Season 7 Episode 2

Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Debra tries to cure Dexter

    Now Debra knows everything and decided not to arrest Dexter even though she came close Dexter explained about Harry and how he taught him to only kill bad people Deb is now watching Dexter and helping him to stop Dexter has to be worried about La Guerta who now has a good idea that Doakes wasn't the Bay Harbour Butcher Things are going to get hard for Dexter after Debra finding out and La Guerta now onto him Dexter was lucky to get away with it in season 5 but he didn't have the same luck in season 6.
  • its come to this then

    Either Deb has one hell of a balanced mind or writers missed one key point. When one finds out that a person one has been with ones entire life, shared secrets with him, considered brother, loved him and made him most important person of the life, a serial killer, it means the entire world is upside down. It might even take days or weeks to comprehend what happened. Deb reacted pretty normally. Yeah it made her sick initially. But that's it? No contemplation? She listed to Dexter's entire story as a child listens a bed time lullaby and her reaction was "10 steps to cure a serial killer?"

    How can she even remotely think of allowing him to continue on job. Even if she did, she made no attempt to find the people who he has killed and how Doakes has been framed.

    This episode, though had its flaws, kept me glued for the next episode. Though it did not reach the mark it is interesting enough to hook me up.

    I am expecting that these two might even do the "joint operation"

    BTW Lloyd story line started to get more interesting as interesting as LaGuerta's.
  • Sunshine and the Frosty Swirl

    A different kind of episode, but it was entertaining in its own way. I am sure Dexter will be back to killing soon, but this emotional journey is a good way to slowly build up a different kind of feeling, and another dimension to that character.

    We need a real villain though. The season won't be good without it.
  • Lucky Louis

    Following directly on the heels of last week's revelation Deb retreats from Dexter's apartment and he begs her to come back inside. She continues to make logical leaps like that the blood slides are those of the Bay Harbor Butcher. She vomits on the sidewalk and demands that Dex tell her more but he makes her promise to come inside. Inside he tells her about his Dark Passenger and how Harry taught him and Deb points out one of the big flaws in Dexter's whole philosophy, "What about the police department?" She tells him that she won't arrest him the next day as long as he stays within sight of her every day as part of a cold turkey way of quitting killing since what she reads describes killing as an addiction. Well appreciated referral back to Lundy whose profile on the BHB gives Deb inspiration to "cure" Dexter. Dexter finds out about Louis mailing him the ITK arm from evidence after he sees Deb having found it on the coffee table and then when looking through evidence Masuka tells him about how Louis erased the cyber trail to the online auction last season after Ryan stole it and pawned it. Dex plans to break into Louis' place to find out what he knows about him but isn't really able to budge from under Deb, who makes him stay at her place. Wait, what about Harrison? Deb and Dex never even mentioned him once and then Harrison is with Jaime in his apartment later and it's assumed that she's just been looking out for Harrison for day's on end while Dex is staying with Deb? Major plot stuff off skew here. Interestingly, Quinn and Batista come to a similar conclusion in the form a nightclub bouncer that Katja was seeing before she died and the bouncer hasn't shown up to work in a few days. They find out about him and continue to shut the club down during the day as well as at night until they get the name of who was with Katja that night. Quinn gets cozy with a dancer named Nadia who tells him about the bouncer. The bouncer, once in custody for questioning in regards to Katja, points the finger at Viktor Baskov whom Dex disposed of last week. Meanwhile, Isaac (Rome's ever deadly Ray Stevenson) arrives from Kiev to give George (the night club owner) the message that Viktor never made it back home and he's here to find out who's responsible. Isaac and his bodyguard pay a visit to the bouncer and Isaac puts a screwdriver through the bouncer's eye as if it were nothing. Meanwhile, Dex, under the guise of helping dig up bodies left behind by a lifer in prison who wants to release the body locations of his last few victims, gets to pay Louis a visit. Louis says that his revenge and credit card thing were all part of getting back at him for mocking his game and that he can't touch it after what Dex said about it. Dex tells him that he never wants to see him again at work or with Jaime but Louis doesn't comply and is later at Dex's apartment when he comes home one night. The guy who wanted to find the locations of his own old bodies he buried, Wayne Randall, spins Dex a story of letting all of accepting being trapped in his current circumstances as the way that the world is. He dilutes Dex into believing that Deb can cure him before throwing himself in front of a truck since he used the unburied bodies thing as a cover to get a few days of sunshine, some ice cream, and a chance to kill himself which doesn't bode well for Dex. He snags and drugs Louis out from under Deb's nose and when he has in the trunk of his car thinks that he promised Deb and she comes right away. Bear in mind though that he did drug her meat before sneaking out so that could've caused her to die having to drive with the tranquilizer in her system like that. She says that him calling her is the first step towards recovery and he takes a minute for her to drive away. He puts Louis on a park bench thinking that he'll have an inkling of why he's there when he wakes up. LaGuerta in her own little side story gets the FBI file on BHB and digs out the bloodslides and finds them as identical to the one she found at Travis's deathsite after she had the blood tested at a private facility. Looks to be the season where Dex can get caught now more than ever, and with Isaac on his trail it doesn't look like that story will last the whole season and Yvonne Stavonski comes into the play next week as a thread to the Wayne Randall bit from this week. Should be good, not as strong as the premiere but the Deb/Deb stuff is top tier compared to Season 6.
  • Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

