Season 7 Episode 12

Surprise, Motherf**ker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Creep

    Dexter did a lot this week, some spinning of its wheels followed by some very compelling drama. First off, thanks to the writers for getting the whole "won't Hannah rat on Dex?" question answered right away. On the flipside, I feel like there could've been much more drama brought out of the situation with Deb maybe poisoning herself than Hannah simply copping to it after having denied it before it just felt too easy in my opinion leaving the rest of the episode drama free since Hannah even said that she wouldn't rat on him. Her calling Arlene for help and getting the drugs to poison herself and induce a heart attack a great use of irony and a taste of her own medicine, if you will. Beyond that, we got flashbacked to when Dex began to pop out to Doakes pre-Season 1 days. First Doakes and Dexter are working a case of murdered prostitutes, LaGuerta gives James his keys back (refusing to move in with him) and all it takes was one moment of punctuated giddiness at a blood spatter crime scene for Doakes to see something was up with Dexter, calling him a "Creep Motherf**ker" and that he would find out what he was hiding, famous last words Mr. Doakes. The flashbacks added an interesting element to see the beginning of their shadow tussle between the two foes (and Doakes was one of the most formidable and best written bad guys in Dexter history so it was given much prestige to both of them and complemented the intact arc nicely). Maria arresting Dexter and him having planted fake evidence to point to her framing him was a really great touch on his part since we normally see him handle the dirty work of planting stuff to keep himself from harms way. It just made LaGuerta look crazy, of course she thinks that Estrada is dead and having Dexter arrested and let go on her own lack of foresight did exactly what Dexter wanted it to do. Maria seemed to even start to let it go after getting threatened by Matthews but when she confronted Deb about finding the security camera footage of Deb filling up the gas tanks to burn down the church on the night of Travis Marshall's murder things got crazy. LaGuerta put it together, as we knew she would all the way to when she pulled that blood slide out of the grate at the beginning of the season, and this put Deb in harms way too. Dexter tracks Estrada to his wife who he hasn't seen in 40 years but is still married too and finds him in a park and draws him out, drugs him and puts him into the back of his car. Deb gets him up to speed on LaGuerta's continued investigating and Dex breaks into her place and finds warrants to track phone GPS locations of Deb and Dexter's phones the night of Travis Marshall's murder, which with the security footage would prove their involvement in the arson and his murder. Maria's line about Deb and her both making mistakes protecting people they care about was a great dig and a revelation of truth to how far off the reservation Deb's gone to protect Dexter this year. Anyone else notice the irony of Dexter wanting to kill LaGuerta after back in Season 3 Miguel Prado wanted to do the exact same thing but he stopped him (big mistake Dex). Perhaps the most powerful part of the episode, beyond the final scenes was Dex telling Harry that his "fake life" to protect himself had actually become real and the old him would've run (Season 5 him), but now he has other people at stake. He has Estrada on a kill table call LaGuerta telling him that he's in the same shipping container and she ignorantly comes a running without backup. Angel's scene worrying about her (together with his retirement party) was a nice callback to when they were together and both un-annoying after he found out that she was behind Estrada's release but if she had gotten the GPS on the phones she wouldn't've looked so crazy because she would've had evidence. But Dexter deciding to kill her to survive and admitting that Deb's safety mattered more to him than his own personal happiness and his surrender after LaGuerta is subdued by Dex and in the shipping container were the two most insightful parts of his character this episode and perhaps all year, when he puts down the knife no longer wanting to corrupt Deb who is a "good person" and then she shoots LaGuerta dead and runs to her body saying that she's sorry. Then they grimly go to Batista's retirement party saying this is the new beginning, which it is simply because it may be slightly rehashed but it added a new spin corrupting Deb fully beyond accomplice and into killer. Dexter's line about being just a "Creep Motherfu**er" to Estrada was one of my favorite deliveries by Michael C. Hall this episode. Side characters, so Batista just gets to walk away unscathed, all righty then. Second, Jaime should get a better boyfriend and let Quinn be written out of the show like he's supposed to. Seriously, first Louis and now a recently single crooked drunk cop? How did Quinn not get killed this season? And now he's with Jaime, WTF?!!! At least Masuka is consistent with his diaper wearing Baby New Year shenanigans but I guess we'll be treated to the LaGuerta/Estrada crime scene next season and deal with the aftermath (hopefully another serial killer Dexter can go toe to toe with like this show does best that isn't Doomsday or Colin Hanks no offense to the actor just his writing), and a fully finished portrait of the Morgan family saga. Season 7 had its ups and downs, the ups mostly happening when Isaac was in the picture and threatening Dexter's life, although his words should've rang more true in the season finale although Dexter did take his advice when he agreed to dive into his relationship with Hannah which fell apart but I feel as if Dexter maybe should've thought "Guess it didn't turn out like Isaac said" because he was the best written part of the season I think, the Brother Sam of Season 7 if you will, and Ray Stevenson should get a guest Emmy for this for sure and Michael should win an Emmy just once for his great work for all seven going on eight years even though it can be a rough ride sometimes. I hope Hannah will turn up and do more than fake a heart attack, escape and then leave a flower on Dexter's doorstep, unless she's supposed to be his "One that got But all in all not a bad year, except for the lack of follow up on the Koshkas post-Isaac and a few other missteps that were forgivable this year proved that Dexter still has steam, at least for one more season, but I feel as if it will come to a natural conclusion but please do NOT renew it for Season 9, you will have lost my viewership enough is enough we really have explored all that this character is so let's give it one last hurrah and put him to bed in TV history and not make him into the Simpsons.
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