Season 6 Episode 3

Smokey and the Bandit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on Showtime

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  • OG Killa


    The department looks into the case of a murdered prostitute with a chipped tooth with signs of it trying to be removed. This points Dexter in the direction of a serial killer called "The Tooth Fairy" who removed teeth from victims may be in Miami. While he looks into nearby retirees he gets call from Brother Sam to come pick up his car from the shop and gets himself invited to a baptism barbecue that Sunday and says he'll go along since he helped saved that kid last week. As always Brother Sam (Mos Def) proves to steal his scenes as usual. Travis tries to get his hit-over-the-head victim to confess his sins to God so that he is "cleansed" for his and Gellar's next stage to go forward and he has to go through quite a bit to get it out of him. This is bit of story is interesting but also way too vague for my tastes right now. Quinn is now off doing random women like he did before, Deb is adjusting to the pressure of Lieutenant and the venom from the suggestions of one Maria LaGuerta and gets friction with her over the choice for her homicide replacement. Dexter befriends the old man who he believes to be the tooth fairy and after many haphazard and seemingly hilarious encounters it turns out that he was onto Dexter being onto him from the start. Luckily Dexter manages to turn the tables and puts him down ensuring that the OG killa is down but that no one will know the monster that he was. This was well reflective of what Dexter's big existential crisis is right now of what is his legacy for Harrison? While it may seem rehash of Trinity it held new ground in that it revealed more of Dexter rather than just him wanting to now be what he is, instead he now knows that he is what he is but in the end won't let anyone else know. This episode was stand alone and by far superior to the past two episodes in that I was engaged throughout the entire hour of the program rather than questioning the goings on and Dexter's relevancy going into Season 6. It looks like Travis and Gellar have quite the message for the city of Miami next week as those haunted horsemen will be explained hopefully. I'm still wondering if Deb is really cut out for Lieutenant, if she always does the opposite of Laguerta she's bound to go wrong somewhere. Also the Mike guy from Chicago may have come off as a Dick but he's also on Lights Out which was cancelled too soon, so let's at least give him a chance. More stand alone episodes or serial killer mythos episodes as I like to call them are what make this show overall interesting when not focusing on the big bad of the season so more of that and some good ole individual kills to keep this party going will give Season 6 a bump in the right direction before Gellar and Travis end up on the table.