Season 7 Episode 12

Surprise, Motherf**ker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Shoddy writing lets down the finale. A huge shame.

    Now before you write off this review just because you happen to enjoy the show, give it some thought. This was the episode the writers had years to prepare for. It's the one we've been waiting for in many ways, but it was poorly written and executed. There are plotholes and unrealistic storylines all over the place, but here are the main ones:

    1. LaGuerta would never have made a move on Dexter without having the shirt analysed first. Her case would be as sound as could be, given all the circumstances. I don't buy it that her suddenly resurfaced feelings for Doakes would cloud her mind to that extent.

    2. Why is she marching Dexter through the homicide department? The shot of the building from the outside is huge - are there literally no other questioning rooms available other than the one right next to Dexter's own office? This seemed just to crowbar in every other character.

    3. Why the announcement about Dexter being the Bay Harbor butcher? Where did that come from? He was arrested for one murder, and LaGuerta just blurts out to all and sundry he's also the Bay Harbor butcher. That was just really poor writing, like they wanted to get it in there but couldn't figure out how else to do it.

    Other issues? Hannah just miraculously escaping because it's convenient for the storyline and they didn't have enough screen time to address it. Deb turning back up at the party clean as a whistle despite hugging someone she's just shot in the torso.

    It just felt cack-handed and a wasted mess of what should have been a tightly scripted climax.
  • As Arnie said ... "Ugly Motherfucker!"

    When the Predator dramatically unmask his face to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the climatic showdown, Arnie was stunned and shocked at the revelation and uttered, "Ugly Motherfucker!"

    If the writers were gunning for the same reaction from the viewers, or maybe just me, with the season finale of Dexter, then I say mission accomplished.

    *SPOILER!* The truth is almost always ugly, and it almost always hurt (at least to someone), and when the truth exploed as a 9mm bullet into LaGuerta chest, the screwed up Morgan's family dynamics for season 7 broke down like Deb's mental psyche. The shock of how Dex broke Deb delivers as much impact to me as with Arnie discovering an extraterrestrial with a fetish for skinning people after a probably traumatic childhood with bullies and facial cream.

    To me, that scene is testament not to the breaking of the characters; with Dexter giving up and sulking like a 5 year old who broke his Mom favorite vase; to Debra killing an innocent person who happens to be both a cop and her boss; I feel these are very natural evolution of the characters. That alone made me forgave the writers for the earlier dull 50 mins of the episode.

    Dexter's had been slowly learning real human emotions since Rita's death, learning to feel, learning to love. He starts feeling hope, the hope that he too can have a normal life (or as normal as he can perceive it) and grow old with somebody who can accept him, a hope that he too can have a normal family. When Hannah betrayed him, Dexter chose Deb. The importance of Deb in his life cannot be understated because by protecting Deb, Dexter had essentially made a decision to give up the only real love he had ever felt for another woman. Even his feelings for Rita were more a combination of guilt and responsibility rather than love with acceptance. To paraphrase Isaak's words, "Love is what made life worth living". I believe Dexter also believes and understand that. Life is not really worth living without love.

    When faced with the Deb's dilemma, I believe Dexter had already given up. For the first time in his life, I believe that he is truly tired of all the deception and facade, and he do not want to force his sister to cover for him anymore. He just wants everything to be over. When Deb's made her decision in the pivotal scene, Dexter was as shocked as Deb's (maybe more?) and retreated into himself, much like when he was 3 year old and his mother was butchered in front of him. To him, Deb is an anchor in his life, potty mouth and righteous, always doing the right thing (at least when it comes to cop things).

    In Dexter's world, he is "Always in control!", yet his world crashed as much as Deb's, as the weight of what he had inflicted upon his sister sets in, he slouched down against the wall, not knowing what to do... losing control.

    And now to Deb. Throughout the season, starting from "Are you a serial killer?", Deb had been struggling with her feelings for Dexter on many different levels. Protecting, enabling, and even knowingly committing felony for him, Deb had been killing herself bit by bit in order to accommodate the real Dexter in her new universe. When forced to choose between her brother and what she herself represent to her, she chose her brother. The weight of her decision crumbled her like a freshly baked cookie.

    Everything that Deb had believed in and anchored her reality had been fast unraveling in this season. Even after all the stuff she discovered about Bryan Moser, her Dad and Dexter throughout the series that affected her emotional state, Deb had always been a good cop first above all else. Although circumventing the law since her discovery of Dexter's "real job", she had tried her best to keep her head above the water. However, like a worm gnawing through an apple, Deb had been eating up who she is to herself out of love for her brother until she is (almost) no more. Her mental state is really at the breaking point now.

