Season 4 Episode 7

Slack Tide

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Great Episode, but kind of obvious "Twist"

    This season is really shaping up to be (possibly) its best yet. The Trinity Killer is both complex and menacing as well as at times rather appealing (Which creates the best villains) However, the one large problem I had with the episode was the conclusion with the assistant being the killer... I really saw that coming after I noticed Dexter wasn't investigating the way he should, as well as the man not admitting his wrong doings...
    I had the same problem in a Season 3 Episode (Also written by Scott Buck) where they were trying to imply that Anton had decided to not contact Debra after being released from CI duties. This episode had the same problem: Sometimes its better to carefully craft something instead of pushing it into the audiences face in the hope they won't see the twist.
    Other than that though, I enjoyed the bonding between Dexter and the kids, and Dexter and Arthur. Although some parts of the episode really felt rushed, particularly the camp. Other than that though, Dexter is still the best show on TV and this season will most likely change the formula further. Can't wait!
  • It's always fun when Dexter kills someone.

    I have to admit, it's always a pleasure to see Dexter back to his murderous, psychopathic ways. The show has slowly been evolving from its Season 1 ways, and I think this season proves how far its come along. While we've had the occasional lull in the story so far, and one particularly dumb plotline (it rhymes with Sch-matista and Schla-guerta), but for the most part, this season is leaving Season 3 in the dust. At the time, I thought Season 3 was pretty strong, but the first half was extremely weak and made the season feel lopsided in terms of quality. However, this season has season has been pretty consistant with some incredible episodes in between.

    I really hope the Trinity storyline pays off. Right now, I'm as intrigued as I'm going to be, and it looks like next week, Dexter finally reveals to Trinity about his murderous past. Sometimes, it feels like the show drags out storylines to last until the end of the season. However, the first two seasons didn't do this as much. In Season 2, everything felt like it was paced perfectly.. if anything it ended a little early, leaving us with a season finale that felt a little lackluster. Right now, there's only five episodes left, so they need to really start picking things up if they want to finish up the Trinity storyline.

    I am a little intrigued by this killing an innocent person storyline, although it feels like he's already done it. Wasn't Miguel Prado's brother innocent? He killed him out of self-defense, sure, but he was innocent nonetheless. And I'm getting a little tired of Harry doing nothing but reiterate what we've already been shown and told by real characters. I miss the days when we were actually shown flashbacks of Dexter's past.

    However, there's a lot more promising aspects of the show than disappointing. Quinn appears to be going the Doakes route, and if he's not careful, he'll find himself locked inside a cabin in the Everglades. And with Deb getting so close to learning about Brian Moser and Dexter's real mom, things are getting pretty crazy. Let's hope that the writers can get control of the story and not let it get control of them.
  • Best episode of 4th season.

    This was hands down the best episode of this season in my opinion. The story unravelled pretty greatly and the directing was awesome as well. Dexter's monologues were pretty good with the highlight being his last phrase:"I killed an innocent man.".Dexter's devastation was pretty obvious that make us sympathize with his whole situation even more. The scenes featuring Trinity in his garage building a coffin were creepy at least and they gave me shivers. Finally the kill-scene was awesome with the slides and the polygonal table under Dex's victim lighting the whole scene. The least I can say is congratulations to "Dexter"'s creators and I hope they will keep this up!
    Sorry for any grammar/vocabular mistakes English isn't my native language.
  • Dexter finds a new target as he learns more from Arthur. As Deb pushes to get an investigation on Trinity.

    This week is yet another quality installment from the worlds favourite serial killer. The trend continues with the family dynamic as the moral of the season begins to take shape. But the real strength of this ep lies in the twists and turns that will no doubt make the last 5 eps highly fascinating TV.

    This week Dexter tries to take more from Arthur about family life as he struggles to find space away from the kids. Arthur tells him to make them undertake activities to nurture independence. Cody takes to something right away, but Aster is not so eager to do as Dexter wants. In the meantime Dexter picks another victim before Arthur, a man who is being investigated for killing models that work for him. As the cops can't get around all the legal red tape, Dexter takes it upon himself to continue the investigation and exact some of his own justice.

    But things are taking a turn for Dexter as Quinn and him lock horns which leads to Quinn pulling a Doakes and following him. I get the feeling that this one may have an interesting conclusion that could shape further plot developments to come. There is a nice twist to the end of Dexter's arc in this one but for the sake of the those that haven't seen it, I won't spoil it for you!

    Meanwhile, Debra is officially back on duty and has only one thing in mind, convincing Laguerta to start an investigation on Trinity. Dexter believes that she will be seen as nuts and feels that there is no need to intervene in Debra's plans. But once Debra gets the clearance to investigate Dexter is now worried that the cops might be sniffing all over his turf and may halt his plans to finish Arthur.

    This season seems to be building to more and more as the season is now slowly coming to its end. Things are building and the relationships between the characters are being defined further. Can't wait for next week, that's for sure!
  • Tonight is the night or is it?

    Dexter sets his eyes on new prey as well keep tabs on Arthur. Dex goes on a little trip with him, Arthur doesn't look in the mood as he simply can't start a chainsaw to cut a tree, and obviously Dex does. Arthur runs down a deer, Dex does what he should be doing to Arthur by killing the deer. I love the way Harry kept telling him to kill him while he was holding an axe. Deb continues her little investigation into Harry's past; she gets Maria to open up the "Trinity" case just what Dexter did not need. Dexter has a new prey to target a so called photographer that has supposedly killed a woman. Dex does what he does best, finds the evidence he needs to make his move. He follows him to the nightclub, Quinn follows him sensing something's up with Dex. Dex backs off and finishes him off the next night, Dex later finds out that it was the photographer's assistant who's guilty. This isn't like Dex being sloppy and all and I'm getting a little feeling that Quinn could be the next Doakes. Arthur on the other hand has been creepy throughout the whole episode, we see him work on some lumber project, which appears to be a coffin.
  • Another great episode.

    Okay, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong as I am really starting to enjoy John Lithgow on Dexter. "Trinity" just simply gives off the perfect eerie vibe for a serial killer and I am just constantly intrigued by his motives. I do not know how they plan to stretch this out for another five episodes though. My guess would be that Dexter gets a little hesistant to kill again after murdering an "innocent" man, but eventually realizes he has to get back on the wagon and take out Arthur.

    We all know Maria and Angel are going to get back together, but I just wish for once a relationship on a TV show would take an unpredictable turn. Have them not get together, that would be much, much better. This silly fling is distracting from the real reaon people watch the show.
  • A nice Episode but (spoiler ahead)

    It was quite disappointing that Dexter didn't actually follow the code which led him to his mistake on this episode. While he was teaching Miguel Prado on the previous season he countlessly told him to make sure the future victim was willing to kill again. Yet in this episode he became sloppy and forgot this important rule while even I was thinking it was the person who got caught in the end that was the actual murderer. I enjoyed the show as always but I still think that the writers need to get better excuses that just being pressed by the time to justify this kind of sloppiness from Dexter who should be a perfectly oiled killing machine.