Season 5 Episode 9

Teenage Wasteland

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2010 on Showtime

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    The latest episode of Dexter has been receiving high marks and praises, but I have to say that it was a pretty disappointing episode overall. There were some good moments with Dexter and Jordan Chase, but at this point Dexter's inner thoughts are becoming more annoying and less funny. They need to tone down on that.

    And speaking of the Deb and Maria drama, I could not give two flying birds about it. I know the show is trying to become more well-rounded, but I just cannot get into anything on this show not involving Dexter Morgan.

    Not a bad hour at all, but below average, even for this season.
  • Approaching the climax

    Seriously, I don´t understand why everybody isn't enjoying this season as much as the others!
    Michael C. Hall is doing an excellent job, as always (expect another golden globe nom), supporting characters are being well developed, and the plot is as interesting and compelling as ever.
    Although season 5 didn't get a master like John Lithgow to play the villain, I think Jonny Lee Miller is doing a pretty good job so far, and Julia Stiles is at her best.
    I think people are forgetting that, at this time, dexter is not only a serial killer, he is a man too, a human being, whether you like ir or not, and although I watch dexter for the action, I watch it for the drama too, and Rita's death had a very positive impact on this side of the show. Dexter's inner dialogues are getting better and better, and his life is just amazingly complex right now.
    Oh, and the cliffhangers are still alive!!!
    Great episode, great season so far.
  • Dexter is Dexter ?

    Episode talking about new side of Dex mind. Is he the old Dexter ? I don`t think so ... Now almost everyone know about Lumen, Lumen know almost or just everything about Dexter secret`s. Hm what we should thinking about all of that ? maybe It is good for this series maybe not but one thing can`t be impair - This is defienietly curious for us what will be next. Liddy every day is little closer to find out everything about Dex but maybe Queen rescue our hero ?

    Debra is in trouble but she in his style find something which can rescue her from this situation.

    Jordan Chase hmm maybe he is good rival for Dexter in this season ? of course that isn`t trinity but he is interesting person and what is more curious very popular person and killing him not will be easy.

    Good season and good episode

  • Teenage Wasteland

    Teenage Wasteland was a perfect episode of Dexter. At first I wasn't sure how good the episode was going to be, but things really got going and there were lots of revelations, suspense, intrigue, drama, and secrets. This episode was very entertaining and showed a lot of growth for Dexter as he handled Astor and her situation pretty well. I was shocked to find out Liddy found out so much, and now Jordan Chase is onto Dexter and Lumen! The ending of this episode left me hanging for more and I can't wait to see how things play out now that multiple secrets are unraveling!!!!!!!
  • More boring stuff happens with Lumen and Dexter; Aster rejoins the cast and decides to be boring with Lumen and Dexter.

    Another terrible episode of this crappy season raps up and I ask myself, why am I watching this series? I remember being a little cheesed by season 3, but nowhere near this much. And besides, season 3 eventually picked up. This season has had no pickup ever. In this episode there was almost something that seemed like inertia (no spoilers, but it involves Aster's return) but don't worry, it's quickly turned pointless. Bad. They need to really really do something crazy in the season finale or else this will go down in the books as the post shark jump after Rita died.
  • This episode proves once again Dexter doesn't always have to kill someone for it to be a tense and riveting hour of television.

    Lauren Gussis really deserves some major credit for this week's episode. The script was jam-packed with major developments in nearly every plotline, all of them handled with great skill. It was a tense one throughout and there was some fantastic character development for pretty much everyone on the show.

    I was satisfied to see that the house intruders they teased last week weren't predictable people at all (Neither Chase and his goons or Deb and Quinn) and also that this wasn't an end-of-episode event. The promos this year have managed to ruin some of the really climactic stuff from the earlier episodes but this time they actually used misdirection and it paid off. Astor coming back into play gives a better sense of what the writers were trying to achieve with her departure in "Hello, Bandit", and her scenes with Dexter were crucial as you could see just how much Dexter has grown since the beginning of the series. It felt like Dexter was finally accepting things he never could or wanted to before in this episode. That he has been capable of empathy for some time now, and that it has actually been part of why he still kills. The scene where he beat Olivia's stepfather to the ground while explaining exactly how he was causing his pain was not only an awesome scene and a deserved punishment, it was also a revealing character moment. It really shows that after his random kill in the season premiere, Dexter's need to kill has been morphing into a desire to kill/use violence only for true purposes. In the past, the fact he was ending the lives of murderers was mainly a convenience, a rationalization Dexter could use to satisfy his own dark urges. Now after both Rita's death and seeing first hand how Lumen has been traumatized, it almost appears as if Dexter can't go back. His arrogance and pride in his killing abilities is what allowed Rita's death to happen in the first place, and if he were to return to that same exact bloodthirsty mentality now, it would only cause more harm to the people he's truly grown to care for. More than ever before he now really embodies the meaning of a vigilante, and it'd be hard to believe he could ever go back to thinking he could learn valuable lessons from another serial killer like he did last year.

    Watching him closely "stalk" his next prey in this episode, the mysterious Jordan Chase, brings back a few memories of Dexter's charade as Kyle Butler last year. Though Chase isn't quite as compelling to watch as Arthur Mitchell was, nor is he as clearly delusional, it's always thrilling when Dexter puts on the mask to get incredibly close to his next victim. The big difference here though is that there's not much of a mask for him to hide behind this year. Chase knows his real name, knows his family history and vulnerabilities, and he's appeared genuinely suspicious of Dexter from relatively early on. That and he has allies who are killers too. It's no longer a game of cat and mouse, and now that Chase's suspicions of Dexter have been confirmed, it looks like we're finally going to see what's behind the mystery man's mask next week. All my doubts that Chase might not become a terrifying villain were gone by the end of this episode, all because of the way he said "Lumen".

    I've already typed quite a bit more than I intended so I'll try and sum up everything else that made this episode work; Harry came back after a much needed break and because of this brief absence, his impact in this episode was much greater than it has been at times in the past. Deb finally found out about Quinn's investigation and the fallout from that seems to continue changing Quinn for the better as he's realizing what's more important to him. Liddy, however, continues to be such a huge problem for Quinn, Dexter, and Lumen that there's practically no way he's going to survive this season. If I had to pick I'd say Quinn will be the one who kills him after he crosses the line even more, as that would be a rather satisfying climax to this almost season long story-arc. If Dexter were to make the kill it wouldn't have nearly as much of an impact at this point considering he hasn't even met the guy yet. Kind of like how it went with the Skinner in Season 3, there was no build-up between them. Overall there's much to consider as the season wraps up, but one thing's for sure - the momentum of the season can't be stopped and things are definitely going to spiral out of control in these last 3 episodes.
  • Probably the best episode of Dexter you will ever see where he doesn't actually kill someone!

    The thinking behind this season seems to have been creating a catalyst for Dexter's character to evolve into something other than the emotionless killing machine. Up until the last episode I felt this season was a little lacking and was losing that little something that was making it great but after last weeks episode and definitely this weeks episode everything is starting to make sense and I am starting to rethink my views on the entire season. Every single storyline in the show took a leap forward this episode and considering how many pots are in the fire this year that is no small achievement. The hunt storyline opened up with him continuing his research of Chase and how he was using sessions to help him recover from his wife's death to find out more about the possible killer author. Considering there was no actual violence or physical hunting in this part of the episode the tension that was created was impressive, especially when it seemed that Chase found out that Dexter had been tampering with his necklace. This was summed up perfectly with the phone call that ended the episode leaving you wondering who exactly is hunting who. The Miami Homicide story is continuing to pick up pace with Deborah feeling the effect of Laguerta's betrayal and the Barrel Case being reopened. The case being reopened combined with Dexter admitting that he was spending time with Jordan Chase and Deborah finally realizing that Quinn suspected Dexter in Rita's death leaves me wondering if finally in this fifth season a show regular is going to stumble across his secret. So many of them have come close over the years and it was surely only a matter of time before someone comes upon it... but the question is who?

    Finally the story line that was opened up in the beginning of the season with Astor and Cody leaving Dexter as they tried to deal with their mother's death. I remember thinking at the time that maybe that was lazy writing in the beginning of the series just to get the kids out from underfoot but after this episode I start to wonder if it was just a way to make Dexter realize just how much those kids mean to him and give him an out at the very end of this show.

    For years I have always presumed that on the sad day when this show one day ends that the logical conclusion would be Dexter either in jail or dead. The show is too much of a realist to have done any differently... but this episode made me see that possible happy ending that has eluded me until now. In that brilliant scene where he beats up the abusive father it finally became clear that Dexter has finally found something other than killing to make him feel alive, his kids. Another reviewer has already mentioned how he seems to be more intent on killing for a reason now rather than just to satisfy a need and I wonder if maybe this is the start of an eventual exit of his killing career. I hate to talk about the end of this show so much but it has been playing on my mind recently. Whilst I wish the show would go on forever I am all too aware that this show is yet to have a bad season and even in the greatest of shows that is almost never the case. I worried at the beginning of this season that maybe this would be the one but now I have happily changed my mind but it makes the tension almost unbearable between seasons when I think "What can they possibly do to top that?" This episode has left me eagerly awaiting the next installment and marveling again at just how brilliant this show is.
  • Seasons high point thus far (spoilers discussed).

