Season 2 Episode 7

That Night, A Forest Grew

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Lightbulb

    The series is starting to take a strange turn here. The focus is now on a love triangle. Lila was a good addition to the series when she was a force for change, accepting Dexter and teaching him to do the same. Now she's what? A jealous maniac? This is a bit of a cop out. We all now Dex will go back to Rita and that realization is important but this isn't a soap opera and thus should not play out like one.

    In other areas Dex gets the upper hand against his law enforcement adversaries. Compelling stuff here, especially the ousting of Doakes.

    Then there's Deb. and good god she has to be the most annoyingly pointless character since Kim Bauer! Now she's going to sleep with the FBI agent? It seems as though her only purpose on this show is to screw people... The killer she was supposed to catch, the FBI investigator, and in season 3 maybe she'll have three way with Rita and Dexter?
  • Law Enforcement Background.

    In this episode Dexter tries to confuse the police by giving them a message with lots of blogs mixed in to one so the police will try to make a profile but because its lots of blogs they will just get mixed up and it proves to be a big mistake for Dexter because Lundy saw through it and figured out that the Bay Harbour Butcher has Law Enforcement Background because he knows how the police work Dexter also manages to get rid of Doakes for now when he tricks him in the case but the funniest part was where Dexter headbutted Doakes and made Doakes react so Doakes got kicked out of the police department Lila has also proven how crazy she is when she sets the fire at the end to get Dexter to go to her but hopefully Dexter will be able to stop her.
  • Nutshell review: Dexter 2x7 - That Night, A Forest Grew

    An improvement over the last 2 episodes, but the "new" Dexter is still far less exciting than the "old2 one, however the plot is actually cooler. The episode was slow paced...VERY slow paced but some character development here and there made up for it:

    -Deb hating on Lila - two thumbs up
    -Deb's secret love to Lundy - Great, Lundy's a good character
    -Dexter visiting Cody (Or Astor? :D) was a good wkae up call for Dexter
    -Lila finally revealing she's a psycho.. duh

    Liked the ending, Dexter realizing Lila will get things done no matter what. But still it's disappointing that such poorly defined character had Dexter captivated for so long. Yes I liked her in the beginning, but the writers suddenly gave her way too much screentime. Maybe now it will be reduced.
  • Dexter is finally stepping up, and peoples true colors are starting to show.

    I love how he gets the crazy cop from stalking him. I have been rooting for the new girl this whole time, but I think that she might just be a little more off her rocker that I had previously thought. I love that dexter is still being there for the kids, he really loves them even if her can't admit it to himself. I was super happy that rita finally stood up to her mother I was getting really irritated with her mom always being so up in it. This episode was much needed it brought things more to a peak.
  • A Requiem For Demonic Dexter

    After spending the last few episodes with Miami PD and FBI Agent Lundy on his tail, Dexter goes on the offensive and gets them dancing to his tune which he coins "Requiem For Demonic Dexter". I love that title! Dexter sends a 'manifesto' to the police to confuse them and lead them in a different direction, giving him some breathing room. He also goes on the offensive against Doakes and devises a dirty scheme to get him off of his back. It was quite a tense, exciting scene where Doakes attacks Dexter and LaGuerta demands his badge. Dexter's relationship with Lila intensifies and when Deb sees it up close and personal, she gets really ticked at Dexter. Lila's dark side shows up as well as she manipulates Dexter by setting her apartment on fire to get his attention away from Rita. I liked her up to this point, but now that she's manipulating Dexter, I really don't. I'm greatly anticipating whatever is coming Dexter's way next, but I'm much happier with him one step ahead of his colleagues.
  • Dexter Season Two Kill Count Stays At Three

    Lila is changing Dexter into a man who doesn't kill. Someone who is clean. Dexter said it himself in this epsiode as he was watching the presentation. If you were looking for a reason why this season is losing about a point an episode, this would be the reason. Dexter isn't killing, he has this love triangle complex now along with his sister. Deb and Lundy are beginning to make a little bit of sense. Deb said she viewed him as a father figure early in the season, but as time went on I guess that feeling went away and some more devoloped. She has now given herself a reason to be in the presence of Lundy in so many scenes. Doakes attacks Dexter to "get off his back" - I'm sure that won't last very long. The complex between Doakes and Dexter is in fact interesting and entertaining. Lila really stepped out this episode and became the villian almost. She gets what she wants and right now she wants Dexter. A fixed lightbulb at the end of the episode kind of put a whole new spin on her character. She will always get whatever it is that she wants and shes not afraide of what she has to do to get it. Rita and Dexters interactions now seem more of the same. Second best episode of the season to this point, which doesn't say much.
  • Getting what you want by any means necessary

