Season 6 Episode 8

Sin of Omission

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Sin of Omission


    Dexter continues his Doomsday Investigation now that he's back in Miami and he makes nice with Deb after having missed five days. The overdose of a hooker is swept under the rug seemingly with LaGuerta's help who is doing it to help someone who we don't see (the only person is probably Matthews, since he's the only character above her that we know of) so it has to be someone higher up than she is. Deb trying to figure out where she fits into her role as a sister was an overall theme this week in her therapy sessions after finding out that Dex went to Nebraska without telling her. She even comes over to his place to make dinner and get him to talk to her, and Dexter blows her off and goes off to do his killer thing. I understand Deb's struggle, she feels as if she needs to confront her brother and get him to open up otherwise she's failing as a sister, which is extremely significant with Travis's sister being murdered byGeller(seemingly), and Deb seeing her as a sister protecting her brother. You know something will come up out of the therapy sessions eventually regarding Dexter. As far as the DDK stuff goes I'm bored by now, this episode certainly was a Sin of Omission unto itself as it covered old ground. Dexter tries to get Travis to roll over on Geller but the time it takes for him to try to protect his sister costs her life as the Whore. Dexter, finding a cloth on the curtains at the crime scene traced it to an old forgetful priest who absolves him of all of his sins in the humorous moment of the week, and the abandoned church where the man used to teach at is his target for DDK. Another bit I liked was Brother Sam's funeral of sorts, and how the Bible he wanted Dexter to have gave him real answers he needed to win over Travis to his cause. When Dex shows up at the church Travis tells Geller he's a real sadist and Geller of course escapes leaving Dex and Travis to get him together. Travis is now willing to get him and now Dex can decipher the code, but if Geller isn't real Dex is in for a real surprise, or maybe he is in which case I'm wasting time. We'll know before long and then a lot of "I told you so"s will be exchanged by fans of the show. A weaker entry in the series and the season together, however Dexter getting a transformed killer to go after the man who recruited him is a cool touch this show hasn't gone to dynamic wise yet. I feel really sorry for Travis's sister especially, and the pity award of the episode goes to Deb who's trial and error of communication just won't cut it this episode as the canyon between her and Dexter is ever expanding. The whole thing about children trusting in Dexter's opening narrative only loosely tied into the events of the episode, and Quinn got drunk yet again and proved he's the show's biggest jerk, and Angel gets the F for cliche award for threatening to pull a gun on his little sister's boyfriend. Sometimes I don't think this is even Dexter anymore. Shape up guys, you're better than this. I don't know if they can make another 4 episodes of going after Geller.

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