Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Another high quality episode, but one slightly less focused on Dexter for once.

    I've really been enjoying Season 2 so far, and this episode perpetuated that trend. Dexter is having to keep himself on high alert at all times for any breakthroughs in the investigation, and when this is added to his other problems it makes for a volatile mix. While the primary plotthreads dealt with his interactions with his new sponsor and his attempts to sabotage the investigation, there was less focus on our eponymous hero this week. It seemed like pretty much all of the supporting cast had plotlines this week, and with the exception of Doakes' they all meshed seamlessly with the plot. Doakes' storyline seemed slightly too tangential to me - unless there are some repercussions that carry over to the next episode it seemed slightly pointless. The only other criticism of this episode is that due to all of the different threads running through this episodes, there wasn't enough space for as much with Rita's mother as I'd have liked. A minor quibble to be honest, but the scene with MCH's voiceover about treating parents as aliens was hilarious and I'd have loved to have seen more.

    The revelation of La Guerta's hidden agenda caught me completely by surprise - the abrupt change in the way we perceive her character is a masterstroke, and I loved it. Other plus points: Lila is being developed nicely - Dexter is exploring his inner emotions/lack thereof with the viewers far more this season, mainly as a result of talking to her, and I feel this lends an additional dimension to the show. Liked the eventual futility of Dexter's sabotage, and wonder if there will be any repercussions (security tape, etc.). Dexter's increasing paranoia is realistically done and adds to the rising tide of fugitive vibes emanating off him. Does force him into making some slightly questionable decisions though.

    All in all, another excellent episode, albeit marginally inferior to last week's. If the writers can keep this up I can't think of anything else on TV that can match this at the moment.