Season 7 Episode 12

Surprise, Motherf**ker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on Showtime

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  • As Arnie said ... "Ugly Motherfucker!"

    When the Predator dramatically unmask his face to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the climatic showdown, Arnie was stunned and shocked at the revelation and uttered, "Ugly Motherfucker!"

    If the writers were gunning for the same reaction from the viewers, or maybe just me, with the season finale of Dexter, then I say mission accomplished.

    *SPOILER!* The truth is almost always ugly, and it almost always hurt (at least to someone), and when the truth exploed as a 9mm bullet into LaGuerta chest, the screwed up Morgan's family dynamics for season 7 broke down like Deb's mental psyche. The shock of how Dex broke Deb delivers as much impact to me as with Arnie discovering an extraterrestrial with a fetish for skinning people after a probably traumatic childhood with bullies and facial cream.

    To me, that scene is testament not to the breaking of the characters; with Dexter giving up and sulking like a 5 year old who broke his Mom favorite vase; to Debra killing an innocent person who happens to be both a cop and her boss; I feel these are very natural evolution of the characters. That alone made me forgave the writers for the earlier dull 50 mins of the episode.

    Dexter's had been slowly learning real human emotions since Rita's death, learning to feel, learning to love. He starts feeling hope, the hope that he too can have a normal life (or as normal as he can perceive it) and grow old with somebody who can accept him, a hope that he too can have a normal family. When Hannah betrayed him, Dexter chose Deb. The importance of Deb in his life cannot be understated because by protecting Deb, Dexter had essentially made a decision to give up the only real love he had ever felt for another woman. Even his feelings for Rita were more a combination of guilt and responsibility rather than love with acceptance. To paraphrase Isaak's words, "Love is what made life worth living". I believe Dexter also believes and understand that. Life is not really worth living without love.

    When faced with the Deb's dilemma, I believe Dexter had already given up. For the first time in his life, I believe that he is truly tired of all the deception and facade, and he do not want to force his sister to cover for him anymore. He just wants everything to be over. When Deb's made her decision in the pivotal scene, Dexter was as shocked as Deb's (maybe more?) and retreated into himself, much like when he was 3 year old and his mother was butchered in front of him. To him, Deb is an anchor in his life, potty mouth and righteous, always doing the right thing (at least when it comes to cop things).

    In Dexter's world, he is "Always in control!", yet his world crashed as much as Deb's, as the weight of what he had inflicted upon his sister sets in, he slouched down against the wall, not knowing what to do... losing control.

    And now to Deb. Throughout the season, starting from "Are you a serial killer?", Deb had been struggling with her feelings for Dexter on many different levels. Protecting, enabling, and even knowingly committing felony for him, Deb had been killing herself bit by bit in order to accommodate the real Dexter in her new universe. When forced to choose between her brother and what she herself represent to her, she chose her brother. The weight of her decision crumbled her like a freshly baked cookie.

    Everything that Deb had believed in and anchored her reality had been fast unraveling in this season. Even after all the stuff she discovered about Bryan Moser, her Dad and Dexter throughout the series that affected her emotional state, Deb had always been a good cop first above all else. Although circumventing the law since her discovery of Dexter's "real job", she had tried her best to keep her head above the water. However, like a worm gnawing through an apple, Deb had been eating up who she is to herself out of love for her brother until she is (almost) no more. Her mental state is really at the breaking point now.

    Dex broke Deb... Ugly motherfucker...

    On a personal note, I feel that Ms. Carpenter should be given an award for her performance in this episode. season 7 should be renamed Debra as her character had been the most outstanding to me, outshining even the adroit performance of Michael C. Hall. Not only had she went through the biggest range of changes on the personal level, her interactions with the other characters had also evolved in a very diverse manner that made me care about her as a character. I am very interested in how she will further evolve in the next season both as a person and in her relationship with Dexter.