Season 6 Episode 11

Talk to the Hand

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Wasn't Expecting That

    Miami Metro finds the body of the killed fanatic on the boat that Dexter disposed of and calculate that Wormwood is indeed a poisonous gas but are unsure where it's going to happen. Angel is held captive by Travis as leverage for some weird reason but the show should have the balls to kill him off this is like the second fake out in the whole show as to his life hanging in the balance so do it or don't already. Quinn gets called from Deb as to the whereabouts of Batista and he speeds over to Travis's place once he finds Angel's message and saves the day and Angel's life. Deb discovers that she may have hidden feelings for Dex and has way out of left fields dreams about that had me confused and wondering if the episode was over or not. Matthews tells Deborah to keep his indiscretions a secret with the prostitute but LaGuerta leaks it and Matthews has to retire and it is inferred that he was the only one holding LaGuerta back from total control of Deb. Louis apologizes to Dex and paints the nails of the ITK arm for some reason. Travis gets the wife of the fanatic to detonate the canister inside Miami Metro and when she goes to meet with Deb Dex figures it out and pushes the wife into an interrogation room where she dies alone thanks to the canister but Dex is woozy from slight exposure. After that's cleared Dex sends Travis a video taunting him after staging his own tableaux with Gellar's dismembered hand at a fountain next to his boat where he hopes to lure Travis. When Travis gets there Dex is overpowered because of his fatigue from the gas and Travis uses his own tranquilizer on him and Dex wakes up in a rowboat surrounded by gas and slightly bound and Travis lights the whole gas covered waterfront with fire. Dex easily escape before an all out explosion rocks the bay. At least have Travis have the fortitude to tie him better to give us some real suspense, of course he's not going to die. At least make it like in the Season 3 finale where he had to break his own hand in order to escape the bonds, this was just a lazy trick writers, come on. This season is seriously struggling and with episodes like this I seriously wonder whether this show needs another season if not 2.