Season 7 Episode 12

Surprise, Motherf**ker

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Surpise Motherf*cker

    I think this was an excellent end to an awesome season.

    First of all Dexter killed an innocent or two back in season three or four. Mistakes during his normal hunts. Nothing new there.

    I didn't think the current trend of Debra knowing the real Dexter would work out. I thought they might have to make some plot where Debra either died or forgot everything.

    But behold, It was Deb that killed the innocent (as Harry coined it) and although she cried obsessively afterward when they went to Batista's party they seemed like they were holding it together pretty well (like she scratched her knee and after crying it was all better). Makes me wonder if there isn't a table set-up in Deb's future and who might be on it if there is.

    I thought LaGuerta was going to get it. She was screwing around too much and outlived her usefulness as a character, especially after Williams left. Still I was envisioning her getting suspended or terminated.

    As far as this not being as good as previous episodes, I would like to remind people this is the first we seen where Debra involved herself in one of Dexter's kills by choice. We know that she helped cover up the kill at the end of season 6, but that was exclusively Dexter. Afterwards she helped cover his tracks again, but still this was all after the fact. This was the first time Deb willingly participated in actually killing someone. It's a far cry from the season 6 finale. I think the interesting turn will be how this picks up in Season 8. It looks like Deb may have a little psychopath in her, and if she can hold it together may become the perfect partner for Dexter. No one can watch this from Season 1 and not see this one coming.
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