    Dex broke Deb... Ugly motherfucker...

    On a personal note, I feel that Ms. Carpenter should be given an award for her performance in this episode. season 7 should be renamed Debra as her character had been the most outstanding to me, outshining even the adroit performance of Michael C. Hall. Not only had she went through the biggest range of changes on the personal level, her interactions with the other characters had also evolved in a very diverse manner that made me care about her as a character. I am very interested in how she will further evolve in the next season both as a person and in her relationship with Dexter.
  • Surprise, you fucking better believe it!

    A lot of people have been saying this series is seriously treading water, that seeing a Serial Killer do what he does over and over is stale, well it's episodes like this that get me to keep coming back to the show!

    Since LaGuerta figured out Dex was the BHB, we've all been expecting either she'd unravel completely and be drummed off the force, or end up on Dex's table. As I watched this episode I kept thinking 'he'll pin Estrada's death on LaGuerta' as a kind of botched frame-job on Dex, it would work with the planted evidence earlier in the show, but what they came up with excellent. Deb kills her to save Dex and after, it looks like the both of them are about ready to break apart from what the two have done and done to each other.

    If the producers choose to end the series next season, it should be the best series ender in a long while.
  • Surprise, Motherfucker

    Surprise, Motherfucker was a superb and perfect season seven finale of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because the format was fun, fresh and also had that classic feel to it. I loved the story lines and the character development was phenomenal. It was surprising and intriguing to see how far LaGuerta would go to catch Dexter and how close she was. It was interesting to watch Deb navigate through all of the conflict and I was shocked at what she did. I loved the flash backs of Dokes and how he came to suspect Dexter's darker side. I was very entertainined and liked how every thing played out. I certainly look foward to watching what happens next season!!!!!!!!!
  • Great viewing

    There's no great surprises here as we head towards the possible last season. You cannot have a show about a serial killer and never deal with the obvious extensions that being such will eventually throw at you.

    Do we honestly believe we it's possible to have someone capable of what Dexter does and not eventually find himself in a position where an "Innocent" will have to die to cover his tracks, or he gives himself up?

    No - no matter how well intentioned his code is..... escalations happen and we lose the guilt free side of Dexter's murders. And about time cannot really have a show that glorifies vigilantes and be on ethically moral ground.

    I have very much enjoyed watching this show and await the fallout of Dexter destroying Debra's Karma.

    Thought provoking stuff :)

  • Simply wow.

    Sure, it was incredibly obvious that season 7 would end this way. Lt Guerta finally succumbing to the collective bond exemplified by the Morgan siblings. But this is not what those last 3 or 4 dramatic minutes were about.

    It was all about emotion and a love (albeit a strange variation of it) that runs deep. Peel the hard expletive laden outer shell from Deb and what you see is the frightened girl that can't bare to live life without her adopted brother. Jennifer Carpenter deserves an Emmy for those last few minutes alone as she showed beyond a shadow of a doubt where Deb's loyalty lies. However this loyalty has come at the ultimate cost, her innocence and ultimately her soul are now destroyed.

    Dexter's realisation that this is the case only further solidifies in my mind that he has grown in empathy even if it is only confined to those close to him. Comparing him to Dexter in those season 1 flashbacks bares testament to this.

    The fact that this season of Dexter has devoted it's time to fleshing out the relationship between Deb and Dexter only tells me that season 8 will likely be spent deconstructing it again. Deb has crossed a line (thereby ironically keeping Dexter's code in tact - just about). This will likely form the basis for season 8 and I look forward to the story that will be told. I somehow don't think its going to have a happy ending....
  • OMFG what a season finale

    I must start off by saying thanks to the writers for a Great season and i can't wait for next year.

