Season 1 Episode 8

Shrink Wrap

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on Showtime
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Dexter suspects rich women's shrink of murder. When he visits the shrink, he is surprised by a dark secret from his past.

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  • The real Ice Truck Killer is revealed.

    In this episode Dexter realizes that women have been killing themselves and they all go to see the same therapist When Dexter goes to see him the therapist actually helps him a lot so he keeps going to see him However Dexter still has to kill him for his crimes and the police would never get him It was also weird to see Dexter tell the therapist that he is a serial killer and its the first time he has ever told anyone A big part of this episode is the Ice Truck Killer getting revealed as Rudy This makes things interesting because he is dating Debra.moreless
  • Matar al psicólogo

    Dexter se encuentra sólo en este mundo del asesino serial y ya está empezando a faltarle esas charlas entre colegas llenas de recuerdos y vos me entendés no?

    Entonces su subconsciente lo lleva al psicólogo que dicho sea de paso es un loquito importante que hace que sus pacientes se sienten contentas a cortarse las venas.

    El pobre de Dexter comienza a abrirse ante él y le confiesa lo que és y esto lo llena de enrgía y de vida y va a hacer chanchadas a lo de su novia que ahora estás hasta las pelotas y bueno jod*** al menos pudiste sacar algo de adentro tuyo y viste quién es the ice truck killer jaja que bueno esto mejora sin dudas.moreless
  • Sorry Doc, Ima Have to Let You Go

    Probably the best episode in all of season 1. Dexter struggles in his relationship and is worried about pushing Rita away through his own disconnect with society. In an attempt to find a new worthy kill he ends up getting actual therapy from a shrink and must delay killing him because he ends up needing the advice for his personal life. Eventually Dexter loses it in a session when suppressed memories come surging back into his mind and he flees the building and rushes to Rita to "rectify" any doubts she may have had. When Dexter finally reveals what he is to his shrink it's hilarious and one of the best moments on the show. This Episode is filled with great lines, great acting and the true identity of the Ice Truck Killer... BINEY!!!moreless
  • Revelation

    So.. this was really the episode that in so many ways reveled so much - and I not only mean who is the ice-truck killer, but on Dexter. The idea of sending him to therapy was brilliant and it worked fantastic turning the episode - I mean, he saying it out loud - it was weird moment but for char development, important turn point as we saw.

    I think mostly it all went to char development and for Dexter, even thought Deb and her new boyfriend stole some of the glory. But to act out that kind of complex char.. I really think that is amazing and needs lot of tallent.

    So, now we know who he is.. and we only need to know how Dexter will get him.moreless
  • Episode eight of the first season of Dexter. Dexter attends therapy as he suspects the shrink is up to no good, plus the Ice Truck Killers Identity is revealed... to the audience.moreless

    Dexter starts seeing a shrink after he suspects that the shrink is encouraging his patients to commit suicide. However, the meetings soon have an affect on Dexter as he starts to relive his own past and face his memories and fears.

    With the Ice Truck Kille having confessed in the previous episode, LaGuerta isnt convinced so decides to investigate further and is convinced that the man "confessing" is a fake and wants attention.

    Great episode of Dexter and probably my favourite out of season one. Liked the ending the way we found out the real Ice Truck Killer was, totally never guessed it would have been him and liked the fact the the character was introducd a few episodes earlier. Great cliffhanger to episode.moreless
Rolando Millet

Rolando Millet

Court Official

Guest Star

Tony Goldwyn

Tony Goldwyn

Dr. Emmett Meridian

Guest Star

K.C. Ramsey

K.C. Ramsey

Reporter/Undercover Cop

Guest Star

Devon Graye

Devon Graye

Teenage Dexter

Recurring Role

C.S. Lee

C.S. Lee

Vince Masuka

Recurring Role

Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo

Rudy Cooper

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Dexter is making the cut to get the blood for his slide, if you look closely at the side of the knife you can see the tube that releases the fake blood.

    • The website where Dexter posts his Craigslist-type ad is:

    • Dr. Meridian's other patients (excluding Dexter's alias Sean Ellis) were Cathleen Alexander, Ken Andrede, Meghan Dowd, Vanessa Gayle, Jeff Irvin, Carolyn Jillian, Jeannie Lusignan, Melinda Mattox, and Art Rusis.