    Sunshine and Frosty Swirl was a great episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to watch Deb try to enact a plan to prevent Dexter from giving in to his Dark Passenger. There were some illuminating moments as Dexter conversed with an inmate released to help police find the bodies of his victims. I liked how every thing played out and there lots of great moments. I couldn't believe how Deb handled every thing. The ending was really crazy! Louis had some intriguing encounters with Dexter. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • The beginning of the downfall of Dexter?

    This season, and some may argue the whole series, is going to stand or fall by Deb's relationship and interaction with Dexter once she knows. As soon as it became a multi-season series, it was inevitable and crucial that she finds out at some point. This episode gave me some serious concerns about how this is going to play out.

    There is absolutely no way - no conceivable, justifiable way - that Deb would react as she is with Dexter right now. It's stupid. They've missed a good three or four episodes of essential dialogue and plotting to get to this moment. Deb is currently somebody who knows her brother is a serial killer but is happy to just let him live with her and keep tabs on him. It's ludicrous. Last week was really great, but this one feels so rushed it's absurd.

    I'm sorry, I want to enjoy this, but it just feels like a whole chapter - the most important chapter - of this story has been chewed up by a dog, and the writers found fragments of the remains and sellotaped it together hoping nobody would see the joins. We've lurched from a respectable episode in which Deb finds out and reacts, to a domestic sitcom which gives me zero hope we're going to see anything other than Dexter thinking "how can I stop doing it when I feel like I need to do it" and Deb thinking "ooh, I should really do something about this, I'm not sure I can trust him!". It's going to be variations of that until the penultimate episode isn't it.

    Far more interesting is where the subplot regarding Doakes could go, and that's a damnation on the writers of this who've had years to craft the Dex/Deb dynamic into something fascinating.
  • Writers in a hurry?

    The new season is ok so far, but why are they rushing the story. Deb hears her brother is one of the biggest serial killers ever and she is ok with it 24 hours later? Come on! At least try to make it believable. Where is the drama, the denial, the tears?! This part of the storyline should have been dragged on for at least 5 episodes.
  • Episode 2 has created history in transforming the series like it has never been before!!

    Few weeks back, I thought that a series like Dexter would open up season 7 with a shot in bull's eye and not surprisingly, it did exactly that.

    But what is more surprising is that it has done it yet again, 2 in a row. Easily the best season start in dexter history because the plot is much more intense than any other season.

    What this episode brought in the game was the impact of the 360 degree turn to the series and was incorporated in a way that I had never imagined and was just blown away after seeing the dynamic display. I say it because every episode was a GEM since season 1, watching dexter get ahead of Miami police department and single handedly outscoring their talent and resources; then end up on slice of life disposing the bags with imaginary Harry round the corner boosting the dark passenger. But from now on, every episode is going to be a antique, gold, immeasurable in depth, i have ran out of phrases.

    In reality, we see a person like this in action, we could seriously be grossed out like Deb. But we are not because we know Dexter in and out, he is more than that. Unlike us, Deb only knows a tiny bit of the deep dark treasure that he is.

    We have come to realize how much love we have for this dark passenger and the reason why this episode sets itself apart from others is because it has posed a serious question to the viewers, are we justified in expressing so much attachment, affection, love, passion, etc to the great dark serial killer?

    I will still be on Dexter's side, he makes sense to me.

    "I am a father, a son, a serial-killer"