    That girl knows how to play it and that dark side of her is really affecting Dexter. But it is not only the bad things as he really manages to get Stoakes out his way, and it looks for good, at least some time. That man is not giving up so easily but Dexter got one win over him.

    Also the developments with the case were intriguing. First it looked like Dexter managed to make them play his song but Lundy saw trough it and they made first real step in the profile: they know his background. They know they are looking someone in law enforcement background and I think that is dangerous. And Deb changing her life.. we saw it coming but it was big surprise, still. But I liked that..
  • Reckless Abandon Written by Daniel Cerone Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

    Dexter: "No matter what you try, no matter when, no matter how hard you work, I'll always be a step ahead of you for one simple reason".
    Doakes: "And what's that?"
    Dexter: "I own you".

    It's funny that Dexter doesn't often see himself as human. Another reason why I come to that conclusion because like the rest of us humans, Dexter is every bit as capable of making the same blunder of being reckless.

    It was pretty obvious that Lila's influence on Dexter would harbour a negative side. Given that she's generally hated by most viewers, it's a blessed relief that her bad influence is beginning to bring out a reckless side to the most controlled of serial killers. On a plus side it can only backfire on her as well.

    When Dexter isn't screwing Lila with great pleasure he's using her skills to mess with people's head. After spending at least three episodes worrying that he might be linked to the Bay Harbour Butcher, he's now decided to up the ante with Lundy and his crack pot.

    Given that Dexter's never been much of a glory hound; it's both clever and disappointing that he's released a manifesto to the press. The manifesto itself isn't the most inspiring of reads. Anyone can just go onto random sites, blogs and nick a few literary quotes but it's enough to spark trouble among Lundy and company.

    In fact while Angel's clever enough to spot where all of the quotations come across, there is a surprising amount of rivalry with everyone. Usually Vince and Angel get on like bosom buddies but here the two of them are bickering over nerd point.

    Lundy and Deb eventually realise that the Bay Harbour Butcher is playing them. Gee, that didn't come across as obvious in the slightest. Still while it's a bad call on Dexter's part it still had the desired effect of turning everyone against each other for a while.

    However the kick in the teeth is that Dexter managed to actually draw more attention to himself. Now that Lundy realises what the Bay Harbour Butcher is capable, he's also convinced that the killer is an officer himself. In fact this seems to be one of many errors in judgement that this new and not improved Dexter has made.

    The second one is playing mind games with Doakes. Now given how much of a pain in the ass Doakes has become all season, I can see why Dexter would want to even the score. Last week showed that Doakes was even more determined to nail Dexter but this week he was trying his best to stay out of Dexter's way.

    Dexter unfortunately chose this week to be the one where he'd finally get his own back on the volatile copper. By using Mr Wilson as bait, Dexter for the first time a negative aspect of that cunning streak that we've seen when he's dispatching Miami of the biggest scumbags. Doakes was convinced for a long period of time that Mr Wilson had murdered his stepdaughter and at one point during questioning, I thought Doakes was going to turn a bit violent on the poor man. Now I do love Dexter but damn, that was an absolutely **** thing to do.

    Also using Maria to turn on Doakes was bad. To be fair, Doakes has become pretty out of control anyway but it really wasn't Dexter's place to sabotage his career like that. Dexter even goaded Doakes into assaulting him as well so Maria really didn't have a choice when she fired him.

    Dexter might have thought to himself that by getting rid of Doakes from the force, he's have one less thing to worry about. Doakes is a bloody loose cannon and now without Maria to rein him in, Dexter has a lot more to worry about and given the way things have been building up, his timing couldn't have been worse.

    If Doakes wasn't much of an eyesore for Dexter, then new girlfriend Lila is certainly a problem and a half. Yes she might have gotten Dexter to open up in ways that he never could do beforehand but if the last few episodes didn't hint that she wasn't a tad unhinged then this one really does raise the alarm bells.