    • The e-mail address on Dexter's Craigslist ad is frozenbarbie@hotmail.web, but when the Ice Truck Killer replies, the message is addressed to

    • While removing blood from Dr. Meridian's cheek, the level of blood inside the pipette changes. When collecting the blood he barely fills the tip and then removes it from his face. When placing it on the slide the pipette is nearly full.

    • The song that Deb is singing and dancing to is "Make Me Lose Control" by Eric Carmen.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Dr. Meridian: So what do you want to talk about?
      Dexter: Fakes. People who pass themselves off as something they're not.
      Dr. Meridian: Like a pre-owned car salesman?
      Dexter: A brave politician.
      Dr. Meridian: A Jew for Jesus.
      Dexter: A wolf in sheep's clothing.

    • Masuka: I had the husband pegged too. Was hoping he could help me score my own sugar mama.
      Dexter: Try Craigslist.
      Masuka: I already did. Nothing but cat ladies and saggy tits.

    • Dr. Meridian's Patient: (about Dr. Meridian) How about you? Finding him helpful?
      Dexter: I'm a sociopath. There's not much he can do for me.

    • LaGuerta: We both want the same thing.
      Neil Perry: Uh, ten minutes alone with Angelina?
      LaGuerta: To see you convicted.

    • Doakes: Morgan, what took you so long?
      Masuka: Playing "hide the salami" with Mr. Prosthetics?
      Deb: I don't fuckin' tell.
      Doakes: Since when?
      Deb: Can we go inside? I'm kinda wet. (to Masuka) Don't.

    • Dexter: (voice over) This is a disaster. I chose Rita because she was damaged. If she gets better I´ll lose her for sure.

    • Dexter: (voice over) This is ridiculous. I could be killing him right now.

    • Dexter: I'm gonna tell you something that I've never told anyone before.
      Dr. Meridian: Okay.
      Dexter: I'm a serial killer. (Dexter relaxes.) Oh God! Oh, that feels so amazing to say out loud.
      Dr. Emmett Meridian: Well, you must be letting go because I've never heard you make a joke before.
      Dexter: I'm not joking. I kill people. Whew! There it is again! You should try it. I know. Your big, bad wolf has been racked up a tidy little death toll. I'm just kidding. I disabled the cameras and I copied the files.
      Dr. Emmett Meridian: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Dexter: Then focus on your breathing, and maybe you'll remember . . . Meghan, Carolyn, Vanessa.
      Dr. Emmett Meridian: Those sessions are confidential.
      Dexter: I'm a control freak, I know, but I watched your home movies. It's amazing stuff . . . drugs, guns, and a crazy psychiatrist. No wonder you're so well versed in control issues. You got quite the God complex.
      Dr. Emmett Meridian: This session is over.
      (The doctor begins to leave; Dexter chokes him.)
      Dexter: Not so fast, doc.

    • (Dexter is choking Harry with a necktie.)
      Harry: All right. Stop. Enough.
      (Harry coughing and Dexter smiling.)
      Teenage Dexter: Are you all right?
      Harry: I'm fine. I'm fine. Nice ambush. That was the perfect point of attack.
      Teenage Dexter: I can't believe I finally got you. I won!
      Harry: This isn't a game, Dexter.
      Teenage Dexter: No, I-I know.
      Harry: It's not suppose to be fun.
      Teenage Dexter: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's just --
      Harry: Do you think I want to teach you these things? This is the only way I know how to keep you out of an electric chair. This is about survival, Dex. Nothing else. Got it?
      (Dexter nods)

  • NOTES (0)


    • Dexter's Alias: Sean Ellis

      This could be another reference to the book/movie "American Psycho", which was written by Bret Easton Ellis and Sean is the name of Patrick Bateman's brother in the book "Rules Of Attraction", also by Ellis.

    • Dexter: You're a mean one, Mr. Shrink.

      A reference to the animated version of Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The song "Mr. Grinch" is about a green monster who steals Christmas. The lyric there is "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch."