lecture him on being a cheat. She also looked a little guilty, even though that doesn't condone her behaviour here.

    As for Doakes, he ended up shooting Curtis after they both shared their post traumatic stress experiences. This episode is great for revealing a lot about Doakes and why he behaves the way he is. When you think about it, apart from his overt hatred of Dexter, Doakes is actually a sympathetic enough bloke. Failing that, he's at least a lot more interesting than when he started out in the series.

    Also in "See-Through" Keeping with the Doakes angle, there was a clip of "Father Knows Best". Maria shouldn't have let him go after Curtis alone.

    Dexter (re statues): "Why are they eating each other?"

    Lila: "I don't know. Why don't you ask them?"

    Although some of her work looks crap, I did like the actual look of Lila's art studio. It gave me some nice Six Feet Under reminders of Claire's stuff.

    Dexter: "Someone's gonna hear that".

    Lila: "They'll think it's the wind".

    Lila: "Dexter meet Dexter. I'm gonna help the two of you get to know each other".

    Dexter: "That doesn't seem necessary".

    This week's flashback had Harry telling Dexter to conceal his dark thoughts to a therapist. Dexter was clearly hurt when Harry called him a monster.

    Deb (to Angel/Lundy/Masuka): "You don't kill this many people because it's a chore. You do it because you like it".

    Gail: "Let's not assign blame, Rita. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Let's make up for lost time".

    We learned here that Gail was a school teacher for the past 30 years. How old is Rita exactly? I know Julie Benz is 33 but I'm just curious about the character.

    Gabe: "You're into the kinky stuff".

    Deb: "Not since the last guy tried to kill me".

    Deb: "You have to save me here or I'll go outside and shoot myself".

    Lundy: "The way you're going, you'll probably miss".

    This episode was written by Scott Buck, who has scripted episodes for both Six Feet Under and Rome.

    Esme: "Masuka up front".

    Masuka (to Dexter): "Oh no, it's that crazy ****

    Curtis: "And why was that?"

    Doakes: "Because if I didn't, I was afraid I'd kill her".

    So Doakes was married and divorced his wife? I wonder how many people know that at work. I'd be surprised if Maria didn't.

    Dexter (to Lila): "You don't think there's monsters in this world? You don't think people are evil? I'll show you evil".

    Bertrand: "You are one cold hearted **** you know that?"

    Maria: "You don't get to judge me. I'm not the piece of **** **** another woman behind my fiancé's back".

    There was a lot of good music in here. Dexter isn't a show that tends to use a lot of music besides score music.

    Rita (re Dexter): "I got lucky".

    Gail: "He's hiding something. I'm sure of it".

    Chronology: Three weeks since Lundy's arrival in "Waiting To Exhale".

    As episodes go, "See-Through" isn't a favourite of mine but it's certainly an entertaining episode. It's also one of the most character driven episodes too with Angel, Doakes, Maria and Masuka getting progressively more to do here than in other episodes this season.moreless
  • Review

    Good episode, with the writers trying to get a little bit of everyone involved in the storytelling now. This seemed like the first episode with Doakes, Maria, and Angel all getting some form of scene to themselves. Angel's scene I didn't really get the point of, I don't know if he might have imporved the Bay Harbor Buther case or picked up a new woman with the womens house he visitied. Doakes was interesting - he had a choice to make and I honestly didn't know which way he was going to go. This man wanted to run away and trusted Doakes with it and Doakes didn the right thing. Maria was sleeping with that other womans man all along - I thought that was a fantastic twist that I certainly did not see coming. It all made sense once it was revelaed, but still I did not expect that from Maria. Dexter and Lila still have a great dynamic and it was greatly improved in this episode I thought. I don't think it will be long until she tells us that she knows who he really is. Overall, solid episode but it tried too hard to introduce the other characters into the big picture.moreless
  • Things are starting to heat up for Dexter.

    I love the new girl her and Dexter are perfect for each other. I really like her and she is way hotter than Dexter's current girl. I think it is funny that Dexter was able to mess up the lab and ruin all the bodies. I am really getting into this show. There is so much crazy storyline, it has to be one of the most innovating shows on tv right now. I can't believe that she was sleeping with her man the whole time. what a crazy b..... I can't wait to see what happens next, every episode keeps getting better and better.moreless
JoBeth Williams

JoBeth Williams

Gail Brandon

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John Marshall Jones

John Marshall Jones

Curtis Barnes

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Bertila Damas

Bertila Damas

Soto's Widow

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Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey


Recurring Role

Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine

Special Agent Frank Lundy

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Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • SS FUBAR (Curtis Barnes' boat): FUBAR is a military term for F**ked Up Beyond All Repair

    • Goof: When Dexter brings Lila into the morgue and shows her one of his victims, the body is missing Dexter's signature mark: a cut on the cheek. In each of his kills, Dexter cut the victim's cheek with a scalpel to draw blood for his slide collection.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lila: Do you like the heat?
      Dexter: Not really. I'm partial to air conditioning.
      Lila: I love it. It makes me feel like the whole world could explode at any moment.
      Dexter: That's a pleasant thought.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Anything I can do to overburden Masuka is to my advantage. Trust me, I'm not above sending pizza and hookers to his house in the middle of the night.

    • LaGuerta: You have backup?
      Doakes: Oh yeah, all kinds of backup. Helicopters and shit.

    • Lila: If we get caught, you can flash your badge.
      Dexter: I don't have a badge, I have a laminate.

    • Rita: (about her mother) You'll like her, Dexter. She's great. She's a very strong woman.
      Dexter: I'll keep that in mind in case I have any heavy lifting to do.

    • Rita: (referring to the Bay Harbor Butcher) You know, I hope they catch him today, and I'm not a violent person, but I hope they hurt him. (turns to kiss Dexter) Have a good day.
      Dexter: (voice over) Make up your mind.

    • Lila: The first step to recovery is accepting who you are.
      Dexter: I thought the first step was admitting you have a problem.
      Lila: And before you can accept who you are, you have to know who you are.

    • Dexter: (voice over) I've always been good with parents. The key is to simply think of them as aliens from a distant universe.

    • Dexter: (voice over) In our most paranoid moments we fear that everyone is talking about us. That's become my reality. I can't hear what they're saying but I know it's not nice.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Just as the worst heat wave in years hits Miami, the heat is also on me. It's week three of the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, and super duper Special Agent Lundy has yet to throw up his hands and say "Wow, this guy is good. I give up."

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