Season 6 Episode 3

Smokey and the Bandit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on Showtime

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  • More questions than answers help to build a number of inevitable consequences as Dexter gets a glimpse of an unsavory old version of what he fears could be himself.


    Season six, episode three opens with a "run-of-the-mill" murder of a prostitute, but Dexter sees more. While the other PD members see what they believe to be a typical case of a prostitute's homicide, Dexter knows more due his own history of being attuned to the signature of an old serial killer. The incisor of the prostitute looks to have been hastily and forceably removed, it brings up Dexter's teenage memories of a case that sparked his interest to the point he kept a news clipping related to a string of murders by the "Tooth Fairy Killer". He refers to an old scrapbook of macabre dealers of death for his youth and is further galvanized in his beliefs. What others dismissed, and could be a red herring, turns out to be a correct hunch. Dexter in in newly minted, more assured self, is right on trackand he wastes no timein findingthe octagenarian killer down with almostsuper power precision.

    Meanwhile, Deb is already sensing her new position is going to take her from what she loves and is good at, being a crack detective with her signature"devil may care" attitude, to a mine field of paperwork, political bugaboos, and frustration. LaGuerta is ever present, though she has been promoted elsewhere, seemingly just to cause discord and interfere in Deb's need to seize control over her department. Deb relates her fears and self-doubt to Dexter who, in turn, brings her back down to earth telling her she can always demote herself; albeit with humor injected as he tells her just don't bring him down with her...And, by the way: "How about a raise?". Classic Dexterisms!

    The serial killing duo of Olmos and Hanks continue to work, mostly behind the scenes as they're not yet "front and center". We're not yet given their manifesto, though we know it is full of some sort of religious cleansing. We see they are preparing a move and that it is now time according to Olmos, who we think is a kind of crazed and fallen religious scholar who has employed a lackey to help. These new killers are being given the slow roll out to good effect. Olmos is not in a rush because he has to have his assistant fully under his control as he has now, it would seem, got Hanks where his actions will be congruent with Olmos lead. Olmos is going to be the next formidable killer who Dexter will have no choice other than to confront. Though still slow and building, this confrontation is now about to burst wide open. The duo is even given a name at show's end, "The Doomsday Killer".

    Dexter plays his hunch on "The Tooth Fairly Killer" to almost perfection. He lines him up, gets the goods, on his prey, and amazingly almost gets played himself. Using his penchant for wrecking his vehicle he turns the table and with aplomb has the killer on "his table", or recliner in this case. Though the more in control and empowered Dexter gets his victim it isn't without the victim planting seeds of doubt as to what lies ahead in the grisly business as Dexter, like his victim, is also a father. A general uneasiness ensues and reminds us thatDexterconstantly strugglesdue to his dual role as a father and a empty serial killer.

    So, another quite good episode of Dexter closes and provides fodder for all kind of future perdicaments. In the final scenes we see a shaken Dexter, stripped of a bit of his newfound focus and power, as he drops his box of blood slides. Dexter, for the moment, looks fear filled which is something he hasn't shown at all in the previous few episodes. He mentions he doesn't know the order the slides should be returned to (one is broken which is an allusion to his current shaky state). The order has great importance apparently. Is this a metaphor for him losing his new focus and assuredness whereby he will face his downfall? The greatness of this episode is like a unavoidable accident in waiting, we know everything here are potential bigger issuesin Dexter's world. We are sure to stay tuned!