Season 7 Episode 5

Swim Deep

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on Showtime
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    Dexter "Swim Deep" Review: "Ignorance Is Bliss"

    Swim Deep” was probably the weakest episode of Dexter’s still-young seventh season thus far, but it still had a number of quality elements.

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    Deb discovers that LaGuerta sent some forensic evidence to an outside lab. LaGuerta confides in Deb that she found Dex's blood slide and is convinced that the Bay Harbor Butcher is still active and Doakes was innocent. Deb offers to help LaGuerta, so that she can steer theinvestigationaway from Dexter ifnecessary. Dexter discovers blood on his boat and finds out that Isaak is after him. Hannah McKay is back to help find some of the victims from the killing spree. Dexter finds something interesting while studying one of the unearthed bodies.


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    • Deb saves Dexter

      In this episode La Guerta pushes forward in her investigation into the Bay Harbour Butcher but her mistake was not keeping it a secret because she asks Deb to help her question the families and Deb was shocked to see Dexter on a photo at the wedding where he was getting ready to kill someone Dexter tells Deb he believes that with no body there is no proof but he was close to been caught but he wouldn't be in this position if Debra hadn't found out about Dexter Dexter finds out that Hannah McKay is a killer and it is likely that she will be his target on the next episode while watching out for La Guerta.moreless
    • Incoherent

      What happened in this season? I see all these inconsistencies popping up and this episode is so far one of the weakest.

      Why does the wedding photographer's family have the pictures from that wedding? The photographer disappeared directly after the wedding, how did anyone got his pictures?

      Why is Dexter suddenly so out of character at some scenes? Like when he confesses to murder over the phone to Isaac, and via the jail phone, which most probably is tapped recorded.

      At the first episode LaGureta picked up the blood slide at the crime scene and said to the CS technician to make sure to that blood slide as evidence. How come the slide is suddenly such a secret?

      It unfortunately feels like this season is the least coherent yet.moreless
    • Swim Deep

      It's not that this year's main arc is particularly boring, but past history shows us that things should have picked up by this point and that does not seem to be happening anytime soon. It's just not as fun as it usually is, look at the way this episode was structured to see that.

      And the LaGuerta scenes are just painful to watch.
    • A fine balance between intrigue and entertainment

      As I said in my previous review, this season is going far too fast - and I stand by that statement still. Dexter is 'free' from Isaac (SP), but I can guarantee that he's not free from the brotherhood. There's a fine chemistry between Dex and Hannah, she seems to enjoy her time as a killer as much as Dex enjoys the chase he goes through for his kill - not sure how this relationship will develop either. Hopefully it won't be another Louis and kill her off suddenly.

      My main gripe is Deb's acceptance. She's the moral part of Dexter, the aspect that's always balanced him between the next kill and doing what's morally right. Now she's fine with it - so long as she doesn't know. Seriously? I can accept that there's only two seasons left, so they have to make haste progress with certain characters, but Deb will be here until the end of the show, so there's no point in rushing.

      I did enjoy the episode, but I'm beginning to gain a few gripes with certain aspects of this season - still, it's fine progress from last season!moreless
    • Twisty

      This weeks episode of Dexter - Swim Deep - probably the best episode ever. So dark, as Dexter falls deeper into the brown, murky stuff, beginning to realise that his hobby of ritually executing pathological killers that have evaded justice is just not fun any more, along with the love/want to kill relationship between him and Yvonne Strahovsky from Chuck confusing things further... Excellent...!
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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Goof: When Dexter is looking at the newspaper articles on his computer, the first article starts to repeat itself to make it look longer.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Issak: That's true. I don't know who you are
        Dexter: If you ever find out you'll regret it.

      • Debra: You were my hero.

      • Debra Morgan: (to Dexter in the Parking Lot)I need you to promise me something...
        Dexter Morgan: ...what?...
        Debra Morgan: That you will never... take a case from the police department again... from me ever?
        Dexter Morgan: ...OK.
        Debra Morgan: Are you lying to me?...
        Dexter Morgan: I don't think so.
        Debra Morgan: You don't think so...
        (she then shoves Dexter) You don't fucking think so?
        Dexter Morgan: (while handing the hotel room card to Deb) I'm not lying!
        Debra Morgan: I have no way of knowing do I?
        (she then walks away)

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