    I really wanted dexter to kill hannah and thats the only thing i did not like about this episode.

    all the reviews below said everything i wanted to say

    so i will finish with

  • Creep

    Dexter did a lot this week, some spinning of its wheels followed by some very compelling drama. First off, thanks to the writers for getting the whole "won't Hannah rat on Dex?" question answered right away. On the flipside, I feel like there could've been much more drama brought out of the situation with Deb maybe poisoning herself than Hannah simply copping to it after having denied it before it just felt too easy in my opinion leaving the rest of the episode drama free since Hannah even said that she wouldn't rat on him. Her calling Arlene for help and getting the drugs to poison herself and induce a heart attack a great use of irony and a taste of her own medicine, if you will. Beyond that, we got flashbacked to when Dex began to pop out to Doakes pre-Season 1 days. First Doakes and Dexter are working a case of murdered prostitutes, LaGuerta gives James his keys back (refusing to move in with him) and all it takes was one moment of punctuated giddiness at a blood spatter crime scene for Doakes to see something was up with Dexter, calling him a "Creep Motherf**ker" and that he would find out what he was hiding, famous last words Mr. Doakes. The flashbacks added an interesting element to see the beginning of their shadow tussle between the two foes (and Doakes was one of the most formidable and best written bad guys in Dexter history so it was given much prestige to both of them and complemented the intact arc nicely). Maria arresting Dexter and him having planted fake evidence to point to her framing him was a really great touch on his part since we normally see him handle the dirty work of planting stuff to keep himself from harms way. It just made LaGuerta look crazy, of course she thinks that Estrada is dead and having Dexter arrested and let go on her own lack of foresight did exactly what Dexter wanted it to do. Maria seemed to even start to let it go after getting threatened by Matthews but when she confronted Deb about finding the security camera footage of Deb filling up the gas tanks to burn down the church on the night of Travis Marshall's murder things got crazy. LaGuerta put it together, as we knew she would all the way to when she pulled that blood slide out of the grate at the beginning of the season, and this put Deb in harms way too. Dexter tracks Estrada to his wife who he hasn't seen in 40 years but is still married too and finds him in a park and draws him out, drugs him and puts him into the back of his car. Deb gets him up to speed on LaGuerta's continued investigating and Dex breaks into her place and finds warrants to track phone GPS locations of Deb and Dexter's phones the night of Travis Marshall's murder, which with the security footage would prove their involvement in the arson and his murder. Maria's line about Deb and her both making mistakes protecting people they care about was a great dig and a revelation of truth to how far off the reservation Deb's gone to protect Dexter this year. Anyone else notice the irony of Dexter wanting to kill LaGuerta after back in Season 3 Miguel Prado wanted to do the exact same thing but he stopped him (big mistake Dex). Perhaps the most powerful part of the episode, beyond the final scenes was Dex telling Harry that his "fake life" to protect himself had actually become real and the old him would've run (Season 5 him), but now he has other people at stake. He has Estrada on a kill table call LaGuerta telling him that he's in the same shipping container and she ignorantly comes a running without backup. Angel's scene worrying about her (together with his retirement party) was a nice callback to when they were together and both un-annoying after he found out that she was behind Estrada's release but if she had gotten the GPS on the phones she wouldn't've looked so crazy because she would've had evidence. But Dexter deciding to kill her to survive and admitting that Deb's safety mattered more to him than his own personal happiness and his surrender after LaGuerta is subdued by Dex and in the shipping container were the two most insightful parts of his character this episode and perhaps all year, when he puts down the knife no longer wanting to corrupt Deb who is a "good person" and then she shoots LaGuerta dead and runs to her body saying that she's sorry. Then they grimly go to Batista's retirement party saying this is the new beginning, which it is simply because it may be slightly rehashed but it added a new spin corrupting Deb fully beyond accomplice and into killer. Dexter's line about being just a "Creep Motherfu**er" to Estrada was one of my favorite deliveries by Michael C. Hall this episode. Side characters, so Batista just gets to walk away unscathed, all righty then. Second, Jaime should get a better boyfriend and let Quinn be written out of the show like he's supposed to. Seriously, first Louis and now a recently single crooked drunk cop? How did Quinn not get killed this season? And now he's with Jaime, WTF?!!! At least Masuka is consistent with his diaper wearing Baby New Year shenanigans but I guess we'll be treated to the LaGuerta/Estrada crime scene next season and deal with the aftermath (hopefully another serial killer Dexter can go toe to toe with like this show does best that isn't Doomsday or Colin Hanks no offense to the actor just his writing), and a fully finished portrait of the Morgan family saga. Season 7 had its ups and downs, the ups mostly happening when Isaac was in the picture and threatening Dexter's life, although his words should've rang more true in the season finale although Dexter did take his advice when he agreed to dive into his relationship with Hannah which fell apart but I feel as if Dexter maybe should've thought "Guess it didn't turn out like Isaac said" because he was the best written part of the season I think, the Brother Sam of Season 7 if you will, and Ray Stevenson should get a guest Emmy for this for sure and Michael should win an Emmy just once for his great work for all seven going on eight years even though it can be a rough ride sometimes. I hope Hannah will turn up and do more than fake a heart attack, escape and then leave a flower on Dexter's doorstep, unless she's supposed to be his "One that got But all in all not a bad year, except for the lack of follow up on the Koshkas post-Isaac and a few other missteps that were forgivable this year proved that Dexter still has steam, at least for one more season, but I feel as if it will come to a natural conclusion but please do NOT renew it for Season 9, you will have lost my viewership enough is enough we really have explored all that this character is so let's give it one last hurrah and put him to bed in TV history and not make him into the Simpsons.
  • finale