    At a restaurant she blags her way inside by telling the staff that her and Dexter have been married for a decade. Maybe that shouldn't come across as creepy because Dexter seems pretty fine with Lila's fibbing but it does. In fact Lila has quickly become quite possessive of Dexter.

    When they break into a house and have sex, the mood is broken by Cody. He wants Dexter to come and see him at a speech he's giving. Lila isn't particularly pleased when Dexter agrees to do it. In fact she's actually seething with rages and decides to burn her flat to get Dexter away from Rita.

    Lila's influence really has had a negative impact on Dexter and Rita's relationship. On one hand you've got Deb telling her brother that him and Rita are meant to be with each other forever. Given that they are the only real permanent couple to ship on this series, I agree with what Deb says.

    Plus it also doesn't help that Dexter is pretty feckless when explaining to Deb about his relationship with Lila. Needless to say Deb hates Lila on sight and she has no problem in giving Dexter one hell of a lecture about his attitude as well.

    It's almost refreshing to see Dexter at the receiving end of a lecture. While I do believe that Dexter does love Rita, Astor and Cody, I can also see why he might want to absolve some responsibility too. However Deb's words did impact him because why else would he go to see Cody and try to get back in Rita's good books. He does see them as his family.

    More importantly that while Dexter does behave recklessly in this episode, there's joy to be had when the final scene indicated that Lila's thrall on him might be coming to an end. Lila might be a good pyromaniac but the girl should really be more careful when she chooses to lie to someone.

    Dexter realised at the end that she had set fire to her own building. With that in mind and her previous confession to manslaughter, it seems that Lila had better watch her step. Even I don't think she could handle the really dark Dexter and if she pulls another stunt like this, Dexter will definitely get his own back on her.

    As for Gail, four episodes and the woman has gone from decent foil to complete **** in no time. Last week she had the look of evil when Dexter and Rita split up and this week her evil spreads on to Cody and Astor. For a teacher, Gail certainly has no skills with children whatsoever.

    When helping Cody for his school project she took to humiliating the poor kid and when you're as nervous as Cody, this is definitely the worst thing you could do. Even worse is that she punished him for calling Dexter. Gail doesn't have to like Dexter but at the same time even she should be able to understand why Cody would call him. Dexter is pretty much a father to him and Astor regardless of what Gail might like to think of him.

    On a plus at least Rita finally stood up to her beast of a mother. In a quiet moment, Rita pretty much laid into Gail about her crappy parenting skills and showed her the door. JoBeth Williams is a good actress but at the same time, I think we can wait a while before Gail comes back. That being said, it's nice to see that Rita is in good possession of a backbone.

    Meanwhile the rest of this episode when not dealing with the Bay Harbour Butcher and Dexter lists on mistakes also threw some more fire on the Deb and Lundy plot. These two don't seem to largely interact with anyone in the workforce except each other and now we got to see that impacting them.

    Deb went from dismissing Chopin to using it to blot out anything that Gabe was saying to her and Lundy even swore at one point. More importantly Deb also had the good sense to end her relationship with Gabe. Now I am not going to say anything nasty about Gabe because he's lovely but Deb did the right thing.

    She never really seemed too into him anyway and at least she made a clean break. She didn't deliberately act out so that Gabe would dump her. Instead she was honest about how she felt and while Gabe didn't like it, I bet he did appreciate the fact that Deb didn't lead him on.

    As for Lundy, well she actually kissed him during their lunch. I'm still not really sure about them. It's not that Keith Carradine and Jennifer Carpenter lack chemistry, I'm just not entirely sure that it's a good idea for them professionally. Plus I'm scared that Lundy might devolve as a character and given how brilliant he's been all season, I really don't want that to happen.

    Also in "That Night A Forest Grew"

    The title for this episode is taken from an extract from a book. In terms of forests, is that supposed to allude to the growing amount of problems for Dexter?

    Lila: "I hope you don't mind. Some men do".
    Dexter: "I've always found instruction manuals useful".

    Further proof that Dexter is a man who likes to keep things neat and controlled can be found in that above exchange.

    Deb: "Did you just swear?"
    Lundy: "What can I say? You're rubbing off me Morgan".

