Season 6 Episode 8

Sin of Omission

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Lost In Translation


    Just watched Dexter last night. Is it just me, or are there way too many loopholes in the plot this season? Amidst moments of brilliance, there are times in the show when Dexter's behavior is inexplicable. The Dexter from seasons 1 & 2 would have dumped little Travis Marshall pieces into the drink by now. Yet time and again Travis seems to be getting off the if the writers are going out of their way to hammer it into our heads that Gellar is in Travis' head.

    Could it be more obvious?? Unless this season is going to pack the biggest punch in TV history, I don't see this season going anywhere but down.

    That being said, I will give credit to the writers for bringing back big bro Brian for a couple of episodes. It was nostalgic if nothing else.

    The death of Brother Sam deserves a separate paragraph. This was probably the biggest blunder of the season. If Mos Def (or Mos or Yasiin Bey...make up your mind, dude!) doesn't get an Emmy for his fantastic, if short lived performance, I will watch every episode of Charlie's Angels (the new crappy one) twice...for a week.But somehow in the back of my mind, I feel we haven't seen the last of Brother Sam this season (maybe a comeback is in Harry and Brian, Brother Sam might be the newest inhabitant of Dexter's subconscious. Now that would be awesome!).

    Here's how I think this season can salvage itself:

    1. Gellar is real...oh snap!

    2. More screen time for detective badass aka Mike Anderson.

    3. Quinn gets run over by a truck...twice.

    4. Debra finally bitch slaps LaGuerta.

    5. Bring back Brother Sam!

    Tidbits: (Spoiler alert)

    - I felt sorry for Debra this episode. Dexter is the worst brother ever!

    - Did anyone else wish Quinn would end up as the whore of Babylon? When is Dexter gonna kill this guy already? Maybe next season.

    - Batista is becoming more comical every week. Nice way to butcher a character.

    - Sad to see the chick from Deadwood go, she deserves better roles.

    - I don't know why, but I have a feeling Masuka's nerd dude intern will be playing an important role this season.

  • Dexter tries to get Travis to trust him

    As the police move closer to the Doomsday killer so does Dexter when he tries to work with Travis so that he will trust him and lead him to Geller Travis goes straight to the top of the suspect list when his sister turns up dead outside the school where before we saw Geller hit Travis and take him Things I didn't understand about the episode was when Dexter found the church where the Doomsday killers have been killing their victims and found Travis but Geller wasn't there and Travis saw him so then Dexter tries to catch up to him and somehow he just gets away because I can't see him crawling out of that small window But now Travis trusts Dexter and will help him get to Geller.
  • Sin Of Omission


    Sin Of Omission was a superb episode of Dexter and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of development and insight into the characters. It was interesting and scary to see what Gellar did with out Travis. I found it strange to see Dexter so open and trusting with Travis and the Father suffering from dementia. Deb is really starting to crack in a few places and it seems only a matter of time before things between her and Dexter explode. I certainly look forward to watching more episodes and to see if there are any other character surprises!!!!!!!

  • Sin of Omission


    Dexter continues his Doomsday Investigation now that he's back in Miami and he makes nice with Deb after having missed five days. The overdose of a hooker is swept under the rug seemingly with LaGuerta's help who is doing it to help someone who we don't see (the only person is probably Matthews, since he's the only character above her that we know of) so it has to be someone higher up than she is. Deb trying to figure out where she fits into her role as a sister was an overall theme this week in her therapy sessions after finding out that Dex went to Nebraska without telling her. She even comes over to his place to make dinner and get him to talk to her, and Dexter blows her off and goes off to do his killer thing. I understand Deb's struggle, she feels as if she needs to confront her brother and get him to open up otherwise she's failing as a sister, which is extremely significant with Travis's sister being murdered byGeller(seemingly), and Deb seeing her as a sister protecting her brother. You know something will come up out of the therapy sessions eventually regarding Dexter. As far as the DDK stuff goes I'm bored by now, this episode certainly was a Sin of Omission unto itself as it covered old ground. Dexter tries to get Travis to roll over on Geller but the time it takes for him to try to protect his sister costs her life as the Whore. Dexter, finding a cloth on the curtains at the crime scene traced it to an old forgetful priest who absolves him of all of his sins in the humorous moment of the week, and the abandoned church where the man used to teach at is his target for DDK. Another bit I liked was Brother Sam's funeral of sorts, and how the Bible he wanted Dexter to have gave him real answers he needed to win over Travis to his cause. When Dex shows up at the church Travis tells Geller he's a real sadist and Geller of course escapes leaving Dex and Travis to get him together. Travis is now willing to get him and now Dex can decipher the code, but if Geller isn't real Dex is in for a real surprise, or maybe he is in which case I'm wasting time. We'll know before long and then a lot of "I told you so"s will be exchanged by fans of the show. A weaker entry in the series and the season together, however Dexter getting a transformed killer to go after the man who recruited him is a cool touch this show hasn't gone to dynamic wise yet. I feel really sorry for Travis's sister especially, and the pity award of the episode goes to Deb who's trial and error of communication just won't cut it this episode as the canyon between her and Dexter is ever expanding. The whole thing about children trusting in Dexter's opening narrative only loosely tied into the events of the episode, and Quinn got drunk yet again and proved he's the show's biggest jerk, and Angel gets the F for cliche award for threatening to pull a gun on his little sister's boyfriend. Sometimes I don't think this is even Dexter anymore. Shape up guys, you're better than this. I don't know if they can make another 4 episodes of going after Geller.