    I enjoyed this finale, but I just wish Maria found out more about dex. Found out everything about him or dex to tell her as she lays on his table. They should of talked more rather than him set her up, needed more confrontation between the two. Another good ending would have been Maria having dex in check mate state, and Deb coming to the rescue. I just wish Maria had found out more! Who will come after dex now? Maybe Tom as captain again?
  • Dexter vs Dexter

    This episode really explores Dexter's character. He realises how his 'fake' life is starting to feel real to him, and no longer wants to lose that aspect. Dexter turns into a hypocrite as he goes against Harry's code - which he states is outdated as he's began to live real life.

    We are re-visited by Doakes, which was a nice addition to a season that was beginning to feel stale (ever since Victor's death in all honesty). Quite frankly I'm glad La Guerta is dead. She was boring me, and was beginning to be an uninteresting Doakes.

    However, the main plot line derives from the conclusion - Deb being the killer. Dexter challenged Deb to kill him, role-reversing the situation he found himself in with Hannah McKay mid-season. How Deb will handle this is what will prove to be crucial next season, which may make her character somewhat interesting, but I still want the focus on Dexter and how he hopes to aid in her recovery.

    It will be interesting to see what the main focus is, and as to whether we will explore 'human' Dexter further or the serial killer that has been absent for a prolong amount of time this season (his urges have began to degrade as he's become more human like - will the opposite happen for Deb).
  • can you belive

    I am a beliver in dex. Thats my boy
  • OMG! That last scene!!!

    Thinking about the last scene still gives me goosebumps. After that scene, I just couldn't move for a whole minute or more as I was in complete shock. The intensity, acting, writing was spot on in that scene. Jennifer, you rocked that scene when you cried and hugged laguerta after you shot her. It just felt so natural for her to feel bad about killing a person, an innocent one even. JC really deserves an emmy for this season of Dexter. This season is officially my most favourite season of Dexter.

    I haven't given this kind of rating for a dexter episode since 'Run' but this one really deserves it. This episode had the urgency required in a episode like this. Really, Quinn should be dead too. And please dont start with him dating Batista's sister. I'm done with Quinn's love life. I can't believe Batista is actually retiring. Deep in my heart, I thought that he would change his mind in the process. Going to miss him working in the Police Department. Doakes was fun to watch. I must admit, the make-up artists absolutely nailed Dexter's hair and look from season 2. It actually felt like a scene which was filmed during Season 2.

    I felt so sad for Laguerta in that last scene, although I hated her character, as she could never get justice for her innocent friend, Doakes. That scene where she arrests Dexter, I'm so glad that it wasn't a dream sequence. Now, the police department knows that Dexter was a suspect in the BHB case.

    Hate to wait a whole year for the next season. The ending of this season was more intense for me than the last season's. Hope they continue from where they left off.
  • Do you remeber Miguel Prado ????

    I just can't help but to remember that episode from season 3 when Miguel Prado tries to kill La Guerta because she was suspecting him to commit a murder , & he was justifying that he needs " to protect him self & do what he has to do for survival " , and that what made dexter kill him to protect the innocent La Guerta !!!!!

    NOW both Dex & Deb decide to get rid of La Guerta the innocent they once protected HOW F***ed up is that ?????

  • How has it come to this

    A fantastic season finale with a shocking ending where Debra decides between La Guerta and Dexter and chooses to kill La Guerta The only way Dexter could fix things is to kill La Guerta thats how desperate he had become and how close La Guerta was He originally did plan to make it look like someone else killed La Guerta but when Deb arrived the plan changed Dexter has proven to be smart enough to drop the Bay Harbour Butcher case but the La Guerta case will now open and could leave consequences especially for Debra Deb already feels distraught and you could see on Deb and Dexter's face when they returned to the party that they don't believe what had happened and that they have done a bad thing There is a lot to think about for season 8 when it returns in the summer.

