Season 6 Episode 3

Smokey and the Bandit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Dexter tracks down an old serial killer.


    As far as overall quality goes, this was a pretty good episode of Dexter. But what bothered me was how easily Dexter took down The Tooth Fairy. In season 4, Dexter spent all season looking for Trinity and when he found him, it took him forever to finally dispatch of him. In this episode, we have an equally disturbing serial killer who was brought down within the confines of one episode. Of course, this guy had back problems and all that jazz, but still... either way, this was a pretty good episode of Dexter that had too little of Mos Def and not enough explanation of what in the world the characters of Travis and Geller (Hanks and Olmos) are doing.

    As I mentioned earlier, the episode focuses mainly on Dexter's attempts to track down an old serial killer named "The Tooth Fairy," a serial killer who disappeared years ago but somebody he followed and tracked when he was a teenager. Dexter becomes intrigued by the idea of killing him, but once he does find him, it becomes clear that The Tooth Fairy isn't as impressive as he once assumed. He's a drunken old man who curses like his sister Deb and he seems more interested in buying the latest smut magazine instead of killing people.

    While Dexter does this, we get a lotof focus on other characters, starting with Deb. Deb has been getting a lot of screen time this season, and while some may be frustrated with this since it takes away time from Dexter, I do enjoy Jennifer Carpenter getting scenes that aren't lame. On the other hand, Quinn is hooking up with chicks left and right, which makes for lame television in my eyes, Masuka is getting closer to Ryan, his assistant, and while I'm glad C.S Lee is finally getting stuff to do as well, I'm not sure he's a big enough character to warrant huge chunks of time to himself.

    But when Michael C. Hall is on screen, the show comes to life, regardless of how lame an episode may be. Here, he's at his best as he comes to realize that the Tooth Fairy may be a glimpse of his future: a lonely old man who has a son who hates him and nothing but beer and porn to fall back on and a box of mementos of people he's killed. The end scene where he drops the slides on the ground, breaking one of them and forgetting the order of them, was a big moment, even if it didn't seem that way.

    As for the Hanks and Olmos scenes, I felt like I wanted to see more, but as long as the payoff is good here, I don't mind waiting. Plus, Colin Hanks' character Travis seems pretty interesting and the more I see Olmos' character giving cryptic messages to Travis, the more I want to know about him. We're only three episodes in so the show has earned some patience from me, but come on... give us something to work with!

    For the most part, the episode played out well. As long as Michael C. Hall is on the show, the rest of the cast will seem a bit lackluster, but this was another solid episode of Season 6. Let's see more Mos Def next time though!