  • Debra.. Debra.. Debra

    Let me just rant a second about Debra. Oh I know, the show ended a long time ago and all that but this needs to be done. Many times throughout the show we have seen Debra telling Dexter "why don't you just talk to me" even though he clearly explains why he needed to maybe talk to someone else. In this episode he tells her that both he and Jonah have lost a significant other to the Trinity Killer and he felt he needed to talk to him as they have a connection and then Debra goes on with saying "why didn't you talk to me?". Ehm... he clearly stated why and honestly she doesn't understand! Debra pisses me off beyond measure and she did the same shit in season 1 when Dexter went to figure out who his biological father was. That was none of her business either and she still cries and screams about it. URGH, I can barely re-watch the show because I'm so pissed off. Now I know for a fact that she's done this a lot in other seasons as well but in this episode specifically, it pushed my buttons.
  • Dear God.


    So what's going on in this season? Why are Travis Marshall and Geller doing all sorts of horrible things to people? Do we really care about the new intern and Batista's sister dating? Is this the worst season yet of Dexter?

    Hearing that the show is coming back for two more seasons sort of reveals to us that Dexter won't be caught for a little while. It also makes me not worry about anything that will happen this season between Dexter and Travis. There's no chemistry between these two characters. Seriously, every time Dexter and Marshall are in a scene together, it feels painfully boring.

    If there's one thing the show has going for it, it's Deb's growing distrust of Dexter. The more that Dexter blows Deb off, the more she grows suspicious of him. All this time, we thought that Quinn would catch Dexter but maybe it'll be Deb. This is the one thing that the show has going for it at this point. Other then that, everything else is lame.

    The lamest of the lame is what the show is doing with 90% of its supporting cast. Batista has nothing to do but sit around and glare at his sister's new boyfriend, the lifeless intern. We have Quinn being drunk all the time and depressed about Deb and LaGuerta being a word that rhymes with "ditch." Seriously, what the heck do we have to do to get some focus from the writers?

    And then there's the Doomsday Killers. Travis gets knocked out by Geller and chained to the floor in the church. Dexter actually discovers the church and finds him chained to the floor. So if he's chained, does that mean Geller actually exists and chained him or did Travis chain himself? Who the hell knows... right now, I'm just frustrated with the show.

  • Deb and Dexter are at odds in a big way.Someone in the PD wants a new case closed. Travis suffers consequences. Quinn slides toward all-out unpredictability. Dexter gets closer to Gellar. Everything is spinning out of control with unknown outcomes.


    Dexter, season six episode eight, opens as Dexter tries to abate Deb's anger toward his recent five-day absence. A penitent Dexter seems to, more or less, receive Deb's forgiveness. Deb informs Dexter that "DDK's" recent victim escaped not by her own efforts, but due to the fact that "DDK" is actually two people of which one, the younger of the two, let her go. Why? Deb doesn't know, but Dexter knows it is Travis who isn't quite yet on Deb's screen. Dexter senses some urgency in his need to extract Gellar's location from Travis before the larger picture becomes evident.

    Travis seeks to protect his sister and keep his distance from Gellar. Gellar appears to Travis outside the home of Travis' sister which, of course, unnerves Travis. Prior to Dexter returning to work he tells Deb, to her chagrin, he has to have the morning, or part of it, off to attend Brother Sam's memorial service. At the service Dexter receives Brother Sam's bloody bible (he had it close when shot). Dexter is uneasy receiving The Bible, but takes it on faith that it's Sam's wishes. Dexter corners Travis at his work place. He doesn't quite get what he's wanting from Travis, but says "later" as he feels he will turn Travis still. At this point Dexter works a seemingly "run-of-the-mill" heroin overdose case. The only loose end is the evidence points to an unknown person being present at the scene. The strange Masuka intern, Louis, inserts another "fan-boy" accolade to Dexter's work at the heroin overdose crime scene. As a viewer, I get a creepy feeling toward Louis which is shared, obviously, by Batista. In Batista's case it is due to the attraction between his sister and Louis…In a larger sense we are not yet privy to who exactly the real Louis is, but the feeling it isn't all good is definitely felt.

