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Season 5 Episode 8

Take It!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2010 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Debra and Batista both find themselves between a rock and a hard place during the Santa Muerte investigation while Dex and Lumen hunt for their latest prey at a self-help seminar.

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  • disappointed at dexter

    the first two episodes of season five were very sad, i almost cried several times. they were sad, but good. and then annoying lumen came... and made this season simply terrible. dexter is not consistent anymore, he's now too trusty and he simply doesn't seem to be a psychopath anymore, the one we all know and love. he even prayed in one episode, what is that, dexter? are you crying now, too? besides, i hate this lumen character, as i mentioned before (and what stupid name indeed). i hope the show gets a satisfying season finale because until now everything is very predictable and boring (although i have to say i LOVE watching Jonny Lee Miller, he's awesome).moreless
  • Good Episode but...

    I liked this episode. Dexter's relationship with Lumen seems to be coming along and it looks like she will be his next partner. But how long will it last?

    There are only two issues I had with this episode. First, when Cole busted in the hotel room to get Lumen, he clearly broke the door frame. How is it they were still able to kill, and cut him up into pieces in a hotel room with a door that couldn't possibly close? The second, Liddy was able to take pictures of Lumen and Dexter dumping bags off Dexter's boat. Sure he may have had a telephoto lens, but would not have been able to get such clear shots from a distance at night without a tripod. Also, Dexter is pretty smart. Do you really think he would dump his bodies so close to shore?moreless
  • Take It!

    Take It! This was a perfect episode of Dexter. In this episode we got to see a wide spectrum of emotion and relationships between different characters. I really enjoyed this episode because it had suspense, thrills, and chills. I really liked how Lumen connected with Dexter, and how he really let go and connected with her by revealing his true self to her. I also thought it was interesting what happened to Deb, both how and why. I think the events of this episode will play major roles in the seasons ending. I was surprised by the ending and can't wait to see what happens next with all of the things that are happening to the characters!!!!!moreless
  • Nothing happens.

    Unfortunately, Julia Stiles' character continues to be as boring as ever, and the series continues to plod along. Like every other episode this season, Dexter reveals to someone how his wife was murdered and he found his son sitting in the blood. We know. La Guerta and Deborah are mad at each other. UH OH!!!!!!

    **Spoiler in this paragraph**

    This whole season has sucked, but I officially checked out when the "Who was the guy who said 'tick tick'?" mystery was solved by, you know...a guy walking up to Dexter and saying, "Tick tick."

    This show now blows.moreless
  • He's back everybody - the emotionless serial killer killing machine makes his return and reassures us that Dexter belongs in the TV hall of fame as one of the greatest shows ever.moreless

    I have to admit that this season has had me a little worried over the Dexter we all know and love. The first four seasons were almost without flaw but this season has seen one too many emotional moments from our favorite serial killer. But this episode... he's back!

    In this episode Dexter and Lumen continue their hunt of the men who abused her. As we have come to expect when Dexter is on the hunt with a partner things never quite go how they were supposed to but for the first time this season Dexter really rises to the occasion. It seems that we have finally found someone in Lumen who can really appreciate Dexter for who he is. I am cautious to get my hopes up about this though for it has never worked out well for him in the past. I can only hope that this does work out well though as Dexter and Lumen (brilliantly played by Julia Styles) have excellent chemistry on screen. The homicide squad at Miami Metro is finally starting to grip me again. Their story has been a little stale and reminiscent of early series this year but now it seems as though civil war might break out. Laguerta has thrown Debra to the wolves to save her own hide and it has divided up the department, including it seems Angel and Laguerta. I have to say that this is the best news of the entire episode as I have never bought Angel and Laguerta as a married couple and I hope this sees the end of them. Laguerta in my opinion has never been a strong character and I often wish they had done with her what happened in the book... kill her off at the end of the first season. Finally the cliff hanger ending really made the episode. Has someone finally stumbled across Dexter's secret who is in a position to cause some real trouble? The blackmailing detective hired by Quinn has done a brilliant job on these last few episodes to boost the tension and once again I find myself dying to see next weeks episode. Let me sum up by saying, Welcome back to brilliance Dexter, you've been sorely missed.moreless
Chris Vance

Chris Vance

Cole Harmon

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David Paetkau

David Paetkau


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Liza Colón-Zayas

Liza Colón-Zayas

Paloma Aragon

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Peter Weller

Peter Weller

Stan Liddy

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April Lee Hernandez

April Lee Hernandez

Officer Cira Manzon

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Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller

Jordan Chase

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    • Dexter: (voice over) It's a law of physics that elements want to unify. Single cells in a petri dish thrash around until they coalesce. And events in the universe that once seemed random are eventually revealed to have an underlying connectedness.

    • Dexter: (To Lumen) You said I'd done this before. That's true. This is who I am. When I was a child, my mother was murdered in front of me, and it...shattered me. I've done this ever since. Because for the longest time, it was the only way I could feel...unbroken. And then, Rita was killed and none of this made sense anymore. Until now. (voice over) Miguel couldn't. My father couldn't. Can anyone live with the truth of what I am? Is Lumen what will make me whole?

    • Dexter: Dad once told me that, some people deserve to die.
      Deb: You believe that? You believe some people deserve to die?
      Dexter: Some people don't deserve to live.

    • Quinn: Fuentes was a scumbag.
      Deb: Yeah, he's a scumbag that I shot and killed.
      Quinn: And? What's the problem? Don't tell me you feel bad about killing him.
      Deb: I don't. That's the problem.

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