Season 6 Episode 5

The Angel of Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Finding the Whore (Spoilers Ahead)


    Dexter, after having seen Travis as he believes him to be Gellar's accomplice, finds evidence on the Angel of Death's wings that leads him back to a document restoration place at a museum where he discovers Travis works. One thing I don't understand is the time jump from last week where Dex saw Travis staring all open eyed at the locusts why didn't Dex simply follow and go after him then if he thought something was up, it's never stopped him before, he just decided to let Travis walk away and thought "eh. I guess I'll find him later,?" Gellar and Travis begin their next project of trying to find their next victim; the Whore of Babylon. While on a nightly excursion they happen upon a newspaper labeling Gellar the Doomsday Killer and so he decides to leave Travis to his own devices for the evening lest someone should recognize him. Travis tries to capture a drunken party girl but some dudes stop him. Apparently Travis has no experience with this at all because he didn't even try to knock her out he just kind of clumsily engulfed her and she screamed, how discreet of you Travis. Deb tries to find Quinn's engagement ring to give it back to him to return. Brother Sam comes to visit Dexter and Harrison to which he gives Harrison a new plush toy and informs Dexter that for all the darkness that he has after he tells him about his mother's death in front of him, that it only takes a little light to balance it out and that Harrison is Dexter's light in his life. Travis and Gellar, after Travis's mistake wait in a car and Gellar makes Travis run over a guy, walking beside a girl, by pushing his gas foot to the floor and then making him grab the girl and putting her in the trunk. Batista and Quinn visit Gellar's old assistant and Quinn ends up sleeping with her and Angel finds Gellar's old drawings that depict the Doomsday killings exactly. Anderson is in awe when Dexter solves a murder/suicide case in less than 20 seconds and asks how he fits in with such an inefficient police force like Miami Metro, also he's married, ok. Masuka gets a new intern who is fancy with computers and deletes the ITK arm sale from the internet completely so as to cover the tracks of Masuka's indiscretion. Still curious as to whether Gellar's real or not? So are we, especially since Travis says that he didn't kill those people and Dexter just lets him go. Assuming that he wanted to be led to Gellar by Travis in the first place, why not grab him next episode after he was done finding Gellar too. It's not like Dexter to make mistakes like this, in the middle of grabbing a killer that just says "hey the other guy did it" and then just saying "ok, I guess you can go now." It was a total let down, though I was kind of hoping that Dex would have Travis lead him to Gellar with the wire around his neck. So a little bit of a fumble here, but an otherwise great development episode that solidified the message of the season and saw Brother Sam get shot, which will surely occupy Dexter next episode while Travis and Gellar begin to work on the Whore.

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