    Dexter notes that as adults we lose our childlike trust. Dexter needs to break through with some kind of trust to get Travis to open up, he ponders this as he examines Sam's Bible. He remembers that Sam says all of the answers are in the book. Another confrontation with Travis, during lunch, using Biblical scripture as leverage, sheds a bit of light as Travis promises to aid Dexter as soon as he gets his sister in a safe place. Deb works her part of Louis's list of 200 Miamians with a connection to Gellar, Travis is one of Deb's names and she appears at the home of Travis' sister. Travis rides by on a bicycle and sees Deb, with her gun exposed, realizing the police is closing in. Gellar knocks out Travis outside of his sister's school before he can follow through with getting his sister out of Miami. Debra tells Dexter about LaGuerda's pressure to close the heroin overdose case, but Dexter agrees with Deb that the case isn't tied up with an unknown other person definitely being at the scene and fleeing. Deb, for now, is all about keeping the case open. "DDK" strikes again with another victim, this time the sister of Travis. The killing unnerves Deb as she feels partly responsible due to her interview with the victim a mere 24-hours earlier. Travis is now at Miami PD's top suspects, right there with Gellar. Travis comes to at Gellar's hideout and realizes Gellar has killed his sister. Travis is overcome with anger and Gellar tells him it takes time and do what it takes to accept it because no she can go to God which is, actually, what Travis should want. Deb is, once more, confronted by LaGuerda who demands the heroin overdose case be closed: Captain LaGuerda gives a direct order so Deb must close it. LaGuerda makes a call obviously to whoever was present at the overdose scene telling them it's done…The case is closed. Who is this person? We know this isn't finished at all. Dexter makes an on-line search for the name on a raiment used in DDK's last kill…Intern Louis lurks telling Dexter about a better search engine which reveals some added information. Louis is giving pause for concern as he is a bit too in to Dexter. Deb continues her psychiatry sessions as she is felling so poorly about her and Dexter's relationship, or lack of. The counselor asks her is she thinks Dexter wants to kill her. Wow, two episodes in a row bring up the possibility of Dexter killing his sister. All in all, everything is topsy-turvy with Deb. Dexter even had to admit he went to Nebraska as Deb reveals his bonehead mistake of keeping one of those advertising writing pens from none other than the Shady Lane Motel in Kearney, Nebraska. Bad slip, not up to Dexter's usual abilities to hide as he goes about the dark passenger's work.

    Deb isn't the only one coming unhinged…Quinn is still sliding as is evidenced by his foray to a local strip bar with Masuka. Quinn is so volatile and Deb is in no small way the reason, what he's headed toward is unknown, but it can't be good. Dexter's search engine results bring him to a care facility to see a Father Galway. Immediately Dexter senses Father Galway is too far advanced with dementia to be of help. As Dexter tries to leave Father Galway thrusts a confessional . Dexter tells him he has killed many and, after a break in the present, the priest suddenly pronounces Dexter forgiven. This hits Dexter hard and as he's leaving a nun relays some pertinent information as to Galway's old parish which has been closed and abandoned. Now Dexter realizes Gellar's probable location has just fell in his lap. He needs to get to Gellar before Miami PD does, and pronto. Just as suspected the old sanctuary is where Gellar is working out of, and, surprise, Travis is a chained prisoner inside. Gellar, however, flees in the nick of time, but not before he sees Dexter's face. Travis is now in Dexter's court as he promises to help him kill Gellar. Dexter reasons he will be able to eliminate a small bit of darkness, letting some light in, even as he mentions "this just got much harder".

    In sum a largely transitional episode from which a myriad set of unknown, some probably bad, are sure to spring out of. There is always a group of those who are let down with an episode in which Dexter has no doling out of murderous justice. Episodes like this are so important to the overall storyline that, in many ways, it is welcome because we know whatever is about to come from it is building to a boil. Not a particularly endearing episode, but effective as we have to return for whatever evils spring from.

  • 608


    So, Dexter can get anyone he wants, kill anyone he wants, but gets outsmarted by a senior citizen in an abandoned church? Okay, cool.

    Dexter's latest offering was pretty much a summation of this season in general: an odd dynamic between Batista and his sister, Quinn self-destructing and Deb self-imploding. Too bad all of these latest developments did not exactly translate to one of the show's better recent episodes.

    One of the few times an episode ended and I was desperately wondering what would happen next.

  • Anothermediocreepisode of Dexter (Spoiler Alert of course)


    After last week's meh episode of Dexter, I was expecting this season to finally pick up. Unfortunately that didn't happen.
    This week's brother-sister theme of Dexter was very disappointing. Did Dexter just lose its quality?

    This week's episode had a couple of interesting potential twists; the first one is who is Maria trying to cover up for by pressuring Debra to close the prostitute case (I'm thinking Angel). The other one is the final scene where Dexter finds Travis chained to the floor. He then looks up atGelleranswering Dexter's "Where is He?" but as Dexter looks up, Gelleris leaving. I have to say that scene made me wonder if Geller is just in Travis's head (split-personality shi*) but that would make this season's Dexter a terrible one wouldn't it? If that is the case, the only thing that would save this season for me is if Debra finally starts to suspect Dexter as we get closer to the season's end.

    Overall, this is one of the worse episodes this season and frankly I really think the show is on a downhill now. What a shame!