Season 6 Episode 11

Talk to the Hand

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on Showtime

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  • With just about everything in a state of disarray Dexter is sensing an urgency in stopping Travis. Dexter found DDKs boat/lab, in the process killing "Doomsday Adam", he couldn't prevent the murder of Holly Benson or, apparently, something worse.


    Deb's professional and personal life isn't the only thing threatening to come apart. Travis is on the loose and close to enacting his "end of days" tableaus. Dexter can't find Travis, coming close but always a step behind. Quinn's failing as Batista's partner comes to a head when Batista is forced to check out "Doomsday Adam's" residence by himself and in the processbecoming Travis's prisoner and, likely, next victim. Add to this Deb's problem regarding the involvement of Lt. Matthews regarding the dead call girl case and Homeland Security possibly taking over the DDK case - the question arises: Is anything not going wrong?

    The real problem for Dexter is his Dark Passenger is not helping him put Travis on his table. While possessed to find Travis, Dexter is becomming increasingly exposed as his focus and control slips. When he thwarts a mass execution, one that was centered on Deb, inside of the Miami PD homicide unit it seems Dexter has turned the tables in his favor. In fact it only increases his exposure to being outed if Travis isn't found pronto...Dexter knows this and even while suffering exposure effects from the poisoin gas there's no time to waste. Here we're treated to a couple of those things that seem "thrown in" because whatever they mean isn't immediate. I refer to Deb's session with the psychiatrist about her possible love interest in Dexter (with a subsequent dream) as well as an impromptu Dexter and Louis meeting at the elevator where Louis reveals that, after Dexter's shakedown regarding his fantasy video game, he has decided he no longer wants "to live on the sideline". Plus there's Louis being shown packing for shipment to Dexter the hand from The Ice Truck Killer murders and we know we'll soon catch on to whatever theseseemingly enigmatic clues mean. In the meantime Deb is confronted by Lt. Matthews accusing her of betraying him in the call girl case case. Deb pleads her innocence suspecting LaGuerta's manipulation (later confirmed by guess who). The only way Miami PD's homicide department can get more in chaos is if one of their own is a serial killer!

    Speaking of Miami PD's own serial killer...The next tableau, The Lake of Fire, is at hand so Dexter decides its time for a "hail Mary". By creating a tableu of his own Dexter feels he is sure to anger Travis. With that anda bit of video baiting Travis will come to Dexter. It works, but failure is Dexter's current constant companion andin short orderthe table is turned: Dexterbecomes the victim in Travis's next tableau! A narrow escape sets up what is likely to be another excellent season finale.This is an excellent episode, even without a new kill for Dexter,as itsets up so much potential disaster on a very fragile precipiece. Like Tom Petty noted: the waiting is the hardest part...