    Dexter: "In case you're wondering, there's nothing sparkling underneath the water".
    Lila: "Oh I'm sure you'll dazzle me".

    Lila got $18,000 for her cannibal artwork before she burned them to the ground. Silly woman.

    Deb (re Lila): "Who's the skank?"
    Dexter: "Did knocking ever occur to you?"

    Gabe: "So what do you wanna do?"
    Deb: "I think I wanna break up".
    Gabe: "For real?"
    Deb: "Yeah is that okay?"
    Gabe: "No it's not okay. What the **** did I do?"

    This is one of the few episodes where Harry didn't feature. Dexter didn't even talk about him this episode.

    Rita: "Shut the **** up. Nobody talks about my kids that way".
    Gail: "That's my girl".

    Angel (re Doakes): "What the hell happened?"
    Dexter: "I don't know he just jumped me. That guy's always had it in for me".

    Standout music: Um, I guess it would have to be Chopin's "Nocturne No.2 in E Flat" and Miles Davis' "So What".

    Deb: "I'm kind of opening up here".
    Lundy: "What do you want me to say?"
    Deb: "I don't know".

    Lila: "Promise me you won't leave me. That you won't go anywhere".
    Dexter: "I'm not going anywhere".

    Chronology: I can't see much time passing since "Dex, Lies And Videotape". Perhaps a week or two but no more.

    Okay so "That Night A Forest Grew" isn't one of the strongest episodes in the series but it's still a pretty explosive episode. Dexter's shows of recklessness are definitely going to come back and haunt him. Even Dexter should realise that he can't mess with people too much.
  • Dexter is always seems to be one step ahead...

    Another fantastically well writen episode

    The police think they have a break in the case when the Bay Harbor Butcher sends a 32 page manifesto to a local newspaper. Only thing is Dexter had a very specific purpose in doing what he did, making Agent Lundy and the team look like their on a wild goose chase until he finds out that this is what the Killer wants (This guy looks good, Dexter better keep himself 2 steps ahead)

    For Months Sgt Doakes has been following Dexter around he finally looses it, having set his sights on him yet again, Dexter gets rid of him by provoking him in the main police department, not before head butting him in his lab (He had it coming)

    Rita finalls sends her mum packing. Lila and Dexter go on a date, but when Cody rings; Dexter tells her that he is going to the school event she doesnt take it to well and burns down her place (What the hell is she up to).
  • Well-written

    Dexter and Lila have a relationship now and Dexter has hard times with Doakes. Since the first season, Doakes has had problems with Dexter and he knows that something is wrong with him. In the second season, He started following him for weeks but Dexter did not do anything until Now. In this episode, Dexter makes a plan to get rid of Doakes and he misguides him about a step-father killing his daughter. The scene when Dexter hit Doakes was really smart and We saw how clever Dexter is. But unfortunately Dexter reveals much about his identity because now Lundy has suspicions about bay harbour butcher's being one of them.
  • Dexter goes after Doakes

    I have to admit that watching Lila and Dexter is amusing, but it still feels very wrong. He belongs with Rita. The kids are clearly suffering from Gail, Rita's overbearing and way too strict mum.

    I loved, loved, loved Angel pointing out the literary quotes in Dexter's manifesto. So surprising, yet so fitting in with the character. Masuka getting it wrong also felt very right.

    Debrah listening to Chopin, after Lundy mentioned Chopin, was to expected, but the scene was shot very well.
    Debrah walking in on Lila and then talking to Dex about how he messed up with Rita was a great scene.

    Dexter using Wilson to frame Doakes was classic, ruthless Dexter though.
    Debrah breaking up with Gabriel was sad as I really liked him and Cody calling Dexter was heartbreaking.
    Debrah coming on to Lundy was not really surprising given the last few episodes, but it was a surprise nevertheless.

