Season 6 Episode 5

The Angel of Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Dexter decides who the "Doomsday Killer" is: will he will make haste in putting him on his table?


    Episode five of season six opens with Dexter leveraging a clue he finds on a repair to one of the angel wings attached to last episodes victim. "This is no amateur", Dexter says. A group PD meeting reveals the victim worked at the Miami Cultural Center and had sex prior to being killed. These are big time clues, but still the department as a whole doesn't have Travis on their radar. TBatista and Quinn are told to go to the University of Tallahassee and get something solid to help locate Gellar as he is the decided murderer. As telegraphed, things are definitely ramping up. Sam comes by the department due to a drive by shooting at his business afterhours to which the PD did not respond likely since it was afterhours and no one was injured. Sam takes the opportunity to push Dexter into letting him come by the same evening to see Harrison and talk. Dexter reveals the source of his darkness being the overriding reason he is now a blood splatter specialist. Sam seems to be using a low-key methodology to, hopefully, bring Dexter around to the light he senses Dexter is missing.

    Dexter works a new double homicide that in short order he, seemingly, solves as a murder/suicide. Gellar works Travis further to actually make him more dependent on Gellar himself as Travis fails on a solo mission to extract the next victim. Travis is now square in Dexter's sights. Dexter enters Travis' apartment when Travis leaves finding clues, the most important of which is a bible that the numbers found on the victims has been cut out from. Dexter has a degree of certainty that Travis is the murderer working with Gellar who was, apparently, his professor in college. Batista and Quinn find professor Porter, an attractive young brunette, who was Gellar'steacher's assistant. She states her belief that Gellar isn't the killer as she knew him well due to a brief period where she lived with him. A bit of social tomfoolery after hours in a bar turn into Quinn's one night stand with professor Porter. Batista retrieves Quinn the next morning finding a book apparently penned by Gellar in Porter's apartment. The book depicts the murders already committed, as well as those to come, in graphic art. Quinns poor judgement suddenly looks like a huge break. Quinn isn't a very endearing character, but he's a good spoiler as he brings lots of potential bombshells to light...only to have most of them eventually backfire. It's almost a certainty his unprofessional romp in the hay will do the same, but the good part is we don't know when that will happen.

    Gellar extends his control over Travis, using his previous failure, by hand feeding him their next victim: a girl who Gellar has decided is no more than a whore with scant reasons other than he is Gellar and he is doing God's work. Travis always seems conflicted, yet more scared if he fails Gellar who he believes hears the voice of God. This is important in building exactly who Travis really is. In the meantime, Dexter is ready to put Travis on his table and ambushes him as he leaves work. In a rare instance where Dexter doesn't immediately incapcitate his victim he questions Travis and realizes Gellar is actually committing the murders using Travis as a lackey. Dexter warns Travis that he is following a false prophet and he will, for now, spare him. Wow, this just doesn't happen: Dexter letting a victim who has seen him go. Things are bound to get complicated and we see Dexter is very much being true to the "Code of Harry" as to how he allows his dark passenger to dictate retribution. Dexter is definitely still in control, but he is struggling a bit with his reasoning as well as his conflict with the thought of believing in something greater than himself. Now, Dexter is certain Gellar is the one who must be on his table and this is his mission. The one on one battle between two dark forces has now began. Travis is questioned by Gellar as to what he isn't telling...Gellar senses Dexter's intrusion and he tells Travis to remember the story of Jonah from the Bible. Dexter says he does believe in the constant worldly struggle of light and dark (is he the light in this particular struggle?). In the world we live in, Dexter states, darkness usually wins. In the next scene Sam is shot multiple times as he opens his business. The viewer senses Dexter is about to explode with vengence trying to balance the scales. As usual, the viewer has little choice but to wait until next week's episode to see how all of this volatility plays out further, and to see if Sam is murdered or survives. An excellent episode that provides lots of petrol to fuel an inevitable explosion. This show doesn't let up and we, the viewers, are assuredly "hooked"!