  • Surpise Motherf*cker

    I think this was an excellent end to an awesome season.

    First of all Dexter killed an innocent or two back in season three or four. Mistakes during his normal hunts. Nothing new there.

    I didn't think the current trend of Debra knowing the real Dexter would work out. I thought they might have to make some plot where Debra either died or forgot everything.

    But behold, It was Deb that killed the innocent (as Harry coined it) and although she cried obsessively afterward when they went to Batista's party they seemed like they were holding it together pretty well (like she scratched her knee and after crying it was all better). Makes me wonder if there isn't a table set-up in Deb's future and who might be on it if there is.

    I thought LaGuerta was going to get it. She was screwing around too much and outlived her usefulness as a character, especially after Williams left. Still I was envisioning her getting suspended or terminated.

    As far as this not being as good as previous episodes, I would like to remind people this is the first we seen where Debra involved herself in one of Dexter's kills by choice. We know that she helped cover up the kill at the end of season 6, but that was exclusively Dexter. Afterwards she helped cover his tracks again, but still this was all after the fact. This was the first time Deb willingly participated in actually killing someone. It's a far cry from the season 6 finale. I think the interesting turn will be how this picks up in Season 8. It looks like Deb may have a little psychopath in her, and if she can hold it together may become the perfect partner for Dexter. No one can watch this from Season 1 and not see this one coming.
  • Wow!!!, little Ms. Debra Shows out......

    I was so afraid that this episode was going to have Debra killed off. But yesssssss, they wacked Larguata or whatever her name is. I am so interested to see next season. This episode was so
  • Surprise Motherf**ker !!!!

  • Survival Instinct Trumps Harry's Code

    Call it Choas Theory, or simply Murphy's Law, but whatever it is the once affable killer on his own mis-guided sense of justice has been demolished: reduced to a primal killer with only a criminal's survival instinct. Perhaps inevitable, the turn of events in the season six finale still shock.

    A full six years after being first introduced to the affable serial killer with a semi-palable sense of justice comes what just may be finest single episode to date. That is certainly high praise as any story is largely coasting in such a time-line. Not Dexter however as it manages to make the audience squirm with tension, even destroying the very thing that made Dexter likeable in spite of his obsession. With this single episode Dexter is reduced to a criminal whose survival instinct has made him do things he never would do as he lived by "Harry's Code". Or has it?

    Actually it still hasn't and that is because of the brilliant turn where not Dexter broke his code, or became a common criminal, but Deb did as if some kind of sacrificial lamb led to the altar. Whoa! LaGuerta messed with the wrong bitch! But, now things are so complicated that it is almost impossible to see what lies ahead without so many multiple outcomes that the audience is only left guessing. Thus calling this episode a brilliant turn is in no way an understatement.

    Season six in its sum total comes off as a master-stroke in the Dexter canon. It has caused so much tension that one is balled up with a level of un-easiness that is hard to describe. In the past it wasn't on this level, even considering the game-changing season five finale. Fans actually need the time to un-coil and wait for season seven. Add to the Mt. Everest of morass the fact that the last of Hannah McKay isn't on the horizon and there must be a pot-boiler final season yet to come. Did I mention "brilliant"?
  • Surprised!!, i know i was

    What an ending, i was 80% thinking Deb was gonna shoot Dex, but i remember that La Guerta had dirt on Deb and Dexter so there was reason for Deb to shoot her, but intense setup, it showed Dexter at his darkest moment.

    I hope next season is shorter and more to the point, nothing of track, and massive ending.
  • A bit predictable...

    The finale had some great scenes and is setting up for a great last season.
  • No surprise here.

    They had the last chance to divert from the simpsons-formula where, by and large, everything reverts to how it was at the beginning of a season. They could have Deb arrest Dex, or let him run, or let Deb pretend she's the BHB, or.... but no, they bailed out with another lame a kill that fixes everything so the police soap opera with serial killer gimmick can continue. Horray for another season that will be the same as the last five

    Yes, yes Deb killed somebody. Big woop. The show is about Dexter, and the formula around him never changed.
  • ending hymn or song?

    guys whats that song which is played after LaGuerta's murder on the new year party scene?helppp??
  • WOW!!!

    Now that I wasn't expecting!

    When La Guerta was telling deb to kill Dexter, That shyt was intense. I was speechless. She was like "Put him down!" ,like Dexter is a rabid dog or something. You actually had a sense of Dexter as a monster. The finale blew my mind. This is the kind of writing that made ''Dexter'' what it is.
  • Very good finale!