    Dexter not accepting Lila's call during Cody's presentation, which Rita noticed, was a clear sign, as was Lila destroying her statue. I think she may be going after Dexter, the evil creature.
  • Review

    Yeah this episode was good. Had some great moments and some less good moments.
    So the Dexter-Doakes issue gets to another level as Dexter gets Doakes out of the Police force. One of the thing I`m really looking forward to is how Doakes will react to this.
    Meanwhile Dexter and Lila are together but Dexter feel free and clean only when he is with Rita and the kids. Lila knows that and put fire to her house and will probably live with Dexter now. I`m sure Debra will have something to say about this. Well I`m not a fan of this Dexter-Lila-Rita thing...I just don`t like it. Don`t know why, but it makes Dexter looks weak. I mean look at the way he took out Doakes for example, it was kinda cheap.
    So the Debra-Lundy relationship is not a father-daughter stuff. Well I don`t bother, Lundy is a really captivating character.
    So great one but I admit there are much stuff I did not enjoy. I`m not really fan of the new dexter and I have the feeling he may even dump Debra if the latter don`t accept that Dex and Lila live together. I would hate this for sure.
  • Awesome writing!

    Wow these guys are good, First they take a show with an anti-hero that you root for and start to make him into a real jerk.

    So many storylines so little room to talk about them.

    Deb's moving in on the Boss, Sgt. Doakes is starting to crack under Dexter's mind games and the hunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher continues.

    Plus they're putting Dexter in un-flattering storylines. He sending Manifestos, dumping his girlfriend and helping her kids out, all the while he's screwing his NA sponsor/pryomaniac girlfriend. Great wrting on the part of the show,

    You'ld think it wouldn't be hard to make a serial-killer unlikeable, but they pull it off
  • In the same context as previous episodes, this one was very well written. I felt that this was a great turning point in this season as many things are revealed about many characters.

    Dexter is the only show on TV that I feel delivers every single episode, this one was no exception. For those who haven't seen the episode, I don't want to spoil it for you, but this is definitely a turning point in the season where it seems Dexter has some choices to make at the end of the episode or at least thats what I interpreted as. You also find out more about Lila and it gives an insight on what she's all about, the ending really makes you wonder, is there more to her? I can't wait to see the next episode as Dexter finds out what really keeps his urges in touch and what Lila is all about.
  • Dexter gets saved by a light bulb

    Lila turns out to be a sheeba for the demonic Dexter. But Dexter comes to terms with her. There is a little conflict in Dexter's mind which gets created because of a call from someone close. Dexter's sister gets close to Lundy. She gets fresh insights into how to deal with her life. But Debra gets really repelled by how Dexter is handling his life after leaving Rita. Rita on the other copes with her mother who assumes a really strict code of conduct for her kids. This episode greatest points were its music which was so apt and at times enlightened the viewer with its choice. Dexter as always comes out of it like shining star. The show is similar to Six feet under coz it grows on you.
  • Dex has a new girl !?!?!

    Dex is getting laid hehehehe a LOT but that comes with bagage !!!
    Rita kicks her mom out !!!

    So this was a very good episode, Dexter tries to fool the police sending a manifesto with a lot of quotes about God and life, but eventually they find out that the killer is only trying to play with them.

    Dex also gets Doakes to get expelled from the force from hitting him in front of everybody, so they think he is insane.

    Dexter tries to come close to Rita again but crazy f***** Lila stops it by setting her place on fire !!!!!

    Oh my God where the hell Dex got into ??? I knew Lila was too... weird.
  • It says "Well written", but it should say "Still hope"

    I fill quite calmer now. I thought Dexter didn't care about Rita's children anymore, all of a sudden, but it seems that it's just a sexual thing what he has with Lila.

    I'm a little concern about all the Harry's lies issue, thought. So, Harry had a romantical relationship with Dexter's mother, but he only rescued Dex, not Brian. One could think Harry is Dexter's biological father, but it can't be so because he actually made a dna test with the other guy who Brian murdered (I'm not sure why, perhaps just for Dexter to learn about Harry's lies), and it was a match. But, I suppose Harry didn't a dna test, so if he was cheating on his wife for a long time (say, before Dexter was born) he couldn't possibly know the child wasn't his son.

    The one thing Dexter knows for sure is that Harry lied to him big time. And know, as someone already said, he is acting like a rebellious teenager. His foster father wanted him to live a normal life, so he leave his perfect girlfriend and take a psycho one. Well, he was really afraid of having sex before, so he has a big need of it. Still, Dexter is a lot of things, but stupid. He must have noticed about Lila's manipulative behaviour, and I bet he's not going to like it when the fun fades away.