    I'm among the group that feels like this season is not the best, however it's chock full of much needed character development. I tend to get an idea in my head of the direction I think a show should go in and then I grade each episode based on the difference. Not the best grading method, but hear me out:

    We've already seen Dexter with a psycho girl excepting of what he does and a snooping cop determined to figure out his deal (season two); both ended up dead. Season three brought in a guy who knew what Dexter was and wanted to be a part of it; he ends up dead. Now in season five we have, much like season two, a girl who understands Dexter and a snooping cop. If they try to pull the wool over our eyes and just finish it off like they did before, I'll lose respect for the show, which probably won't come back easily.

    However, the reason I'm giving this episode a 10/10 is because it sets my mind at ease with the seasons end fast approaching. This time around it seems Quinn may drop his snooping and end up getting back together with Deb (god knows she needs to finally get with someone that doesn't end up at the bottom of the bay). Lumen might actually be learning a thing or two, unlike the guy from season three (and with Harrison saying "mama", even though it might not have been towards her, I'm hoping it's a hint as to whats to come). And then we have Quinn's "investigator", who seems like he may turn out to be the perfect person to, not only kill off at seasons end, but pin all the 'barrel girl murders' on to keep Dexter, Lumen and Quinn safe.

    Of course, other than my personal views on how the show SHOULD be, this episode was tense as hell. Dexter getting the blood and then Jordan knowing what he did had me on the edge of my seat. The LaGuerta storyline, while still not amazing, has actually been pretty good lately and I find myself loving to hate her for what she's been doing to Deb and Batista. By the end of the episode, when Quinn stood up to the-guy with a name I can never remember-and when Jordan calls Lumen up; Oh boy, my palms were sweating up a storm. Next weeks preview looks to be promising an awful lot of goodies, but it won't be easy for them to top this one.
  • 5x09

    this was definitively one of the most interesting chapters for the season, I really loved that they used that old soundtrack at the begining of the chapter which remind me the old good dexter´s times, I also was very happy to see old faces again, and the final scene where jordan left the message was great too, I liked the twists about astor´s friend and I liked how lumen felt a conection between them, this is probaly the best episode I have seen in this season but I think the next one is going to be better

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • peter willer yeah! he adds flair less surport focus or the right blance?

    This season is really up and down. I don't think it's bad just put everthing into last year. First off lumann is not john but still intresting enough to care about. It's hard to flow up the last year so good job juile.

    The most over looked and most important chacter is peter willer. First off unlike doakes his not good not at all. Catching dex is just a way to get out of the hole.

    No one seemed to bring him up but he clearly is key to the season. Could he be the first dex kills out of a need to never get caught?

    Also I think not haveing the killer of the season was good. How do you flow the last killer. You don't you wait till you can set things up better. Plus we get the human side of dex.

    I mean not good but not bad this far in you really have to watch they are laying the ground work for a good final. Can it however top last years or fall falt tune in.
  • While in the process of getting more evidence on Jordan Chase, Dexter and Lumen get unexpected visitors who cause a lot of revealing to take place. It all leads up to a climatic ending that makes 7 days seem like 7 years!

    Dexter needs to know for certain Jordan Chase is one of the perpetrators in the murders of the "Barrel Girls." But before he can get the evidence he needs, he receives an unexpected visit from a grown-up looking Astor and friend. It appears the girls have wandered back to Miami to get into trouble, but as usual with this show things are not as they seem. Astor finds out about Lumen and isn't too happy as Dexter falls into a guilt trip. Things turn for the worst when the girls come up missing and Dexter has to turn to Miami PD for assistance. Because of the event, Deb finally meets Dexter's "new tenant" Lumen and questions are raised. But Dex is eventually able to find out why Astor and friend are in Miami and resolve the issue, helping to bridge the gap between himself and Astor.

    This episode also reveals to Deb why Quinn was really on "vacation" and her reaction to his response. Quinn's 'travel agent' Liddy brings him evidence that is definitely going to make things tough for Dexter and Lumen. Fortunately for Dexter, Quinn is no longer interested in Liddy's evidence, but the info is too juicy to just leave alone.

