Season 7 Episode 12

Surprise, Motherf**ker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Now that's 'Struggle for existence'

    'Dexter' has changed a lot. Having so many cliff hangers and excitements wasn't the shows typical style, but I guess I'm starting to like the new style. And the finale was a great episode (it would've been even better with Isaak Sirkov). I guess, this is the end of the road for Deb's normal life. She would probably even convince herself that she did it for her (to protect her career) and not for Dexter. May be even try to suicide. Now I don;t think they'll kill off her character because that'll be too much.

    I feel in one of the episodes in the coming season Deb would probably say to Dexter

    "I SHOULD'VE SHOT YOU!" - An emotional scene, that would be.

    Anyway things I don't understand are:

    - It wasn't just LaGuerta or Doakes who got the creeps from Dexter. At one point Quinn had serious doubts about Dexter too (Season 5) and interestingly it was LAGUERTA who wanted Quinn to back off! If she discussed this to Quinn (instead of Dexter's family friend Matheson) , he would have even shared the photographs of Dexter and Lumen dumping things into the sea in the middle of the night. The photos Quinn got from the guy he hired to spy Dexter. However, Quinn seems to be occupied with his love life issues.

    - Why does no one, even Batista, asks LaGuerta "Why Dexter?" ?

    - Hanna's escape scene was dumb! Seems a 10 year old could've tricked those cops. They didn't watched her nor handcuffed her instead let her have her privacy!

    - So let me guess what Hanna did after her 'logical' escape. Probably went her home to get a flower and then gets back to her boyfriends apartment to leave it at the front door. I mean if the copss were looking for her would'nt it be her home and her boyfriends apartment they give more focus on (Dexter-Hanna relationship was not only public but it was Dexter who turned Hannah in so that should make Dexter's apartment the top of the list for the cops as they should've assumed that she might go to Dexter's for revenge or something.

    Bottom line: It was damn good to see Doakes ( I miss all those previous characters like Trinity, Miguel,
  • Surprised, motherfucker!

    Well this was definitely a predicted this would happen, just not this way. I was hoping Debra would remain 'innocent' and that Dexter would solve their problems cleanly, but that would be a bit cliche.

    One big problem is gone, but we see how Deb reacted to finding out about Dexter's true nature so what will she be like now? She keeps getting in even deeper.

    Deb walking in on Dex was a sloppy mistake, but I'm wondering how they'll explain Estrada shooting LaGuerta in that container. I'll agree with AudioFileZ in that Dexter is more like a primal killer, but he was still doing it to protect his family. All in all, can't wait till Season 8!
  • Survival Instinct Trumps Harry's Code

    Call it Choas Theory, or simply Murphy's Law, but whatever it is the once affable killer on his own mis-guided sense of justice has been demolished: reduced to a primal killer with only a criminal's survival instinct. Perhaps inevitable, the turn of events in the season six finale still shock.

    A full six years after being first introduced to the affable serial killer with a semi-palable sense of justice comes what just may be finest single episode to date. That is certainly high praise as any story is largely coasting in such a time-line. Not Dexter however as it manages to make the audience squirm with tension, even destroying the very thing that made Dexter likeable in spite of his obsession. With this single episode Dexter is reduced to a criminal whose survival instinct has made him do things he never would do as he lived by "Harry's Code". Or has it?

    Actually it still hasn't and that is because of the brilliant turn where not Dexter broke his code, or became a common criminal, but Deb did as if some kind of sacrificial lamb led to the altar. Whoa! LaGuerta messed with the wrong bitch! But, now things are so complicated that it is almost impossible to see what lies ahead without so many multiple outcomes that the audience is only left guessing. Thus calling this episode a brilliant turn is in no way an understatement.

    Season six in its sum total comes off as a master-stroke in the Dexter canon. It has caused so much tension that one is balled up with a level of un-easiness that is hard to describe. In the past it wasn't on this level, even considering the game-changing season five finale. Fans actually need the time to un-coil and wait for season seven. Add to the Mt. Everest of morass the fact that the last of Hannah McKay isn't on the horizon and there must be a pot-boiler final season yet to come. Did I mention "brilliant"?
  • My thoughts..


    Ok here we go...

    1. Hannah wasn't handcuffed to the hospital bed?! prison guards are idiots.

    2. So why did Deb shoot La Guerta instead of stepping out and letting dexter do it. Next season is gonna be full of her feeling atleast it would have been because she allowed dexter to kill La Guerta rather than killong herself. I dont like the way the writers forced her to cross the could have done it in a more logical manner. Anyways i hope next season doesn't revolve around her popping pills.

    3. Are you telling methodolgical character like Lietenant Deb would allow there to be footage of Deb getting gas from the closest police station? I myself would have driven an hour out to get i just don't get the dumb decisions they make esp cause their jobs revolve around putting evidence together.

    I still love the show though.
  • Mmmmm

  • Wonderful season...

    From the previous season's end I concluded this will be one of the best seasons having to take Debra into his confidence and expecting the intensity to be this high, and yet seeing Debra do the ultimate sacrifice for Dexter's well being was the magic of this last a while there I thought she wouldn't...

    I hope we get to season saw some writers saying that this show ended after season 5, but I everyone has time to check every show there this year we got new shows that are brilliant such as Arrow, Elementary, Vegas, but still Dexter owns...
  • Very good finale!

    A very good way to wrap up a season that hasn't gone so smoothly. There were some great moments (who can forget the incredible season opener?) and some not so good moments (the unnecessary stripper/bobby storyline), but overall this was a solid season of Dexter - definitely a lot better than season 6. i am going to miss the show when it finishes its last season, but it will be for the best as this show has definitely run thin. i will say this, I love the hannah mckay story and i can't wait till next season to see how it wraps up. This season finale doesn't rank as high as some of the other classic endings to dexter (season 4 and 2 in particular), but it was still a great hour of tv, everything wrapped up with still so much more left
  • Very good!

    And thank god this only goes one more season. This episode pretty much made sure of it. You're borderline overstaying your welcome, Dex. Now get outta here, ya crazy so and so.
  • Wow!!!, little Ms. Debra Shows out......

    I was so afraid that this episode was going to have Debra killed off. But yesssssss, they wacked Larguata or whatever her name is. I am so interested to see next season. This episode was so
  • Well guess what? Here in MD we've already seen this episode

    Huge Spoiler Alert!!!!! I don't know how this happened, but here in Northeastern MD, we were somehow (mistakenly, I presume) shown the series finale a few weeks ago. We watch via DirecTV and record all of the episodes to watch later.

    The show started out seemingly in sync with previous events, with Victor revealing a photograph of Hannah who is being held by his man. Dexter demands to talk to her which is granted. I won't go into all of the details but the show ends with Hannah dead by Victor's assistant, after she poisons him. Deb finds her body.

    Don't know how this came about, I deleted the episode after watching it with my wife so my details are subject to memory loss.

    Didn't anyone else in the world see this???
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