Season 7 Episode 12

Surprise, Motherf**ker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on Showtime
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    Dexter's Season 7 Finale: The Normal Reasons

    After a season of covering for Dexter by lying about procedure and tinkering with evidence, Deb was forced to consider what it truly means to be involved with this version of her brother.

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    When LaGuerta arrests Dexter he shows its far from over and he plans to finish what he started with Hector Estrada. With LaGuerta close to proving that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher in front of everyone, Dexter is left no choice but to deal with LaGuerta and close the Bay Harbor Butcher case once and for all.


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    • Wrong season

      I think the serial has jumped the shark.

      What I appreciated most were the incredible ways Dexter succeed in killing without being never discovered. The moment Deb caught him in the church, in the last season finale, that was the beginning of the end. If this had been the last season ok, but going ahead now will be very difficult.

      I fear the serial is dead :(
    • good season finale

      but LOTS of loose endings here. and, again, that leads to the lazy writing i've been mentioning since season 5. the writers must think viewers are really stupid. this season finale made me remember a lot the first book, darkly dreamin dexter - in the books, laguerta dies incredibly soon. i'm sorry dexter wasn't caught - because after all the shit he's done i no longer root for him. nor debra. they're really f*cked up and i hope they get caught next season. but if the lazy and predictable writing continuous... i suspect they'll get away with everything and will run away and live in another country. perhaps even hannah will join them and they all go live happily ever after in argentina.moreless
    • Great viewing

      There's no great surprises here as we head towards the possible last season. You cannot have a show about a serial killer and never deal with the obvious extensions that being such will eventually throw at you.

      Do we honestly believe we it's possible to have someone capable of what Dexter does and not eventually find himself in a position where an "Innocent" will have to die to cover his tracks, or he gives himself up?

      No - no matter how well intentioned his code is..... escalations happen and we lose the guilt free side of Dexter's murders. And about time cannot really have a show that glorifies vigilantes and be on ethically moral ground.

      I have very much enjoyed watching this show and await the fallout of Dexter destroying Debra's Karma.

      Thought provoking stuff :)

    • Surprise Motherf**ker !!!!

    • How has it come to this

      A fantastic season finale with a shocking ending where Debra decides between La Guerta and Dexter and chooses to kill La Guerta The only way Dexter could fix things is to kill La Guerta thats how desperate he had become and how close La Guerta was He originally did plan to make it look like someone else killed La Guerta but when Deb arrived the plan changed Dexter has proven to be smart enough to drop the Bay Harbour Butcher case but the La Guerta case will now open and could leave consequences especially for Debra Deb already feels distraught and you could see on Deb and Dexter's face when they returned to the party that they don't believe what had happened and that they have done a bad thing There is a lot to think about for season 8 when it returns in the summer.

    Erik King

    Erik King

    Sgt. James Doakes

    Guest Star

    Nestor Serrano

    Nestor Serrano

    Hector Estrada

    Guest Star

    Nicole LaLiberté

    Nicole LaLiberté

    Arlene Schram

    Guest Star

    Geoff Pierson

    Geoff Pierson

    Deputy Chief Tom Matthews

    Recurring Role

    Aimee Garcia

    Aimee Garcia

    Jamie Batista

    Recurring Role

    Luke Kruntchev

    Luke Kruntchev


    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The line that Angel says to LaGuerta in Spanish is:
        "Eso es lo m�s rid�culo que yo he o�do en mi vida, Maria."

        In English, it means:
        "That is the most ridiculous thing that I have heard in my life, Maria."

    • QUOTES (11)

      • La Guerta: (Deb holding a gun to Dexter) Shoot him, Deb. You have to end this. Shoot him.
        Deb: (Dexter picks up a knife) Stop!
        La Guerta: Do it, Debra, shoot him. Do it shoot him! This is not who you are. You're a cop; you're a good person. You're not like him. Put him down!
        Dexter: It's true everything she said. You're a good person. It's okay.(Dexter puts the knife down) Do what you gotta do.

      • Harry: I think it's time to run Dexter. You knew one day it would come to this. That's always been the plan Dexter.
        Dexter: That was before. It's not just Deb,
        I don't want to run either.

        Harry: Before? Before what?
        Dexter: Before everything! Before I married Rita, before I had a son, before Deb knew who I was, before I fell in love.
        Harry: What difference does any of that make?
        Dexter: Somewhere along the line the fake life we created as a cover for me to kill became real. It's not fake to me anymore. I don't want to lose it. I'm going to stand my ground.

      • Hannah: (to Debra) You're the lieutenant of Homicide and you wear a big shiny badge and yet you know exactly what your brother is.

      • Hannah: (to Dexter)If you're worried I'm gonna tell people what you are then don't worry. Your secret is safe with me.

      • Dexter: I can't let Deb go down for what I've done.

      • Dexter: Sometimes it only takes a moment to reveal what we really are.

      • Doakes: (flashback)There's something off about you,Morgan! I should've seen it before. The fake smile the doughnuts-you don't even walk like a normal person. You glide like a...fuckin lizard on ice!

      • Dexter: It was a mistake to try and act human in front of Doakes. All I did was reveal how fake I was.

      • Dexter: We both knew it would come to this,one of us dead or behind bars.
        Hannah: Except I always thought it would be you.

      • Dexter: I'm just a creep motherfucker.

      • Lt. Maria LaGuerta: (Interrogating Dexter Morgan) You framed Doakes! After I defended you against him. You betrayed me, this department, everybody around you.
        Dexter Morgan: Is that what this is about; your desperate need to believe that James Doakes you knew, or thought you knew, wasn't a cold-blooded killer?
        Lt. Maria LaGuerta: You don't have the right to speak his name.
        Dexter Morgan: You're so hurt, angry, scared.
        Lt. Maria LaGuerta: He's dead because of you.
        Dexter Morgan: You were his partner, his lieutenant, his lover. But if you couldn't see what was right in front of your eyes, what does that say about you?
        Lt. Maria LaGuerta: I swear to god, Dexter, I'm going to nail you to the wall for what you've done.
        Sgt. Angel Batista: Maria.
        Lt. Maria LaGuerta: To the wall!
        Sgt. Angel Batista: Maria, that's enough!

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