Season 4 Episode 7

Slack Tide

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on Showtime

Episode Recap

Dexter continues to pick up tips from Trinity on how to be a serial killer and family man. Trinity's children all participate in extra curricular activities, which is a smart move to give Trinity more time alone. Dexter adopts this into his own life and gets his kids into activities. Dexter's next case if a fashion photographer who is suspected to be killing his models.

Debra returns to work. She convinces LaGuerta to let her investigate the Trinity case. Debra meets with one of Harry's criminal informants and is incredibly disturbed as to how many woman Harry has gone to bed with. She leaves the room just in time; next in the pile was Dexter's mom. He shreds the files and her photo, but stops half way. She could not have her mother get shredded, again.

Trinity invites Dexter on a camping trip. Trinity hits a deer, and Dexter tells him to kill the deer to put it out of its misery, but Trinity couldn't so Dexter did it for him. Dexter had many chances to kill Trinity but decided to hold out. Dexter gets Quinn to get Christine to leave Debra alone. Quinn decides to get some dirt on Dexter. Dexter sneaks out to a club to go find the fashion photographer murder. At the club, Quinn spots Dexter. Dexter makes his kill the next day, but it turns out he killed an innocent man.