    Dexter finally gets the evidence on Chase he was looking for, but he isn't the only one to notice something isn't right. The episode ends with an even more startling revelation as the hunt is on. The question is, "who is the hunter and who is the prey?"
  • Astor and her friend show up at Dexter's house while Deb gets a lead on Jordan Chase without even realizing it.

    Every week, I keep hoping that detractors of this season might finally come to their senses and realize that there's really nothing wrong with the nine episodes that have aired so far, and that when compared to Season 4, there is definitely a difference between the two, but so far, the differences have simply made "Dexter" a different show with new themes that are equally interesting. However, the longer the season goes on, it seems as if there are more complaints. Besides the occasional moments when the plot drags its feet with menial plots (Batista/LaGuerta), I've been with the show long enough to be intrigued even by the supporting characters, but especially Dexter and the situations he gets himself into.

    The episode's title is derived from the fact that Astor and her friend show up drunk at Dexter's old house, the one that Lumen is at, and immediately gets upset at Dexter for having a girlfriend so fast. Dexter spends a lot of the episode denying that Lumen is his girlfriend and the rest of the episode either meeting up with Jordan Chase or trying to find Astor and her friend after they run away. One interesting plot that shows up is how Astor's friend, Olivia, has an abusive step-dad/mother's boyfriend to deal with. The boyfriend of her mother punches in places that the bruises don't show and frequently attacks her for every little thing. Dexter has always had a soft spot for children and innocents, so it's no surprise that the best moment of the episode came near the end, when he methodically attacked the boyfriend, slowly and calmly explaining to him what will happen the next time he abuses Olivia. These are the moments that remind us that regardless of how dangerous Dexter is, he's trying his hardest to be a good father and be a good person overall. Harry telling that Dexter that he was proud of him was a huge moment for Dexter, and I was glad to see Harry return after a huge chunk of missing.

    As for Deb, Quinn and the others, things are beginning to heat up a bit. Deb discovers some new information about the Barrel Girls case a.k.a the case that Dexter and Lumen are working on. She learns that there were at least three or four different people involved in the rape and death of the women, something Dexter and Lumen discovered weeks ago. However, with Deb once again on the trail of Dexter, one can wonder how many times he can elude her. And while I've been endlessly frustrated with the way the show has been dragging their feet in leading us to Quinn and Stan discovering Dexter's after-work activities, I'm glad they're finally reaching the point when they discover his involvement in Rita's death and even the way he kills people. Not only would this make everything this season feel worth it but it would create countless problems for Dexter.

    Anything else in the episode is really pointless, as these two plots take up most of the episode, and while there's a small section of episode dedicated to Batista and LaGuerta arguing about something, I really didn't care. I acknowledge what's happening here but mostly ignore it. Otherwise, I found this episode to start strong and end strong. Next week looks like it's going to be incredible, so I can hardly wait.
  • By far the best episode of a season that's been hit and miss at best.

    By far the best episode of a season that's been hit and miss at best. The writers chickened out by sending Astor and Cody away, and shied out of dealing with much of Rita's death at the end of season four. Instead we find Dexter suddenly very free to do whatever he wants, which takes away a lot of the tension and suspense we find in earlier seasons. So it was nice to see Astor's return and Dexter doing his part to deal with family drama again. If season five has been missing anything, it's definitely been this. Let's hope they keep up this trend, as I found myself enjoying this episode as much as I have the previous seasons.
  • "Just a Concerned Parent": A Dexter Morgan Domestic Issue

    Wow, quite a surprise there. I was impressed with "Teenage Wasteland" Season 5 has really hit its stride with this and last week's episodes. Firstly Astor showing up was a good change of pace for Dex and while the episode wasn't filler it still progressed the Jordan Chase storyline and how Dex is trying to be sure he killed the Barrel Girls, which is no reopened thanks to Deb, who now knows that Quinn was looking into Dexter. Liddy is a jerk as usual getting drunk and annoying and even though Quinn's character has mellowed out now Dex may have to deal with Liddy. The only touch I wouldn't have added to the episode was at the end when Jordan is leaving a message for Dexter "Tell Him Tick Tick Tick" Lumen scoffs, if Jordan hadn't said, "And take care Lumen" the scene would've been so much more effective. Yes I know he's rich and has his resources and probably has her under surveillance or something but I think it would've added so much more tension to have him just leave it there and end the call. But that's my only problem with an otherwise more than helpful serving of Dexter.
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