    A very good way to wrap up a season that hasn't gone so smoothly. There were some great moments (who can forget the incredible season opener?) and some not so good moments (the unnecessary stripper/bobby storyline), but overall this was a solid season of Dexter - definitely a lot better than season 6. i am going to miss the show when it finishes its last season, but it will be for the best as this show has definitely run thin. i will say this, I love the hannah mckay story and i can't wait till next season to see how it wraps up. This season finale doesn't rank as high as some of the other classic endings to dexter (season 4 and 2 in particular), but it was still a great hour of tv, everything wrapped up with still so much more left
  • Now that's 'Struggle for existence'

    'Dexter' has changed a lot. Having so many cliff hangers and excitements wasn't the shows typical style, but I guess I'm starting to like the new style. And the finale was a great episode (it would've been even better with Isaak Sirkov). I guess, this is the end of the road for Deb's normal life. She would probably even convince herself that she did it for her (to protect her career) and not for Dexter. May be even try to suicide. Now I don;t think they'll kill off her character because that'll be too much.

    I feel in one of the episodes in the coming season Deb would probably say to Dexter

    "I SHOULD'VE SHOT YOU!" - An emotional scene, that would be.

    Anyway things I don't understand are:

    - It wasn't just LaGuerta or Doakes who got the creeps from Dexter. At one point Quinn had serious doubts about Dexter too (Season 5) and interestingly it was LAGUERTA who wanted Quinn to back off! If she discussed this to Quinn (instead of Dexter's family friend Matheson) , he would have even shared the photographs of Dexter and Lumen dumping things into the sea in the middle of the night. The photos Quinn got from the guy he hired to spy Dexter. However, Quinn seems to be occupied with his love life issues.

    - Why does no one, even Batista, asks LaGuerta "Why Dexter?" ?

    - Hanna's escape scene was dumb! Seems a 10 year old could've tricked those cops. They didn't watched her nor handcuffed her instead let her have her privacy!

    - So let me guess what Hanna did after her 'logical' escape. Probably went her home to get a flower and then gets back to her boyfriends apartment to leave it at the front door. I mean if the copss were looking for her would'nt it be her home and her boyfriends apartment they give more focus on (Dexter-Hanna relationship was not only public but it was Dexter who turned Hannah in so that should make Dexter's apartment the top of the list for the cops as they should've assumed that she might go to Dexter's for revenge or something.

    Bottom line: It was damn good to see Doakes ( I miss all those previous characters like Trinity, Miguel,
  • My thoughts..


    Ok here we go...

    1. Hannah wasn't handcuffed to the hospital bed?! prison guards are idiots.

    2. So why did Deb shoot La Guerta instead of stepping out and letting dexter do it. Next season is gonna be full of her feeling atleast it would have been because she allowed dexter to kill La Guerta rather than killong herself. I dont like the way the writers forced her to cross the could have done it in a more logical manner. Anyways i hope next season doesn't revolve around her popping pills.

    3. Are you telling methodolgical character like Lietenant Deb would allow there to be footage of Deb getting gas from the closest police station? I myself would have driven an hour out to get i just don't get the dumb decisions they make esp cause their jobs revolve around putting evidence together.

    I still love the show though.
  • Very good!

    And thank god this only goes one more season. This episode pretty much made sure of it. You're borderline overstaying your welcome, Dex. Now get outta here, ya crazy so and so.
  • Mmmmm

  • Wonderful season...

    From the previous season's end I concluded this will be one of the best seasons having to take Debra into his confidence and expecting the intensity to be this high, and yet seeing Debra do the ultimate sacrifice for Dexter's well being was the magic of this last a while there I thought she wouldn't...

    I hope we get to season saw some writers saying that this show ended after season 5, but I everyone has time to check every show there this year we got new shows that are brilliant such as Arrow, Elementary, Vegas, but still Dexter owns...
  • Surprised, motherfucker!

    Well this was definitely a predicted this would happen, just not this way. I was hoping Debra would remain 'innocent' and that Dexter would solve their problems cleanly, but that would be a bit cliche.

    One big problem is gone, but we see how Deb reacted to finding out about Dexter's true nature so what will she be like now? She keeps getting in even deeper.

    Deb walking in on Dex was a sloppy mistake, but I'm wondering how they'll explain Estrada shooting LaGuerta in that container. I'll agree with AudioFileZ in that Dexter is more like a primal killer, but he was still doing it to protect his family. All in all, can't wait till Season 8!
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