    So, it's still hope. Dexter could dump Lila, go back to Rita and kill again. That'd be perfect.
  • After a 'love it or hate it' episode 6, Dexter returns in full form with a masterful episode 7, "That Night, A Forest Grew..."

    Things get a lot more complicated in this episode as the new evolving Dexter continues to surprise us. With Doakes sniffing his every move, Dexter makes a surprise move in setting up Doakes in a murder case. The brilliantly executed direction of this scene really shines here, as Dexter stares coldly at the interview room television as Doakes tries to explain the conspiracy.

    Also huge in this episode is the relationship of Lila and Dexter. While they spend the majority of the episode screwing, it appears that Lila is trying to manipulate Dexter to leave his past and current relationships for just her. When Cody makes a surprise phone call to ask Dexter to come see his school presentation, Lila looks uneasy about Dexter's decision to go. What we don't know however, is that there is definitely something sinister burning inside Lila and where it is goes will be interesting. She seemed to be reenacting her first kill or burned down her house to manipulating Dexter to stay with her forever. Is it money related?

    Meanwhile, Debra decides to break up with her current boyfriend to perhaps pursue a possible relationship with FBI Lundy. Their kiss was a little awkward, but Debra's sudden break up with her current boyfriend for a more suitable man seems quite hypocritical when she yells at Dexter for doing the same thing.

    Rita finally comes to a epiphany, and realizes that her mom is a total B****, and tells her to STFU in a great moment. With the mom no longer able to poison her mind, it will be interesting to see how the Rita/Dexter relationship will continue.

    And then in one of the most intense scenes of the season, Dexter and Doakes meet up again in his office. They exchange words and in a jaw-dropping moment, Dexter headbutts the hell out of Doakes and bolts out of the room provoking Doakes to jump and beat up Dexter in front of everyone. Doakes is now suspended, but we know that the war between Dexter and Doakes is far from over!

    And perhaps the greatest reveal of the episode is that Lundy discovers or hypothesizes that the butcher is in fact someone with law enforcement background. It also appeared as if Debra was putting the pieces together that it might be Dexter. Lundy, like always knows more than he's sharing. Could it be possible he already knows?

    We still have some lingering questions in this show. Will Dexter reveal he is a serial killer to Lila? Will Dexter kill Doakes? Why did they show Batista entering one of the butcher's victim's homes a few episodes ago, but drop the story? What is the signifiance of Harry and Dexter's Mother relationship? Is Harry Dexter's real father? Will the FBI discover that a chunk of time in the videotape has been deleted? With only 4 episodes to go things are starting to heat up. I can't wait for next Sunday!
  • To be or not to be a killer?

    So...Lila shows her true form, but underestimates Dexter's intelligence. I guess it had to take one to know one for his recovery to succeed. I just wonder if they are not to much alike? Dexter's showdown with Doukes was truly a mistake and his underestimation of Lundy also. Will his self confidence get him in trouble before he recuperates? Will he outsmart Lila or go with the flow? Will Debra manage to get Lundy's mind of his job? Which one will Dexter end up being: a normal guy, a perfect killer or a killer broken by the world around him (ending up being caught)? Peace and a satisfied out.
  • Dexter takes us where Dexter takes us best once again - on a long twisted, convoluted ride around every character, and twists pretty much everyone off in a new direction. The only thing the twists have in common... they all spell trouble for Dex.

    The show starts out with some passionate lovemaking and Dexter stating to Lila "You really know what you want". It's a pointed statement because it runs right through this episode like a lightening bolt through the sky. Lila proves she really does know what she wants and she will do ANYTHING to get it. Break her landlords light bulb to get her own finally fixed - no big deal; that's kinda clever. But when Cody phones Dexter and he decides to help him by attending his school presentation we finally see just whats really going on inside her head. Shes just been offered $18,000 for one of her sculptures, but she sets fire to it, and her whole apartment, JUST to get Dexter back from being with Rita and the kids to attend her "emergency". It has the desired effect on Rita - we see her toying with the idea Dexter might be back - and then again obviously casting the idea aside as she tells Dexter to go. She's the only sane one here now - having finally even gotten the strength together inside to tell her over controlling leech of a mother to go leave her alone and go home. In the fire aftermath at the end of the episode Lila clutches to Dexter almost for sheer life - but with a knowing smile, and Dexter in turn looks around the burnt out apartment and notices the fixed lap on the landing and starts to realise that hers maybe bought into far more than he;d thought.

