Season 6 Episode 5

The Angel of Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Dexter figures out who Travis Marshall is.


    I'm not really sure what to think of the final five minutes or so of this week's Dexter. Usually, it takes awhile for Dexter to confront or even discover the bad guy of the season. Season 4 was an exception in a way, except for most of the season, until the last few episodes, Arthur Mitchell has no clue that Dexter is a serial killer. Same goes for Jordan Chase last season. Dexter confronts him sort of early on, but Jordan doesn't know about Dexter until the end.

    Right now, the show is doing something risky by having Dexter directly addressing and attacking Travis Marshall. Travis is clearly a bad guy, and while it's not clear whether or not Geller is a real person or a figment of Travis' imagination yet, Dexter did an incredibly stupid thing by allowing Travis to get away.

    As I said before, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It feels like a really dumb move on Dexter's part, but I'm sure the writers will figure out a way, contrived or not, to get him out of the situation and give him the upper hand.

    More intriguing is the shooting of Brother Sam. Once again, Mos Def did a great job as Sam tonight, and Michael C. Hall was given a chance to give his own little monologue to Sam, this time discussing what he remembers about his mother. There's not too much that Michael C. Hall can lend to the character of Dexter now that we know so much about him, but this was a great scene between the two. Sam getting shot leaves Dexter wide open to get some revenge. I doubt they would kill off Mos Def so early, so it should be fun to see what happens with that.

    As for Travis and Geller's plot, it's still not 100% clear what's going on. We're getting closer and closer to discovering it (looks like it's going to be some sort of religious thing involving the Apocalypse), but right now, we're getting the typical "Batista goes out and looks for clues and finds a couple of things that will lead nowhere for awhile." This time, Quinn comes along and together, they visit an old student of Geller's who used to live with him. Quinn decides he wants to sleep with her, and as a result, him and Batista discover that Geller has been planning these attacks for years. It's a horribly stupid way for the writers to unveil to us new information, but whatever, I'll roll with it.

    I'm still enjoying Deb's new role as lieutenant, mostly because it makes her more of a character than any of the other supporting actors. I didn't care much about her argument with the babysitter, mostly because I don't think the babysitter has the right to get all irritated, but once again, it's something I'm willing to deal with mostly because it's not all that important.

    Also, somebody has to do something about Masuka. C.S Lee is a good actor and I like his character in small doses, but man... giving his character substantial amounts of scenes that take away from Michael C. Hall's is a mistake, regardless of how much of a fan favorite he is.

    I don't know... the episode was good, but I'm not really sure what to think about the direction the season will end up at. That's a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it creates more of a mystery and bad because the journey to get to the end will be that much more confusing.