Season 6 Episode 11

Talk to the Hand

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Horrendous

    This is now Dexter: The Comedy Series.
  • One of the worst episodes ever!

    The most predictable scenes of the entire show condensed in one episode:

    - Batista saved at the last second

    - Poisoning girl busted at the last second

    - Nosebleeding right when it was needed to add another episode to the season

    Come on! You can do better than that!!!
  • What the hell are the writers doing!?


    Dexter has really disappointed me this season. I guess it was bound to happen eventually. The Gellar twist was painfully obvious, Travis has randomly changed personalities and the writing generally seems off.

    Ever since, Nebraska, a few episodes back, Dexter has acted out of character, and incredibly stupidly. This has made a oncelikeablecharacter a pain in the arse. Seriously. All the cliff-hangers from last week were resolved in the first twenty minutes, taking away any tension. DExter ending up in the sea surrounding by fire should have been a great ending - I didn't really care much. He'll kill/get rid of Travis. And everything will be fine.

    DEb seems to have been inching closer to potentially finding out about DExter's dark passenger - something which would redeem the season - BUT instead her therapist makes her believe she's actually in love with her step-brother (I don't care if they're not related, it's really weird) and she imagines kissing him. WTF? WTF? WTF?

    Why go there Dexter, why go there? My only hope for the finale is that Deb finds out about Dexter. But the writers probably won't do that. They'll find some way out of it. I'm vagely interested in thisplot linewith Masuka's intern, but not that much. I just want this season over and for Dexter to be good again. Guess we'll wait and see what the writers ruin about the show next week...

  • Wasn't Expecting That

    Miami Metro finds the body of the killed fanatic on the boat that Dexter disposed of and calculate that Wormwood is indeed a poisonous gas but are unsure where it's going to happen. Angel is held captive by Travis as leverage for some weird reason but the show should have the balls to kill him off this is like the second fake out in the whole show as to his life hanging in the balance so do it or don't already. Quinn gets called from Deb as to the whereabouts of Batista and he speeds over to Travis's place once he finds Angel's message and saves the day and Angel's life. Deb discovers that she may have hidden feelings for Dex and has way out of left fields dreams about that had me confused and wondering if the episode was over or not. Matthews tells Deborah to keep his indiscretions a secret with the prostitute but LaGuerta leaks it and Matthews has to retire and it is inferred that he was the only one holding LaGuerta back from total control of Deb. Louis apologizes to Dex and paints the nails of the ITK arm for some reason. Travis gets the wife of the fanatic to detonate the canister inside Miami Metro and when she goes to meet with Deb Dex figures it out and pushes the wife into an interrogation room where she dies alone thanks to the canister but Dex is woozy from slight exposure. After that's cleared Dex sends Travis a video taunting him after staging his own tableaux with Gellar's dismembered hand at a fountain next to his boat where he hopes to lure Travis. When Travis gets there Dex is overpowered because of his fatigue from the gas and Travis uses his own tranquilizer on him and Dex wakes up in a rowboat surrounded by gas and slightly bound and Travis lights the whole gas covered waterfront with fire. Dex easily escape before an all out explosion rocks the bay. At least have Travis have the fortitude to tie him better to give us some real suspense, of course he's not going to die. At least make it like in the Season 3 finale where he had to break his own hand in order to escape the bonds, this was just a lazy trick writers, come on. This season is seriously struggling and with episodes like this I seriously wonder whether this show needs another season if not 2.
  • Talk to the Hand

    The chaos at Miami Metro, and the near gas explosion, those things were good, but Deb continuing her sessions with the therapist, that just needs to stop. They are trying too hard to make that character deeper, and it is not a good idea.

    And let's not forget that the whole killer storyline this year, and in this episode particular, has been pretty bad. The show is still good, but not Dexter quality.
  • Talk to the hand

    this episode and this season were good because, well because I WATCHED...many people complain but they were still glued to their tv every week, so please....and another thing: all these lies about the fact that you knew Gellar was not the real killer, I dont buy it and your inner conscience doesnt buy it either.
  • Bowels Of Wrath

    I was pretty excited after watching the promo for Dexter last week. It had loads of snippets which looked promising and gave me new hope that possibly, maybe, hopefully the writers will see the light and end season 6 with a colossal bang. After some mediocre episodes in the last few weeks, 'Talk To The Hand' sort of fueled my faith in this series.

    Make no mistake, I HATE the way the writers have handled Dexter this season, but if I'm going to watch season 7 (and I will), a finale of ginormous proportions needs to happen next week. I'm pretty used to being underwhelmed by this show by now, so imagine my surprise when I found myself at the edge of my seat when Beth (lady whose husband Dex stabbed last week), walked into Miami Metro with a bag of Wormwood. It's been a while since Dexter got something right, so stopping Beth from making the air inside Miami Metro as poisonous as the air inside the Enron complex was a step in the right direction. That being said, the rest of the episode was kind of a bummer.

    Let's be realistic. Every time we see Dexter in danger, we know nothing's actually going to happen. Apparently the writers have come to realize this and didn't even bother to leave the viewers hanging when Dexter escaped Travis's ring of fire.