    His sister has done some ditching too - shes cast off the new boyfriend as expected and in a not so subtle game of cat and mouse has come to accept that her feelings for Frank are real and not just of a father figure - or maybe they really are just that and thats what she really does need anyway - she never had her own father he was stolen by Dexter. Shes not sure but she's prepared to offer him some commitment though its all pretty likely doomed to failure once again. Dexter has led the force on a wild goose chase with his submitted written documents on the nature of what the butcher is doing and why, covering statements hes pulled off the net on religion, war, peace, you name it, anything that the cops use as psychological triggers - hes mixed them all together. So after saving himself from the videotape this is pretty much all that happens in the case - and finally Lundy announces they've all been conned by exactly that - someone that knows them all TOO well - and we get the episode payoff - the butcher has to be a COP. So the net is narrowing on Dexter - leading them down the garden path has actually backfired - its not put them off the scent its put them even closer on it. Hes lost his real girlfriend, and his sister is angry as hell with him over it too as she thinks hes made a huge mistake, he's left with Lila who hes realising slowly is a psycho herself, so he actually HAS made a big mistake. He's not at all sure now who he is or what his purpose is, and to make matters worse he's finally used his new found carefree "react on emotions" attitude to finally let loose on Doakes - he's effectively entrapped him out of the force, which might have seemed like a great idea in terms of payback at the time, but Doakes is so utterly single minded at least when he was on the job he had to do other things - now he will have nothing to do all day but devote it to Dexter and you know he will, and you know just how pissed he is now...

    All in all this was quite a quiet episode in many ways - but one of the busiest in terms of plot development, and therefore for folks like me that really dig that aspect of the show, easily one of the best this season. Every aspect of Dexter's life (both the old and the new) is left totally in the wrong place at the end of it. I'm afraid next week there is only one thing coming in huge quantities - Trouble.
  • Good episode. Starting to get it's game back. In a poignant scene, Dexter revealed his true face to Doakes, making the statement: "You're mine now." Before headbutting Doakes in the face and starting an altercation that resulted in Doakes suspension.

    Good episode. Starting to get it's game back. In a poignant scene, Dexter revealed his true face to Doakes, making the statement: "You're mind now.", before headbutting Doakes in the face, starting an altercation engineered to result in Doakes suspension.

    The 2nd season seemed to wonder where it was going for a bit, but it seems back in the saddle again. Shades of the drive of the 1st season with "Dex, Lies, and Videotape" and "That Night, A Forest Grew. Need to see Dex dispatch more criminals while slipping under Lundy's radar. He's starting to look "all dog no bite."
  • Dexter thinks he has found a way to get Dokes out of his hair. Meanwhile, things continue to develop between Dexter and Lyla...but Rita and the kids are not forgotten.

    This was a great episode, as usual. ONe quick correction. I said in my last blog that this show might be affected by the writer strike...maybe that isn't true. I have read that they have all twelve episodes from this season already in the can, that means good news for Dexter fans like you and me. The developing relationship between Deb and the FBI "rock star" has been--at least in my mind--coming for about three weeks now. It wasn't exactly a suprise to see her break up with Gabrial. Each week I find myself more and more intrigued by Lyla. There's something going on with her...maybe she's just psychologically disturbed...or maybe she is involved in some sort of plot against Dexter. Could this plot involve Dokes or Rita's mother? These are the questions I find myself wondering about while watching. I thought the "moment of realization" for Deb in the gym was well written and very clever. I don't exactly understand how listeing to Chopan can bring about that sort of self-realization (I like Chopan, don't get me wrong). I don't see things between Deb and her new FBI Guy ending well though. She is going to be forced to choose between him or Dexter at some point...but then again, you never know right? I found it very interesting that Dexter did not try to find the real killer of that teenage girl...but he may start looking in the next episode or later on. His "recovery uphoria" is bound to wear off. Killing is as much a part of his nature as golf is to Tiger Woods. Strange conparison, granted, but you get my point right? I could go on rambling for a few more incredibley boring and unmeasuresd lines, sentences, or paragraphs...but I won't. Just keep watching...
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