Season 1 Episode 10

Seeing Red

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2006 on Showtime
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The Ice Truck Killer is back. He leaves a crime scene that brings back some horrifying repressed memories for Dexter. Paul sues Rita for sole custody of Astor and Cody.

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  • The Ice Truck killer leaves a terrifying crime scene for Dexter.

    This was a very good episode with the Ice Truck Killer leaving Dexter a crime scene with no bodies and lots of blood from about 5-6 people which was from the victims he drained the blood from The scene brought back memories of his mum being chainsawed in front of him When Deb told Rudy all Rudy was talking about was Dexter and he was even going to Dexter and just spending time with him because he seems to be obsessed with Dexter I was glad to see Dexter taken care of the Paul situation because like Dexter said he was becoming a problem but instead of killing him he made it look like Paul was doing drugs again In this episode Rudy felt like he could have got caught when Batista had his own investigation when he saw a woman in a club with nails like the ITK victims so he went to talk to Rudy and after that Rudy attacks Batista and stabs him but will Batista survive and if he does he will know he was on the right lines because he was nearly killed because he got close to the truth about the Ice Truck Killer.moreless
  • lots of blood.

    This episode was crazy. They definitely made up for that lack of blood in the last episode. I love that Dexter is finally getting his memory back. I have an idea of what happened but I can't wait to see the whole story. The show is coming to close of season so the drama is getting pretty fierce. I felt/feel so bad for Dexter's sister. It must have been hard for her to see her boyfriend spending all that time with Dexter when she was always jealous of his relationship with her father. It seems she is always second best to him. I am so glad my prediction came true, that Dexter would finally take care of the ex. He was getting irritating. It was good to see Dexter lose control for once.moreless
  • Blood

    This feels like lead in into the bigger things to come. I mean the whole thing with that memory forgotten what that room resurfaced and how Dexter reacted.

    In so many ways, the story is gathering it's power, rising like a storm and it feels like there is not much to go anymore but in some other ways, some part, what was there in early episodes, has little vanished. I cannot say this episode wasn't exciting and catching. I mean, the start was really scary and the way they overplayed it (ala faces of Deb and Doakes when they made the call to bring everyone in) but even that works.. It is something you expect. Maybe they are in story writing so genius that in long, you get used to it.

    I liked the episode, the developments.. the storm, for sure, is rising.moreless
  • You´ll never get to know me / Losing it / Mama loves you

    Ahora sí, al fin!!! El mejor capítulo.

    Dexter no puede abrirse a la persona más cercana a él: Deb. "Si algún sentimiento me encuentra en el medio de la noche vas a ser la primera en saberlo". Y empieza a perderse cuando entra en el cuarto 103, donde the ice-truck killer hizo de las suyas, recreando un momento de la infancia de Dexter que el cerebro de éste había bloqueado. Donde todo se desencadena, donde todo comienza. Y estos son los flashbacks de los que hablo, los que me gustan, los que explican el por qué, el donde nació.

    Freeky Rudy se hace amigo de Dexter sólo para empujarlo aún más dentro de sus miserias, todavía no sabemos por qué.

    Mama loves you, Dexter. Close your eyes. All colors bleed to red.moreless
  • Review

    New Review: Amazing backstory, don't know why I didn't like this episode as much when I watched it the first time. It certainly is one of the best of the first season. Solid, but not worth the hype for me. I think this episode took the relationship between Dexter and Ice Truck Killer to another level. Rudy seems to want to bond with Dexter for some reason. I still cant seem to find Rudys motive behind all of this, but its all coming to an end real fast I would imagine. Dexter and Rita seem to be on the right path once again now that Dexter has taken care of Paul, who I thought was a very solid four to five episode story arch. Even with how dark he is he still brought Rita and Dexter closer then ever before and I hope the writers keep up with that in future episodes. I wonder where Rita is to go next from here, everything seems perfect. And Perfect is never where a character wants to be. I thought the Seeing Red part of the episode was very chilling, but worth the wait to see. I always wondered what happened to the blood and this was a very solid endgame. Overall it was a good episode just not one of the best of Season one for me. Once again - just for the record, this was not a bad episode. Just wasn't the best.moreless
Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Rita's Lawyer

Guest Star

Roxanne Beckford

Roxanne Beckford


Guest Star

Wiley Pickett

Wiley Pickett


Guest Star

Geoff Pierson

Geoff Pierson

Captain Thomas Matthews

Recurring Role

Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino

Paul Bennett

Recurring Role

Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo

Rudy Cooper

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Dexter first goes to blood soaked room 103, he takes the elevator. In most buildings that use US standard floor numbering, room 103 would be on the ground floor.

    • Goof: When Deb and Doakes first arrive at the hotel, the reflection of the camera crane can be seen in the car's rear windshield.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Captain Matthews: I made you Lieutenant. Me. You were just another spic detective.
      LaGuerta: Nice Tom, real nice. Your true colors finally come out.
      Captain Matthews: Oh no. No, you haven't seen my true colors, Maria. But you're about to.

    • Dexter: Oh, Masuka was looking for you. Something about drinks at the Bel Canto?
      Deb: Yeah, I told him I had a yeast infection.
      Dexter: That's a bit of an overshare.

    • Dexter: (holding a jar of red liquid) It's a little watery for jam.
      Young Clerk: Well maybe you should open it.
      Dexter: What if there's an airborne toxin in here waiting to be released?
      Young Clerk: I gotta wash my hands. (rushes off)
      Dexter: So gullible.

    • Dexter: Why don't you kids go wait in my car? I want to talk to your mom for a sec.
      Astor: Are you gonna make out?
      Dexter: None of your business.
      Astor: Are you?
      Rita: (sternly) Astor!

    • Doakes: (to Dexter, about the room filled with blood) It's your wet dream in there.

    • Doakes: Metro Dispatch, this is 3 Henry 8 8 at the Marina View Hotel. I need uniform backup, forensics....fuckin' just send everybody out.

    • Deb: Hey you want some? It's Kirk Liloc's cake.
      Doakes: I had some at Kirk's birthday, ten days ago. See, you have lunch everyday with your boyfriend you miss a thing or two around here.
      Deb: Cake's still good. It's mocha, I think.
      Doakes: Started out vanilla.

    • Dexter: (voice over after knocking out Paul with a frying pan) Harry's first rule was don't get emotionally involved. I think this is why.

    • Deb: German tourists. They've got their head up their lederhosen.

    • Dexter: (voice over) Now I'm really curious. He's been gone so long he had to be planning a splashy return, but a crime scene just for me?

    • Doakes: Dexter, get your ass over here!
      (Dex walks towards Doakes)
      Dexter: Ass enroute.

    • Dexter: It's been a while since we went prophylactic.
      Vince: Not me. Last night I met this chick--
      Dexter: I'll stop ya there, Vince.

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