    Batista's capture had an ominous vibe to it in the last episode, so imagine my chagrin when Quinn (yuck), of all people actually did something right for a change and saved Batista from becoming a Cuban-American barbecue. Now Batista has to live with the shame of owing his life to Quinn (ugh). The shame!

    Another significant and weird development was the conversation between Debra and shrink lady. The suggestion that Debra might have romantic feelings for Dexter, caught her completely off guard as it did everyone else. Now with the idea planted in Deb's head, it was only a matter of time before she would actually have a dream about getting it on with her step-brother. Nice going, shrink lady! Weren't you supposed to solve Debra's problems??

    Meanwhile, LaGuerta revealed a whole new level of bitchiness by getting Matthews fired for the hooker fiasco. Miami Metro consists of an array of morons of different shapes and sizes, but now with LaGuerta at the helm, there is no limit to the level of incompetence the division can achieve. Dexter's dark passenger is going to have his hands full next season.

    The MOST interesting part of this episode, in my irrelevant (but not if you're reading this. Ha!) opinion, was nerd dude Louis' package for Dexter. What the hell was he drawing on the Ice Truck Killer hand?? I am officially intrigued.


    - I seriously expected a main character to get killed tonight. It's still possible (well, not tonight). Please, let it be LaGuerta! Quinn gets a pass for saving Batista's ass (hey, that rhymed).

    - The expected symptoms for minimal exposure to the Wormwood gas were nosebleeds and dizziness. It doesn't take a genius to guess Dex is gonna get dizzy at the exact wrong moment. That's what makes (or used to make) good TV.

    - Nerd dude Louis. What do you think? Prospective bad guy?

    - I sense an epic and religiously symbolic death for Travis. The viewers deserve that much, right?

    All in all, tonight's show wasn't all that bad considering the crap we've had to put up with the last couple of weeks. Although Dexter didn't kill anyone, I am eager to see him make up for it by planning a very special sendoff for Travis next week.
  • With just about everything in a state of disarray Dexter is sensing an urgency in stopping Travis. Dexter found DDKs boat/lab, in the process killing "Doomsday Adam", he couldn't prevent the murder of Holly Benson or, apparently, something worse.


    Deb's professional and personal life isn't the only thing threatening to come apart. Travis is on the loose and close to enacting his "end of days" tableaus. Dexter can't find Travis, coming close but always a step behind. Quinn's failing as Batista's partner comes to a head when Batista is forced to check out "Doomsday Adam's" residence by himself and in the processbecoming Travis's prisoner and, likely, next victim. Add to this Deb's problem regarding the involvement of Lt. Matthews regarding the dead call girl case and Homeland Security possibly taking over the DDK case - the question arises: Is anything not going wrong?

    The real problem for Dexter is his Dark Passenger is not helping him put Travis on his table. While possessed to find Travis, Dexter is becomming increasingly exposed as his focus and control slips. When he thwarts a mass execution, one that was centered on Deb, inside of the Miami PD homicide unit it seems Dexter has turned the tables in his favor. In fact it only increases his exposure to being outed if Travis isn't found pronto...Dexter knows this and even while suffering exposure effects from the poisoin gas there's no time to waste. Here we're treated to a couple of those things that seem "thrown in" because whatever they mean isn't immediate. I refer to Deb's session with the psychiatrist about her possible love interest in Dexter (with a subsequent dream) as well as an impromptu Dexter and Louis meeting at the elevator where Louis reveals that, after Dexter's shakedown regarding his fantasy video game, he has decided he no longer wants "to live on the sideline". Plus there's Louis being shown packing for shipment to Dexter the hand from The Ice Truck Killer murders and we know we'll soon catch on to whatever theseseemingly enigmatic clues mean. In the meantime Deb is confronted by Lt. Matthews accusing her of betraying him in the call girl case case. Deb pleads her innocence suspecting LaGuerta's manipulation (later confirmed by guess who). The only way Miami PD's homicide department can get more in chaos is if one of their own is a serial killer!

    Speaking of Miami PD's own serial killer...The next tableau, The Lake of Fire, is at hand so Dexter decides its time for a "hail Mary". By creating a tableu of his own Dexter feels he is sure to anger Travis. With that anda bit of video baiting Travis will come to Dexter. It works, but failure is Dexter's current constant companion andin short orderthe table is turned: Dexterbecomes the victim in Travis's next tableau! A narrow escape sets up what is likely to be another excellent season finale.This is an excellent episode, even without a new kill for Dexter,as itsets up so much potential disaster on a very fragile precipiece. Like Tom Petty noted: the waiting is the hardest part...

  • dex u are the best

    this season has a really good theme but i think that they dont reclaim it as they should do..i dont think that the hand of the 1 season and the trinitys killer son should be a part of this season.. also for gods sake dexter is not a comedy serie..if u dont like it u dont need to watch it.. i am sorry for my bad english :)

    ps:dexter i loooooooove u!!
  • Talk to the Hand


    Talk to the Hand was a superb episode of Dexter and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as Quinn saves Batista by a thread, Dexter saves the day and Debra who has to deal with a lot of stuff, and Travis continues his plans. It was entertaining and suspenseful to watch this episode because there were a lot of great scenes that revealed new info, such as Louis sending something to Dexter and Debs supposed feelings for someone close to her and LaGuerta betraying Matthews. I like how every thing played out and I can't wait to see how the season ends!!!!!!!